Bits from OUR Pits...... written by: Mike Bassin

Friday  --  August 10th
This was a Friday nite Test & Tune event with a good turnout of 108 cars and bikes racing from 6 PM to 10 PM., lots of race fans too. No weather issues either for once. Scott Kline made some real good passes in his Chevy Nova getting ready for next weekends Big Tire / Small Tire shootout. A very good evening for sure.
Saturday  --  August 11th
Where do we start here. This was a "double feature" event, the 4th annual VW Nationals and later in the day / evening our Street Nite race. The weather played into this a bit, the forecast earlier in the week was for rain / storms all weekend, it didn't happen, it was sunny and warm throughout the VW race and only a couple sprinkles held us up for just a few minutes two times during the evening Street Nite race. It did rain all around us though at different times, we finally got a break with this event. The VW Nationals....a great turnout of racers, 74 cars competed in six classes, three were heads up, three were bracket classes that started at 11 am. We also had various vendors, 49 show cars and a great turnout of VW race fans too. Great racing, minimal breakage and an overall fast paced show from start to finish. We wound things up about 3:45 PM for this part of the day. A big thanks to Scott Pacaro for putting some much effort into the event and to Steve from the VW Heritage group for his hard work too. We'll do this one again next year!
Now for the Street Nite race. We got underway at 5 PM with the first qualifying shots. The Md. Performance Center Real Street class ran first, 15 cars in the class, Dalyn Palmer ran a stout 5.06 @ 136 mph but on that pass hurt the car and was able to make the show. Mike Berry took the win over Mike Fortney in the final. Mike Berry's Chevelle ran a string of 5.20 passes and was consistent all night long. The semi racers were John Turner and Steve Kent. In Quick 16 it was Michael Shoop over Calvin Kline driving Mike Howell's Falcon. Mitch Willingham and Mike Rollison were the semi finalists. Now to the 6.50 Index class. After many runner up efforts Matt Bowie finally broke through and took the win over redlighting Nathan Englar. Matt was way overdue to win one of these 6.50 Index races, the winners circle was a happy and emotional place tonite with Matt's win, great job. Oh, more wins are coming from the Bowie team. Pro had Joe Magetti winning over Randall McNamee. Limited was won by Rocky Moore over Roger Bard. Street had Annie Waters over Randy Allen. Street Bike was won by Brian Moore over Paul James Sr. Great racing by our Street Nite competitors and we had a nice turn out of race fans and many of our VW fans stuck around for the night racing too. And as always, outstanding track prep / maintenance throughout the weekend by our staff, Bub and Jake have track prep covered!  We finished up at 10:15 PM.
We are here for the qualifying runs for the Big Tire / Small Tire Shootout on Friday night and the main event follows on Saturday evening. Don't miss either day! Also for our Ford fans on Sunday we run our annual Ford Race, racing starts at 11:30 am. Show cars, vendors, great food and racing on the Ford event, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday  --  Aug. 3rd
Another Test & Tune night rained out again. Heavy rains rolled through for the entire evening........same old same old
Saturday  --  Aug. 4th
This was a SBRA event with a real good turn out. Lot's of sun with temps getting to the high 80's. Kind of humid though. We started with Junior dragsters at 1:30 PM. Fifteen cars made the call, Dylan Moore was the big winner over Brooke Keyton, Josh Sisk and Charlotte Mallow were the semi racers. By the way Charlotte Mallow will be heading off to college and this was her last Junior dragster race, she ranks way up at the top of Junior Dragster racing, period! We'll see more of her in big cars in the future for sure. At 4 PM the big cars took the track. In Super 61 cars battled it out and Mike Daymude took the win over the barely red Charlotte Mallow driving Bob Nicholson's El Camino. The younger Michael Shoop took third. In Foot brake we had 71 entries, Dahryl Clark took the win over Kristin Suders, Dave Heaton and Brad Keyton were the semi racers. Kermit Garnett III won over Mike Schultz in the bike class. Chuck Hutzler won Trophy. We did have one bad transmission failure to clean up that took one hour, right after that another 20 minute clean up was performed from a hurt engine. Number one, great paitence was shown by our racers and race fans while the clean was done and number two, our track staff did an excellent job of making the track top shelf for the rest of the race. 166 cars competed but we did run a bit late as we finished up a 11:40 PM. Of wet as some of lower pit area were, no one drug mud / water onto the lanes or starting line, that was a big help today.
Sunday  --  Aug. 5th
The third time is the charm, we finally got the 35th annual Mopar Meet race in the books. No car show today, that part was done in previous tries but now we went racing. Real hot today, sunny temps hit low 90's. Super Pro had the final three cars that were all dragsters, in the semis Mike Daymude got by Brian Canoles in his newly acquired  500 c.I. Dodge powered dragster. In the finals Mike Daymude won out over Michael Bauman. By the way Brian Canoles had never driven a dragster til the night before when he made just two passes, the car works well, he'll be very tough as the season goes forward. In Pro it was Bob Wahl won over Robert Schatz in his altered wheel base 65 Ply hemi car. Street was won by Bob Caliman over Randy Allen. Trophy had Mark Kalisz over Darrell Goodman. A lot of nice classic Mopars  and late model stuff racing and on the grounds today, lot's of vendors too. We finished up at 4 PM, a nice day of racing.
We'll try a Test & Tune Friday nite and on Saturday....a Double Header, our 4th annual VW meet with car show early in the am, racing at 11am. At 4pm the gates open for our Street Nite race, Md Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index class, Pro, Limited Street and Drive Street are contested. For our race fans, see both events, just $10.00 covers BOTH events! See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Friday  --  July 20th
Another well attended Test & Tune event with 87 cars and bikes plus a nice turn out of race fans too. Several Md. Performance Center Real Street cars made test runs, Justin Bowmaker was quick with a 5.07 et. The weather was good too. Not good on Sat. as we again got rained out, our Street Nite will be made up on Nov. 3rd. A couple of corrections....Dicky Bodmer was the winner on July 14th over Courtney Suders, I had it reversed, oops! Also on Sat. July 7th the Junior Street winner was Hailey Bowles, nice job Hailey! Our defending 2017 championship Eastern Conference Junior Dragster team representing Mason Dixon didn't win but still gave an excellent showing.
In the 13 yr old age group Mason Bean was the big winner, Eric Bowles made it the quarter finals in the 12 year old class and Ryan McFadden got to the quarters in the huge 16 - 17 year old bracket, great job to all.
This Friday is another Test & Tune event, 6 PM to 10 PM. Saturday is a Summit ET series race. Junior Dragsters start at 1 PM, big cars take the track at 3pm. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday  --  July 13th
No weather issues with this one...and what a show, this was our Big Tire / Small Tire Shootout and the Quick 16 and 6.50 Index class event. We started at 5 PM with both Small Tire and Big Tire cars getting a test hit. Some of the  Small Tire cars struggled a bit but all the Big Tire racers made good passes. The 6.50 Index cars, 19 strong, biggest turn out of that class ever, made their two qualifier runs with Tom Bard making a perfect 6.500 blast on his first run. Quick 16 was a 21 car field. We had a couple of qualifiers break and the number 17 and 18 cars now were in the field. Jerry Williams in his GTO was low qualifier at a 4.80 ET. First off let's give recognition to our entrants in the Big Tire / Small Tire Shootout. Small Tire racers were Cary Daniels, Justin Reggio, Erick Hendriksen, Steve Kent, Justin Brumley, Mike Fortney, Chris Strausbaugh, Sean Johnson and Tommy Bauerlline. Big Tire racers were Scott Kline, Ronnie Proctor Sr., Erik Champ, Lin Bowie, Gary Walker, Jason Smith and Dan Shaffer. I can't tell how fast they ran but I will say many got some real good timeslips.....they just plainly put on a great show! In Small Tire Steve Kent beat redlighting Cary Daniels and  in the Big Tire class Ronnie Proctor got a single when runnerup Erik Champ hurt his motor in the semi run. In the 6.50 Index class Ron Gusack took the win over the 55 Chev. Belair, Nathan Englar was third. Quick 16 had Ronnie Horwath over Jerry Williams. Tom Morgan and Darlene Staub were the semi drivers. We wrapped up the event a bit after 11 PM. A HUGE thanks to everyone that had anything to do with this event, a big race fan turnout....Great show by our Big / Small Tire drivers and their family and crew members, same goes for the Quick 16 group and we are really pleased the big turnout of 6.50 Index racers 19 cars strong, our staff, many that work full time and had already put in a full day for doing a great job at all the track positions, great track prep / maintenance all evening long, just another outstanding event at Mason Dixon Dragway!
Saturday  --  July 14th
This was an SBRA race starting at 4 PM. It was warmer today, temps getting to the low 90's. The Outlaw Pontiacs were with us today, Jeff Raff took the win over Doug Chell, Cliff Mayes and Jason Rogers were the semi racers. In Footbrake a field of 59 cars made round one but in the final it was Courtney Suders winning out of Dicky Bodmer. Super Pro was a 32 car field and Mark Coover took the win over Paul Burruss. Bike was won by Kermit Garnett III. The racing finished up about 10:30 PM.
Sunday  --  July 15th
A Test & Tune event running from 11:30 AM til 3:30 PM scheduled today.  Again another hot humid day hitting low 90's like Saturday. A bit light on cars and bikes but many runs were made by everyone. The Harley group from the Pittsburg area tested with us, Stacey Borst had her Harley in the low 8.40s @ 161 mph, Dave Dennick's Harley Dresser run a best 9.75 @ 138 mph, impressive. Elmer put up $25.00 cash for the best light in one of the test sessions, Elias Bryant in a Jr. Dragster had for awhile with .017 but then Brandon Bakner took the money with .002 light. We finished up about 3:20 PM.
This weekend, Fri. Nite, Test & Tune from 6 PM to 10 PM. Sat. Is a Street Nite Race....Md Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index class, Pro, Limited and Drive In Street all contested, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!   

Saturday  --  July 7th
This was a Summit ET Series race, wow, perfect weather, sunny, low humidity and temps in the high 70's, remarkable for July. We started with the Junior Dragsters, a bit smaller turn out as many racers were getting ready to head to Bristol Tn. to defend their 2017 Eastern Regional Championship title. 15 cars raced and this time the girls won it, Jo Jo Mallow over Miles Raffa. Josh Sisk and Charlotte Mallow were the semifinalists. The big cars took the track at 3 PM and we had a bit of a match race with our Big Tire N/T cars. Dan Shaffer ran but had major carb problems and didn't make a full pass. Gary Walker pitched a blower belt at the 330' mark and was finished for the day. Now Scott Kline and Lin Bowie made straight, hard passes on their qualifying shots. They squared off in the final and it was Scott Kline going hard and fast a great A to B pass, Lin's car moved a bit and he had to pedal a bit giving the win to Scott. Good show! Now, Junior Street had Haylee Hoyler over Travis Hill in the final, Dylan Moore was third. Tom McCulley took Trophy. Street had 29 entries and in the end it was Kristen Suders over Rocky Moore. Andy Stief took third place. In Pro Brian Lind won over Bill Stotler in his Chevy truck, Clayton Garber was third. Nice to See Bill get to a final, his truck flies, 9.60's @ 137 mph. Super had Mike Daymude winning over Shawn Barrett while Joe Martz was third. Mike having another outstanding year in his deadly consistent dragster. Bike was won by Dale Hamilton over Kermit Garnett III. We had one Junior Dragster licensing today, Tori Matiko of St. Thomas Pa. made good straight runs. Her dad Dave and friend Kimmie were crewing for her, nice job!  Another good race, great track prep / maintenance, close racing too. We finished up under the lights at 9:30 PM
Sunday  --  July 8th
This was another day like Sat. just a bit warmer. We had 105 entries and a great turn out of race fans. We had several Small Tire cars testing, mostly our Md. Performance Center Real Street cars. Mike Berry's Chevelle ran the best of the group with a 5.09 @ 136 mph. We also had a great mix of fast street cars and bikes, full on drag cars and Junior Dragsters. Larry Price brought the Malibu wagon with new motor and ran 11.29 @ 117 mph. His wife Kim drove the Pontiac Lemans wagon and ran a 12.66 @ 106 mph. Jim and Sherry Scott  had the 32 Ford running a best 8.55 @ 165 mph, its a great nostalgia car, real Ford powered too! Daryl and Sharon were with us to see Jim run also. Scott Klovensky made back this weekend doing tech, slowly recovering from recent surgery.  All in all a real good day, we wrapped it up about 4:10 PM.
On Friday, we'll start at 5 PM. The List shootout for Big Tire N/T cars and Small Tire N/T cars will be contested and also we have a Quick 16 door car class and a 6.50 Index race. Don't miss this racing action on Friday. Saturday is an SBRA race and Outlaw Pontiacs are with us too. Junior dragsters start a 1:30 PM and big cars after the Juniors. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday  --  June 29th
This was again an excellent Test and Tune event going from 6 PM to 10 PM, 100 cars competed on a well prepped track. It was warm, but not bad and no rain!
Saturday  --  June 30th
Yes it was hot, temps hit low 90's and that played into a smaller than hoped for turn out. We started out a 11:30 am. Rick Wenger was the big winner in the combo class, 25 cars in this group. Thomas John, a first time racer had a great day as he runner upped in Trophy, nice job there. In 1/8 mile Footbrake it was again Chris Crawford over Lukas Birks in the final, a close one too. Super had Jason Rudy and Steve Morgret in the final. Jason had the much better light but broke out to give Steve the win. Andy Dolan and Roger Lewis were the semi racers. Oh by the way, though Footbrake and Super had lower car counts than hoped for, the full advertised payouts were made.  A special visitor showed up later in the day, Mike Natoli the owner of South Mountain Raceway in Boiling Springs Pa. along with two of his staff members. Mike even jumped in and did announcing in the final rounds. Bet he didn't know I was going to put him to work! Something else that was fun, Joe Delp Sr. and his son, Joey Harrison had a match race, dad went red. They had fun lining up against each other. We wrapped things up at about 4:45 PM.
Sunday  --  July 1st
This was our Firecracker Classic race but with excessive heat warnings issued for the day it really affected our turn out. And yes it did get hot real quick hitting 94 hot and humid degrees later in the afternoon. We started at 9:30 sharp with our Junior Dragsters, a 22 car field and the girls were the story for this race. Steph Morgan beat redlighting Charlotte Mallow in the final, Travis Hill having a good day took third place. We had to new racers from Hedgesville WV. Ehian and Elias Bryant, both drove well today, they'll be back with us soon. Joe Roberts won Trophy in son Cody"s Mustang. In High School, Jo Jo Mallow won over Jacob Fogle. Footbrake was the biggest class, 46 entries with again Chris Crawford winning over Jamie Talbert, Brian Cool and Brad Keyton were the semi racers. Super had Cliff Peddicord winning over Joey Harrison, Marcus Henry was third. Bike was won by Brian Canoles over Dale Hamilton and Logan Mathias was third place rider. Jack and son Andrew Armstrong from Newville Pa. had their Nostalgia Funny Car, a 66 Chevy Nova  which is powered by an alcohol fueled supercharged big block Chevy making test runs.. The first run was a soft 8.97 @ 149 mph then a second and last run a more stout 8.49 @ 165 mph. The "Smokey Bones" funny car once sorted out will be an entertaining old school hotrod. We finished up about 4:50 PM.
Scott Klovensky one half of our tech crew was off this weekend, still recovering from recent surgery, hopefully he'll be back this coming weekend.
Friday July 6th.........Kayla Morton, big tire car, Chris Hamilton small tire car will be with us Fri. Nite, gates open at 2 PM, racing kicks off at 5 PM, We have a bunch of big tire / small tire entries to challenge Kayla and Chris, plus a Quick 16 or if enough entries a 32 car field, 6.50 Index class and a 7.90 Pro Tree Junior Dragster shootout. Come early, get a good seat! Saturday......Summit ET Series race, Junior Dragsters at 1 PM, big cars 2:30 PM.
See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend! Be safe...Happy July 4th! 
Friday  --  June 22nd
Another rained out Test & Tune event.
Saturday  --  June 23rd
This was to be our "Rocking Chair Nationals" race but rain in the morning with heavy rains that hit in the afternoon and evening caused the event to be moved to the next day.
Sunday  --  June 24th
The pits were a bit wet but the sun was shining and we were off and running our "Rocking Chair Nationals". People and show and race cars rolled in early. Car show entrants were getting set up at 9 am and also Mt. Aetna Fire Co. were serving up breakfast sandwiches. At 10 am we started with interviews of many racers and crew members behind the starting line, Gary Gore and myself handling the "mikes".  I'll miss some here but we talked to Dale Grim, owner and restorer of the Johnny Gaither "Mr. Stitches" 31 Chevy Gasser, Bob Walker Jr. Bob Badger, Sam Auxier Jr., all the S & S gasser team,  Rick and Terri Osborn, the 409 racers and Outlaw Pontiac racers. Plaques were given to many participants of the event. This was a great start of the day. With a possibility of big storms late in the day we went drag racing with just one time run for all getting underway right a 11:30 am sharp. We ran several classes, all with good car counts. We ran Pro Stick, Nostagia Eliminator, a $2000.00 to win Footbrake class, Top Sportsman, $1200.00 to win there, a 409 Chevy class and the Outlaw Pontiacs. Round one got underway about 1:30 PM and already storms were firing up south of us, we completed three rounds for everyone except Pro Stick. As we were into round three it got darker and cooler and just about 5 PM it just dumped heavy rain lasting nearly a half hour and that was it. Money was split to those still in competition and we had to call it a day. We had a great turn out of race fans, just under 400 entries were on the grounds today. A big thanks to all that were with us, show car people, race fans, racers and their crew members, Mt. Aetna Fire Co. and all the Mason Dixon Dragway crew. Aside from the rain cutting the racing short, it was a great fun day. Also a special thanks to Steve Dickey for helping me announce the event, he is really sharp on all the different drag cars, especially nostalgia stuff. Also thanks to Gary Gore and Hayne Dominick for their help supporting / promoting the event. Oh yes, check out or "pictures" part of our front page of this website, Bub Casto and his wife Becky, B & B Track Photography have over 2000 photos of this race already posted, great work Bub and Becky! 
This Sat. June 30th, an all GM race, check the flyer for details, show cars and drag racing On Sun. July 1st  the SBRA Firecracker race, Jr. Dragsters start at 9:30 am, big cars 11:30 am. Both should be great events, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!  

Friday  --  June 15th
Day one of the two day Mutt & Jeff Promotions big dollar races. First off, great weather throughout the evening, temps in the low eighties til much later. We kicked things off with a qualifier run and 6 PM then we went to round one.
We kept the footbrake cars separate from the electronics cars til  we had a winner. In footbrake Cris Crawford took the win, getting $500.00 for his efforts, his fourth straight win by the way over Britt Olson. There were some drivers who double entered and the semis both of Andy Dolan's entries were "still in", he lined up against third place racer Joe Martz and took the win
double entered and as it turns out Andy Dolan's entries made it to the final after he won the semi round against Joe Martz. Andy received winner and runner up money totaling $5,000.00....great win for Andy! We ran 137 cars and finished just after 11:30 PM. Great racing, loads of perfect lights, two were side by side in qualifying, three different win packages were three thousandths and some margin of victories were less than one inch at the stripe, close and tough racing all evening long!
Saturday  --  June 16th
We started at 11 am with one qualifier and go. In footbrake Brian Cool got the win over Greg Ecker. In a dragster final it was Scott Tate driving his wife Amy's car over the tough Brett Martin. Again close races all day long we finished up at about 5:15 PM.
Thoughts on this event....Thanks Paul Burruss and Dylan Griffey / Mutt & Jeff Promotions for putting this event together, we thank all the sponsors and vendors that participated. We had a nice spectator count both days, especially Friday nite. Great track prep as always. Racers followed directions which enabled the race to be run rapid fire, nearly no delays and and there was little down time from breakdowns or oil downs. This was just a fun event and yes, all the payouts were as advertised.
Sunday  --  June 17th
This was a Maryland State Championship Summit ET race with the 'Wally" plaques going to the seven class winners. In Junior Dragster it was Mason Bean over Jo Jo Mallow Logan Simpkins took third and the quarter finalists were Harli Ely and Sammie Miller. Due to extra money put up by Chris Lil, $1500, Walt Sewell and Eler, $25 each, 5 racers won money. In Super it Brett Martin over Mike Daymude and Terell Thompson the third place racer. Terell had the fastest car on the property all weekend with low 4.40 passes at 155 mph. Pro was won by Dicky Bodmer over John Groff's Jr. Farm Truck, dead close race too. Street was won by Dave Toms over Kristen Suders, Devin Belloumini was third place racer. Bike had George Stanley over Dale Hamilton. Junior Street was won by Travis Hill over miss Mendenhall, sorry I missed her first name, I'll coreect this later. Outlaw Pontics had Jason Rogers over Andy Nutt.. Lastly Trophy was won by Kathy Gerhart. This was also a good race, fast paced and minimal down down time.
Sammie Miller and Harli Ely. Chris Lil, Walt Sewell and Elmer added a total of $200 to the purse, five racers won cash today! Super had Brett Martin over Mike Daymude, Terrell Thompson in his low 4.40s @ 155 mph dragster took third place. Pro was won by Dicky Bodmer over the "Jr Farm Truck" driven by John Groff, a real close final too. Street had Dave toms winning with Kristen Suders the runner up, Devin Belluomini too third. In Bike it was George Stanley over Dale Hamilton. Junior Street was won by Travis Hill over miss Mendenahall, we'll get her first named added later. Trophy was won by Kathy Gerhart. Outlaw Pontiac had Jason Rogers over Andy Nutt. We finished up about 5:15 PM. Another good fast paced race with great driving all day long.
The Rocking Chair Nationals are Sat. July 23rd, rain date the next day if needed. Test & Tune on Fri. Nite and Sun. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday  --  June 8th
This was a well attended Test & Tune event, 107 cars and bikes made passes on a well prepped race track. Of note, four big tire cars made clean runs with Gary Walker making the fastest pass ever by a door car on the Mason Dixon 1/8 mile. Great job Gary and crew. Also Eric Champ, Scott Kline and Lin Bowie made stout passes. These are "No Time" cars and ETs can't be divulged as per the racers. They are loaded and ready for the big July 6th Big Tire / Small Tire shootout with Kayla Morton and Chris Hamilton from Street Outlaw fame. Again, super track prep and maintenance had all cars hooking hard and running good numbers in the humid air. flying
Saturday  --  June 9th
This was our first Street Nite event for 2018, the originally scheduled event was rained out in May. Weather turned out ok as we had but one brief sprinkle episode that only slowed us down for about 15 minutes. First off the Md. Performance Center Real Street cars took the track with 11 entries, right away the low qualifier was Dalyn Palmer with a 5.06. In the final Dalyn Palmer lined up against Tommy Bauerlien. At the hit Dalyns car made a move and that's all Tommy needed to take the big win. Steve Kent was third, Dalyn did have low Et in the semis, a 4.96 @ 140 mph. Great job goes out to Justin Reggio of Md. Performance Center and all the Real Street drivers and crew members. How about our Quick 16 racers, the bump for this one was a 5.86 Et, 20 cars entered. It was Jerry Williams getting the win over Jay Unkart. Paul Burruss and Ronnie Horwath were the semi racers. Jay and Jerry have outstanding race cars, they look good and both rain in the 4.80 zone. The 6.50 Index class had Darrell law winning over Les Tobery, both fine racers and have doing the 6.50 Index type racing for a long time, they are good at it too. Pro was won by Randall McNamee over Chris Shives. Limited Street had Rick Wenger over Harli Bergeau, Jeff Huber on his bike was third. We also had a match race with our Big Tires from last night, Eric Champ took the win over Gary Walker in a close run, both got slightly out of shape on the pass. Even though the weatherman had us having an 80 percent chance of rain we got through racing and were done right at 10 PM, a big thanks to all that came out and supported this event, racers, crew members and race fans!
Sunday --  June 10th
Weather trouble.....again. We were ok early, show cars made it in, race cars were teched in and ready and then it just dumped heavy rain on us at about 11 am for about 30 minutes or so. We tried to dry the track and got close but more rain was closing in and we cancelled the event but will try the Mopar race again, Sunday August 5th. We called it a day about 2 PM.
This coming weekend, Fri. Night is the first day of the Mutt & Jeff Super Pro race, start time is at 6 PM. On Sat. We run the main event 10,000 to win race. Footbrake racers welcome, we separate them and fold the remaining Footbrake car in with the delay box cars. On Sunday it is the rescheduled Md. State Championship Summit ET Series race. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this coming weekend!

Friday  --  May 25th
Great turn out for our Test & Tune nite, 154 cars and bikes ran til past 10 PM. Gary Walker had his Nova with us, the Big Tire car made two straight and fast No Time Passes getting ready for our Big Tire / Small Tire Shootout on July 6th. A good start to the weekend for sure.
Saturday  --  May 26th
We started right a 9 am with our Junior Dragsters, we had 24 entries and it was Landon Palmer winning over Thomas Oates while Sammie Miller took third. We had a great field of Footbrake cars, 77 in round one, Chris Crawford took the win over Dave Heaton, Bobby Smith and Joe Wetzel were the semi racers. In Super it was Mark Decker getting the win over Paul Burrus with Randy Krause taking third, there were 49 cars in this class. Bike was won by Brian Canoles over Dale Hamilton, George Stanley was third. Trophy was won by Austin Hughes over Joe Maggetti, 18 Trophy cars competed, good showing by our Trophy racers. Jr. Street was won by Travis Hill over Dylan Moore. Though it rained / stormed all around us we had two very slight rain delays at the semi finals and finals and we wrapped up the racing at 6:35 PM......then it rained. We ran just over 200 cars bikes and Jr. Dragsters today.
Sunday  --  May 27th
The weather played into this one. We started the Junior Dragsters at 9 am with 25 cars racing. Jordan Mason was nearly flawless as he went through the six rounds of racing as he beat Gage Farrell in the final, Damian Waters and Landon Palmer were the semi racers. The big cars then took the track and as we got into eliminations we had several rain showers roll in that caused down time, finally we called it a day after more rain was closing in on us. We did get two rounds of Footbrake and one round of Super and Bikes, all those still in competition split the purse money. The Outlaw Pontiacs were with us also and they split money to the remaining racers still in. We were a bit down on racers as the weather forest was so gloomy, still a bit over 170 racers were in the house.
Memorial Day Monday  --  May 28th  
Today was a one time run and go day. This was the best day yet. The Junior Dragsters were 25 strong, Stepnanie Morgan won over yesterday's winner Jordan Mason. Damian Waters and Eric Bowles were the semi racers. In Footbrake we had 65 entries with Mark Harbaugh over Chris Crawford with Troy Gerhart and Dave Saunders the semi drivers. In Super there were 65 cars also with Mike Daymude winning over Bob Keweon in the final, John Myers and David Wastler were the semi racers. Bike had Brian Canoles over Dave Clinedinst with Kevin Hamilton in the third spot. Trophy was won by Sammie Miller. Junior Street was won by Dylan Moore, Travis Hill was runner up. The High Scholl class had 9 entries, Steve Dustin won over Austin Hughes, Logan Simpkins was third. Lin Bowie and his Big Tire Camaro made several test runs, the last on looked good, we'll see him on July 6th for certain. We finished up about 5:30 PM.
Thoughts on the weekend......A great turnout of racers and race fans were on hand all four days even though the weather forecasts were for rain for all of the weekend. We had approx. 750 cars, bikes and Junior Dragsters racing over the four day event. Each and everyday we were right on time as advertised, thanks to our staff and our racers making that happen. Toni Smith, wife of our RFC chaplin Bill Smith sang the national anthem on Monday just before round one, she was outstanding! Bill Smith, Newman Sisk, Joe Martz, Jo Jo Mallow and Josh Sisk all helped with our invocations each day. Cris Lil put up $100.00 to our Junior Dragster semi racers on Monday. Great track prep as always though changing weather made cars tough to dial, a lot of break out runs recorded. We had racers from Md. W.Va. Va. Pa. NY. and NJ. Many of these racers represent tracks from all over the Northeast and Southeast. Glad you picked us to race with this weekend. When we had a scoreboard malfunction on Monday morning Elmer fixed it right away, his skill and Daktronics Scoreboard Co. were there with phone support. How about Cris Craword, a win and a runnerup in Footbrake, Jordan Mason in Junior Dragster also had a win and runnerup. Travis Hill won two Junior Street finals. Brian Canoles won the Sat. And Mon. Race. Many close races recorded with less than a 1 inch margin of victory happened several times. Overall a real good SBRA event, nice job everyone!
Fri. Nite is another Test & Tune, on Sat. A summit ET Series race / Md. State Championship race. Juniors at 1 PM. Big cars at 3 PM, rain date would be moved to Sun. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!   

Saturday  --  May 12th
This was a Summit ET Series race plus the Outlaw Pontiac gang and the East Coast Impala group raced with us also. Again we mention the weather, a gloomy forecast all week for this race but the rains held off til the end of day luckily. Cars were fast earlier in the day and then the temps shot up to the high 80's and lots of humidity slowed them down, it was a real challenge to dial in the cars and bikes for sure. First the Junior Dragsters took the track at 9:30 am Sammie Miller getting the win over Charlotte Mallow, Shelby Nick took third in this 19 car field. Parker Fields from Frederick Md. licensed in his Junior dragster and drove real well, mid 11 second passes and he got better on the tree each run, nice job! At noon the big cars took to the 1/4 mile, in the Outlaw Pontiac group it was Jason Rodgers over Doug Chell, Randy Peer took third place, there were 22 cars in the class today. ECIR class had 15 cars entered with Stu Drozd over Navil Guffey in the final. Super had Mark Decker in his dragster winning over Al Hite in his Vega, George Hoff took third place. Pro was the biggest class with Chris Crawford winning over Dicky Bodmer, Bob Hamilton was third. Randy Allen won in Street over Darius Wenger and Andy Stief took third spot. Jr. Street was won by Travis Hill over Dylan Moore, Tyler Gontz was third place racer. Bike was won by Dale Hamilton over Kermit Garnett III, George Stanley and Boyd Mathias were the semi riders. Trophy was won by Doug Chell. In the All Access NHRA Challenge the class winners squared off to win two passes to any National Event race, it was Dale Hamilton the winner over Mark Decker, the rain was moving in at that point and it started to rain fairly hard right after their run, just made it! The weather I'm sure kept some away yet we still had 172 cars racing today, a pretty good turn out, We finished up about 6:45 PM.
Sunday  --  May 13th
This was the 6th annual Cruise for the Cure race, car show and cruise-in event hosted by Sara Mulkey and the Stablemates Car Club. The weather forecast was terrible, rain called for off and on during the day yet a fair number of show cars and trucks, a good group of vendors and we had a good turn out of race fans too. It took til 12:30 PM to get the track dry and then we did race, with the Dan Roberts family winning the first and runnerup spot in the one class Gamblers Race. This event has been a big event in the past but mother nature did play well today kept many people away, despite all that it still made money, we'll get a total and report it at another time. We thank all that participated today!  
Saturday May 19th...the first Street Nite race, Md. Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index, Pro Street, Limited Street and Drive In Street are all contested. On Sunday May 20th the Big Mopar event, all things Mopar! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday  --  May 5th
This was to be our 10k Super Pro and 10k Footbrake race plus Big Tire and Small tire no time shootout event. Once again the weather ends up being a big part of the story. Early in the week leading up to this event rain was called for both Sat. And Sun. With rain being forecast at nearly 100 percent for the afternoon we decided to cancel out but still attempt to do a Test & Tune for those that were already at the track. The morning was mostly cloudy and we did get underway at 11:30 am. There were several Big Tire racers, Lin Bowie, Erich Champ, Scott Kline, Jason Smith all made runs before noon. Small Tire racers were Russ Martin, Mike Fortney and Cary Daniels and they also ran around noon. We had several other Test & Tune racers that made several passes. About 1:00 PM we had the first sprinkles and light rain causing a delay in the racing.  we waited it out a bit and just as we resumed racing the rain picked up and by 2:00 PM we had to call it a day. Too much of this already this year. By the way, if any of these racers with us today win the No Time race Elmer will add $200.00 to the winning purse in appreciation of their support of this race.
Sunday  --  May 6th
This was to be a Test & Tune race that was cancelled early and rain did roll in before noon, a good call on this one. Jake, Bubby and Elmer were in ditch digging mode to run the necessary conduit to the new computer operator building. One step closer to have a great position to be able to seee the dial-ins and car numbers by the Burn-out area.  Keep in mind you can order permenant numbers from Cheryl or Bubby, your choice of colors and sizes. Makes your car stand out .
Next week....Sat. May 12th is a Summit ET race with Outlaw Pontiacs, Junior dragsters start time at 9:30 am and big cars at noon, also this is a NHRA All Access race, two passes to any NHRA national event to the overall winner of the day. Sun. Mothers Day May 13th is our annual Cruise for the Cure event, includes a cruise in, car show, many venders and drag racing, proceeds benefit Really for Life. A big thanks again to Sara Mulkey and the Stablemates Car Club gang for putting in the hard work to make this event happen. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend! 

Saturday  --  April 28th
This was a SBRA event plus the first of ten Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series events scheduled for 2018. Weather ok to start, mid 40's when our Junior Dragsters took the track dead on time at 9:30 am. It ended up a Mallow final with Charlotte winning over Jo Jo in a close one, Daylin Hoyler was third, 18 cars ran in round one. At noon the SBRA cars and Outlaw Pontiacs took the track. Both time runs were ok and then the clouds moved in. During  round two of eliminations it rained very light or sprinkled, we stopped and started four times, each time we got the track back to A-1 race shape but finally at about 6:30 PM it rained hard and got cooler, we couldn't continue and we called it a day. All classes completed round three and remaining racers all split the pursed evenly. Good racing all day, Footbrake was the big class with 64 entries, Outlaw Pontiacs had their usual turn out of 23 cars. We tried!
Sunday  --  April 30th
Cold and windy early but mostly sunny and it finally did hit 50 degrees later in the day. Another excellent turn out for our Test & Tune event, 108 cars, bikes, Junior Dragsters, license run cars and No Time cars made many passes from 11:30 am til about 4:10 PM. Everybody was fast. How about Ryan Ely on his 17th birthday driving dad's 70 GTO Judge to several runs, first two easy passes then a 10.08 and a 10.06 and on the last pass as we were ending the day Ryan laid down an outstanding 9.98 @ 131 mph, that's as good a birthday present as you could get. Nice job Ryan. And yes we had Lin Bowie in his big tire Hemi powered Camaro make two test hits, they were no time passes, both straight and the second one faster, car looks good and sounds awesome. You will want to be here Sat. May 5th for our Big Tire / Small Tire shoot out and for the 10k Footbrake and 10k Super Pro race. It's gonna be a great show.
Keep checking this website for all the upcoming events, May is going to be busy, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday  --  April 21st
 This was our first Summit ET Series race. The weather was very good, cool in the AM but warmed to 60 deg. by late afternoon. We started with the Junior Dragsters at 9:30 am. Landon Palmer was the big winner today over Jo Jo Mallow in the final, Shelby Nick took third place. We had two new racers today, Macy and Mallory Stewart from Fairmont WV. Both good drivers with nice cars, they made it to round two, we hope they will run with us in the future. We had 19 Junior Dragsters racing today. At noon the big cars took the track. Junior street had four entries, Dylan Moore took first place with Travis Hill the runnerup honors, Tyler Gontz and Casey Jenkins took the semi spots. A big thanks to Travis Hill, Rocky Moore and Walt Sewell for putting up $125.00 for the Junior Street racers, Dylan's cut was $75.00 and Travis Hill received $50.00. Asa Birks drove brother Lucas's camaro to low 13 second passes to win Trophy. Street  had Jim Berry over Steve McCulley while Jeff Hielman and Rick Wenger were the semi drivers. Pro was dominated today by Troy Gerhart, great lights in every round as he beat Garrett Suders in the final, Britt Olson was third. Super Pro was won by Roger Lewis over Mike Shoop and Andy Dolan, first time out this year took third. Brian Moore won Bike today over Kermit Garnett III, Dale Hamilton and George Stanley were the semi riders. We were a bit light on cars today, 120 competitors raced and with little down time we finished up about 5:00 PM.
Sunday  --  April 22nd
This was a Test & Tune day with 132 cars, bikes, junior dragsters and numerous license run cars that all were making many passes on a real good track. Maybe an almost to good of track, Robert Brooks' stunning Real Street Nova did a giant sky high wheelstand and upon coming down hard damaged some front end stuff, headers, oil pan etc. Hope he will  make the repairs and  be back racing with us soon. Steve Whitman had his dragster out, ran mid 8's @155 mph, Brittany Clark ran a 4.50 @ 149 mph [1/8 mile ] Tammy Gray licensed in Double Vision III running 9.70s, Brittany Harrison ran 9.50's @ 142 mph on several passes. Some the Outlaw Pontiac gang were testing today. This was a really good turn out of racers and race fans, a lot of people on the property got to see fast cars and bikes and junior dragsters with sunny skies and temps climbed to 70 deg. Later in the day, we finished up at about 4:15 PM.
Next Saturday, a SBRA race and the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing group will be with us. This is their 20th season, they'll run 12 races this year, 10 with us. This is a great group to work with, we love having them at Mason Dixon. On Sunday it is a Test & Tune event 11:30 am to 4:00 PM. See you Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend.......Oh don't forget to sign up for the big 10k to win Super and Footbrake race on Sat. May 5th. See Karen with your $250.00 entry fee, limited to 64 cars each class.     

Saturday  --  April 14th
This was our first SBRA points race with all classes contested and our spring Tri-State Stock / Super Stock Association race. The weather....finally perfect, bright and sunny, 60's at 9 am and reached a high of 85 degrees in the late afternoon. We kicked off the racing at 9:30 am with the Junior Dragsters. Chalk one up for the girls this time, Charlotte Mallow took the win over Ryan McFadden while Jo Jo Mallow and Josh Sisk were the semi racers. Of note, Ryan McFadden was without his dad or sister Alyssa today, Jim Stephens and his daughter Maddie stepped up and became his crew for the day, hats off to the Stephens gang for their help. At noon we got underway with the big cars, first out were the Stock / Super Stocks with Danny Henderson a two time runnerup taking his first win in his max wedge B/SA 63 Dodge over the hard charging A. H. Adkins in his rocket fast 69 AMC AMX SS/B stick car, the lights were close, a well run race. Footbrake was the big class, 60 entries had Ed Talbert in his newly completed, you guessed it, an S-10 Chevy truck winning over Scott Vaughn in his Chevelle. Mike Rodgers had a good day taking third spot. Super also had a good field of cars 38 strong and in the finals Pennsylvania driver Brock Moshier in his strong Vega wagon won over Colby Imes in his Dodge Demon, another close one. Shawn Barrett and Darlene Staub took home semi money. The Bike field had 11 entrants with Logan Mathias riding on loan Gina Hamilton's pink bike over Dave Clinedinst, Brian Canoles was third. We a number of Test & Tune and license run cars making passes. Danny Hutton was real fast in his Chevy Nova as was Tom Morgan in his Dodge. Thoughts on this race. Everyone seems in mid season form, great driving, close racing and very good performing race cars and bikes, almost no down time, we try hard to run a safe, fair and rapid fire race every race day. Angie completed her first points race day on the computer and was outstanding. We are also really glad to have Trish back after her surgery, I think she was worn out by the end of the day but she got through it, welcome back Trish! A big thanks to Mike and Wendy Carr of the Tri-State Stock / Super Stock Assoc. Thanks for coming out this weekend. We had 155 racers competing today and an excellent turn out of race fans, thanks for supporting Mason Dixon Dragway today. We finished up at 6:45 PM.
Sunday  --  April 15th
The temps dropped 40 degrees from yesterday, cold damp air had us sitting on the fence about opening or canceling.  We are always thinking positive and we opened for a Test & Tune day. We ran til just about 2:00 PM before the light rain moved in halting the racing for the day, we tried! We thank those that showed up and they were issued rain checks for another day.
Next weekend is the first Summit Points race, all classes contested, Junior Dragsters go at 9:30 am, big cars at noon. Test & Tune is on Sunday. By the way, Sunday would be the Summit Points race if Saturday would be rained out. Don't forget to sign up for the May 5th 10k to win Super and 10k to win Footbrake classes, see Karen in the office over the foodstand this coming weekend, have your $250.00 entry fee at time of sign up, only a limited 64 car field in each class....don't wait. Have a great week....see you at Mason Dixon Dragway!  
Saturday  --  April 7th
Once again very cold temps with cloudy and windy conditions caused us to once again cancel Saturdays racing.
Sunday  --  April 8th
Well, the weather was better, it topped out in the mid 40's later in the day and much more sun and less wind than Sat. This was our first $2,000.00 to win Footbrake race of the year and in the final it was Bob Bowers getting the win in his 6.20 et 68 Camaro over last weeks Super winner Tim Humm driving the Chevy fired Mazda. The semis had Nick Bowman and Ed Talbert as the semifinalists. How about our new racing friends, John Adkins and his two sons Andrew and Robert bringing two cars and entering the Footbrake race all the way from Athens Ohio. What a hike, Google Maps says it was a 293 mile trip one way. They wanted to race somewhere and no one was apparently open in their area, they typically race at National trail Raceway in Hebron Ohio. They were good guys and had fun racing with us, hope they will make it back soon! We also had a Test & Tune event, some really strong performances turned in by many. Joe Martz in his 71 Camaro had been knocking on the door of the eight second zone last year but a slightly bigger  cubic inch short block pushed the car to an 8.65 et @ 156 mph on his second and best pass. By the way Joe handled are invocation today as Bill Smith did the morning service but had to leave early. Thanks Joe! Carrie Witman had her big block Chevy dragster making several passes, all were smooth and increasingly quicker, best one a 7.83 et @ 170 mph. Carrie and her brother A. J. were former Junior Dragster stand outs. Dad Steve and mom Jayne all race as well, hope to see them in action a lot this year. Greg Orris had the Dodge Demon out again, all 9.90 runs, best a 9.93 @ 138 mph. Miles Raffa in his Junior Dragster made many runs now going faster, 8.50s @ 76 mph.  Once again the track was outstanding, everyone was fast and hooked hard today, great track prep / maintenance as always. Once again more improvements at the track, this week a nearly new New Holland tractor to drag the track was purchased and also a track vacuum that will help cleanup and track prep added to our inventory of track vehicles. Also new LED win lights on top of the scoreboards are in place and are easier to see for sure. A pretty good day but still very cold for April, Spring will get here soon??? We finished up the day just a bit past 4:30 PM. 
This coming weekend on Saturday April 14th is the first points race. This is a SBRA 1/8 mile race, Junior Dragsters go at 9:30 am, big cars at noon. Also the Tri-State Stock and Super Stockers have a gambler race. On Sunday April 15th is a Test & Tune and the main event for the Tri-State Stock / Super Stock cars. And it is supposed to be MUCH warmer this coming weekend. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway 

Saturday  --  March 31st
Finally good weather, mostly sunny with temps reaching the high 50's later in the day greeted our racers and race fans. This was tie-breaker race, run with Summit ET classes and a Test & Tune event. We started at 9:30 am with the Junior Dragsters. Shelby Nick won out over Charlotte Mallow in the final with Daylin Hoyler and Sammy Miller as the semi racers. Three of the four semi racers were our excellent girl drivers but Shelby took the win, chalk one up for the boys today. At 11:30 am the big cars took the track. In Street Dave Toms was the winner over Devin Belluomini in the final. By the way Devin, from Santa Fe Texas will be stationed in Washington D.C. til next year and should be able to run with us this season. Pro was the biggest class and Greg Ecker won out over Jamie Talbert, Bob Bair was third. Super Pro had Tim Humm in his small block Chevy powered Mazda winning over Roger Lewis in his 66 Chevelle. Colby Imes was the third place racer. Over in Bike Kermit Garnett III won over the 2017 Bike champ Brian Canoles. George Stanley was third. We had a big group of Test & Tune cars with the usual mix of street cars, full on drag cars and license run racers also. Gregg Orris had his Dodge Hellcat Demon out again making runs right at the 10 flat range, a best of the day 9.99 pass. Another Demon was on the property making runs in the 10.20's, this driver had never raced before, nice job.  Jason Smith had the supercharged Corvette out making two clean No Time passes, both quick and straight. We ran til about 5:10 PM, 120 cars, bikes and junior dragsters participated today. Good day overall.
Next weekend on Sat. April 7th is the $2,000.00 to win, $50.00 entry Footbrake 1/8 mile race and the Tri State Stock / Super Stock gambler race and on Sun. April 8th is the main event for the Stock / Super Stockers, Test & Tune both days on a well prepped track. Sat. April 14th is the first SBRA points race and on Sun. April 15th is a Test & Tune event. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend! On a personal note, as I write this at 8:00 am on Monday it's again Snowing, two inches on the ground.......this is getting old now! 

Saturday and Sunday  --  March 24th and 25th
Both of these Test & Tune events were cancelled due to snow covered track and pit areas. How about this coming weekend.....this will be our first "race" which we will be running all classes, Junior Dragsters start at 9:30 am with the big cars taking the track at 11:30 am. This will have all the "Summit ET" classes contested. All classes run 1/4 mile but the Super cars run 1/8 mile. This race is our tie breaker should there be a tie for any of the classes in our points program at the end of the season. Easter Sunday, April 1st we are closed. Up next on Saturday April 7th we have a 1/8 mile Footbrake $2,000.00 to win $50.00 entry class. Also to help make up for last years Stock / Super Stock rained out event we will have the Tri-State Stock / Super Stock racers with us running a warm up race Saturday and we'll have them back for their main event race on Sunday. Both days Test & Tune is offered on a well prepped race track. Should the weather mess with us on Saturday, the Footbrake race goes off on Sunday. A big thanks to Mike Carr and his mom Wendy for bringing back the Stock / Super Stockers...If you like towering wheelstands be here to watch this great show. See you this coming weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Saturday  --  March 16th
Very cold temps, wind and a few snow flurries caused a cancellation of our Test & Tune event. Sunday was a different story.
Sunday  --  March 17th
A much nicer day, cool to start but bight sunshine very little wind and temps that got to the mid 50's in the late afternoon gave us a great day for our Test & Tune entrants and for our race fans. Where do we start....105 racers were in attendance and everyone made many runs. Mason Bean and family had the Junior Dragster out and Mason completed his license runs by the end of the day. Well done. Patrick Myers had his newly purchased dragster completing all his license run with no problems, great car and formally owned by Lance and Karen Kreiger. He will compete in Super Pro and Super Comp this year. Several racers ran personal best ETs on our well prepped track and in the great air, most of the day with below sea level corrected altitude.  Randy Allen, Rick Wenger, Darius Wenger, Garrett Suders, Brian Lind, Michael Boyd, Rodney Eichelberger, Kelli Fleming and others were just plain fast. Kelli Fleming made her last pass of the day with a new engine combo the best one..... her first ever in the twelves run, a 12.99 @ 104 mph. Kermit Garnett ran a 7.79 @ 170 mph on Suzuki Hyabusa, three of his eighth mile passes were 4.95 at a bit over 140 mph. We had several Junior Dragster make many runs, Mason Bean, Charlotte and Jo Jo Mallow, Maddie Stephens and Emma Henry drove well. Now about Greg Oriss' new Hellcat Demon first ever passes. Greg drove the car to the track and about 12 noon pulled to the starting line. The car launched hard, about 2 inches of daylight under the front tires, a 1.42 60 ft. 6.39 @ 110 mph to eighth and a 9.94 @ 137.40 mph quarter mile. Greg made several more runs, mostly 10.0s and the last one a stout 9.98 @ 138.40 mph after it had gotten warmer and the air wasn't quite as good as when we started racing earlier in the day. This car is everything as it has been advertised to be. Most cars don't run near the numbers claimed, I've seen most new cars run much slower than advertised for for decades. Great job Dodge!  Great job by everyone today, no oil downs, minimal breakage, great track prep as always, just an overall real good day. On a sadder note,  Larue Johnson, a great racer from the past, mostly at 75 - 80 but with also us also passed away last week. Larue was 78 yrs. old, a good friend to all and a great racer, he'll be missed.   A Congrats  goes out to Ronnie Proctor with 5 Final appearances this one was a charm as he took first place in Top Sportsman at the 49th Running of the Gator Nationals.
This coming weekend Sat. And Sun. March 24th and 25th we'll run Test & Tune both days with an 1/8th Mile Gamblers race Sunday. Also Fri. Sat. and Sun. Chassis Certification by the NHRA will be going on at the track ( Start Time 9 AM ), check out how those checks are done while your here with us this weekend. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday  --  March 10th
We lost last weekend to very cold and windy conditions but today's weather was clear, sunny and temps reached the mid 40's, good enough get in our Test & Tune day. We started at 11:30 am with a nice mix of race cars, street cars bikes and one Junior Dragster. As usual the track worked well, several cars were in the low 10's and high 9's. Good racing all day long, we did have fairly big cleanups that were handled fast, a top end oil down and starting line transmission failure. We finished up just before 4:30 PM. We had 49 cars and bikes racing today. Oh, the new stuff........ the new staring line building is set in place and some the wiring upgrades are done, this will be the new home for our computer staff. The building is right next the track at the burnout boxes, a great view of the cars and their dial-ins as they get ready to pull forward to the starting line. We also have new lighting for the shut down area, will be brighter down there now. The new scales are here and will be set in place at tech very soon. Also plans for the win lights on the top of the scoreboards will be replaced with colored LED lights for easier visibility for our race fans. Welcome aboard to Angela as she is learning the computer operator position, Hunter doing the teaching today.
Sunday  --- March 11th
Today just a couple of degrees cooler but nearly no wind and again sunny skies. Pretty much like yesterday but with no big oil downs or down time. Everybody made many runs. The track held up real well all day, cars and bikes were fast. Brian Canoles on Dave Clinedinsts turbo bike ripped a 7.94 St @ 165 mph late in the day. 47 cars and bikes raced today, we finished up at 4:30 PM. Overall a good weekend, a bit light on racers but both morning temps were in the low 20's, that certainly kept some people home this weekend I'd bet.
Next weekend, same deal, Sat. and Sun. are both Test & Tune days, racing kicks off a 11:30 am both days, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway this coming weekend!

END OF 2017
Saturday Nov 18th Pro-Stick Cancelled due to Impending Weather Forecast.
Saturday  --  Nov. 4th
This was our 23rd annual Stock / Super Stock race presented by Mike and Wendy Carr of the Tri-State Stock / Super Stock Association. First the weather was great for day one, temps in the low 50's, corrected altitude barely at sea level made everybody real fast. There 30 Stock / Super Stockers in round one and in the finals Carroll Morris in his Mustang won out over Danny Henderson in his max wedge 63 Dodge. Greg Orris took third in his pure stock GTO. We also ran a Footbrake race with Jeremey Manford taking the win over Mike Rodgers, Scott Vaughn was third. Super was contested also with Cliff Peddicord over Mark Gray in the final, Darlene Staub took third spot. We also had test and tune cars with us making numerous passes.  The Stock / Super Stock racers put on a show, many towering, long wheel stands were the order of the day. Despite a gloomy weather forecast we still had a decent turnout for day one.
Sunday --  Nov. 5th
Now the weather turned on us. Rain moved in overnite and fog and drizzle persisted all morning / afternoon long forcing us to cancel the days racing. This is the 19th rain out for this year, it is getting very old now. We appreciate all that raced with on Saturday, the weather forecasts early in the week had everything from a total wash out to decent weather for us, no doubt this hurt the turn out.
Two weeks to go, Sat. Nov 11th The List cars run, Big Tire and Small Tire, Pro Stick cars, plus the 16 car field $1,000.00 to win Super, Bike, Footbrake and Jr. Dragster contested, Sun. Nov. 12th Member Track Madness. Both days are 1/8 mile drag racing. The last weekend, Sat. Nov. 18th and Sun. Nov. 19th the annual Game Hen / Turkey races. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!
Saturday  --  Oct. 28th
This was a Test & Tune event plus Maryland True Street Challenge. Did we ever have a good turn out, 141 cars, bikes and diesel trucks made many passes from noon to 5 PM. Everybody was pretty fast too, cars got faster all day with many making their best passes on the last runs of the day. Temps were in the mid 60's with a strong crosswind all day long. A lot of race fans hung out with us also, just a real good Test & Tune day overall.
Sunday  --  Oct. 29th
The Diesel Truck event sadly was rained out, predicted high winds and lot of rain coming caused a cancellation to be made early in the am.
Sat. And Sun. Nov. 4th and 5th we have the annual Mike Carr's Tri-State Stock / Super Stock Association race PLUS a Footbrake and Super class both days. Start time each day is 11:30 am. We are down to the final three weekends of the 2017 race season, make sure to race or be a race fan on these final events. There is still spots open for the 16 car fields on Sat. Nov 11th in Jr. Dragster, Footbrake, Super and Bike classes, $100.00 entry fee for a chance to win $1,000.00. Member Track Madness on Sun. Nov. 12th all classes contested and the final weekend, Sat. Nov. 18th and Sun. Nov. 19th is the annual Cornish game hen / Turkey races, all classes contested.  
See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend! 

Saturday  --  Oct. 21st
The last Street Nite of the 2017 race season was a good one. First off the weather was great, temps to the mid 70's as we started racing at 2:30 PM. We had a great turnout too, 160 cars racing. Md. Performance Center Real Street had 13 entries and many were real fast. Five cars were in 5.0 range with Steve Kent and Daylan Palmer at a super quick 5.03 to lead the field. Kent and Palmer really stepped it up in the semis, both ran 4.98 and did square off in the final. Steve Kent lit the tires and Daylan Palmer was long gone with low ET of year and fastest MPH too with 4.96 @141.16 mph to take the win. Semi racers were John Staats and Justin Bowmaker. A big thanks to  Larry Miller of BNL Inc for putting additional money, $1,500.00 to the Real Street racers, also Md. Performance Center has done a great job all year of bringing great heads up racing on our Street Nite events. Now the Quick 16, another record low ET bump spot, this time it took a 5.28 to make the field, 11 cars were quicker than 5.10, 8 were in the 4's, hard to make this field now. John Moton and Ken Colton, team members, made the finals, John Moton for the win, semi racers were Mitch Willingham and Cory Carper. Our 6.50 Index class is growing, a record 16 car field made round one. William Woodward took the win over Tom Bard. This is fun side by side racing, hope it keeps gaining racers. In Pro it was Chester Shoemaker over Bill Smith in a real close final. Limited Street was won by Tammy Gray over Darius Wenger. Drive In Street was won by Larry Price over Scott Sease. The Bike final had Brian Moore over George Stanley. We did have one on track incident as Darryl Merryman crossed the centerline and hit wall in his Mustang Real Street entry, Darryl was unhurt but the car did have r/f damage. The car held up well and our staff  got down to the car immediately to assist Darryl. We had a nice turnout of racers and race fins for this race, we finished up at 9:15 PM.
Sunday  --  Oct. 22nd
This was a Summit ET points race, all contested in the 1/8 mile and a King of the Track event too. The Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series were here today with 28 entries. It was their last points race of the year with three drivers shooting for their points championship. Doug Chell won over Dennis Kincaid in the final. Chuck Hutzler ended up the points champ over a real close Jason Rogers. We always say this but as always it is a pleasure to work with all those involved in the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series, their staff and racers. Super Pro had 50 cars, Ronnie Horwath over George Hoff. Pro had Janet Baden over Jaime Talbert. Street was won by Brady Warner, his first win this year, over Dave Toms. Bike had George Stanley over Dale Hamilton. Jr. Street had Travis Hill over Jo Jo Mallow. Trophy class was won by Harli Bergeau winning out over Nathan Jacobson. The King of the Track final had Janet Baden and Ronnie Horwath squaring off for the Wally, both had great lights, Janet had car problems halfway down and Ronnie took the big win.  Thirteen year old Casey Jenkins driving in Tammy Gray's car made all the necessary  runs for her Junior Street license. The passes were in  high 9's @78 mph, well done! The weather was over the top for this race too, mostly sunny and temps again the mid 70's, Over 160 cars and bikes raced with us today. We finished up about 6:45 PM.
Four more weekends of racing, all good ones, hard to believe we are close to the end of the season already! On Saturday, Test & Tune and Md. True Street Challenge, on Sunday our annual Diesel truck race starting at 11:30 am! See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Wednesday  --  Oct. 11th  --  Day 1
This was to be day one of the 2017 SBRA Bracket Finals but a persistent all day rain never let us get underway.
Thursday  --  Oct. 12th  --   Day 2
Today we started at noon for our Gamblers Race with nearly 250 entries. Everyone got one time shot and then we went to eliminations. In Junior Dragsters Ryan McFadden won over Sammie Miller in the finals. Bike had Billy Bair taking the win over Paul James Sr. Footbrake, the biggest class had Ben Garnett taking the win over Mark Harbaugh. The Super class was won by Mark Gray driving Brad Doss' Dodge Dart over Chuck Wishard. Good racing all day, no real incidents, minimal breakage and great track conditions all day made for a fun first day of racing.
Friday  --  Oct. 13th  --    Day 3
Now we had a crowd! Over 370 cars were on hand for the $5,000.00 to winner take all Hi-Roller races for Super and Footbrake and our second big Gamblers Race. The two Hi-Roller 64 car fields were filled in minutes as everyone wanted to get in on the action. In Foot Brake Troy Gerhart took the win over Mark Harbaugh. Super had Phil Truitt over Ben Parks. The Gamblers races were loaded with entries, over 150 Foot brake cars and 130 Super cars. In Junior Dragster Gavin Shoemaker won over Jaiman Dietz. Bike had Dylan Wood over Kevin Hamilton. Foot Brake had Steve Lenig over Darryl Beauchamp. Lastly in Super it was W R Ketterman over Wayne Patton. Terrific nearly non stop action from 10 am til 11:45 PM. We were lucky too, just as we finished,  light mist /dew moved in.
Saturday  --  Oct 14th  --  Day 4 
This was our Race of Champions race and another Gamblers Race. We started at 10 am, got the time runs in for our Race of Champions and then got round one underway at 10:45 am. In Junior dragster, Sammie Miller won over Cobi Toliver. Bike had Kevin Hamilton winning over Taylor Dunham. In Foot Brake Kodi Mariner won over Mark Harbaugh. Super was won by Joey Harrison in his wife Brittany's great race car over Phil Truitt. Now for the Gamblers race, the field was huge, nearly 400 cars. Just into round five at about 11 PM we had a big finish line oil down, it was going take a long cleanup and at that point it was prudent to call it a day and split money to those still in the race and make round money payouts also, full payout was made as advertised.
Sunday  --  Oct 15th  --  Day 5 and final day
We finally got some sunshine, this was the main event, no entry fee, open only to those that qualified for their home tracks. We started right on time with the Junior Dragsters at 9 am. Thirty two cars entered. In the final we had Joshua Sisk against Morgan Larkin, Josh took the win. That's right, these two were in the final last year where Morgan was the winner, now they are one and one, is there are re-match in 2018? At 11:30 am the big cars and and bikes took the track for round one. Bike had 39 entries Ted Bosserman won over Billy Bair. Foot Brake with 134 entries had Nick Bowman winning over Bob Klock. And in Super 106 cars entered, in a door car final it was Scottie Keys winning over Phil Truitt. Even with 313 entries and nearly 100% buybacks in round one, we still  finished up at 6:15 PM. What a great race!
Thoughts on this 2017 SBRA Bracket Finals event........The weather did get us on day one but we were very lucky to get the other days in, everything on the east side of the mountain was misty / drizzly right up to Sunday. No racing would have happened had we had that weather! All the racing we did was timely, we started dead on time each and every day. Minimal on track incidents, cars overall stayed together save for the oil down on Saturday. The track plainly was excellent, great track prep / maintenance all four days. Cars were deadly consistent run after run. We made approx. 7,000 passes down the track in the four days. Huge fields of cars and bikes ran the Gamblers races with nearly 100% buy backs each race. We had great cooperation from all the racers and team members from all the tracks. Kelli Fleming worked the computer on Thursday and Friday for the afternoon portion of the day til Shannon and Maria arrived, she did a great job too. It was good to see the many track owners with us watching their racers battle it out for the combined purse of over $68,000.00. How about some great performances from the racers. Phil Truitt won Hi-Rollers Super and two runnerup finishes. Mark Harbuagh had three runnerups. Ben Parks had two runnerups. Kevin Hamilton had a win and runner up. How about Mark Gray recording two .000 lights in a row then a .001 on the Thursday Gamblers race, he won it also. A big congrats to team US 13 winning the points battle, Mason Dixon took second followed by Eastside, Beaver Springs, Keystone and Colonial Beach. The 2017 SBRA Bracket Finals is in the books, what a great race, and yes, it'll even be better in 2018!
I'd like to personally thank Courtney Suders for her announcing help especially covering the Saturday afternoon / night portion of the event and her work on other days as well, she always does a terrific job too. 

This coming weekend, Street Nite on Saturday and a points race and Outlaw Pontiacs on Sunday, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!    

Saturday  --  Sept. 30th
Where do we start? All right, Md. Performance Center Real Street had 12 cars entered with John Staats as the low qualifier with a 5.12 @ 139 mph. It got better as Jon Staats lined it up  in the final with Mike Berry who ran his best run, a quick 5.05 to take the win. Russ Martin was  the third place racer. These three were the fastest cars out there, John Staats ran low ET with a 5.03, Mike Berry ran a 5.05 in the final and Russ Martin ran 5.07 all at nearly 140 mph. Real Street comes back again on Street Nite on Oct. 21st. Quick 16 had the fastest bump ever by nearly 2 tenths of a second. 33 cars ran, Darlene Staub was on the bump with a 5.37! Eight cars ran in the fours, what a show. In the semis, three of the cars were in the fours and Bill Stevens was the "slow" car at a 5.06. Jeremy Curry took the win in his S-10 Chevy truck over Bill Stevens, Jason Staub and Tom Morgan were the semi racers. Low qualifier was George Forster at a real fast 4.70 ET. The 6.50 Index class is doing well, 11 cars racing, Les Tobery won over John Burkhardt and Sonny Nichols was third. Street Bike had Jeff Huber over Kermit Garnett III and George Stanley took third place. Pro Had Justin Crider getting the win over Joe Harrison in his brothers Chevelle. Limited Street had Devin Belluomini over Heather Boyd. In Drive-in Street car 433 won over Devin Belluomini. We had a great turn out of 140 competitors and many race fans on a windy, cloudy and cool day, temps in the low 60's. We finished up about 8:30 PM. Great job by all, great track prep / maintenance, the staff kept the show moving quickly, great food at our foodstand, lots of hot chocolate and coffee served and a bunch of fall wearing apparel sold at Cheryl's Shirt Shack. Bub and Becky Casto did their usual great track photography also. Just another excellent race by all that participated.
Oct. 7th and Oct. 8th are both Test & Tune days, noon to 5 PM both days. SBRA Bracket Finals Oct. 11 thru 15. Se you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Sunday  --  Sept. 24th
After a weekend off from the Bracket Finals we were back on Sunday with a very well attended Test & Tune day.  The weather was no issue today, sunny and hot, topped out at 90 degrees later in the day. We had 140 cars and bikes making many runs for the five hour time run session. A. J. Heiner licensed in his Junior Dragster making all the needed runs, he drove very well and the car also worked like it should, all the full runs were nearly the same ET. Great job A. J.! Meagan Bodmer licensed in husband Scotty' dragster running a 7.50 and a 7.49 @ 177 mph on the last two runs, great passes, Megan previously was licensed but family obligations kept her away from racing awhile but now she is ready to go again, well done. Good to see Russell Barefoot out making several near 10 flat passes and the Fords, Bob and Dianne out making low 11 second runs in their Camaro. Several Real Street cars ran today also, Daylin Palmer ran quick but as a No Time car. Overall a real good day, we finished up at 5 PM.
This weekend is a one day race deal. On Sat. Sept. 30th it is another Street Nite race. Md Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index, Pro, Limited Street and Drive-In Street all being contested, first qualifier shot at 2:30 PM. Don't miss this one! On Sunday Oct. 1st we are closed. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway on Saturday for Street Nite!

Saturday  --  Sept 9
The Fall Brawl / Street Outlaw event was a huge success. The weather was perfect, 70 degrees and mostly sunny skies greeted our racers and race fans. We started at 4:30 PM sharp with test hits for our Big Tire and Small Tire cars. Just about everyone went fast in the first session, Kayla Morton in her Mustang and "Boosted GT" Chris Hamilton in his yellow Mustang laid down real fast passes right off the trailer. These two were real pros from their performance on the track to how they interacted with our race fans that visited with them throughout the entire event. Kayla matched up with Lin Bowie first and made another rocket fast pass to win as Lin's car pulled to the right at the launch. Later she ran Gary Walker's hemi powered Nova. Kayla won it by .07, a close side by side run. "Boosted GT" was matched up with Steve Kent in his Mustang. At the hit Boosted car left a bit flat and Steve was long gone to take the win. Second match up was to be with Cary Daniels but he lost an engine after a real strong pass earlier and Russ Martin filled in to run Boosted. This time "Boosted GT" made another very strong pass to take the win. We ran a bunch of other classes also to make a big non stop racing show. In the Quick 16 $1,000.00 to win class John Richmond won over Joey Harrison. Marty Flegal took the win over Chris Crawford in the $2,500.00 to win Footbrake class. The Bikes had a $2,500.00 to win class also with Roland Powell won over James Farmer. Junior Dragster heads up no time 330 ft race was won by Thomas Oates over Landon Palmer. We also had Duane Morris and Dave McMeans' MASO cars with us. Extreme class had Same Freels over Lee John Honey. In DOT class Richie Stine won over Willie Fair. 5.90 Index was won by Frank Peacock over Sonny Nichols. The 6.40 Index group had Shane Stymest over Matt Bowie. Pro Nostalgia was won by Jerry Shaffer over Scott Klinger. This was a really good event, cooperation from racers and race fans from start to finish. Dynamite track prep / maintenance had everyone flying. The MASO group did a fine job of keeping their group performing well, a big thanks to Dave McMeans for doing his usual excellent announcing too. We should also mention the "Feedbag Catering" group and our foodstand staff for doing a great job with providing excellent food and drinks to everyone. Again a real good event, we finished up about 11:20 PM.
Sunday  --  Sept 10th
This was an SBRA event with another nice day, temps in the high 60's and a light breeze. We started with the Junior Dragsters at 9:30 am with 21 entries. Dylan Moore had great lights all day and won over Ryan McFadden in the final, Logan Simpkins was third. In Super Pro Mike Daymude won over Mike Shoop, Shawn Barrett and Joe Harrison were the semi racers. In Footbrake Troy Gerhart won over Garrett Suders and Dave Toms was the third place driver. Bike had Mike Schultz over Paul James Sr. Brian Canoles was third. In Trophy Chase Campbell won over Chad Ely. Another good day, we finished about 5:30 PM.
Best of luck to our Summit ET series team as they race this week at the Bracket Finals at Numidia Dragway. We are off this weekend but come back on Sunday Sept 24th for a Test & Tune day. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway real soon! 

Friday  --  Sept 1st
The "R" word......again. Light rain showers arrived just as we were to open forced a cancellation of the Test & Tune event.
Saturday  --  Sept 2nd
Once again it rained almost all day long, sadly no racing for the second day in a row.
Sunday  --  Sept 3rd
Now we're good. It started out cloudy with a track that was wet and pushed the start time back an hour. The Junior Dragsters took the track first with 24 entries with points leader Sammie Miller getting the win over Eric Bowles, Logan Simpkins took third spot. The featured "show" part of the weekend was Eric Kitchen's Pro Stick class, 55 cars entered and in the final Charles Shaffer in his 66 Plymouth Fury beat Dave Slusher in his Camaro with Cody Clites and Tim Riggleman as the semi racers. Great show! Outlaw Pontiacs were with us today with 23 entries. Lester Holtzapple took the win in the six round race over Carl Hazenstab. Lester was deadly on the tree in every round in my 68 Firebird, great driving. This is his third win of the year, the other two are in Pro. Super had 82 cars with Tristan Simpkins over Al Crawford, this class paid $2,000.00 to win. Great racing in this 8 round race. Footbrake had 90 entries and in the end Mark Harbaugh won again, this time over Brian Lind. Mark had a win and a runner up last weekend and he is way out in front in total track points, nice work Mark. Bike had 32 entries Brian Canoles over Dave Clinedinst in the final to win the first place $1,000.00 money. We were to have the Tall in the Saddle band perform at the end of the race day but because of the late finish time we had them play at 9:00 PM til 10:30 PM down in the tech area, they did a great job as always. What a great race, we had 310 competitors racing today.
Monday Labor Day  --  Sept 4th
Great weather today, sunny, low 80's greeted another big field of racers. The Junior Dragsters kicked off the day at 9:30 am with 32 cars entered. The girls made it two straight with Jo Jo Mallow over Kaylee Henry in the final, Jordan Mason and Maddie Stephens were the semi racers. In High School Charlotte Mallow won over Harli Bergeau with Austin Hughes taking third spot. Super was loaded with 81 cars and taking the $5,000.00 first place money was the deadly consistent Mike Daymude over Mike Shoop Jr. Mark Gray was third. Footbrake had 87 entries with Troy Gerhart winning the 2,000.00 first place money over Brian Shaffer, both drivers in Ford Mustangs. Jim Peddicord, also in a Ford Falcon took third. Of note, Troy's Mustang has now won 50 races over the years! Troy and that 'Stang are a tough pair to beat. Again Bike had 32 entries, $1,000.00 first place with the Dunham family in the final. Taylor won over Tom. Brian Canoles took third. In Trophy Seth Birks won over Devin Belluomini and Sammie Miller was third. We had 250 entries today and finished up at 7:15 PM. Great racing both days from start to finish. 
On a personal note, thanks to Lester and Pat Holtzapple for bringing down my Firebird and winning the OPDS class on Sunday. It was fun seeing the "Bird go down the track. Saturday we have Boosted GT and Kayla Morton and loads of other stuff starting at 4:30 PM. Check the flyer for the classes contested. Sunday an SBRA race. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!     

Saturday  --  Aug. 26th
This was a Summit ET series race with zero weather issues. We started with the Junior Dragsters at 2 PM with Jo Jo Mallow getting the win over Noah Lind in the final, Logan Simpkins took third place. Twenty one drivers competed in this class today. At 4 PM the big cars took the track. The Outlaw Pontiac gang was with us today bringing 20 cars to battle it out with Rodney Eichelberger winning over Steve Dress, points leader Jeff Raff took third place. Dan Roberts was on his game in Street as he won over Rick Wenger in the final. Pro had points leader Mark Harbaugh over Cliff Peddicord in the final, Troy Gerhart and Gene Harley were the semi drivers. Bike had Dale Hamilton over Troy Hauser in the final. And lastly in the $2,000.00 to win Super Pro class it was Michael Shoop over Mike Daymude in the final, Brad Doss took third. Of note, in round two, Mark Decker in his dragster had a major engine failure when front of the crankshaft let go at about the 330 ft. mark. He quickly pulled over before the 1/8 mile finish line and minimized what could have been a very long track clean up / down time situation. We always hate to see anyone lose and engine but great sportsmanship / driving skill was shown by Mark for sure. Hope he and Jennifer can get their dragster back on the track very soon.  We did have 168 cars entered today. We finished up at 11:10 PM.
Sunday  --  Aug. 27th
We started the "Megan Daymude Fueling Her Dream" $5,000.00 to win Super Pro race at 11:30 am with 70 cars entered. In an eight round race it was John Dustin in his Ford powered dragster winning over Allen Chamberlin in his low 5 second Camaro. The semi racers were Alan Glatt and Jody Sneckenberger. We allowed buy backs in first or second round, but not both, for our racers and most took advantage it. A lot of close racing with several races decided by less than 2 inches, Ronnie Horwath also registered a perfect run in round three, a dead on 5.650 and a perfect.000 light. Great driving everyone.  Foot brake had a good turn out of 56 cars in the final Bob Bair won over Mark Harbaugh who won on Saturday. A big win for Bob and nearly a "double" for Mark. There was a "double" in Bike as Dale Hamilton beat brother Kevin Hamilton in the final. Trophy had Austin Hughes getting the win. Great racing all day, win finished up at 6:20 PM.
Labor day weekend is coming fast, Friday nite, Test & Tune with Pro Prep, 6 PM to 10 PM. Saturday, SBRA classes, Pro-Stick and Outlaw Pontiacs, Sunday, SBRA classes, Pro-Stick again and at the conclusion of the racing. from Pennsylvania, live music from "Tall in the Saddle" band. They will set up as racing is ending and do two sets of great classic and newer country music, country rock and rock and roll oldies too. We will have some guest singers performing also. I will personally guarantee you'll enjoy their music / show! On Monday another SBRA race. Check the schedule page for start times and all other info on this Labor Day weekend. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!  

Friday  --  Aug. 18th
This was a Test & Tune event on very harm and exceptionally humid evening. Forty cars and bikes made their numerous passes and amazingly no rain!
Saturday  --  Aug. 19th
This was another Street Nite race featuring Md. Performance Center Real Street and our Quick 16 cars. We got underway at 4:30 PM. There were 12 Real Street entries, Harold Horton and Richie Stine were in the mid 5 teens. Quick 16 had 22 entries, the bump was a 5.68 with Jerry Williams in the top spot at 4.77 @ 146 mph. Jerry Williams' "slower car" had Chuck Wishard behind the wheel running high 4.90 passes. The 6.50 Index class had the biggest field ever, 13 cars, Pro, Limited Street and Drive-in Street all had good car counts with a lot of race fans with us too.  We got round one in the books and then, you guessed right again, the heavy rains and a lot of lightening  moved in about 7:45 PM. It lasted about an hour, no way to dry things out like last week and we had to stop for the night. All round one winners got rain checks for another day. This column sounds more like a Weather Channel report than a race result story!
Sunday  --  Aug. 20th
This was the 20th Mid Atlantic Ford meet. This was well a attended event, lots of show cars, many vendors, 120 race cars and a very good turn out of race fans. Weather, not any issue for this race, low 80's and less humidity than of late, a nice day for once. Seven classes were contested, we got the racing underway way at 11:30 am as scheduled. Some notes on the racing, how about Kathy Gerhart winning Trophy, in a five round race she drove real well and in the final she was to face John Blankenship in his 64 Ford Thunderbolt tribute car but he had starting issues and couldn't make the final. This is Kathy's first win, she has had two recent runner up finishes of late, great job. How about John Blankenship, he never does more than Test & Tune and finally went class racing and getting the second place trophy, well done. Travis Hill beat Chris Kelican in the Pro final. Good racing all day long with seven different classes contested. We finished up at 5:00 PM.
This weekend coming is an Summit ET race on Saturday along with the Outlaw Pontiac gang with us. On Sunday the Megan Daymude "Fueling Her Dream" $5,000.00 to win Super Pro race but also the other SBRA classes are being contested too. Check the schedule for classes contested and start times. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday --  Aug 11th
Same old story, light rain moved in an hour before the gates were to open and persisted til about 7:00 PM. Once again we had to cancel out for the evening.
Saturday  --  Aug 12th
We got started at 4 PM with the threat of storms that might arrive in the early evening. The car count was down no doubt due mostly to such a dreary weather forecast. This was a Summit ET series event with no Junior Dragsters, many were still at the Division One Junior Dragster ET finals. We got everyone their two time runs and then round one began. The radar showed a big line of heavy rain moving at us a bit quicker than predicted and we went ahead and got round one underway. We got Trophy, Street and Pro down the track and then heavy rain rolled in, a couple of inches fell in a half our and light rain continued for another half houror so. Though everything was soaked and water everywhere the decision was made to try dry the the track and race. The drying process was maybe halfway complete and it rained again and once more we were determined to race and by 8 PM we went drag racing! We shortened up everything to 1/8 mile racing and we were underway. In Trophy, Wayne Donoho took the win over Kathy Gerhart, she's getting closer to a win all the time now. Street had Rick Wenger wiinning over Kelli Fleming, Lukas Birks was third.  Pro had Lester Holtzapple getting his second win this year over the very tough Mark Harbaugh, Greg Ecker and Dicky Bodmer were the semi racers. Super had Mike Daymude in his dragster over Shawn Barrett in the final with 4.731 on a 4.73 dial to take the win, Chuck Wishard took third place. Mike was really in the zone, great lights and the car is deadly, in seven runs, the 60 ft. times were from 1.069 to 1.072, hard man and car to beat. Bike had Gene Belt winning over Dave Clinedinst with Kevin Hamilton and Brain Canoles the semi racers. Of note, on this race we fought the weather and Mason Dixon took the win this time, what a fight though, the entire staff spent about two hours doing track drying and re-prepping the track, the last hour or so we fought fog down in the shut down area that at times crept all the way to the scoreboards, we had Scott on top end making sure the track was clear after each pair of cars went down the track. We finished up at 10:15 PM.  
Sunday  --  Aug13th
This was a make up SBRA points race. We started with the Junior Dragsters at 9 am with Emma Henry getting the big win over Logan Simpkins, Brett Holston from Delaware took third place. Next was something special, we did our time runs and then we got ready for round one. First it was Bill Smith with the invocation and then Devin Belluomini who is in the Air Force stationed in Washington D.C. went out to the starting line with all our racers surrounding him as he made a presentation to starting line staff member Walt Sewell. Devin had done some research on Walt as he had served in the Air Force from 1974 to 1978 and was due a distinguished service medal that was not awarded to him back in the '70s. Well he finally got it, this caught Walt off guard big time, very emotional for all. What a way to start a race, congratulations Walt!! Forty seven Super cars racing, in the final Mike Daymude tried to make it two in a row but Steve Morgret was up to the task and beat Mike in a close one, Brandon Lowe took third. Foot Brake had over 50 cars with Scott Vaughn over Rodney Eichelberger with Mark Harbaugh third place driver. Bike had Jacob Hamilton over his dad Kevin Hamilton, Kermit Garnett III was third. In Trophy Harli Bergeau over Devin Belluomini. A nice turn out today, good weather for once, around 80 deg and low humidity, we finished up at 5:40 PM.
Friday nite, Test & Tune 6 PM to 10 PM, Saturday Street Nite with Quick 16, Md. Performance Center Real Street, 6.50 Index, Pro ,Limited Street, Drive-in Street and on Sunday, Mid Atlantic Ford meet, show cars, 7 classes of  drag racing with vendors etc. Also on  Sunday Aug 27th the Megan Daymude "Fueling Her Dream"  $5,000.00 to win Super ET race. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!   

Friday  --  Aug. 4th
This was a well attended Test & Tune event plus the qualifier race for the "Fall Brawl Shoot Out" race on Sept. 9th featuring Street Outlaw racers Kayla Morton and Boosted GT Chris Hamilton. In the big tire class it was Gary Walker and Lin Bowie who qualified to race Kayla Morton and in the small tire class Harold Horton and Cary Daniels qualified to run against "Boosted GT" Chris Hamilton. I wish could tell you how fast these cars ran but we can tell you that these four ran hard and straight as did everyone else making passes. We were going run them four times each but  just as before the last passes were to go, you guessed rained again. We knew the rain was coming, loads of lightning in the air but we did get almost the whole program in despite the weather turning nasty on us. Once again the track was dynamite, all the cars launched hard and stayed hooked up all the way down track, great job of track prep / maintenance as always. We finished up a 9:30 PM.
Saturday  --  Aug 5th
This was the 3Rd annual VW race / show. The show cars rolled in early, over 30 cars entered and a 11:30 am we started the drag racing got underway, over 70 VW's this year. We ran five classes, three were heads up, two were full tree bracket classes. The fastest car ran 5.55 @ 135 mph, a record for the class. A big thanks to Scott Pocaro for putting on this event, this one is certainly growing. We also ran a Footbrake $2,000.00 to win race that Terry Erickson won out over Ed Talbert in the final, semi racers were Joe Delp and  Roy Vincent Sr. How about Md. Performance Center Real Street. In the semis Steve Kent beat Mike Berry in close one, Mike had a way better light and ran a 5.14 to a late but way fast 5.03 @ 140 mph to just nip Mike in the lights by just three feet. In the final Steve had to run Harold Horton. In the final, Steve Kent sadly had trouble at the line as his car left way early giving the win to Harold Horton  who went 5.10.  Don't miss the next Real Street race on Aug 19th, this is terrific side by side close and fast racing each time we run this class at Mason Dixon! Great show from all our racers in all the classes, we finished up at 10:00 PM.
Sunday  --  Aug 6th
This was a Test & Tune event with a Gamblers race thrown in with Brandon Lowe winning over Kalvin Kline  with Paul James Sr. And Tim Humm the semi racers. We had a nice mix of cars and bikes running with us today, Jim and Sherry Scott's 32 Ford ran a best 8.33 @ 165 mph on the last pass of the day. We a pretty good turn out, we finished up right at 5>00 PM.
This coming weekend, a Summit ET series race on Saturday and a make up SBRA race on Sunday. Of note, No Junior Dragster Saturday but we will run them on Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!    .....................................

Friday  --  July 21st
This was a Test & Tune event running from 6 PM to 10 PM. Lots of runs made by all, a fair turn out of cars and bikes.
Saturday  --  July 22nd
This was to be a Summit Et  / Member Madness race with overall winner getting two passes to a NHRA National event race, also the Outlaw Pontiacs were to be with us. Sure enough, light rain showers were in the area and they were persistent and we were once again forced cancel the racing.
Sunday  -- July 23rd
This was a Test & Tune event. Steven Dickey handled the announcing as I attended a 1st anniversary party for Super Pro racer Jim Scott and his wife Sherry. Thanks Steve!
Friday  --  July 28th
This should have been our qualifying race for the big "Fall Brawl" event on Sept. 9th with Street Outlaw stars Kayla Morton and Boosted GT Chris Hamilton. Heavy rains were predicted all day and they moved in during  the afternoon and caused this show to be cancelled but will be held on Fri. Nite, August 4th.
Sat.  --  July 29th  
Once again the remnants of Fri. Nites heavy rains lingered with light showers remaining into the early evening again forcing a cancellation of the SBRA race. This rain stuff is REALLY getting old now.
Sun.  --   July 30th
Finally great weather, clear skies and temps in the upper 70's greeted our racers and race fans for this Test & Tune event and Mid Atlantic Street Outlaw event. We started at 12 noon sharp with the Extreme Outlaw big tire cars, Sam Freels took the win in the nine car field with a 5.02 in the final over Mike Fortney who went 5.17. DOT Street had the 4.90's Nova wagon of Frank Safferino over Doug Mershon in his Camaro, a 4.93 to a 5.06 both cars ran 144 mph. 5.90 Outlaw Street had Frank Peacock over Ronnie Silcott in a close final, both cars ran low 5.90s all day long. 6.40 Pro Street was won by car X127 over Les Tobery, In the pro Nostalgia class Paul Burruss won over Joe Delp in a good one, Paul ran a 5.35 on 5.34 dial, Joe was 7.47 on a 7.45 dial. There were 39 entries in the MASO group and a huge turn out of really nice Test and Tune racers. We also had an excellent turn out of race fans enjoying the excellent racing. A big thanks to Duane Morris, Dave McMeans and daughter Kelli for keeping the MASO show moving along. Again we had a great track all day long thanks to team Mason Dixon staff for great track prep /  maintenance all day long, Bub and Jake and crew are really good at this!  We finished up at 5:15 PM. This Friday, Aug 4th we will again try to run our qualifier race for the "Fall Brawl" event the Big Tire / Small Tire cars taking the track at 6 PM. Sharp. Sat. Aug  5th is our 3rd annual VW race along with a $2,000.00 to win Foot Brake race AND Md. Performance Center Real Street Race. Sunday Aug 6th is a Test & Tune event. How about our Junior Dragster team WINNING the Eastern Regional Junior Dragster championship at Bristol Tn. Last weekend, our ten racers scored 31 round wins, There were 588 entries from approx. 60 tracks trying win this event but our team brought home the Wallys. Dylan Moore and Harli Ely were runner ups in their class, Noah Lind was a semifinalist and Charlotte Mallow was a quarter finalist. All these classes were loaded with entrants. These racers are the best, everyone is proud of our entire Junior Dragster team. Great job!!  See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday  --  July 14th
Hard rains rolled in just as we were getting ready to open for a Test & Tune event, had to cancel it before we ever got underway.
Saturday  --  July 15th
Another Street Nite race with great weather, mid 80's with less humidity greeted over 107 racers, crew members and race fans. Md. Performance Center had 12 cars entered. The class of the field was Harold Horton running three straight 5.10 @ 138 mph. Harold ran "Shiftin' Shane" Stymiest in the final with Harold taking the win with a 5.10, 138 mph to a 5.13 @ 133 mph. Close, well run race. Derryl Merriman took third. This group will be back on August 19th, don't miss them. Our Quick 16 is hard to get into anymore, the bump this time was a 5.60, last month was a record tying 5.58. Derek Clark took the win over Mitch Willingham with Frank Howell and Lance Kreeger taking the semi spots. 30 tried to get in the program, to illustrate how quick this class has become Jason Rudy just missed the field and when dropped back to Pro he ran two 8.82's @ 153 mph in the quarter mile. That's a fast car that didn't make the the way John Moton and Mike Daymude driving George Forster's car ran high 4.70s. Now our 6.50 Index class is now growing, 11 cars in the field, Howard Lawson took the win over Nathan Englar in a great, close final, Les Tobery was third. Pro had Kalvin Kline over Jason Rudy. Limited Street had Kelli Fleming winning her first Street Nite event  over Rick Goad, well done! Drive In Street was won by Glenn Estelle over first time in the finals, Kathy Gerhart. Both these drivers were sharp all nite. Nice job Glen and Kathy! Bike had Kermit Garnett III over Jeff Huber. As always, we had a great track, the racing moved along well, we finished up just before 10 PM.
Sunday  -  July 16th
This was a Test & Tune event starting at noon and it was hotter / more humid than yesterday. We had just over 50 cars racing. In Junior Street Tyler Gontz made 13 passes in a F-150 Ford truck. Summer Milburn licensed in Jr. Street in aunt Tammy Gray's Malibu and did very well too. We had a nice mix of cars, truck and bikes racing, several people making license runs. Mark Gray and Dave Slusher Jr. ran the "Double Vision " Malibus as 10.90 Super Street cars and they were right at the index on most of the runs. A good day with no real issues, we finished up just before 5 PM.
Next weekend, Fri. Nite, Test & Tune, Sat a Summit ET Series race and Outlaw Pontiacs.  big cars at 4 PM. Sunday another Test & Tune, noon to 5 PM.  See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend! 
Friday  --  July 7th
This was a Test & Tune event running from 6 PM to 10 PM that had 45 cars and bikes making many passes. We did have a 5 minute rain  / sprinkle delay but otherwise the weather cooperated with us for once.
Saturday  --  July 8th
This was a Summit ET series race. We started with the Junior Dragsters at 2 PM. Nineteen entries with Kaylee Henry winning out over Logan Simpkins  in the final with Jo Jo Mallow taking third. All three of these racers are having great seasons to this point! Now the big cars, we started right at 4 PM with everyone making their two time runs. Round one got underway about 6 PM but we could see a line of rain showers were on the way in on radar and we tried hard to get a race in but after round one of Trophy, Jr. Street and Street were completed it rained, this lasted over a 1/2 hour,  the next hour was spent brushing, drying and dragging the track but by 8 PM we could see it wouldn't be our day and we cancelled the racing for the night. Does this sound familiar? We decided to start over on Sunday and run the Summit ET race and the Test & Tune event, start time 11:30 am.
Sunday  --  July 9th
We started at 11:30 am sharp, the Juniors didn't run as their race was completed yesterday. Trophy had Dennis Niceswarner winning over Harli Bergeau. Street was won by Dave Toms who threw a perfect .000 light at Garrett Suders in the final. The biggest field was Pro, Greg Ecker over Mark Harbaugh with Chris Crawford third. Super had an all dragster final with Mike Daymude winning over Joey Harrison in a close one. Brian Canoles won over Gene Belt in the Bike final, Dale Hamilton was third. We had 58 Test & Tune cars. Chad Ely had his 70 GTO Judge out for the first time this weekend, low tens @ 128 mph, great looking and well built race car. Sammie Miller had her 70 Mustang out also, Steve Dustin made several mid 10 second passes, later Sammie made a couple of easy runs at over 120 mph, stunning car! We finished up at 5 PM. Oh and the weather was perfect today, low humidity, sunny and about 80 degrees, can we have this weather for the rest of the summer?
This weekend, Friday nite, Test & Tune PLUS 6.50 1/8 mile Index class and a 11.50 1/4 mile Index class. Saturday, Street Nite that includes Md Pefromance Center Real Street, Quick 16, Pro , Limited Street, Drive-in Street and 6.50 Index class. Sunday is a Test & Tune event. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday  --  June 30th
This was a Test & Tune event on a warm and sticky night. 93 cars and bikes raced with us though we did have a brief rain delay the night went well. Lin Bowie and Ronnie Proctor were with us making test passes getting ready for our Street Outlaw Kye Kelley's visit for the next day. Both drivers made nice runs. We finished up about 10 PM.
Saturday  --  July 1st
First off when I arrived at the track at 11:30 am we were already seeing many race fans arriving early for the racing not scheduled to begin til 4:30 PM. Luckily the rain showers predicted to hit us at around 2 PM arrived on time, though briefly heavy, they cleared out fast and between the track staff and mother nature the track was dry and race ready so we could start on time. Lin Bowie and Ronnie Proctor were at the track very early with Kye Kelley making the trip from his previous nights race at US 13 in Delaware at about 1:30 PM. All three had their race cars and rigs over in lane #7 of the staging lanes and were out greeting the many race fans and selling real nice shirts also. At 4:30 the 12 Maryland Performance Center Real Street cars took the track in front of a packed house for their qualifier runs and we were underway! Now about our match race cars, all three made test hits, all three went smooth and fast, hooking hard and going right down the middle of their lanes. At 6:30 Lin Bowie and Kye Kelley lined it up and it was a green light start with Kye Kelley taking the win. At 7:30 PM it was Ronnie Proctor's turn and what a race. Both cars left hard and immediately Ronnie's win light came on as Kye Kelley went red. Right at the end of the night Lin Bowie and Ronnie Proctor ran each other with Ronnie Proctor winning in a real close race. To tell you how well matched all three cars were, the fastest to slowest run by all three cars was .07 of a second. All the sixty foot times  for each car was nearly the same on each pass. A testament to the drivers skill, the well prepped and properly tuned cars AND to the dynamite race track preparation from the Mason Dixon staff  and especially to Jake Landes and Bub Casto who do the bulk of this work. Great show! How about our make the show an action packed event we had four other classes and some grudge racing too. Md. Performance Center Real Street, a heads up, no break out small tire with one power adder allowed class were a big part of the show. Twelve cars entered Richie Stine winning over Russ Martin in a close final, 5.15 to a 5.18. Mike Barry took third. Richie ran a pair of 5.15s in the warm humid air, fast for the conditions. Next up our Quick 16, handicap racing group had Corey Carper winning over Chuck Wishard, George Forster and Frank Howell the semi racers. The Hi-Roller $5,000.00 to win race with 16 racers had Joe Wetzel over Brandon Lowe, Joey Harrison and Mark Decker were the semifinalists. We also gave our Junior Dragsters a 7.90 pro tree index class with $1,000.00 to the winner. Jo Jo Mallow took the win over Landon Palmer who received $250.00. Lacy Dustin and Sammie Miller took the semi spots. We did some grudge racing with both ATI Performance Products cars on the track, JC Beattie and Vince Fourcade driving, Brian Weddle, Michelle Devilbiss, Jason Smith, Corey Evans and Joe Hagans, all were fast. We finished out a 9:30 PM.
Thoughts on this event. The three featured cars and their drivers worked like the pros they are, great job. Proud of all of you. The flow of the event was great, everything ran on time. Great racing, everybody fast. Our four classes had great racing action with real good money paid out to racers also. Our race fans stayed out of the restricted areas but were up close to see all the action, we thank all of you that were here as race fans or competitors. Thanks to Feedbag Catering group for helping with excellent food all day long. Great job to Mason Dixon staff for putting on and then running the entire event smoothly. This is two weeks in a row that we have run major events at Mason Dixon! Thanks everyone for being part of this event. Like this type of event? ..... Boosted GT and Kayla Morton Sept. 9th! 
Sunday  --  July 2nd
This was an SBRA race starting at 9:30 am with a 28 car field of Junior Dragster drivers taking the track. Sammie Miller took the win over Logan Simpkins with Charlotte Mallow and Kaylee Henry the semi racers. The big cars took the track at 11:30 am. High School was won by Harli Bergeau winning over Charlotte Mallow. Foot Brake had 62 entries with Scott Vaughn winning the $1,500.00 over Mark Harbaugh, Lester Holtzapple and Tim Hawks were the semii drivers. Bike had Dale Hamilton over Gene Belt and Troy Sanders the third place rider., Super Pro with 57 racers had Samantha Dubs dad winning the $2,000.00  behind the wheel taking the win over Mark Decker in an all dragster final, George Huff was third. Great racing all day long, 180 cars competed, we finished up at 6:15 PM. What a day, yeah it was hot and humid too but great racing all three days. Coming up next, Friday night, Test & Tune, Saturday is a Summit ET points race and Sunday at Test & Tune, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway and have a great and safe fourth of July!  

Friday  --  June 23rd
This was another Test & Tune event running starting at 6 PM. 50 cars participated and about 9:40 PM the rains came and we were done for the night.
Saturday  --  June 24th
The third annual Rocking Chair Nationals was another popular and successful event. Though it rained overnite the weather was perfect with low humidity and temps in the low 80's! The car show portion of the event started at 9 am with over 120 show cars, many were gasser type cars with a mix of all car  brands well represented. At 10:30 am we did our interviews over the PA at the winners circle with our racers from the past. Gary Gore and myself did the honors with the S & S racers, Dave Hale, Fred Bear, Gene Altizer and company, Butch Mori, Sam Auxier Jr and many others talking about the earlier days of drag racing. The highlight though had to be the unveiling of the newly restored 31 Chevy B/Gasser owned by Johnny "Mr. Stitches" Gaither. Johnny and his wife, family and friends all gathered around as Johnny took a ride down the track with Dale Grimm who did the restoration of the car. This car had been badly damaged in a garage fire eight years ago, Dale and friends put this car back together over the last several years, it now sports a supercharger,  it sounded awesome when fired up. What a great day for the Gaither family and friends. Now for the racing, 253 cars raced with first time runs starting at 11:30 am. The biggest class was the Nostalgia Eliminator with 74 cars, Jeff McMillen winning over Bruce Suders, Chris Kellican took third. Pro Stick had 50 hard charging wheel standing racers with the S-10 of Matt Bergenstock over several time race series champ Dan Hoyler. Footbrake had great racing, the $2,000.00 going to Mark Harbaugh over Clayton Garber with Dan Roberts taking the third. These three drivers had .000, .007 and .008 reaction times to make the semi final round, real close tough racing in this class as always. Outlaw Pontiacs were out in force with 26 entries and Mike Clay got the win in his 62 Catalina over Chris Kellican in his 8 second 62 Catalina, Jeff Raff took third. 11 409 Chevys ran with Bob Walker Jr. In his Loving Chevrolet 63 Impala getting the win over John Medaglia's 62 Impala 409. Pro Sportsman had Frank Howell over Ken Colton, Tristan Simpkins and Mike Rollison were the semi racers. Great racing all day long, with the cooperation of everyone involved we got done at 8:30 PM.
Thoughts on the days event  --   this is a big event for us each year, great work by our track staff, the track was great as always, the race was run fast paced, we kept things moving all day long. Once again a big thanks to all of our racers, their crew members, the race fans, sponsors, Mt. Aetna Fire Co. for their foodstand, Gary Gore and Hayne Dominick, the track staff and the track owners for making this another excellent Rocking Chair National event. Lastly on high note we thank Dale Grimm, Steve Delauder, Andy Sewell and all others that helped putting the very special day together for Johnny Gaither and his family and friends. This made my day too!
Sunday  -- June 25th
Another beautiful day, temps in the high 70's, lots of sun. We started at noon with our Junior dragsters running for 4 NHRA Wally trophies, in the 6 - 9 yr old bracket Harley Ely won over Dakota Henry. In the 10 - 14 yr old group it was Dylan Moore over Emma Henry, Joshua Sisk and Francis Vignola were the semi racers. The 15 - 18 yr old group had Sammie Miller over Logan Simpkins, Ryan Ely and Stephanie Morgan were the semifinalists. Later we ran the 7.90 pro tree index race that Ryan Ely won over Sammie Miller with Kaylee Henry taking third place. The AMC cars had Dan Walleigh winning two straight in a best of three with Calvin Kline. Nathan Jacobsen was the Camaro class winner.  Lin Bowie made three "no time" runs getting ready for Street Outlaw star Kye Kelly next Saturday. All three were smooth and straight. 75 cars and bikes and Junior dragsters raced with us today, we finished up right at 5 PM.      
Next Saturday will soon be here, gates open at 2 PM. Racing about 4:30 PM. Kye Kelly will run Lin Bowie first and then Ronnie Proctor Sr. second. Maryland Performance Center Real Street cars will be in the house with  great heads up racing, a Quick 16 race, a $5,000.00 to win 16 car Super Pro race and a  16 car 7.90 Index race for our Junior Dragsters and some grudge racing. Don't miss this event! Test & Tune racing on Friday night and SBRA racing on Sunday.See you at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Friday  --  June 16th
This was to be a Test & Tune event plus the first Maryland Performance Center Real Street race. Real Street was to kick off the racing with their first of their two qualifier passes right at 6 PM. We sent two pairs down the track and then the sprinkles began, very light at first and then a bit more steady. Finally the light rain stopped, track drying was completed and cars were called back to the lanes only to have more light showers then a steadier rain move in. We had to call it a night at about 7:30 PM. We will run this Real Street group on Sat. July 1st on the Street Outlaw Nite. Don't miss it!
Saturday  --  June 17th
This was a SBRA race featuring the 3rd annual Mutt & Jeff Super Pro race presented by Paul Burruss and Dylan Griffey with a $3,000.00 to win purse with many door prizes, both cash and product to be given away through out the course of the day. We started with Junior Dragsters at 1 PM. We had 23 entries with Sammie Miller winning over Miles Raffa in the final. Landon Palmer was third. How about Miles Raffa, this is only his fifth week in a Junior dragster and nearly got the big win, well done. Now for the big cars. It took eight rounds to settle the 74 Super Pro car field. Joey Harrison winning over Alan Glatt in the final, Joe Martz had a strong third place finish. Al Crawford had a perfect run in round four, these runs are really rare. Seventeen cars in this group ran in the 4's, low Et for dragsters Tony Hill, 4.62 and fastest door car was Doug Ferance with a 4.70. The final three were all door cars. Footbrake was won by Troy Gerhart over Clayton Garber, Darhyl Clark and Nicole Talbert were the semi racers. Brian Canoles won Bike with Kermit Garnett III as the runner up. What a great and well attended race, great race track and fast paced program too. We finished up at 9:50 PM. A big thanks to the many sponsors that put up a lot of cash, product and gift cards for this event.
Sunday  --  June 18th
This was a Summit ET series race and it was a first for the new "Tru-Start" program in the Compulink timing system and for our Super Pro cars switching over to 1/8 mile racing for the remainder of the year. We had 24 Junior Dragsters starting the day at 9 am. Logan Simpkins won over Ryan Ely with Dylan Moore getting third spot. Another good turn out for the Juniors with excellent driving by these young racers. At just before noon the Junior Street racers kicked off the racing with Dylan Moore over Travis Hill. Russell Jenkins won Trophy. Street Eliminator was won by Kalvin Kline over Garrett Suders. Kristen Suders and Carlos Dejesus took semi spots. Pro was won by Robbie Hudlow in his NHRA stocker, a 68 Shelby 428 Mustang B/SA car over Ed Talbert in his Nova. Greg Ecker took third. Super Pro had 47 cars with Brent Martin over Tom Reyer in the final with Bob Jansen and Tony Hill taking the semi finals. Bike had Dale Hamilton over Gene Belt with Gina Hamilton and Brian Canoles the semifinalists.  Another day of great racing. Temps were way up to 92 degrees near the end of the day but no rain. Oh yeah, nearly forgot, we had a match race, Jake Landes, track manager match raced Josh our head of staging lanes specialist and EMT just before the big cars took the track, The first round was heads up. Jakes 99 Trans Am laid down a 13.98 @ 102 to Josh's 14.43 @ 95. Next round we dialed them in on the ETs from the heads up run, it was over at the start, Jake fouled it away, -.005 red light start, there was no third run, they were happy with one win each. We finished up about 5 PM.
Rocking Chair Nationals next Saturday, Junior Dragster Challenge on Sunday, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway this coming weekend!

Friday --  June 9th
This was a well attended Test & Tune event running from 6 PM to 10 PM, 120 cars and bikes racing, very good turn out from our race fans too. Real Street racer Russ martin ran a 5.13 @ 137 mph his best test pass, stout run in the summer like heat. Another good day, no weather issues, just warm.
Saturday  --  June 10th
Another Street Nite race that started at 4 PM with round one kicking off about 6 PM. First the Quick 16....29 cars entered to qualify for the 16 spots. A record tying 5.58 bump to make the field. George Forster's Monte Carlo ripped a 4.77 @ 147 mph to lead the pack, Sam Freels III was close with a number two spot run of 4.86 @ 147 mph. Bill Nunemaker was on the bump with a 5.58. In the final, Mitch Willingham and John Richmond squared, both ran the dial with John Richmond getting the close win. Bill Stevens and Frank Howell were the semi racers. We had our best turn out of 6.50 Index racers with 9 cars competing. Les Tobery won as Howard Lawson broke out in the final, Tom Bard took third spot. Pro had Britt Olson getting the win. Limited Street was won by car #4184 with Rick Wenger the runner up driver and Drive In Street had Greg Orrris over Texan Devin Belluomini in the final, Bike was won by Jeff Huber. Over 100 cars competed  on warm day that was really nice once the sun set behind the trees, great racing weather finally coming our way. We finished up about 9:30 PM.
Sunday  --  June 11th
This was a Test & Tune it's getting hot with temp hitting 92 deg but there was a light breeze blowing all day. We did have 60 cars and bikes racing. Chris Cepelka had the dragster making passes, 7.44 @ 182 mph was the best, Amanda Mathenia had her dragster with us for license runs, 7.42 @ 183 mph on the last pass, well done. Butch Merson's stunning 67 Camaro ran 1/8 mile hits, mid 5 teens @ 142 mph each run. We had several Junior Dragsters with us, Mles Raffa made the most runs, Steve and Stephanie Morgan and Emma and Dakota Henry also made numerous passes, good day for everyone, we finished at 4:45 PM.
Thoughts on the weekend, great turn out Friday nite, Street Nite with a record tying bump of 5.58, a couple of regulars didn't make the race, the field could have been in the 5.40s! Great track prep / maintenance as always, this takes extra effort and expense but it is worth it, what ever kind of race cars shows up, they can get down the! We now have excellent french fries  in the foodstand, they are really good too. Busy weekend coming at us, Friday nite another Test & Tune and Md. Performance Center Real Street race with their first qualifier run at 6 PM sharp, they are gonna fly this year! Look for a great show from this bunch! On sat. Mutt & Jeff race in Super and all other SBRA classes contested and on Sunday a Summit ET series race. We should be busy, come on out a be with us this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday  -- June 2nd
This was a Test & Tune event running from 6 PM to 10 PM. Not as big a turn out as last Friday but no rain!
Saturday --  June 3rd
Great weather for once, no RAIN, temps in the high 70's, perfect. We started the Junior Dragsters at 4 PM. 20 cars competing Noah Lind over Dylan Moore in the final Christopher Burch took third. Junior Street had Travis Hill winning over Stevie Dustin. The Outlaw Pontiac gang was with us today bringing a field of 27 cars with close racing all day. Street had a large number of entries Tristan Quinn getting the win over Kristen Suders, Lukas Birks was third. Pro had the black Chevy nova car 1157 over Mark Harbaugh. Super Was won by Joey Harrison driving his wife Brittany's Mustang over Dave Slusher Jr. Shawn Barrett was the third place racer. Bike had Gene Belt over Brian Canoles with Donnie Siebert taking third spot. Third generation and new racer, Cameron Boyd who is 5 yrs. old made his licensing passes in his Junior Dragster. He drove very well and made many passes both days this weekend, nice work Cameron. We had a over 175 racers competing today, we finished up at 10:30 PM. A real good day.
Sunday  --  June 4th
Mostly sunny and warm for this race, temps in the low 80's, again nice and dry. We had 19 Junior Dragsters, they ran two races, first the bracket race. Dylan Moore was the big winner here over Steve Morgan, Emma Henry had a good day and was third. In the 7.90 Index Pro Tree race it was Michelle Dicebeck in Landon Palmer's car cutting great lights in the 5 round race to win over Logan Simpkins. The combined purse for both races $1,000.00, a very nice payout for our Junior Dragster racers and their family members who support us with all the various Junior Dragster events run through out the year! Now for the Dragster Shootout, We didn't get the turnout we hoped for. Bob Nicholson, Lance Kreiger and Eric Swiger were the competitors. Elmer Wachter decided to put up $500.00 for these racers anyway to show appreciation for their support today. Eric Swiger won the race on his 21st birthday, Bob Nicholson was runnerup. We also ran a Test & Tune event. John Blankenship made several passes in his 64 Ford Fairlane while his wife Debbie was in a attendance all the way from St. Petersburg Florida, they enjoyed the day. We finished up at 4:45 PM.
This Friday is a Test & Tune nite, cars start racing at 6 PM and go to 10 PM. Saturday is the Street Nite Race, Quick 16 with $1,000.00 to win for a $35 entry, 6.50 Index, Pro, Limited Street, Drive in Street and Street Bike all compete. Sunday is a Test & Tune, noon to 5 PM. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday --  May 26th
We had a great turnout for our Test & Tune event Friday evening with over 150 cars and bikes making passes til 10 PM. The weather was good also, no rain. Lin Bowie had his blower Camaro out to make make some test no time passes, car ran hard and straight, overall a good night.
Saturday  --  May 27th
We were nearly three hours late getting started due to light rain showers and track drying efforts. Finally we got the Junior Dragsters underway. Twenty five entries and we got through the time runs but then the light rains arrived. Five different times the track staff drug out the sweepers, blowers and dragging equipment to fight the damp / wet track but each time some headway was being made it would again lay down more light rains showers. By 4:30 PM it became apparent we wouldn't be able to race anymore and we called it a day. 
Sunday --  May 28th
Again we got a late start due to a still drying track, racing for the Juniors got underway about noon. Twenty nine entries and we got to the finals with Kaylee Henry to meet Logan Simpkins. We also started with the big cars, they were going to get one time run and go. Everyone got the one time run and we started with round one, we completed Trophy and just finished round one of the 91 car Footbrake class when, you guessed, light rain moved in. Again great effort taken by the Mason Dixon staff to dry the track but no luck as more showers moved in, finally at 5:30 we had to call it a day.
Monday, Memorial Day  --  May 29th
Finally about 8:30 am the sun broke through and we finally got a good dry and warm day to race! We had an hour delay to get the track dry and the Junior Dragsters raced first, 30 cars competed. We finished Sundays final first Kaylee Henry won over Logan Simpkins, Sammie Miller was third. Christopher Burch won out over Noah Lind with Josh Sisk and Charlotte Mallow the semi racers. Now the big cars. Footbrake had a big turnout, over 70 cars Steve Dustion won over Brad Doss, Ed Talbert and Jamie Talbert were the semi racers. Super had dragster killer Brandon Lowe over redlighting Mark Decker, Chuck Wishard was third. By the way we had a perfect run in round three, Ronnie Horwath, 5.670 with a .000 perfect light, these are rare, seems that we see one about every two years! Bike had Dave Clinedinst over Logan Mathias and Kevin Hamilton was third. Kermit Garnett's turbo 'Busa ran as quick as 4.96 @ 138 mph. Junior Street was won by Dylan Moore over Travis Hill. Seth Birks won over Jeff Hielman in Trophy. Great racing all day, terrific packages and razor thin margins of victory on many matchups in all the classes. Over 200 entries today. We finished at 7:30 PM. Thoughts on the weekend. Chris Lil added $100.00 to the purse on Sunday for the Junior drasters, thanks Chris! The weather really messed with us on Sat. And Sun. The Mason Dixon staff did everything possible to try to race those two days with a lot of hardwork and effort expended to get the track race ready, there is no QUIT in this bunch! A lot of patience shown by our racers also for sitting tight while made efforts to race. This bad stretch of weather will hopefully end soon!
Next week, Summit ET series on Sat. Open body cars and Junior Dragsters and Test & Tune on Sunday, check our schedule for times and other details, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!   


Friday --  May 19th

This was day one of our two day American Motorcycle Racing Association drag racing event. We started off at noon with a two hour open time run session for all the competitors, most made several laps and at 2 pm we started the first of two qualifying runs. There were 14 different classes contested and about 5 pm the bikes finished up their racing for the day. We did run a Test & Tune event afterwards til about 8 pm. As usual we had a great track, everyone was fast today. 125 Bikes ran today.
Saturday --  May 20th
We had a one hour open time run session at 9 am, then we made our third qualifier runs and a fourth for those just arriving today, now we had 155 Bikes racing for the main event. Great racing all day, we finished up at 6 pm. A very big turn out of race fans witnessed a great show. The results will soon be posted on the AMRA website. In the evening we had a Test & Tune event with several Maryland Performance Center Real Street cars running real well on several passes, Good to see Russ Martin out again this year, 5.24 @ 137 mph, Daryl Merryman was rocket fast, three 5.16's in a row @ 137 mph, Rob Falcon in the 5.20's also, we ran til about 9:30 PM, 60 Vehicles racing tonite. Once again we had a great track for the Bikes and for our cars that ran in the evening, dynamite traction is the norm here at Mason Dixon!
Sunday --  May 21st
The 34th Mid Atlantic Mopar Meet was again a great event, no rain this year. The show car field had many entries, lots of race fans and over 120 drag race cars participated. We started the drag race action at 11:30 am, eliminations  got underway at about 2 PM. Trophy was was won by Kevin Grasson  over Gary Rudisill. Street  was on by Bob Calimer. Pro, the biggest class was won by Dan Shindlebower over Mike Reed. Super Pro Bill Stevens in a big win over Colby Imes. Bill ran 7.90's @ 170 mph run after run, well done. Slant Six racers ran two races, Ron Hamby won on Saturday over Greg Ondrayko and Ron won again on Sunday over Ryan Covalt. Ron was on it this weekend running 11.90's with great lights. A really good event, luckily the weather left us alone this weekend, hot, sunny and 90 degrees on Fri. But Sat. And Sun. It was low 60's cloudy but NO RAIN! We'll take it! We finished up about 5:15 PM.
Memorial Day weekend coming, see the flyer posted, Test & Tune Fri. Nite, SBRA racing starting with Junior Dragsters in the morning Sat., Sun. and Mon. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this coming weekend!

Saturday  --   May 6th   Sunday  --   May 7th
Both these days were to be Summit ET Series points races along with an Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series race but light rain that was persistent throughout the entire weekend caused us to cancel out both days. We're off to a dreary weekend weather pattern of late for sure.
Saturday --  May 13th
Again damp drizzly light rain and temps in the low 50's caused us again to cancel out our Street Nite / Md Performance Center Real Street race. Whew,  this getting old!
Sunday  --  May 14th  -- Mothers Day
Finally, no rain, temps in the low 70's greeted a huge crowd for the Cruise for the Cure Cancer benefit race / car show. Many show cars, trucks and bikes on the property, a great turnout of race / show car fans and about 90 cars made test & tune passes and about 30 cars entered the one bracket race class. We started with open time runs at 11:30 am with everyone making many laps down the well prepped track. Dave Sheppard licensed his new Plymouth Arrow to mid 8 second passes @ 154 mph, nice runs, great car. Tim Riggleman made some 7.80 passes @ 174 mph, 1.13 60 ft. Launches. Jeff Heilman's nostalgia coupe ran mid 9's and worked well. All right, the bracket race  was a good one, Charlotte Mallow in the Nicholson / Mallow entry small block chevy dragster won over third place Mike Rodgers in his Monza in the semis, Charlotte dead on 7.84 with a .036 light to Mikes close .046 light. In the final Bobby Smith left with .002 light, Charlotte right behind with an .013. Charlotte dead on 7.83, margin of victory 6 inches, close! Bobby and Charlotte each receiving big trophies and Charlotte donated her entire winnings to the Cruise for the Cure group! We will give the total money raised once it is known, hopefully midweek. Hat's off to the entire Stablemates Car club gang for the hard work it took to put on this event, special thanks to Sara Mulkey who puts so much effort to overseeing the event. We finished up about 4:30 PM.
This coming weekend will be busy, Friday and Saturday is the American Motorcycle Racing Association event, 14 classes contested, if you like Harley's be here. On Sunday it is the 34th annual Mid Atlantic Mopar Meet, it is a great car show and drag race, always well attended, great show cars and drag racing! See you Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend! 

Saturday  --  April 29th
This was the first Street Nite race of the 2017 season. The weather was great, sunny temps in the low 80's, we kicked off the racing at noon. The Quick 16 $1,000 to win was the featured class with 24 entries trying to make the 16 car field. It took a 5.85 to make the field. Ronnie Horwath took the win with a .006 light over runner up Joe Wetzel. The semi racers were Chuck Wishard and Chris Kelican. In Pro Street it was Brian Lind over Gary Kelican. Limited Street was won by Rick Wenger over Randall MacNamee. Jeremy Manford won Drive In Street. The East Coast Impala Racing Series cars were with us today, 12 cars from all over the east ran two races in one day. Race  one had Stu Drozd over Dan Fahey and in race two, same deal, Stu winning over Dan again. We had a lot of Test & Tune cars and bikes with us also. Next Street Nite race will be on May 13th with Md. Performance Center Real Street cars in competition. Overall a good race with a good turn out of race fans also.
Sunday  --  April 30th
This was a SBRA race with another day of good weather, temps in the low 80's a bit humid though. We started at 9am with 23 Junior Dragsters plus 2 more making their license runs. Stephanie Morgan won over Joshua Sisk in the semi round and then beat Charlotte Mallow in the final. We had Kahlia and Lavar Lewis, Kenneth Turner Jr. Connor Shields and Valerie Logan all running with us for the first time this year, all drove very well. Two newly licensed racers are now part of our Junior Dragster family, both Miles Raffa and second generation racer Rayleen Sanchez both made the needed runs, both handled the cars very well and ran straight and consistent, Miles in the mid 11's @ 57 mph and Rayleen, low 12's @ 50 mph. We interviewed them over the mike, they were a happy pair, welcome aboard!  At noon the big cars took the track, 62 cars entered Footbrake, Dahryl Clark won a close one over Dicky Bodmer, Greg Ecker was third. In Super 40 cars ran with Mark Decker winning over Steve Heffner, Andy Dolan and Joe Wetzel were the semi racers. Bike had Brian Canoles over Kevin Hamilton. This was Kevin's first time out this year, he is already in mid season form. The Bikes are always a great group with great racing, Kermit Garnett III ran mid 4.90's @ 138 mph every run. Harley Bergeau won Trophy. Again many Test & Tune racers were with us, a total of 175 cars and bikes ran with us today. We finished up at 5:30 PM. We really had to keep the action moving along as thunderstorms were all around us from about round three til we finished up, thanks to everyone for keeping the program moving.
Sat. May 6th, Summit ET Series race and Outlaw Pontiacs are with us and on Sunday May May 7th another Summit ET Series race. See you Mason Dixon Dragway Next weekend!       

 This weekend  --  On Saturday we will run our first Street Nite rac, time runs start at noon, Md Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index, Pro Street, Limited Street and Pure Street


Sunday  --  April 23rd
This was a Summit ET Series race that had good weather, mostly sunny and temps in the low 60's. Over 165 cars entered the racing activities for the day. Junior Dragsters had 22 entries, in the final Landon Palmer won over Charlotte Mallow, Jo Jo Mallow was third. Street had Dan Roberts over Garrett Suders and Darius Wenger took third place. Pro had Lester Holtzapple over Brian Lind in the final. This win for Lester has been along time coming. He is a top shelf racer and good to see him a winner for this event, more are to come. Keith Warner took third spot. In the Bike class it was Brian Canoles over Tom Eaton with Dale Hamilton the third place rider. Super Pro was won by Colby Imes over newly licensed Tristan Simpkins, Mark Decker and Dave Slusher Jr. Were the semifinalists. Tristan had his Vega running low 9.20's, it's a great car and he is handling this fast car really well, look for wins from him soon.  Junior Street had five entries, Dylan Moore won over Travis Hill and Steve Dustin took third place. Dave McMeans filled in for me doing the announcing while I was at Virginia Motorsports Park doing their LODRS race. Thanks Dave!


Saturday  --  April 22nd

This was a Test & Tune and Mid Atlantic Street Outlaw event but persistent rain all day caused a cancellation of the racing.

Saturday  --  April 15th

This was a well attended Test & Tune event, 88 cars ran many runs starting at 11:30 am  and going  til 4 PM. We also had a fine turn out of race fans. Another good Test & Tune day!

Sunday  --  April 16th

This was to be a SBRA points race. Sadly we had a well water pump failure that could not be replaced that day and the racing was cancelled. We just couldn't run without water for food stand, rest rooms and starting line.

Saturday  --  April 8th

This was a well attended Test & Tune day with good weather to go with it, sunny all day, temps hit the low 60's, great track and cars and bikes were fast. We had three new Jr. Street racers license, Dylan Moore and Travis Hill and Tyler Gontz all ran well and made numerous passes. An overall real good day, 85 cars ran, we wrapped up the day about 4 pm.

Sunday  --  April 9th

This was the first Summit ET series race for the 2017 season, like yesterday the weather was perfect, temps were in the low 70's with lots of sun. We started at 9 am with our Junior Dragsters, 18 cars made round one and in the final, first time racer with us from Ridgeley Md. Zach Shirkey got the win over Christopher Burch ,Logan Simpkins took third place. Note, in the qualifying round five drivers  had .00 lights. At noon the big cars took the dynamite racing surface for their first passes. Junior Street was won by Travis Hill over Dylan Moore. Street had Lukas Birks, last years defending Street champ win over Greg Orris, Dan Roberts was third. Pro had Ed Talbert over Mark Harbaugh in the final, Brian Lind was the third place racer. Super had Mark Decker getting the win over Jason Rudy and Mike Daymude took third spot. Bike had Dale Hamilton over Larry Knosp while Dave Clinedinst was third. Some notes here, Tristan Simpkins licensed in his Vega running 9.20's @ 144 mph, he did a great job in the very fast car. Ed Talbert was on kill in every round driving the Chevy Nova once owned by the late Ron Martlock, the car and driver were deadly today, when Ed is "on" he is nearly impossible beat.  Paul Burruss' dragster ran low 7.20's @ 184 mph on several passes. It seemed like many of our racers ran in mid season form, many exceptionally close runs through out eliminations, great driving by all. A big thanks to our race fans that came this weekend to be with us, they were there in good numbers BOTH days, thanks!!! Once again superb track prep and maintenance by all involved.....this happens every race at Mason Dixon! Several new staff members this year are all working well as a team, it's coming together well.  Next weekend, Saturday April 15th is a Test & Tune day, 11:30 am to 4 pm along with True Street Challenge. Sunday April 16th is a SBRA points race, Junior Dragsters at 9 am, big cars run at noon. Bill Smith from Racers For Christ will perform an Easter service at about 10:30 am on Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway! 


Saturday -- April 1st

It rained heavily on Friday night and took a good while to dry and prep the track for this first Mid Atlantic Street outlaw event and Test & Tune session. The weather wasn't kind to us either, it was damp and breezy with temps that barely made 50 degrees. We got a late start sending the first cars down the track at 12:30 pm. After a bit we ran our MASO time runs. This group has five classes, in Pro Nostalgia Outlaw Rick Wenger won over Jim Shank, Andy Crisp took third. Pro Street 6.40 Index had Sonny Nichols win over Michelle Plasterer with Kenny Morgan taking third spot. Outlaw Street 5.90 Index was won by Brian Plasterer over Chris Edwards and Blain Feeser was third. DOT Street was won by Butch Morgan with Mike Carter runner up. Now the top class Extreme Outlaw. Chris Rankin was low qualifier with a 5.06 @ 144 mph. In the final Chris faced Jason Staub, long time racer in his 65 big block Ford Mustang. Jason took the win with a 5.06 @ 139 to a close 5.10 @ 142. Great race, Bill Smith took third in the Sam Freels stick Camaro. Good show by all the MASO racers and a fine job by the MASO staff headed up by Duane Morris and Dave McMeans. Dave did the announcing while his group ran, always a pleasure to work with Dave. The MASO gang will be back on Sat. April 22nd with more cars competing for sure. Considering the weather we still had a fair amount of Test & Tune cars, we wrapped up the day at 5 pm.

Sunday -- April 2nd

Way nicer day, temps in the low 60's and lots of sunshine too. This was our first SBRA points race. Junior Dragsters took the track at 9:30 am. Chris Lil brought along $100 and gave fifty dollars to round one drivers best package which was won by Noah Lind. Each semi final racer got an extra $25.00 won by Joshua Sisk and Charlotte Mallow. Landon Palmer won the race over Harli Ely. The big cars took the track at noon. Trophy was won by Jim Berry with Greg Orris the runner up. Foot Brake had over 60 cars, Brad Doss squared off with Lance Kreiger in the final. Brad went green and Lance fouled at the start, run after run in this class there were many well run, close races. Kristen Suders took third and had great lights all day long. Super had 30 cars, Joe Krushinskie's 4.80 dragster won over the slightly quicker dragster of Samantha Dubbs, Ronnie Horwath was third. Bike had Paul James Sr. getting the win over Tom Eaton with Brian Canoles third. We had many Test & Tune cars make runs also. Paul Burruss has the dragster now running as quick as 4.59 @ 150 mph. Jerry Williams' new car runs well also mid 4.90s every pass. Overall a good day with 183 cars racing, we finished up at 6:30 pm.  Next weekend, Test & Tune on Saturday and on Sunday our first Summit ET Series race, Junior Dragsters at 9 am with big cars at noon, See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday  --  March 25th 2017

Finally we got open!...... after losing the first three weekends of racing due to very cold temps and snow cover on the ground last weekend the weatherman gave us a break. Temps soared to the mid 70's and racers took advantage of the nice day with 168 cars racing. We had eight Junior Dragsters and Chris Lil / Nicholson Racing put up $100.00 cash so they could run a bracket race that had Ryan McFadden winning over Charlotte Mallow. Thanks Chris! We had the usual number of street cars making runs but many of our Summit and SBRA racing drivers brought out their cars and were out testing also. We extended the day an extra half hour because of the big turn out. This weekend we also had the NHRA folks here doing chassis certifications on fri., sat. and sun. 96 cars went through in the three days. Dylan Moore licensed for Junior Street today, he drove well, cut good lights too. Jim Stephens and his daughter Maddie with her Junior dragster were here, Jim still recovering from burns suffered in his garage fire from last fall. Glad he's out with us at Mason Dixon this weekend. We have several new staff members this year and all did well this weekend, we ended the day at 4:30 pm.

Sunday  --  March 26th 2017

Weather changed dramatically, temps barely got to the mid forties, breezy and low clouds, nothing like Saturday for sure. We ran Super pro, Mike Daymude in the dragster  winning over Joey Harrison who went .001 red, Mike .006 green. Footbrake had Britt Olsen over Rodney Eichelberger, Jamie Talbert was third. We also ran the True Street Challenge, not a big turnout but fun. Cars are street legal, no time slips, win light only, heads up, pro tree start for the racers. Julie Green and Richard Dugan were here today representing the Herald Mail newspaper from Hagerstown Md. and will have a story on the True Street class. Overall a good day. And as always, A-1 track prep / maintenance by Jake Landis and Bubby Casto for the very first racing of the 2017 season. We finished up at 4:00 pm. Just as I left the track it started to mist and then rained the whole way home to Pa.

Sat. April 1st, Test and Tune starting at 11:30 am and the Mid Atlantic Street Outlaws with their fast heads up cars, index classes and pro tree handicap class will be contested, On Sunday April 2nd the first points race of the year for the SBRA classes, Junior Dragster start at 9:00 am and big cars at noon. Check are schedule regularly for any updates, hope to see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!  

Feb 9th, 2017
STREET OUTLAWS TV FAME  coming to Mason Dixon Dragway, Mason Dixon is finalizing contract with Kye Kelley in the Shocker Camaro for a date in July and has spoken with Kayla Morton and Chris Hamilton with the Boosted GT to join us on September the 9th along with the Mid-Atlantic Outlaws.

Saturday -- Nov. 19th

This was our warm up race to our "Turkey Race" final event for 2016. We started at 9:30 am with our Junior Dragsters, 21 cars entered this race. Ken Mallow added $100.00 to be paid to the semi racers that actually went to third place and quarter final racers. In a close final, Landon Palmer won over Sammie Miller while Chesney Gosnell took third spot. Of note in qualifying we had two .000 lights and a .002 light, these young racers can drive! A big thanks to all our Junior Dragster racers, their families and crew members for supporting us this year with very good turn outs and great racing. At 11:30 am we started with the big cars. It started out warm and sunny as we got into round two the temperature dropped dramatically and started to rain / sleet a bit. At that point we called it a day and the remaining racers split the purse. With a terrible forecast for Sunday with temps at about 40 degrees and gusty winds predicted, we cancelled the "Turkey Race" by later Saturday evening.

Another year in the books.....thanks to everyone, racers, crew members, families, race fans, sponsors, track personnel, track management and the Wachter family for another great year. The weather most of year cooperated; we ran many different types of races and just about all of them were successful. We'll all take a break and will be back in March. Keep checking the website as we will start to fill in the 2017 race schedule during the next few weeks. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas / New Years also. Have a safe off-season, it'll be racing season before you know it!

Saturday  --  Nov. 12th

This was the last Street Nite race of the 2016 race season, we kicked off time runs at 11:30 am sharp with Md. Performance Center Real Street making the first runs. First we had great air, temps in the high 40's with corrected altitude below sea level the entire day, secondly the track prep was dynamite the entire day. Now this race for the Real Street cars followed the usual rules but the cars were not weighed and could run as light as they wanted. We also ran the two qualifier runs without the scoreboards and they paired up for competition by drawing cards, totally luck of the draw. Twelve cars competed, low qualifier was Dalyn Palmer with at 5.01. There were several huge and long wheelstands, best one was Jack Williamson's Nova, what a ride he took! In the semis, Dalyn Palmer ran a 4.93 @ 138 mph to win over Ken Tingle, Mike Fortney had the bye. In the finals, sadly Mike Fortney had mechanical problems and couldn't make the call. Dalyn ran a single and let her fly, a 1.10 sixty ft. with a low ET ever, 4.89 @ 139.98 mph. Jumping over to Quick 16 it was Harry Troxler over Gary Kelican in the final and Darlene Staub and Frank Howell taking the semi spots. Low qualifier was Jerry Williams at 4.69 with George Forrster right behind with a 4.70, once again great Quick 16 action today. 6.50 Index had Darrell Law and Matt Bowie in the final with Darrell winning a close one. Pro was won by Denny Wagaman, Limited by car 7091 and Drive In had Gregg Orris as the winner, there was also a number of Test & Tune racing also. Kathy Stevick now is racing a real good car, a late 80's Thunderbird, low 13's @ 103 mph.  Kathy's having fun now. Excellent day, we finished up at 5:00 pm just as it was getting cold.

Sunday  --  Nov. 13th

Three classes today, Super, Footbrake and Bike, today was warmer, temps hit upper 50's and everyone was fast. We got under way at 11:30 am. In Super Tim Humm won over Darlene Staub, Footbrake had Chris Crawford over Tom Stahl. Bike had Kermitt III over Brian Canoles. We had a number of Test and Tune cars racing also. Josh McCoy had his Md. Performance Center Mustang going low 5.0's, Robbie Hudlow ran his Top Sportsman car to some solid 4 second passes well done. We finished about like yesterday, just before 5 pm.

Last weekend of the year coming up fast! On Saturday, time runs start 11:30 am with Footbrake, Super and Bike all contested in the EIGHTH MILE! including Test & Tune, On Sunday, Junior Dragsters take the track at 9:30 am. Big cars start at 11:30 am, Trophy, Street, Pro, Super Pro and Bike plus Test & Tune, again all racing is EIGHTH MILE. On Sat. winners / runnerups get a game hen, on Sunday, winners /  runnerups get a turkey. This is the last racing for this year, come on out and participate as a racer or race fan, See you at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Saturday -- Nov. 5th

Great weather, temps reached the mid 60's for our Pro Stick, Stock / Super Stock and Test & Tune event. For the first time ever the Pro Stick cars ran a Pro Tree handicap style race with 35 cars entered, good show with many 8 and 9 second wheels up passes. The Stock / Super Stock group ran a warm up race with 45 entries, Roger Reese won over first time out this year Lisa Bolton. Gary Nies was the third place racer. We had a great turn out of Test & Tune cars and the car and bike count totaled 186 entries. We had plenty of race fans also witnessing some great racing in all the classes. We finished up at 6:15 pm.

Sunday -- Nov. 6th

Another sunny day, temps even up from yesterday, just stunning weather for November to be sure. We started at 11:30 am with the Stock / Super Stockers with round one at 64 cars. In a great final it was Bobby Fazio's 65 Mustang SS/L car against Brad Huntzberry in his Camaro SS/GTDA car, Bobby taking the big win, Brett Darroch and Gary Ewing were the semi racers. In Super Pro we had a great final, first time in Super, Charlotte Mallow made the finals against Chris Crawford, both were .00 at the start, Chris taking a real close win. By the way, Charlotte is getting real comfortable in Bob Nicholson's 4.90 dragster, he may never get it back! Again a nice turn out of racers and race fans, 140 cars and bikes racing. A big thanks to Mike Carr and family for once again being involved in this race. Mike represents the Tri-State Stock / Super Stock Assoc. Of special note, today Bill Smith our RFC chaplain collected money for Jim Stephens who was severely burned and lost his home in a tragic fire starting in his garage. Jim will have a long, tough recovery ahead of him. Any financial help will be welcomed, you can go to our Mason Dixon Dragway facebook  page and see a link to Jim's Go Fund Me account. Luckily daughter Maddie, a Junior Dragster driver was not at home at the time of the incident.

Next Saturday, a Street Nite racing starting at 11 am. Featuring Md. Performance Real Street will be contested with no scales, run them at any weight! Quick 16 with Drive In Street, Limited Street and Pro Street also contested. Sunday has a Super, Foot Brake and Bikes and Test & Tune event, start time 11:30 am. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- Oct. 29th 

This was a Street Nite race with temps that reached 80 degrees on the last weekend of October. We started at 11:30 am with Md. Performance Center Real Street with 15 cars making their qualifying runs. With less than great air cars were still fast, in the semis Dalyn Palmer ran low et, 5.10 to defeat Dave Guy, in the other semi it was Josh McCoy's 5.16 over Ken Tingle's close 5.20. In the final it was over at the start, Dalyn Palmer's Mustang lurched through lights when staging and gave Josh McCoy the win with a quick 5.12. These two racers have been in four of the last five Real Street finals with both winning twice. Mike Fortney in his 66 Real Street Chevelle turned in the longest under control wheelstand of the year, he went past the 330 ft. photo cells with wheels still up and ran a 5.40 on that difficult to drive pass, wow! Great show by all the Real Street gang. Quick 16 had 25 entries and it took a 5.62 to qualify, that is a record tying bump, typically if you can run around 5.80 or so you can make the field, some good cars didn't make the program today. Dennis Hammond ran a dead on 5.60 to Mike Daymude's one under 5.27 in the final, real close race. Tom Morgan and Bill Stevens were the semi racers, four cars also ran in the fours in qualifying. The 6.50 Index class had 7 cars, in the final Bill Smith's stick Pinto ran Darrell Law's Capri, both ran 6.53, Darrell getting the win with a slightly better light. In Pro, Gary Kelican won over John Burkhardt with Nick Taylor taking third. Limited had Jason Gray in his Nova over Darius Wenger, Kelli Fleming took third place. Drive In Street had D10 BMW over Greg Orris. We had several fast cars running time runs today, from ATI Performance Products J. C. Beattie in his COPO Camaro running a 4.94 @ 141 mph pass, Chris Rini in his Top Sportsman Camaro unleashing a 4.41 @ 158 mph coupled with a .99 sixty ft, time. Vince Foucade made 3 runs in his Fox body Mustang, 4.70 @ 149 mph. All these cars hooked hard and went straight and fast, once again A-1 track prep / maintenance by all involved, Jake, Bub and starting line crew. We had a another well attended Street Nite race, many race fans in attendance and 165 raced with us today. Also we had fun as Newman Sisk, our co-ROC chaplain and his son Joshua Sisk shared the "mike" most all day with me, both added a lot to the race event, I can tell you they had a lot of fun with this today. We finished up about 7 pm.

Sunday -- Oct. 30th

This was a Test and Tune day that started at 11:30 am and went to 4:30 pm just as a thunderstorm started to roll in on us. Oh yeah, it hit 80 degrees again today. This was a well attended day also, 135 cars, trucks and bikes raced with us, a great mix of fast purpose built drag cars but many late model muscle cars, sport compacts and many quick bikes ran also. Charlotte Mallow licensed in Bob Nicholson's small block Chevy dragster, best 1/8 mile pass, a stout 5.02 at 138 mph. Kevin Pohl was back out on his fast bike running 8.15 @ 162 mph. John Soltes had the stick Mustang running several 9.60's runs @ 138 mph. Another good day!

Next weekend, Mike Carr's Stock / Super Stock race on Sat. with the "warm up" race and Pro Stick cars on a pro tree handicap tree and on Sunday the "main event" Stock / Super Stock race, see you this coming weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Wednesday -- Oct. 19th

Day one -- We started at 4 pm with one time run for everybody for a gamblers race. Junior Dragster class was won by Brett Holston over Cubi Tolliver, Kadin Ferster took third place. Footbrake had Travis Hill over Jim Berry, Dennis Nisewarner was third. Super pro was won by Al Crawford with Colby Imes as runner up, Joey Harrison and Mark Decker were the semi racers. Bike had Kevin Hamilton over Kermit Garnett III with Logan Mathias and James Farmer taking the semi spots. We had 170 cars racing and finished up at about 10:00 pm.

Thursday -- Oct. 20th

Day two -- This time we started at noon. Junior Dragster was won by Liberti Ferster over Brandon Flick. Footbrake was won by Rusty Miller over Ed Talbert, semi racers, Ricky Cayton and Courtney Suders. Super had Bob Jansen winning on a solo pass as runner up Corey Hess had a flat slick just before he was to run the final. Paul Burruss was third. Brian Canoles won Bike over Dave Clinedinst, James Farmer and Gene Belt were the semifinalists. We had 240 cars and finished up at 8:30 pm.

Friday -- Oct 21st

Day three -- Today was a race against the weather, rain was to the west of us all and we started off with a High Roller race, $5,000 winner take all event, we got the final four in both Footbrake and Super and the rains came. With two hours of track drying work we were getting close to being ready and more light rained rolled in and we to stop for the day. We did split the High Roller money, eight racers each received $1,250 for their semi final efforts. We also would have run another Gamblers race had the weather cooperated. We ran 320 cars today.

Saturday -- Oct. 22nd

Day four -- Now it turned cold, very cloudy with strong gusty winds. This was the Race of Champions day. In Junior Dragster it was Haley Lotts over Brett Holston. Footbrake had Vince Wade over Daryl Beauchamp. Super was won by David Wastler over Josh Rietscha. Bike was won by Bill Maturo over Sam Ficarra. Next was to be another Gamblers race, after a round and a half of action, slowed some by two oil downs, it got real cold, temps in the 40's and the racers and track staff opted to halt the racing for the night, racers split money except for the Bike racers, they rolled the purse into the Sunday finals. We stopped at 8:30 pm. We ran 394 cars today.

Sunday -- Oct 23rd

Day five, last day -- Much nicer day, temps about 60 deg, sunny but still a bit windy. We started at 9 am with the Junior Dragsters finishing their Saturday Gamblers race, winner Haley Lotts, Bryce Vollman was runnerup, Evan Lind took third. In the main event Sunday race Mogan Larkin won a close one over Joshua Sisk, Haley Lotts took third place. In a 162 car Footbrake field, Dicky Bodmer won over Devin Dudley for the $6,000 to win class, Garrett Suders was third. Frank Lecates in a 128 car field, won the $6,000 to win Super class over Chris Thomas, Denny Cooper and Nat Thompson were the semi racers. In Bike it was Dale Hamilton winning over Bill Maturo. We finished up at 8:15 pm, 362 cars, bikes and juniors ran with us today.

All thoughts and I'll miss plenty but here it goes. It was great to have the talented and enthusiastic new SBRA track team from US 13 Dragway from Delmar Delaware! The overall purse again exceeded $68,000. Track prep was dynamite all five days, ask Nat Thompson, 4.40 ets with .99 to 1.00 60 ft times over and over, many races were dead close, margin of victory many times less than one inch! How about the monster wheelstands from Mike McCraken's mid 60's Chevy truck. We had a variety of race cars too. Many great looking dragsters, door cars, bikes and junior dragsters competed this weekend. We were up 28 entries on Sunday over last year and our Saturday numbers were up also. How about Haley Lotts in Junior Dragster, ROC win, a gamblers win and a third place, well done. Our junior dragster racer Josh Sisk, runner up on Sunday in a 42 car field. Team Mason Dixon won the points championship with 115, followed by Beaver Spring 82, Eastside 65, US 13 53, Natural Bridge 40, Keystone 36 and Colonial Beach 34. Finally a tip of the hat to our entire track staff and track owners, all worked 5 real long days to make the race happen, thanks Gary Gore and Hayne Dominick for their help. On a personal note, thanks Elmer, Steve and Crissy for sharing the announcing duties with me, got a chance to go out and greet racers and be a spectator some each day. Another great SBRA Bracket Finals is in the books!

This Sat. Oct 29th, Street Nite race, start time 11:30 am, Md. Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16 and more, Sunday is a Test & Tune day. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday  --  Oct. 15th
A great day for our MASO heads up classes and our Test & Tune event, clear skies and temps in the low 60's greeted everyone as we started racing at 11:30 am. This was also a warm up for all the Diesel pickups and big rigs to make many passes throughout the day. First off we ran two heads up pro tree classes, one for small tire cars and one for big tire cars. The scoreboards were turned off and no times went out over the P.A. In small tire it was Dalyn Palmer over Keith Elledge in a pretty close one. The big tire final had Ronnie Proctor Sr. over Roger Lewis.  Thanks again to Duane Morris and Dave McMeans of the Mid Atlantic Street Outlaw group for being with us today. We had a great mix of cars, bikes and diesel trucks making many passes. Grandmas Mission Angels headed up by Dawn and Sam Folley were there selling sweat shirts 50 / 50 tickets and collecting money for the Benitez family from Monrovia Md. Their daughter Faith has had severe medical issues causing an extreme financial hardship to their family. The next day, Faith and the entire Benitez family would be at the Diesel Days race and would be presented with money raised over the weekend. 165 cars, trucks and bikes raced today along with a lot of truck fans attending, we finished up before 5 pm.
Sunday  --  Oct. 16th
What a great event, great weather again, temps hit low 70's, over 115 trucks raced with us today, the diesel pick up truck class alone was 60 entries strong. We started early in the morning with another truck show, great turnout, stunning trucks too! Again Grandmas Mission Angels, Dawn and Sam Folley, were with us raising more money for the Benitez family. We ran four classes, two bracket classes, one for pickups, one for big rigs and two heads up pro tree classes, one for pickups and one for big rigs. We had great racing with several pickups in the low 10 second range at over 130 mph in the quarter mile, many big rigs ran in the 14 and 13 second zone. At about 1:30 pm the Benitez family arrived and were gathered at the winner's circle behind the starting line for the presentation of the big check to help this family in need. How about just over $6,000.00 dollars was raised and given to the Benitez family, thanks to all that bought sweatshirts, bought 50 / 50 tickets, donated cash, shared their race winnings and especially Grandma's Mission Angels......our thoughts and prayers go out to Faith and her family going forward. We again had a very big turnout of diesel truck race fans and hope many will come out to our other events this year, we are open each weekend right up to Nov. 20th. Another great Diesel Days event in the books!  
The SBRA race is coming to Mason Dixon starting on Wed. Oct. 19th through Sun. Oct. 23rd, check this website for the times, classes contested, etc. This is a huge race, 377 cars in 2015, more expected this year, come out and be with us this week at Mason Dixon Dragway!
 Sunday  --  Oct. 9th
Though Saturday's racing was rained out we were greeted with sunny skies and temps in the low 60's, great race weather. We did move over the Md. Performance Center Real Street race to today and what a great race this turned out to be. A new class record was turned in by Josh McCoy as he ran a 5.09 in qualifying followed by a quicker 5.08 in eliminations. Also Josh ran the quickest 60 ft. pass ever at a ripping quick 1.14. In the semis Josh McCoy won over Dave Guy his record 5.08 pass, John Staats in a close one over Terry Holler 5.18 to a close 5.25. In the final it was over at the start, John Staats ran his best ever 5.12 @ 139 mph but was pink with a -.005 red light to Josh McCoy's strong 5.10. Great racing by all the Real Street racers, many cars ran personal bests with a lot of sub 1.20 60 ft launches. Once again the great track prep / maintenance was evident all day / evening long! The Outlaw Pontiacs were with us today, Jim Berry winning over Andy Nutt, Greg Orris and Chuck Hutzler were the semi racers. The Slant Six racers ran two races, Rodney Hargis won the first over Ron Hamby and in race two it was Denny Covalt over Ryan Covalt who was driving his dad's Valiant. Rodney Hargis broke the three way tie and won the Slant Six championship for 2016, great job Rodney! Now for the bracket classes, Super Pro had Chuck Wishard over Nathan Etzler, Mark Gray was third. Pro was won by Colby Imes over Bobby Smith, Ronnie Proctor Jr. was third. A husband wife final in Street had Kristen Suders in a close one over Garrett Suders. Bike was won by Brian Canoles over Paul James Sr. Trophy had third generation racer Harli Bergeau over Greg Orris while Dennis Nicewarner was third. At the end we ran the King of the Track Wally race by drivers making a "best package" run, Chuck Wishard scored the "Wally". We also ran a Test & Tune / Street Warz class with just under 100 cars participating, a lot over real fast cars made some great runs in this portion of the program. There were 233 cars and bikes that raced with today and plenty of race fans watching the great action, thanks to all that hung out with us today! We finished up at 8:30 pm just as it started to get a bit chilly.
Next weekend is a Sat. Test and Tune and on Sunday is all about the Diesel trucks, big rig and pickup truck racing, see you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!
Come Join the Fun as our friends from Canada Join Us with their TV Crew Filming the Event.  

Saturday -- Sept 24th

Fall weather is finally here, what a great day for our Mid Atlantic Street Outlaw and AMC racers and race fans. Let's start with the new class, Pro Nostalgia Outlaw a .400 pro tree handicap class for 72 and older cars, we had 21 entries with Mike Rollison getting the win. Sonny Nichols again won the 6.40 Index class over redlighting Kenny Morgan. The 5.90 Index class was a dead close double breakout final with Brian Plasterer over Keith Elledge, 5.88 to a 5.87. Once again in Extreme Unlimited it was Jason Smith over Sam Freels Pro Stick car, 4.84 to a 5.09. Lots of action in all the classes, several enormous wheel stands and close racing, well done Mid Atlantic Street Outlaw racers and staff members. The AMC racers and show car group were on hand with some great looking and performing AMC cars, Steve Mculley in his AMC Spirit won the final over Gary Keller's 64 wagon, both are real fast 10 second cars and are street legal too. We also had a nice turn out of Test & Tune cars. Tom Fidler did his license runs in the 5.60 @ 122 mph range to complete license process. Dave McMeans did the announcing during most of the MASO classes, good to have Dave with us on the "mike" We finished up at 5:30 pm.

Sunday -- Sept. 25th

This was a SBRA points meet and we had the Outlaw Pontiac group here with us today. We started with the Junior Dragsters at 9:30 am. Dylan Moore won another final with a win over Jo Jo Mallow. Sammie Miller and Tyler Wright were the semi racers.

Outlaw Pointiacs were with us today 27 cars strong, great showing. In the final it was Randy Peer winning over Greg Garland, Doug Chell and Mark Harbaugh. Trophy had many cars today with Seth Birks winning over Jason Gray. Bike a brother final with Dale Hamilton winning over Kevin Hamilton. Foot Brake was the big class, 71 cars, in the end Billy Stotler took the win over Ed Talbert, Mark Harbaugh and Chris Crawford were the semi racers. And lastly in Super Josh Johnson could be stopped as he won the final over Danny Brown, Colby Imes took third spot. We finished up at 8:00 pm.

Great racing all day with 236 cars in competition. How about temps in the low 70's both days, a nice change. Though we didn't do great points wise at the Bracket Finals at Lebanon Valley last week we did have two outstanding performers. Mike Daymude was killer in the Super Pro Race of Champions and took the big win for team Mason Dixon, he also went four rounds in the big race. Dale Hamilton also won the Bike Race of Champions in his usual dominating fashion. Well done Mike and Dale. We are NOT open Sat. Oct 1st but will be here Sunday Oct. 2nd, King of the Track day, time runs start at 11:30 am. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- Sept 10th

Was it ever hot and humid for our Street Nite race. Temps in the mid 90's with sky high humidity greeted our racers and race fans as we started our open time run session at 3 pm. At 4:30 pm we ran our qualifier runs for Md. Performance Center Real Street, the Quick 16 cars and our 6.50 Index class. As hot as track temperatures were just about all the 15 Real Street cars got down the track well. As the evening wore on we had several sub 1.20 60 ft. times with Josh McCoy and Dalyn Palmer going as quick as 1.18. In the real Street final it was again Dalyn Palmer vs. Josh McCoy. This time Josh had the quicker 5.17 while Dalyn was right there with a 5.18. Dalyn did have the better light and took the win. John Staats and Dave Guy were the semi racers. Quick 16 was once again a good show with Bobby Spielman winning over Mitch Willingham, Paul Burruss and Mike Daymude were the semi finalists. In round two, Mitch Willingham ran Ronnie Horwath in a dead close run, margin of victory was .0003 which shakes out to 6/10 of an inch, what a race! 6.50 Index was won by Howard Lawson over Matt Bowie. Pro, Limited Street and Drive-in Street were also contested. Of note, The Md. Performance Center Real Street class is a great show, the top 7 or 8 cars all run fast enough to win or get real close to it, lots of 5.20's and a best of the night a 5.16 from Josh McCoy. We finished up at about 10 pm.

Sunday -- Sept. 11th

The 15th anniversary of 9/11, a real dark day for all Americans, RCF chaplain Bill Smith held a service at 10:30 am before the racing got underway. First off this was the 19th annual Mid-Atlantic Ford Meet and it was well attended, over 150 show cars and 155 race cars with a great turnout of Ford fans came out to spend the day with us. Mt. Aetna Fire Co. did the breakfast / lunch deal. These people make great sandwiches and fries and they kept busy serving everyone as did both of our foodstands. There were many flea market / vendors with us also. The drag racing got underway at 11:30 am. Super Pro was won by Frank Rietscha over Jeff Francis, Pro had Ronnie Proctor Jr. squaring off against Gary Kelican, how about a heads up 9.58 dial with Ronnie going .03 under and Gary just .04 under, both drivers had .011 lights, dead close race. Coyote class was won by Shane Stienmest over Charlie Booze, this is a fun heads-up class with the cars running low 10's, close racing also. Other classes were the Mustang Class, Street, Powerstroke, Trophy Ford. Some of our Harley bike racers from Keystone Raceway area put on an exhibition of their different Harley classes, great bikes, some well into the 8 second 150+ mph zone. They also put up a $100.00 to anyone running a 9.110 Et. no one did it, the money rolls over to our Junior Dragsters at our SBRA Bracket Finals event next month. A big thanks to the Harley racers and crew members. Very fun event with very little downtime, we finished up at 6 pm.

Once again, great track prep / maintenance especially with hot temps we dealt with on Saturday, Real Street will surely see 5.0 runs later in the fall in cooler weather, tip of the hat to Jake, Bubby and all the starting line crew, great job again. This coming weekend we are sending Team Mason Dixon to Lebanon Valley in NY for the Summit ET Bracket Finals and we will be closed for the weekend. We will see you again for the MASO heads up cars and Test & Tune, Sat. Sept 24 and for a SBRA race, Sun. Sept. 25th, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday -- Sept. 2nd
This was a Test & Tune session that went from 6 pm til 10 pm, 158 cars made many passes down the track, great turn out.

Saturday -- Sept. 3rd
We started this SBRA event featuring Pro Stick cars with the Junior Dragsters taking the track first at 11:30 am. There were 21 racers and in the finals Mary Elizabeth Bannister won over Chesney Gosnell. Landon Palmer took third. The big cars were next. Super was a big field of over 60 cars with Bob Jansen taking the win over 8 time track champion Ronnie Horwath, Colby Imes was the third place racer. Footbrake had 87 cars, Dahrl Clark winning over Lukas Birks, Ronnie Proctor Jr. was the third place driver. In Bike Kermit Garnett III won over Gene Belt. Pro Stick had 61 cars, all hard running wheelstanding cars with Michael Strickler's 67 Camaro doing a nearly straight up wheel stand that did cause some damage to the suspension of the car, Mike was ok but had to pull out of the race for the weekend. In the end Andy Charcalla's low 8 second Mustang won the 7 round race. Trophy had 18 cars entered and Roger Bard won over Wayne Donoho in the final. We finished up the race at 11:15 pm.

Sunday -- Sept 4th
The Junior dragster class had 25 cars entered, both Lind brothers made it to the finals. In a close well run race Noah Lind won over Evan Lind. Chesney Gosnell and Corey Ream were the semi racers. Super Pro was again a big class, Al Crawford won over David Sandridge, Nathan Etzler was third place driver. Chris Crawford won Footbrake over Mike Boyd, semi racers were Joe Mayne, Jr. and Dicky Bodmer. Bike had Dave Clinedinst over Tom Eaton. Pro Stick had 58 entries with Andy Charcalla again winning. For the weekend Andy was 14 round wins with NO LOSSES! Great show by all Pro Stick racers, fast paced racing with minimal breakage and down time. Very good show by all the Eric Kitchen Pro Stick drivers. Trophy had another good turn out Dave Slusher, Jr. winning over Brett Barney. We finished up the day at about 9 pm.

Monday -- Sept. 5th
Last day! Today we did just one time run and went racing. Junior Dragster had 21 cars with Ronnie Webb, Jr. winning over Landon Palmer, Sammie Miller was third. Super was won by Mark Coover over Bobby Spielman. Great sportsmanship was shown by the Coover team as Bobby Spielman had electrical problems that even with an extra 10 minutes or so of work on the car couldn't correct. With an inoperative delay box Bobby had to footbrake it and still made it close. Footbrake was won by Dicky Bodmer over Mark Harbaugh and Jim Berry was third. Bike was again won by Dave Clinedist over Gene Belt and Kermitt Garnett III was the third place rider. Trophy had Gregg Orris over Meagan Martz. In the third and final High School race the points tie was broken as Harli Bergeau won over Charlotte Mallow. We finished about 5:15 pm.

Here we go again....thoughts on the weekend, as always I'll miss stuff here.... The weather was great, low 80's and low humidity with light breezes, perfect! How about 835 cars that ran this weekend in 4 days, a wild guess but approximately 6,000 passes went down the track with very minimal breakage or cleanups needed, a very fast pace of running cars was the norm all weekend, great job from our racers and track staff for keeping the program moving along well. Father and son team of son Chris Crawford winning Footbrake and dad Al Crawford winning Super on Sunday. Chris told me after the race that he hoped that each winning on the same day would someday happen and it did. On Sunday the Lind boys, Noah winning and Evan the runner up in Junior Dragster class. Andy Charcalla winning Pro Stick both days with great driving.  Dave Clinedinst in Bike won on Sunday and Monday. Thanks goes out to Steve Dickey who announced with me all weekend, he did a great job and keeps it fun too. Of course Elmer did his share on the "mike" work also. A big thanks to all our race fans that came out in good numbers to watch all the racing all four days.  Next weekend, on Sat. Sept. 10th, we will have a Street Nite Race, Md. Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index racing and bracket classes. Sunday Sept 11th, the make up Ford Race and car show, vendors, flea market and more. See you Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday -- Aug. 26th
This was a Test & Tune event plus a rained out make up race for Md. Performance Real Street class. There were 12 cars in Real Street and though very warm and humid, these cars ran fast. Low ET was Josh McCoy in his Mustang with a 5.14 @ 138 mph, five cars were 5.20s and quicker. Dalyn Palmer and Josh McCoy squared off in the final, just like a week ago but this time it was Dalyn Palmer's turn as he was .022 at the tree and a 5.20 to win over Josh's faster 5.16 but he redlighted with a close -.007 reaction time. Semi final racers were Russ Martin and Justin Bowmaker. How about Dalyn and Josh able to run 1.18 60 ft. times and on a time run after the final, Terry Holler laid down a 1.16 60 ft. blast, the track was dynamite all nite long, Jake and the gang know how to make it right for the fast cars that race with us. We finished up about 10:40 pm.

Saturday -- Aug. 27th
Day 2 -- This was our Put Up or Shut Up race. The Top 16 Class paid $1,500.00 to the winner and in the final Mike Daymude in the Dodge powered dragster won over Rick Holden's Prowler, semi racers were Jeremy Hammond and Jason Rudy. Mike was really dialed in as always, four nearly dead on 4.72's every round, hard to beat this man, a deadly consistent car and a fine driver. 5.90 Index was won by Larry Plasterer over Paul Burruss, Frank Peacock was third. 6.50 Index was won by Darrell Law over Sonny Nichols and John Gusack was third. In $2,000.00 to win Footbrake had Daryl Clark over Troy Gerhart Nick Bowman was third. Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series cars had 23 in the field Chuck Hutzler won over Jason Rogers. Overall a fun and well run race, we finished up at 10:30 pm.

Sunday -- Aug 28th
First off a big thank you goes out to the entire Daymude family for partnering with us on this third annual Megan Daymude "Fueling Her Dream" $5,000.00 to win Super Pro race. The Junior Dragsters took the track first. in the final it was Sammie Miller over Steve Dustin in the final, semi racers which received $50.00 each from Elmer and Kathy Wachter were Alyssa McFadden and Madison Stotler. Abagail Harrold started the day making a single run in front of everyone right before the big cars took the track, she is sponsored by the Megan Daymude Fueling Her Dream foundation. Talk about great racing, 81 Super Pro cars went after the $5,000.00 money in Super. In the Super final David Georg and Mark Decker squared off, Mark had the better light and took the win, Shawn Barrett was third. Footbrake also had a big field. Dave Toms won over Bobby Smith, Faith Warner took third. Bike was won by Dale Hamilton over Kermit Garnett III, Gina Hamilton took third. Leslie Upole won Trophy over Tim Alford. Of note, the first perfect light in Super in eliminations would win $200.00 courtesy of the Daymude family, first pair out and Ed Talbert goes .000, that didn't take long! A big thanks to all that participated this entire weekend, great racing all 3 days with variety, something for everyone.

Labor Day weekend coming fast, SBRA racing on Sat. Sun. and Mon. Pro Stick with us on Sat. and Sun. Eric Kitchen says at LEAST 50 Pro Sticks will be racing this weekend. A Test & Tune Fri. nite, 6 pm to 10 pm. Of note, Monday will be a one time run and then going racing day, trying to get everyone home before the late afternoon / evening heavy holiday traffic gets out on the road. See you Labor Day weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday  --  Aug. 20th
We did a lot today, the first portion of the event was our second annual Volkswagen race. Weather was good, clear skies and temps in the upper 80's. Scott Pocaro of Morristown, NJ helped to promote this event and it was a good one, 32 cars made up four classes, two were heads-up pro-tree classes and two were handicap classes. Most of the cars were air-cooled Beetles and Karmen Ghias, mostly heavily modified, nitrous set ups, turbos and some naturally aspirated cars. Low ET was a 5.86 @ 124 mph. They kept Scott busy too, he helped run the race, drove his own high 7 second car and even announced some and did it well also. A car show for the VW's was also on the property today. Later on we ran our Street Nite race. How about Md. Performance Center Real Street....20 cars entered, we made two classes, the top eight class and the consolation class. In the main we had Josh McCoy squaring off with Dayln Palmer. Dalyn ran the quicker 5.20 to Josh's slower 5.23 but was slightly later at the start to give Josh the big win, a mere 3 inch margin of victory, really close! Low Et was Dalyn Palmer, 5.18 in the semis and also of note John Staat's Turbo Toyota ran a 5.31 at a record shattering 141.82 mph pass in qualifying, this is a Real Street mile per hour record, this car gets quicker and faster every time out, keep it going. In the consolation class it was Mike Fortney over red lighting Josh Wheeler. Great show Real Street racers, good to see the car count going up. Great job to Justin Reggio and Md. Performance Center. Quick 16 had a good turn out of 25 cars, bump spot to get in the program was a 5.80. Mitch Willingham was the man tonight, 5.02 to 5.04 runs all night long and he beat the very tough Chuck Wishard in the final, semi racers were Cory Carper and Jason Smith. Eight cars entered in the 6.50 Index class, Shane Stynmest won over the tough and many time runner up Matt Bowie, 6.50 to a 6.51, this was real close too. Pro Class had Gary Kelican over Paul Roderick. Limited Street was won by Rick Wenger over his brother Darius Wenger. We also had a fine turn out of Test & Tune cars. We finished up at 10:40 pm. Total cars at the track today was 180.
Sunday  --  Aug. 21st
We cancelled the Ford race/show for today, rain was heading in early and we sent out the "rained out" bulletin at about 6:30 am, a good call. We tentatively will run the Ford event on September 11th, keep checking the website for schedule updates. This coming week, on Friday we will have Test & Tune Plus Md. Performance Center and Instant Green racing, 5pm to 10....Saturday, Top 16 race dragsters welcome with a maximum of 8 in the class. $2,000.00 to win Foot Brake race, 5.90 and 6.50 Index classes, Instant Green classes and Outlaw Pontiacs....Sunday, Megan Daymude  Foundation $5,000.00 to win Super Pro race and all other classes contested. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon 

Wed. -- Aug. 10th
This was day one of the 5 day Junior Dragster Division 1 Championship race. Two races were contested, first a Gamblers Race with 60 cars entered. Scotty Morgan Jr. took the win over Hunter Heppner. The other event was a 7.90 pro tree index race. Jarrod Kissinger took the stripe over Charlotte Mallow.

Thurs. -- Aug 11th
A lot more cars here today and we ran two Gamblers races. Race #1 had Michael Bassista winning over Chase Ream, Bailee Zepp was third. Race #2 was won by Morgan Burgess defeating Wade Kubicke. Ryan Ely was third place finisher.

Fri. -- Aug. 12th
Well, we got some of the racing completed. First we ran the Race of Champions event. Shawn Nichols of Lebanon Valley was the winner, Francis Vignola was runnerup, semi racers were Tyler Depascale and Anastasios Kaidermaglou. Next was our dinner break with nearly 500 in attendance, chicken, burgers, baked beans, french fries, cold drinks etc. provided by Micro Strategies Inc, Anothony Bongiovanni's company and Mason Dixon Dragway was held at the pavilion across Rt. 40 from the track, Great dinner too, Feedbag Catering made and served the meal for everyone. As we were getting ready to eat at about 5:30 pm the heavy rains came that lasted nearly an hour. We made every effort to dry the track for Index racing part of the evening. After about 1 1/2 hours of sweeper truck and blower passes up and down the race track it never did get dry enough in the shut down area to safely go racing, Dave Mohn and Elmer Wachter decided to cancel the Index race. Instead we ran it on Saturday.

Sat. -- Aug. 13th
We were busy today! We ran the age group race, a consolation race for 1st round losers, ran the Index Class Race and Junior Street. Here are the winners. 6 - 7 Group, Harley Ely over Kahlia Lewis, 8 - 9 Group Tyler Depascale over Lavar Lewis Jr. 10 - 11 Group Justin Handwerk over Eric Bowles 12 -13 Group Corey Ream over Christopher Burch 14 - 15 Group Chris Smolenki over Shannon Fordyce and 16 - 17 Group Ronnie Webb Jr. over Brad Northrop. Consolation race was won by Collin Hoerr over James Paylor. Index classes starting with 11.90, winner Gavin Shoemaker over Sean Kershner, 10.90 winner Lacey Dustin, 9.90 winner Justin Handwerk over Hunter Heppner, 8.90 Kyle Murray over Braylon Kuhn, 7.90 Jarrod Kissinger over Jordan Dittman. Junior Street was won by Stevie Dustin over Shannon Fordyce. We finished up at 9 pm, that was a lot of racing for one day, cooperation from everyone made it happen!

Sun. -- Aug. 14th
Last day, we ran a Gamblers race with 60 cars Kaylee Henry won in the final with a .002 light to get past runnerup Brad Norhtrup. In the 18 car 7.90 Index class Amanda Mishaud won over Jonathan Northrup, Miranda Serra was third. Junior Street was won by Shannon Fordyce over Stevie Dustin, We finished up just about 3 pm.

I know I'll miss some stuff but here it goes....It was hot all five days, sky high humidity with temps in the mid 90's was tough on everyone yet the whole event flowed well, fast paced and we got a lot of different racing in, the 7.90 Pro tree and Index racing seems to be a hit. There was over $25,000 in cash, gift cards, gifts and the Friday night dinner that went to our 170 racers for the event. Every participant got something for their efforts this week. A big thanks to Micro Strategies Inc., Ron Hubbel Motor Sports, Craw Racing, Auto Fab and Mason Dixon Dragway putting up all the cash and prizes to support the race. How about Mary Elizabeth Bannister and Hunter Heppner squaring off on a Thurs. time run with both going .000 on the tree, last time I announced a run like that was in about 1995. Maple Grove Raceway was number one by one point over the second place finishes of Mason Dixon Dragway and Atco Dragway. Team Spirit went to Raceway Park. Best Engineered car Natalia Musolino, Best Appearing car Alexis Waid. By the way, the Vignola family is putting on the CA$H DAY$ Junior Dragster / Junior Street event at Island Dragway, test tune and parking Fri. Sept 23rd, raceday Sunday Sept 24. $10,000 to win, $1,000 runnerup. Visit for more details, Mason Dixon Dragway will send a 10+ car team and is putting up $500.00 to help the event, we challenge other businesses / tracks to join this event, Junior dragster racers are our present AND future racers! Junior Street had 18 cars in round one on Saturday, this class should be like this at all races, come on out and get in on this class for your 13 to 16 child, very fun for the whole family. Again, a big thanks to all that made this race a great one despite the very hot weather, Dave Mohn and the NHRA Div. One staff, Mason Dixon owners/staff members, sponsors and especially all of our racers, their family and crew members, thanks to all!

On Saturday, the VW race in the morning and early afternoon AND the Street Nite event, Md Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index and more. On Sunday the all Ford event, car show, vendors and drag racing that starts at 11:30 am, check the schedule on this site for details! See You at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday  --  Aug 6th
This was a SBRA points race that started at 3 pm with the Junior Dragsters. Ronnie Webb Jr. won over Jo Jo Mallow in the final, there were 22 cars entered. Super had a good turnout and in the finals, Harry Troxler took the big win over Al Crawford. Footbrake was the big class with Dave Toms winning over Mark Harbaugh. It was an all Hamilton final in Bike as Dale won out over brother Kevin in a dead close drag race. Trophy was won by Chuck Hartzler over Wayne Donoho. Racing finished out at about 11:00 pm with 150 cars racing in this event. Again Dave McMeans did the announcing as my daughter was in town for the weekend, thanks Dave!
Sunday  --  Aug 7th
This was a National Dragster Challenge Wally race AND a Member Track Madness event also. The Junior Dragsters took the track first at 9:30 am. In finals Shannon Fordyce from Williamstown NJ made the trip worthwhile winning in the final over Logan Simpkins. Semi racers were Ronnie Webb Jr. and Jo Jo Mallow, they received $50.00 each thanks to Chris Lil, a huge supporter of our Junior Dragster program. By the way, Shannon Fordyce was on her game with her 2 time runs that were .000 and .002 at the start and all her lights in eliminations were real sharp! Nice driving! There were 25 cars entered in Junior Dragster class. Now the big cars, Super was won by Mike Daymude in the dragster over Mitch Willingham in his Monte Carlo. In 5 rounds Mike averaged an .013 reaction time, worst light an .020, the car runs the number or one off every run, great job Team Daymude. Pro had a good turnout with Chris Crawford getting the Wally over Greg Ecker, Kalley Kline took third. Street was won by Rob Roberts Jr over Steve McCulley in the final. Of note, Rob hasn't raced in two years due to being busy building a new house and garage, all the Roberts family were present for Rob's Wally win. In Bike, Dale Hamilton pulled a double as he won again in the finals over Brian Canoles in an 18 Bike field, Dale dialed a 9.70 and ran a dead on 9.700 with an .015 light while Brian broke out by one, 7.95 on a 7.96 dial, great racing by these two Bike riders! Junior Street had Bailee Zepp getting the Wally win over Steve Dustin in the final, Thomas Oates and Shannon Fordyce were the semi racers. Trophy had Greg Orris over Roger Bard in the final in a 14 car field. Of note, Stuart Hirsch joined the 11 second club by making all of his passes in the 68 Firebird in the 11 second zone, best run 11.82 @ 118 mph in the qualifier round and did win one round also. Again Stuart is hooked! The 2016 Member Track Madness trophy and 2 national event passes went to Dale Hamilton as won out over Chris Crawford in the final, again like the Bike final, Dale dialed a 6.14 and ran a 6.140, perfect! We finished up about 6:15 pm, 180 cars and bikes entered, great racing start to finish and as always the track worked great. 
This coming week, Wed. thru Sun. it is all about the Junior Dragsters. This is  the Division 1 Junior Dragster Championship race event. Check out this event flyer on this website. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Friday -- July 29th
This was a Test & Tune event, about 50 cars made many runs throughout the evening.

Saturday -- July 30th
Big rains moved in before the race was to start and the event was cancelled at about 1:30 pm. How about 2.5 inches of rain drenched the area plus wind and lightning.

Sunday -- July 31st
Another Test & Tune, we got cars down the track and at 2:45 pm, you guessed it, rain and lightening shortened up the day. Those that were there made many time runs on a real good track.

This week coming, on Saturday Aug 6th an SBRA points race, on Sunday Aug. 7th, a Summit points race/National Dragster Challenge PLUS 2016 Track Member Madness trophy and two national event passes up for grabs. Keep checking our website for up coming events, we are going to get real busy for the rest of this month and into the fall. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- July 23rd
Mid 90 degree temps greeted the SBRA points racers and the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing racers for this event. Start time was moved back to a cooler part of the day / evening and it was a good decision. In Super, Paul Burruss won over redlighting Ronnie Horwath in the final. Footbrake was won by Dahryl Clark over Kal Kline. Paul James Jr. won over Dale Hamilton in the Bike final. Trophy had Jeff Hielman over Darius Wenger. The Outlaw Pontiac class had 17 entries with Steve Dress winning over Kristine Woods. About 120 cars competed and with a rain delay and the later than usual start time we finished up at about 11:30 pm. Thanks goes out to Dave McMeans for handling the announcing for me as I was able to attend Jim and Sherry Scott's wedding. Jim runs in Super with us in his 32 Ford coupe, congrats to the newly weds!

Sunday -- July 24th
With predicted temps in the upper 90's, we cancelled the Test & Tune day....a good call.

Friday -- July 15th 
This was a Test & Tune event along with Instant Green racing also. 65 cars participated on a hot July evening. We finished up about 10 pm.

Saturday -- July 16th
This was a Summit ET Series race and our second race for the Mid Atlantic Street Outlaw racers. The weather played a big part in this race, very hot temps were predicted but once we got started the clouds rolled in and certainly looked like we were going to get a big storm and get rained out. No doubt this played into a lower than usual car count. Let's start with the Unlimited MASO cars, there were 8 entries and everybody was fast, Jason Smith's blown street roadster was low qualifier with a 4.90 @ 141 mph. In the semis, Mike Smith ran a 5.15 to Jason Staub's real close 5.16 both ran 138 mph. In the other semi,  Jason Smith out ran Brian Devilbiss who was driving his wife Michelle's car. The final was a good one, Jason Smith with a 4.88 to Mike Smith's 5.09. These cars are all fast and fun to watch, great show! The 6.40 Index cars had 8 entries and there was a $100.00 bounty on Sonny Nichols but no one collected as he won over Mark Kowalcyzk with a 6.41 to a 6.58, semi finalists were Kenny Morgan and Mike Webb. By the way, Sonny won our 6.50 Index class last week on our Street Nite race. Super had a great final, two of our best, Ronnie Horwath against Mike Daymude, Ronnie is .001 at the tree with a 8.92 on his 8.91 dial, Mike was .006 but ran one off his 8.31 dial, a dead close drag race! In Pro it was again Troy Gerhart winning over Tammy Gray in the final, Tristan Quinn and Mark Harbaugh were the semi racers. Street had Dave Toms over Dale Fridley with Larry Price taking third. Bike had Dale Hamilton over Joe Lyons with Logan Mathias in the third spot. Finally in Trophy, Kelli Flemming over Alexis Crawford, Harli Bergeau took third place. By the way Alexis Crawford wife of Chris Crawford is driving very well in her 14 sec. Nova in her first year of racing, she gets better each week. Once again we had a great race track even in the mid afternoon when it was real hot, the fast cars went down it with no problems, Many 5.0 ETs from the MASO cars and our Super cars too. Dave McMeans announced the MASO cars and did his usual great job on the mic, thanks Dave. Trish also did the 50/50 tickets and sold plenty. Lance was the starter all weekend and did his usual outstanding job. 

Sunday -- July 17th
This was a Test & Tune day, very sunny but hot!, temps in the low 90's, 50 cars participated. Bob Nicholson's small block Chevy powered dragster made several easy passes on the new motor and did run a 8.12 @ 163 mph on a full pass. We finished just before 5 pm.

Next Saturday 7/23, is a SBRA points race and the Outlaw Pontiacs are with us again. Sunday 7/24 will be another Test and Tune race, noon to 5 pm. Dave McMeans will announce on Saturday. I will be attending a wedding in Chambersburg, Pa. Super Pro racer Jim Scott is marrying Sherry Sprenkle. These two are a great couple and Sherry has quickly become a big race fan and crew member! Congrats, Jim and Sherry! See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

It was real warm when we started the open time run session at 3 pm for our Street Nite event but got real nice as the evening arrived. Again, a great show put on by Justin Reggio's Md. Performance Center Real Street racers. But first off, a huge thank you goes out to Aaron Gregory and family of Digging and Rigging Co. for setting up a huge crane with a 20' by 40' American flag hanging high above the track near the finish line on the Rt. 40 side of the track, very appropriate for all that has been going on lately, thanks! Even with corrected altitude of 2850 feet the Real Street cars were fast. Dalyn Palmer was quickest with runs in the 5.20s. In the final it was Mike Fortney with his gorgeous wheel standing 66 Chevelle leaving first and taking the win with a 5.27 to the faster Dalyn Palmer's 5.23, both cars ran 133 mph. Semi racers were Josh Wheeler and Mike Beach. Of note, John Staats' Toyota ran a 5.29 at 139 mph, biggest mile per hour of the year, nothing runs with this car on top end. Quick 16 didn't have a big qualifying field that we usually have but 20 cars vied for the 16 spots. Jerry Williams' 06 GTO was the fast car by far, qualified with a 4.73 at 147 mph. This car hooks hard, 1.05 sixty foot times, goes straight and is top end fast too! Jerry had Bill Steven's Dodge in the final, Bill went slightly red and Jerry ran his quickest run of the night, a 4.70 at 147 mph. Mike Daymude and Ronnie Horwath were the semi racers, by the way, Elmer Wachter put up an extra $100.00 to the low qualifier in the Quick 16 which Jerry Williams took home with the $1,000.00 winners money. Not a bad night’s work. The 6.50 Index class was won by Sonny Nichols over Darrell Law, Nathan Englar was third. Pro had Mike Younker over Arthur Sheffler, Limited Street Darius Wenger over Larry Price, these two are good guys with street driven cars. Drive In Street was won by Kevin Buhram over Mark Decker in his wife Jennifer's car. Once again a real good day/evening of racing, excellent track prep/maintenance and a nice turnout of racers and race fans, we finished up about 9:45 pm.

Sunday -- July 10th
This was a Test & Tune day with about 75 cars and bikes and Junior Dragsters. Everybody made plenty of runs. Mack Grade had his Firebird running 4.80s at 144 mph in the eighth nile, nice car and fast too. We finished up at just before 5 pm.

Happy Anniversary to Steve and Barbara McCully, they are celebrating 36 years of marriage on July 11th! This weekend will be busy...Fri. Test & Tune with Instant Green no time heads up racing, 2 classes, street legal driven in to the track and trailered in cars. $400.00 to the winners, eight cars or more to make the class. Sat. Summit Points race...Sun. a Test & Tune day. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday -- July 1st
This was a Test & Tune event that ran from 6 pm to 10 pm and was well attended with 93 cars and bikes racing. Nice turn out.

Saturday -- July 2nd
We started at 1 pm with the Junior Dragsters. We had 22 cars racing in round one with Steve Morgan winning one for the boys. Ryan Ely was runner-up while Lacy Dustin took third and Noah Lind and Steve Dustin were the quarter finalists. Chris Lil of Diabetic Delights, Frederick Md. put up an extra $100.00 that went to the third place and quarter final racers. That expanded the money purse out to five racers, thanks Chris! At 3 pm the big cars took the track. This was a SBRA points race with fast and close racing 1/8 mile action. Trophy had 21 cars with Wayne Donoho taking on Kelli Fleming in the final with Wayne taking the close win. Footbrake was the big class, 74 strong with two real good ones in the final, Mark Harbaugh winning the $1,500.00 over the real tough Andy Dolan, Nick Bowman and Larry Taylor were the semifinalists. Super was a big class too with 54 competitors, Brandon Lowe was the $2,000.00 winner over Shawn Barrett in the final, Mike Daymude was the third place driver. In Bike Dale Hamilton won over Kermit Garnett III while Tom Eaton took the third place spot. Once again we had great track prep/maintenance as cars ran hard and consistent all day long, we finished up at 9:30 pm.

Sunday -- July 3rd
The Junior Dragsters took the track at 9:30 am the 21 cars entered. Well it was the girls turn as Charlotte Mallow squared off with Sammie Miller in the final, Charlotte took the win, Dylan Moore took third. Again Chris Lil, Diabetic Delights put up an extra $100.00 that helped get money to the third place and quarter final racers, thanks again Chris! The big cars took over at 11:30 am with another big turnout. Trophy had 16 cars, in the final Dave Aleshire won over Randall McNamee. High School had Harley Bergeau winning over Charlotte Mallow. Again the big class was Footbrake with 71 cars and in the final Troy Gerhart took the $1,500.00 over runner-up Nathan Englar, Clayton Garber and Andy Dolan were the semi racers. Super again had a big turnout of 51 cars and in the all dragster final David Wastler won over the barely red-lighting Bob Jansen. Colby Imes took third place. John Eaton won over Brian Canoles in the Bike final. Paul James, Jr. and Tom Eaton were the semi riders. Once again great racing all day long, we finished out the day at 5:45 pm.

Some notes about this weekends race. Charlotte Mallow drove her Hyundai in Trophy both days running mid 18's in the quarter mile and took out a couple real fast 10 second cars, Charlotte and dad Kenny were having fun with this! Troy Gerhart's big win on Sunday made two good weekends in a row, he was runner-up in $2,000.00 Footbrake race last weekend. Bob Jansen came real close yesterday in the Super final losing to David Wastler. Chris Lil has been a big supporter of our Junior Dragster program with $200.00 he put up this weekend, instead of four money winners this weekend his additional money made cash winners of TEN Junior Dragster racers! Drivers that are really stepping up their games are both Lacey Dustin and Steve Dustin, Lacey a third place finish on Saturday and Steve with a Wally win and a runner-up and a quarter final finish in the last three weeks, both are cutting real good lights and running their dials. Nice turnouts in Trophy both days and very good turnouts in Footbrake and Super, 200 total cars on Sat. and 190 on Sun. Tristan Simpkins girl friend, Megan Small visited with us on Sunday, she is competing for a swim team spot for the 2016 Olympics in the Intermediate Medly 200 meter event. She finished 7th in the trials in Nebraska, nice job Megan. The track was again great all day long, minimal cleanups needed and the staff and racers kept the cars going down the track rapid fire. Good show for our race fans both days. Also credit to Elmer for repairing the lightning/storm damage done to our scoreboard/timing system promptly, repairs were done by late Wednesday. Next weekend, Sat. July 9th, Street Nite, Md Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.0 Index and more, open time runs start at 3 pm, Test & Tune on Sunday noon to 5 pm, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway next weekend!

Saturday -- June 25th
The 3rd annual Rocking Chair Nationals was once again a huge success, 271 race cars competed and we also had a great turnout of race fans. We started at 9 am with the show cars filling the Rt. 40 side pit area with about 120 entries. At about 10 am we did special guest interviews and awards presentations at the winners circle. It was good to see so many racers from the 50's and 60's once again participating this weekend and sharing the stories of their racing from back in the day. Now for the racing, we got underway at 11:30 am. First off, new this year, we included the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series cars, 25 cars entered. In the final it was Chris Kelican in an 8 second 62 Catalina winning over Greg Orris in his late model GTO. John Gunter took third place. Nostalgia Eliminator was a huge class, over 75 cars and in the end, Jeff McMillen in his 66 Mustang won over Dave Outten in his Corvette. Footbrake was also a big class, over 70 cars and in the finals Nichole Talbert squared off with Troy Gerhart. Both were one off their dials, Troy .021 reaction time, Nichole was .004, what a race, both of these drivers were sharp all day long, the winners first place money $2,000.00! runner-up money $500.00! The semi racers were A. C. Carroll and Marty Flegal, Jr. Top Sportman was for the fast cars, 5.99 and quicker. Mike Daymude coming off his Quick 16 win two weeks ago was again nearly flawless, great lights and either one off or dead on the dial runs in all 5 rounds. In the final he lined up against Chuck Wishard who left first with an .010 light, Mike was close with an .016 light, Chuck got there first but ran .02 too quick while Mike was .01 off the dial to take the win. A great final! Lastly the Eric Kitchen Pro Stick cars, nearly 60 strong, as always put on a great show, hard launches, big wheel stands and quick runs round after round. James Smith took the win in his Mustang over Chris Shaffer in his Plymouth Fury, Eric Kitchen and Austin Lilley took the semi spots. We also had several exhibition cars making passes including Jim and Allison Lee's front engine top fuel dragster. The top fuel match race had both cars with long, loud, smokey burnouts and on the second run, both cars ran 4.40's at 160 mph. Even with the big car count we wrapped up the racing action about 8:30 pm. Special thanks go out to Gary Gore and Hayne Dominick and the entire Mason Dixon staff and management for all their hard work before race day and during the whole race day and show. Again we had a great track all day long, great track prep/maintanence as usual. Mt. Aetna Fire Co. did a great job with their food stand providing great sandwiches along with our two food stands that were real busy all day long. We thank everyone, racers and race fans and show car entrants for participating in this terrific event.

Sunday -- June 26th
Electrical gremlins from late week thunderstorms/lightning strikes caused printer, scoreboard and other electrical issues that forced us to cancel racing for today. We will be back up and running for the Test & Tune on Fri. and the SBRA Firecracker event on Sat. and Sun. Check the flyer on this website for details, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday  --  June 18th

Sunday  --  June  19th
We ran a make up Summit Points Race that had been rained out 2 weeks ago. The Junior Dragsters took the track at 9:30 am. The girls are now back in the win column as Kaylee Henry won over Ryan Ely, Chesney Gosnell was third. 21 cars were in the Junior Dragster class. Elmer Wachter put up an extra $100 to the winner and $50 to the runner-up with this money to go to the Dads on this Father’s Day race. Super had an all dragster final with Joey Harrison over Paul Burruss. Pro was won by Greg Ecker over Chris Crawford. Street had Garrett Suders winning over Lukas Birks. In the Bike final it was once again Brian Canoles vs. Dale Hamilton, this time Brian took the win, Gene Belt was third. Again another good day, good close racing, great track prep/maintenance and the weather was near perfect, mid 80's and not humid. Overall a real good day, 130 cars and bikes raced with us today. By the way, Trish once again did the 50/50 sales raising nearly $500.00 for our racers points fund, thanks Trish! Next Saturday, "Rocking Chair Nationals"!!! Pro Stick, $2,000 Footbrake race, Nostagia Eliminator, OPDS Pontiacs, Top Sportsman cars, a show car field and a TOP FUEL DRAGSTER match race. Don't miss this one! Sunday is a Summitt ET Series race. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway.

Saturday -- June 11th
We ran into a hot humid one today, temps hit 95 degrees but that didn't stop our racers from putting on a great show on this Street Nite event. Let's kick it off with Md. Performance Center Real Street, 13 cars were in the program and with sky high track temps these cars still hooked and put up some stout numbers. In the final Dave Guy ran low ET with a 5.21 but was out gunned at the starting line by Josh McCoy who won with a slightly slower 5.25, margin of victory was less than one foot. What a race. Quick 16 had 23 cars running to try to make the field with a 5.93 bump. In the final, Dennis Hammond dialed a 5.62, he left with a .021 light and ran a 5.633 but coming after him was Mike Daymude with a .015 light and a dead on 5.330 on his 5.33 dial, great race in this final with Mike taking the win. Mitch Willingham and Ronnie Horwath were the semi racers. The 6.50 Index cars had Nathan Englar winning over Brian Beachley with Ron Gusack taking third place. Pro was won by George Stanley on his 'Busa over Gary Kelican in his Maverick, Paul James Sr. was third place finisher. Modified Street was won by Larry Price over Clinton Garland. Drive In Street had Ed Newlin over Amy Waters in the final. Over 120 cars competed and we also had a big group of race fans on hand also. Once again, stellar track prep / maintenance kept the cars hooked up well in spite of the heat. A real good Street Nite race for sure, we finished up about 9:45 pm.
Sunday -- June 12th
We did a little of everything today, it was a bit cooler, temps in the hi 80's with real stiff, gusty winds. First off we started the day with National Dragster Challenge for the Junior Dragsters, three Wallys up for grabs. We had a nice turnout of 35 cars, in the 6 to 9 yr old group Danny Spotts won over Abagail Herrold with Harley Ely taking third place. The biggest group was the 10 to 14 yr olds with Stevie Dustin getting his biggest win ever taking the Wally by beating Ben Spotts in the final. Tyler Naill took third spot. In the 15 yr old and up it was Ken Kohr over Stephanie Morgan in the final. Great job by all the Junior Dragster drivers; good, close racing from start to finish. At noon the big cars took the track. The Mid Atlantic Street Outlaws were in the house with a nice turnout of racers, in the Extreme Street heads-up class Jimmy Dalans ran the low ET of class with a 4.99 @ 148 mph in his twin turbo Lightning Ford truck over Scott Carson's Camaro who ran a 5.10. Sadly Dave Guy had mechanical trouble and couldn't make the semis, he was fast too, in the 5.0s. The 5.90 Index class had Brian Plasterer over Chris Rankin, the 6.40 Index class had Sonny Nichols winning over Marc Kowalcheck. Lastly we ran our eighth mile Footbrake $2000.00 to win class. 64 cars made round one and Andy Dolan took out a tough Mike Rudacille in the final, Andy had the better light, Mike broke out by .02 trying to catch him. Steve McCully had a good day taking third. This was an eight round race, a lot of excellent racers participated. We also ran a Test & Tune class with 30 cars in the house, 160 total cars on the property. Once again we had a great turnout of race fans that saw a great show. Dave McMeans again announced with me during the MASO portion of the show and at other times also. Track prep was again outstanding, very fast cars went down the track real well all day long. We finished up about 6:30 pm. Next weekend, on Friday nite a Test & Tune and Instant Green race, two classes, driven in cars and trailered in cars, on Saturday, SBRA race with a $2,000.00 to in Mutt & Jeff Super class, on Sunday a Summit ET Series race. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday -- May 27th
Over 100 cars participated in the Test & Tune event. We also ran a Gamblers Race....Troy Gerhart took the win. Showers did hit right as racing was winding down.

Saturday -- May 28th
First off, this was day one of a triple header SBRA 1/8 mile points event. Starting the Junior Dragsters, we had 29 in round one with Landon Palmer winning over Sammie Miller in the final. Lacy Dustin and Ryan Ely were the semi racers...special note, Lacy probably drove the best she has done with great lights and nearly right on the dial runs in her four rounds of racing, great job Lacy. Then the big cars took the track. In Footbrake Nathan Englar won over Mike Rodgers, Larry Taylor and Tammy Gray were the semi racers, 70 cars were in the class. Super was won by Pittsburgh’s Matt Palyas over Mike Daymude, Paul Burruss took third place. Bike was won by Tom Eaton over Brian Canoles. In the Second Chance races, Super had Shawn Barrett over Mark Gray and in Footbrake Jim Berry won over Rodney Eichelberger. We finished up about 7 pm.

Sunday -- May 29th
The Juniors again had a big turnout of 31 cars with Ronnie Webb Jr. winning over Logan Simpkins with Scotty Morgan, Jr. and Alyssa McFadden being the semifinalists. High School was won by Charlotte Mallow over Harley Bergeau. There was again a big turnout in all the classes, right as were starting the third round light rain/sprinkles stopped the racing. Track staff spent over an hour blowing off and dragging the track and just as we were nearly ready to resume racing more showers rolled in we were done for the day.  All the remaining racers were paid round money instead of rain checks. We again finished up at about 7 pm.

Monday -- May 30th
ast day! Junior Dragsters again were at 29 cars. The girls avoided a sweep with Kaylee Henry winning over Eric Bowles, Logan Simpkins took third. Footbrake had another great turnout, Andy Dolan took the win over Tim Hawlks, Gary Kelican took third spot. Nick Bowman won Super with his Duster over Mike Hoff with Danny Mattera taking third place. John Eaton was the Bike winner over Brian Canoles who was runner-up twice over the weekend. T. J. Chapman won Trophy over Wayne Donoho. The Sunday Junior Street class did finish up today with Steve Dustin over Sammie Miler, Bailee Zepp was third.

Thoughts on the weekend, Super track prep/maintenance all 4 days, cars again ran back to back identical ETs or one off was the norm for many of our racers. Minimal down time from oil downs. Yes it got warm, 90 degrees on Sat. slightly lower temps Sun. and Mon. but everyone kept things moving with 700 cars in the four days, nearly 100 Junior Dragsters, over 200 entries both Sat. and Sun. Overall a very good event, we appreciate all of our racers and race fans for supporting Mason Dixon Dragway. Don't forget, Fri. nite June 3rd we have a Test & Tune from 6pm to 10pm. We will also have sessions with the "Instant Green" starting during the evening. Sat. "Put up or Shut up" race, Instant Green racing, fast index classes, a big Footbrake race and a top 16 race also. On Sunday we have a Summit ET race. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday -- May 13th
 This was a well attended Test & Tune night with 80 cars competing making many runs til 10 pm. A very nice attendance of race fans too.
Saturday -- May 14th
Sadly the weather won this race....again...rains showers pushed us back to a start time of 5 pm. Our track staff spent better than 2 hours brushing/drying the track, even before rains entirely quit, they were out there working to get this race in the books. At just after 5 pm we got underway. We got several classes down the track and then we had Maryland Performance Center Real Street making their qualifier runs, Dave Guy lined up with Russ Martin, Dave ran a 5.23 @ 133 mph to Russ running a 5.31 @ 132 mph. Then the skies turned black and it rained hard again, we had to call it a day at that point.
Sunday -- May 15th
This was the 33rd Annual Mid- Atlantic Mopar Meet. Yes it was a bit chilly and windy but it didn't stop a great number of racers, 135 strong, plus many very nice show cars, vendors and race fans from participating. In Trophy, Gart Rudisill was the winner, Street had Randall McNamee over Dave Toms, Ray Bloom took third. In Pro, long time Super Stock racer Dave Reitz drove his nostalgia stocker, a '63 max wedge powered Plymouth to a big win over Larry Taylor in the final. This was a six round race and Dave was great on the 'tree all day, especially in the first four rounds. Earl Morgan was third. Super had Tim Peters in his low 5 sec. dragster winning over Colby Imes in the final. The Slant Six racers had a good turnout, they ran two races in one day. About 16 cars competed Will Burns's Cuda with a turbo laid down low 9.60 passes. Overall, a real good day.
Don't forget next weekend! SBRA race on SAT. and a Sunday a $2000 to win Foot Brake race with a Test & Tune! See you next week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- April 30th
This was a $2000 to win Footbrake race and a Test & Tune event. We were able to get one round of the Footbrake racers in before rain cut the day short. Rather than giving rain checks to the Footbrake racers,  Elmer Wachter/Mason Dixon opted to split the $2000 purse amongst the round one winners, $120 to each racer. All appreciated this decision. Thanks to Dave McMeans of Hershey, Pa for filling in for me today, Dave did his usual excellent announcing.

Sunday-- May 1st
All day rain was the winner today, we cancelled the racing action the night before.

Saturday  --  May 7th
This was a Summit ET series race, we started with the Junior Dragsters at noon. 27 Juniors made round one. Christopher Burch won over Alyssa McFadden in the final. Noah Lind and A J Jenkins received $50 each for reaching the semi finals thanks to Chris Lil of Diabetic Delights of Frederick Md. Thanks Chris! We had 4 racers that made the long haul from southern Maryland / MIR country. They were  Gayge Farrell who had .000 pefect light in qualifying, Jacob Nahory, Bristin Mister and A J Jenkins who got to the semis. All these drivers were very good, hope they make back to Mason Dixon when they can. We also had Cameron Proctor of Clear Spring Md. who is 8 yrs. old making his license runs. He drove well and ran several 11.80 runs with a best of 11.78 @ 53 mph. His parents, Heather and Jason put together a good looking and good running car too!  The big cars took the track at 2:30pm. Trophy had Doug Chell winning over Harley Bergeau in the final, Street was interesting, three Suders and Kalvin Kline in the semis. The very smart Garret Suders went -.007 red against his wife Kristen in the one semi while Courtney Suders beat Kalvin Kline in the other semi. In the final the sister-in-laws battled it out, Kristen won over Courtney. Pro had Daryl Clark over -.001 redlighting Troy Gerhart while Jason Deavers took third. Super had Danny Brown winning over Mike Daymude's dragster, Shawn Barrett took third spot. In Bike Boyd Mathias won over Dale Hamilton, Steve Murray was third.

Sunday  --  May 8th
This was the 4th annual Cruise for the Cure , Relay for Life event. Sara Mulkey and all the Stablemates Car Club members did a great job with this event that featured a huge car show, food vendors, many ladies apperel and jewelry vendors, a chassis dyno ,two bands and drag racing. What a crowd, a packed house. The drag racing part was handled by the Mason Dixon Dragway staff, many cars did the Test & Tune thing, there was some grudge races also. Two of our regulars ran a best 2 out of 3 race, Tammy Gray ran her husband Mark and beat him two straight. We ran a Gamblers Race also, Chris Kelican  beat Bobby Smith in the final, Tammy Gray took third, all three got great Trophies for their efforts. Things were winding down by about 4 pm. We don't have any numbers yet but it would appear that this was the biggest ever Cruise for the Cure event ever!

Raised  $19147.00 At Event

A couple of thoughts here. The new aluminum grandstands are set in place and the fencing will be finished hopefully this week. Paving on some the roads were done, some widening and some rough places repaired. Great additions to Mason Dixon. Last weekend I announced the Lucas Oil Drag Race Series event at Virginia Motorsports Park. Several of our racers were in various classes. Grag Daymude, Chase Fahnestock, Vic Guilmino and Ronnie Proctor Sr. all won first round but lost in round two. But we had one winner, John Price on his Pro Gas class Harley won the class with a 8.52 @ 153 mph in the final. This is a heads up class, no one had anything for John. Great Job! Dave McMeans filled in for me while I was gone, thanks Dave!  Two weeks ago Jim Moran of Lovettsville Va. moved back home to Wisconsin where he is originally from, we'll miss him, we are going follow his racing as he will be on Team Rock Falls Raceway near Eau Claire Wi. Good luck Jim!  Saturday, Md. Performance Real Street/Quick 16/6.50 Index and Bracket classes. Sunday, 33 rd Mid Atlantic  Mopar Meet. Huge car show, drag race, vendors and more. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Friday -- April 22nd
Threatening weather limited the car count for this Test & Tune event. About 8 pm the rains came and the racing came to an end.

Saturday  --  April 23rd
This was a SBRA series race that started with the Junior Dragsters at noon. Scotty Morgan Jr. had the big win over Charlotte Mallow in the final. Jo Jo Mallow, last weeks winner, and Evan Lind were the semi racers. At 2:30 pm the big cars took the track. We had the ECIR [Chevy Impala group] racers with us and they ran two races. there were 14 cars racing, the first race had Dan Fahey winning over Fred Gramby and in race two it was again Dan Fahey over Nabi Guffy. In Trophy Kelli Fleming was the winner. Footbrake had a good turnout with a great final. Brian Lind held off Ronnie Proctor Jr. for the win, Chris Crawford took third place. Super had a great final with Dennis Hammond winning over many time track champion Ronnie Horwath. Danny Brown and Joey Harrison were the semi finalists. Bike had John Eaton over Paul James Jr. while Tom Eaton was third. We had 142 cars racing and we finished up about 8:15 pm. Many good, close races all day long. The track was great all day but our staff did put in a lot of time drying the track as the overnite rains had really soaked the track and grounds. A tough day to dial the cars though, low clouds and higher humidity gave way to clearing skies and much better corrected altitude later in eliminations caused many break out and sometimes double break out runs.

Sunday  --  April 24th
This was a Test & Tune event, we started at 11:30 am and ran til 4:30 pm. We had 98 cars, bikes and trucks making many runs, some made 20 passes. Many Pro Stick and Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series cars made many runs. The Pontiacs will be with us next Sunday. Bill Smith was again making many runs sorting out the stick trans. set up now in the car, he's getting there!  Also we had a great turnout of race fans too! This Saturday Junior Dragsters at noon. A $2000 to win, $500 runner-up Footbrake race at 2 pm and Test & Tune also. Sunday is a Summit ET series race with the Outlaw Pontiacs in attendance. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday  --  April 16th
Finally a beautiful day, Sunny skies and temps in the high 60's greeted our racers and race fans on this busy day. In the morning we hosted 9 Model A and Model T Fords, stunningly restored and mechanically perfect, all the cars made many full 1/4 mile passes, hot lapping too! Elapsed times in the low 20 sec. range, speeds in the mid 50s, pretty good for the horsepower these cars produced, fun part of the day for sure. At noon we started with the Junior Dragsters, 23 cars ran with Jo Jo Mallow winning over Dylan Moore in the final, Christopher Burch took third place. Good driving by all today in the Junior Dragster class as always. At 2 pm we started the day with qualifying for the Mid Atlantic Street Outlaw group. This was their first ever event and went very well overall. Duane Morris and Sam and Dave and Kim McMeans manage the program its a good one too. Extreme Outlaw, a heads up class had several real fast cars and trucks, Jimmy Dolan uncorked a 5.01 @ 149 mph in a turbo Lightning Ford Truck, what a rocket. Dave Guy was fast too and in the semis ran a low ET 4.97 @ 142 mph and Brian Devilbiss' Devils Reject Mustang ran a 5.06 @ 149 mph. In the final Brian Devilbiss won out over Jimmy Dolan, Dave Guy took third. Extreme Street, a 5.90 Index class had just one entry with Gary "Rooster" White the winner. Pro Street, a 6.40 Index class had 8 entries, in the final, Dan DeBurkhart ran a 6.43 coupled with an .015 light taking out Sonny Nichols who went a bit quick with a 6.38. A big thanks to all that participated in the first MASO race. Dave McMeans long time announcer at Numidia Dragway [18 years] co-announced with me during the show and did his usual excellent job, thanks Dave. Mid Atlantic Street Outlaws will be back three more times this year. This was the first Summit ET series event for 2016 and it was a well attended race with great, close racing as always. Trophy was won by Kelli Fleming in her mid 14 sec. S-10 truck. Street had Lukas Birks winning over Ray Williams, veteran racer Wil Martlock was third. Special note, Lukas took the win on his 30th birthday with brothers Seth who always here but also older brother Chad was in attendance also, he used to race back in the 90's, he was a terror in Street at the Mountain. Pro had Troy Gerhart driving very well all day long winning over Ronnie Proctor Jr. who went red. Brian Lind took third place. Super had a great final, Kevin Moore dialed a 10.00 in his Mustang against Mike Daymude in his Mopar dragster dialing a 7.49. Kevin left with a .009 light and a ran a 10.002 on the 10.00 dial, an .011 package, Mike Daymude was out by .03 trying to catch Kevin, great race. Kevin had three double 0 lights in 5 round race. Paul Burriss and Michael Shoop were the semi racers. In Bike it was Brian Canoles who was in the 7.90's all day long won over Kermit Garnett III in the finals, Richard Diggs and Paul James Jr were the semi riders. Dale Hamilton had a top end incident in the pea gravel pit at the end of the track, luckily he suffered only a badly sprained/bruised wrist  We hope he will be back in action soon! We finished up at about 9:20 pm, 175 cars raced with us today.

Sunday  --  April 17th
Sunny weather with temps in the high 70's greeted us today on this Test & Tune day, we had 130 cars, bikes and trucks that  participated. Lester Holtzapple in his 'Cuda licensed with runs in the 9.80 range. Bill Smith's Pinto now is running a Doug Nash 5 speed stick combo for Pro Stick this year. Bill made several runs mostly in the high 10's, he will get faster as he gets the Pinto sorted out. Greg Doll and Stacie Borst had their Harleys making runs in the mid 8's @ 160 mph. Another fun Test & Tune day, we finished up the day at 4:30 pm. Next week, Fri. nite a Test & Tune event from 6 pm til about 10 pm. Sat. is the first SBRA points race, Juniors start at noon, big cars at 2 pm. Sun. another Test & Tune. 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Saturday -- April 9th
The Street Nite event was cancelled due to rain/snow and very cold and windy weather. We did move the Md. Performance Center Real Street part of the program over to Sunday.

Sunday -- April 10th
A lot to talk about here. Let's start with the beginning of the day, yeah it was cold, temps in the high 20's when we started with the Junior Dragsters at 9:30 am. First off Chris Lil of Diabetic Delights, Frederick, Md. put up an extra $100.00 to the Junior Dragster class. Sammie Miller's .028 light in qualifying earned her $25.00. In the final, Sammie squared off with Dylan Moore, Sammie took the win with an outstanding .003 light, both drivers were .03 off their dials in a good race. Eric Bowles took third spot. He won $50.00 and Dylan Moore got $25.00 over the usual purse. Chris will put up $100.00 for each Junior Dragster points race, a big thanks to Chris Lil, Diabetic Delights! Now about Justin Reggio's Md. Performance Center Real Street. First off Dave Guy was low qualifier with a stout 5.20 @ 132 mph. Everybody else was fast today, Dave Guy, Russ Martin, Jack Williamson, Josh McCoy and 16 yr. old Dalyn Palmer all ran in the 5.20's and 5 teens. Sixty foot times as quick as 1.18 and many real low 1.20's were the order of the day. In the semis, Dave Guy beat Jack Williamson with a 5.26 @ 131 mph to a off pace 5.77. Russ Martin then uncorked a 5.17 @ 135 mph pass over Josh Wheeler. In the final we had a good one, the two fastest cars had at it with Dave Guy running a 5.13 @ 135 mph with an .013 light and Russ Martin hanging right there with a 5.17 @ 136 mph and fine .021 light. What a great race. By the way, Dave Guy in his bye run in round one set the record e.t. for Real Street with a 5.12 @ 135 mph coupled with a 1.18 60 ft. time. Great show by all, these racers run a fast paced show with good, close, fast racing, we look forward to the next race for Real Street which is Saturday, May 14th. Now for the class cars, Trophy had Greg Orris winning over Chris Campbell. Calvin Kline won Street over Ginger Deaver's in a close one. Pro had Chris Crawford winning over Tammy Gray while Mark Harbaugh was third. Super Pro was won by Mark Gray over Mark Coover, the semi racers were Al Craword and Jason Day. Bike had John Eaton defeating Paul James Sr. with Dave Clinedinst taking third place. We had a good turn out of Test & Tune cars, Jim Day had his 69 Mustang making his license runs, all looked good, best pass, 9.58 @ 140 mph. Jeff Brady's dragster was in the house, 7.30's @ 181 mph, impressive. Once again, Jake Landes and Bub Casto did a teriffic job of track prep, they spent time during week and very early on Sunday to give us a great track, Also the rest of the staff, Chris, Josh, Chris, R.D. Steve and Elmer all jump in to the between round maintenance and clean up as needed. As cold as it was, it did hit mid 40's by the end of the day, we still had a GREAT track to race on from start to finish. Next week, a Summit ET Points race on Saturday, Test & Tune on Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway next week!

Saturday -- April 2nd
Again, light rains showers were with us til about 10 am but we were able to get the track ready for racing at the noon scheduled start time. 96 cars, bikes, trucks and Junior Dragsters made many time runs right til 5 pm. About the Juniors, in attendance were Jo Jo and Charlotte Mallow, Harley and Ryan Ely, Kaylee and Emma Henry, Joshua Sisk, Sammie Miller and first time with us Jarrod Kissinger from Sinking Spring Pa. [near Reading Pa]. Everybody in this group ran well and made numerous runs. Hope we will see the Kissinger family again real soon. Also, Elmer Wachter/Mason Dixon Dragway put up $50.00 to the best reaction time in one of the Junior's time run sessions, Jo Jo Mallow was the winner with a fine .025 light. Brittany Harrison made her license runs in her strong Super Pro Mustang with several low 9.60s @ 140 mph passes. Melvin Armel road Dave Clinedinst's bike to several high 8.20s @ 160 mph runs, all nice, clean, straight passes. Steve Morgret's dragster, Mark Decker's dragster and many other bracket cars made nice passes. The Bike racers were in force again today also. Bikes are going to be a big class this year! Very good day overall, again kudos to the track staff for their excellent track prep and extra time spent drying the track so we could start on time as scheduled! Our guys are good at this! Sadly, Sunday's race was cancelled due to very high winds and temps that only made it to the low 40's and that was late in the day. Now on Satuday, April 9th, Md. Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index, Pro, Limited Street, Pure Street and Street Bike and Test & Tune Sunday April 10th is a Bracket race, Junior Dragsters, Super, Pro, Street, Bike, Trophy, Test & Tune, not a points race. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday -- March 25th
Chassis Certification began a three day effort with 96 Race cars being certified in the 3 day period. We saw many new builds as well as new customers come through the lines. Hope to see them as the 2016 Season gets in full swing.

Saturday -- March 26th
Bright sunshine and temps in the high 50's greeted our racers and race fans on this Test & Tune day. We had 125 racers making many runs that started at 11 am and went on til a bit after 4 pm. We had many full on race cars, bikes, street cars and trucks and several Junior Dragsters getting ready for our first Summit ET Series race coming up next weekend, Sunday, April 3rd. We also ran a gamblers race with Greg Ecker over Garret Suders in Footbrake while Mike Daymude who was in mid season form winning over Joey Harrison in the Super Pro final. Mike ran 8.20's with a couple of .00 lights on the way to his win behind the wheel of his Dodge Demon. Once again, track prep was excellent, an overall very good day.

Racer Committee met at the Bob Evans Restaurant, Subjects covered were Two Steps for Stick cars in Footbrake, and Pro (Decision only the high side chip allowed), discussion about actions taken for negative social media, (Decided that if a racer has a problem with the track or staff that they first come to track administrator to allow a resolution before posting negative about the track) Track Operator explained the banning of certain racers from the track, and that any action taken will also have the class representative made aware of the action. It was decided that the next meeting date would be in April and chosen by the racer committee. Possible times would be on an event day prior to the actual event. Racer Committee expressed the desire to make summer Saturday events start at a later time, racing into the night to get away from the extreme heat. It was brought up about Summit Series races would they all be 1/4 mile? This will be decided by the class racers. The track’s position is the racers best know the format they prefer, changes can be made, on a class by class basis.

Sunday -- March 27th
Low, gray clouds and cooler temps probably limited the turnout a bit today. 45 cars, trucks and bikes ran many runs today. The Bogle team in their 63 Chevy Nova, a real nice car by the way, made the 6 license runs needed, the last two in the 9.60's.  Good job! Talking track prep, how about Joshua McCoy's Md Performance Center Real Street nitrous Mustang making 4 runs. First a 5.31, then a 5.29, next a 5.24 with a 1.19 60ft time. Then on the last pass, another 1.19 launch but also a big wheel stand, Joshua lifted a bit and still ran 5.40, all runs at 131 mph. This is a real good, sorted out car and will be a threat in Real Street this year! Justin Brumley had his beautiful Real Street turbo Mustang running in the high 5's, real good car, it's going to go faster as the season progresses. We ran a Gamblers race, just one class, Tammy Gray getting the win over Joey Harrison, margin of victory .0031 works out to 7 inches, close! Rick Shirey had his Dragster running 7.50's Kerry Grigsby's Fairmont also ran both days, all runs in the low 8.70s @ 154 mph, another very good car. About the chassis certifications, we did them Fri., Sat., and Sun., over 100 cars participated, last year about 65 cars, a good sign for sure. We finished up about 4 pm, another good day. March racing now done, we got 4 days in of 8 possible, last year we only got in one, big improvement. Next weekend, Sat. April 2nd, Test & Tune day, Sun. April 3rd, the real racing begins, Summit ET Points race, Junior Dragsters at 9:30 am, big cars take the track at 11:30 am. We are really looking forward to getting into our points racing on Sunday. Hope to see everyone again this coming weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Saturday -- March 12th
Today was again a Test & Tune day that started off ok as we got underway as scheduled at 11 am but around 12:30 pm one of 3 race delays caused by very light rain showers stopped the racing action. Each time the showers hit, the Mason Dixon staff members consisting of Jake, Bub, both Chris's, R.D., Stevie and Elmer all got out on the track to dry, clean up and drag the racing surface to put it back in its usual excellent condition. Great job by all to keep the race going.  We don't give up easily to a few light rain showers!  We did finish up the day at 4:15 pm with partly cloudy skies, temps in the mid 50's. About the racing, 68 cars, bikes and trucks participated. Rodney Eichelberger ran his license runs in his 406 Chevy small block powered Opel GT to several 9.90 runs @ 135 mph. Brian Canoles turbo Hyabusa ran a quick 7.99 @ 164 Mph, Jerry Williams' new 05 GTO Quick 16 car ran an easy 4.82 @ 142 mph 1/8 mile pass,  Jeff Hielman's daughter Amber, first time driving, drove moms Trans Am to a 12.97 @ 107 mph best, Gary Kelican had the Maverick running 9.60's on several passes and Ken Carr's front engine small block dragster ran 9.14 @ 142 mph. Many other regulars were out testing, Rick and Darius Wenger, Lukas Birks, Bill Johnson, The entire Stanley Gang, Dave Clinedinst, Both Eatons, Paul James Sr. the Boyd family, Ronnie Horwath  and many others made plenty of runs. We also had a Challenger Hellcat, ran over 125 mph, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, Mustangs, Camaros, Diesel trucks and street bikes, a good day despite the rain delays. Next weekend will be Test & Tune days on Sat. March 19th and Sun. March 20th. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this coming weekend!  

Sunday -- March 6th
The 2016 race season at Mason Dixon Dragway is officially underway! A bit cold and damp conditions greeted the track staff in the early morning hours today, the late morning was better as the skies cleared and we started racing at 11:30 am. The first half hour we went 1/8 mile racing but quickly opened the track to full 1/4 mile passes. We had an excellent turnout with 78 cars, trucks and bikes racing and many race fans were on hand also. Here's just a few who were making test passes today, Rick Wenger's 66 Chevelle blasted several low 10.80 runs, Larry Price's Malibu wagon ran 11.70's, Tammy Gray's Malibu wagon now running 10.40's, Dave Clinedinst's bike ripped an 8.07 @ 164 mph. Others that ran today, on Bikes, Kermit Garnett III, Brian Canoles, Joe and George Stanley, Jason Smith on his Right Away Powder Coating ride and others. Russ Martin, Dan Colangelo, Md Performance Center Real Street drivers were here visiting. Arthur Sheffler, Steve Ryan, Jennifer Decker, Kelly Fleming and daughter Harley, and many others all made numerous runs today. We wrapped up the day at 4:00 pm. It was good to back with all the Mason Dixon staff and our racers and race fans, we look forward to a great 2016 race season!

We will be back next weekend, Sat. March 12th and Sunday March 13th, both days are like today, Test & Tune events. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway.

Saturday -- Nov. 21st -- The "Hen" race
Mostly sunny skies and temps that reached the low 50's greeted our racers and race fans on this next to the last race for the 2015 race season. We kicked off the racing with the Junior Dragsters at 10:30 am. We had 16 cars with Landon Palmer over Ryan McFadden in the final, Dylan Moore took third. We had a new racer from north Jersey with us both days, Francis Vignola made it to round two both days. Nice job Francis, hope the Vignola's will make it back in 2016. The big cars took the track at noon. In Trophy, Harley Bergeau won over Wayne Donoho. Street had Kalvin Kline back in his Dodge truck winning over Gregg Orris. Pro had 48 entries, B. J. Morrisett taking the win over Scott Vaughn, Mike Rodgers took third. Bernie Pyles brought his Chevelle wagon to run Super and won in the final over footbraking George Huff, John Myers and "Chucky" Charles Copeland were the semi racers. Brian Fandel won over Troy Sanders in Bike. We also ran a good number of Test & Tune cars, the total car count today was 160, we finished up at 5:45 pm.

Sunday -- Nov. 22nd -- The "Turkey" race
Last day of racing for 2015. The weather changed, it was 40 deg. at 9am and never went up from there, a good stiff NW wind made it feel pretty chilly but at least it stayed mostly sunny and no rain or snow! The Juniors took the track at 9:30 am with again Landon Palmer taking the win over Noah Lind in the final, 18 participated. What a pleasure it has been to have all of our excellent Junior Dragster racers and their family members run with us this year. The big cars were next, at 11:30 am sharp we got underway, Trophy was won by Rick Wenger is his strong running street legal 66 Chevelle over baseball pitcher from the Tampa Devil Rays Travis Ott. His dad and mom, Rick and Melody Ott were at the track today, Rick is ready for a comeback in 2016! Street had the 65 Nova SE6, {I'll need to find our winners name and will post it later] over Carlos DeJesus, Don Dickerson was the third place racer. Pro was had Troy Gerhart over Nicole Talbert in the final. Bob Bowers was third, another good outing for Bob. By the way, Nicole Talbert has moved back to Maryland and no doubt will be with us a lot in 2016, add her to the list of top shelf racers at Mason Dixon. Super was won by Mark Gray over Ronald Reber in his 4.80 & 143 mph dragster. The Bike class had Paul James Sr. over Joe Stanley, George Stanley was third. Once again 160 racers competed today, we finished up about 4:45 pm, by then it was getting pretty cold. Overall a real good day.

Well that's it for 2015, Keep checking our website for Mason Dixon news and also the 2016 schedule as it comes together. Once again it was a pleasure to work at Mason Dixon, I work with excellent owners and staff members and I am proud to be associated with Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- Nov. 14th
Even with gusty winds and temps in the high 40's about 60 cars showed and made many time runs. As usual all types of cars and bikes participated. The racing went form 11 am til 4 pm.

Sunday -- Nov. 15th
A much nicer day, light winds and temps hit the low 60's as we kicked off the racing at 11:30 am. We ran a Super class, Foot Brake class, a Bike class and offered a Test & Tune session also. In Super it was a father / son final. Chris Crawford got the head start leaving with an .022 light while dad Al Crawford was better with a .008 light. Al got there first but broke out by a mere .002 giving the win to his son Chris. Real close, well run final. Al and Chris had a great year, Al having 3 wins and 3 runner ups this season finishing second in overall Super class points. Mark Decker took third spot. Foot Brake had Troy Gerhart against Kate Roth in the final, Troy went .008 to drive around for the win, 6.34 to a 7.26. Both drivers were "on" the tree all six rounds. Terry Stewart in his S-10 was the third place racer. The Bike class was won by Boyd Mathias over Brian Canoles. The semi racers were Paul James Sr. and Paul James Jr. Good racing from all our Bike riders, they are all tough, week in and week out. Test & Tune numbered over 90 racers today, what a turn out. We have a new racer, Pam Thomas with her husband, "Crazy Kenny" are switching over from dirt track racing to drag racing, they will be racing a Chevy Mailbu in Pro, they are from Boonsboro Md. We look forward to seeing them progress as they race with us in 2016. We also had a visit from Derek Gloster, owner of Byer's Tires, Dover, Pa. as made he made runs in his Mustang, sadly he hurt the engine on one of his passes early in the day. Brad Rogers from Brookside Motors in Dover, Pa also made the trip, hope he'll race with us when he can next year. By the way, all three classes had the regular purses but an additional $200.00 was added to each winner. We wrapped up the racing about 4:30 pm.

All right gang, this is the last weekend of the 2015 racing season coming up next weekend. Sat. Nov. 21st we start with Junior Dragsters at 10 am, big cars at noon, all classes contested, Trophy, Street, Pro, Super Bike and Test & Tune. All the racing is 1/8 mile. Game hens for winners and runner ups along with the usual cash purses. On Sun. Nov. 22nd the same deal, turkeys for the winners runner ups, the usual cash purses and all of the above classes contested. Let's make this a big final event for 2015! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- Nov. 7th
This was a Test & Tune day along with the 6.50 Index cars. About 80 cars and bikes participated. The 6.50 class was won by Tom Bard. Kerry Grigsby's Fairmont made 4 passes, 8.71 twice and 8.70 two times, fast, good working car. Weather wise a bit cloudy to start but an overall good day to go drag racing.

Sunday -- Nov. 8th
Today was the King of the Track day with a "Wally" trophy to the overall champion. The weather was about perfect for racing, clear skies, temps in the low 50's with below sea level corrected altitude all day long. Let's start with Trophy, Dave Alleshire in his '69 Chevelle won over Bob Stagerwalt's Duster in the final, 17 cars were in the class. Street had Lukas Birks taking the win, of note here, Lukas ran the first 12 second runs ever in his LT1 Camaro with the best of a 12.91 @ 106 mph. Pro had Dahryl Clark over Bob Bowers. Good to see Bob all the way to the finals, his best finish for a while, nice job. Super had 2015 track champion Mike Daymude over Bernie Staub. Great racing by both drivers in a field of 30 cars. Bike was the biggest field in awhile, 27 Bikes entered. Kermit Garnett III won over Joe Stanley in the final. Now for the "Wally". Lukas Birks had the bye as had the best light in his final, a real good .008. In the final, Kermit Garnett III took on Dahrl Clark. Kermit left barely red -.005 as Dahryl had turned it on green for the win. 160 cars competed today and even with three fairly messy oil downs we finished about 7:10 pm. On a personal note, Lester Holtzapple ran my Firebird in Street and won two rounds with a best of 11.63 @ 116 mph. Also my daughter Brooke and her partner Stuart Hirsch were with us this weekend, Stuart entered Trophy and did win round one and lost round two in a double breakout against Rod Eichelberger's low 10 sec. Olds. Stuart ran a best 12.07 @ 116 mph. A big thanks to Lester for his between round maintenance/coaching for Stuart who now has raced two times at Mason Dixon.

This coming weekend is a Test & Tune on Sat. Nov. 14th, 11 am to 4 pm. On Sunday Nov. 15th we will start at 11:30 am, three classes Super, Footbrake, Bike all 1/8 mile racing, Test & Tune is also offered. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Sat. -- Oct 31st
What a day, temps in the fifties had everyone real fast today, there was over 210 cars going down the track on this Md Performance Center Real Street, Stock and Super Stock and Test & Tune day. Let's start with Real Street, Dave Guy ended up as low qualifier with a stout 5.20. John Staats was at his fastest ever in his 6 cyl. turbo Supra with a 5.23 @ 136 mph. We ran a Quick 8 with Dave Guy over Russ Martin, Jack Williamson and John Staats were the semi drivers. Of note, Jack's hard charging Nova had a 1.16 sixty ft. in the semis, remarkable considering the small tires used on the car. In the consolation field of nine cars, Billy Williams won over Frank Peacock, Dalyn Palmer was third. Once again, Real Street is a great show, close, fast racing, nice job by all the participants all year long, also a big thanks to the Reggio family and Maryland Performance Center for their dedication to this heads up class! Now to our 21st annual Stock / Super Stock race. We had 46 cars on day one, everyone was fast, in the final Mike Woods NS/S Dodge won over Dan Fahey's Pure Stock Impala. We had 6 lanes of Test & Tune cars making many runs, there were, however, several oil downs, so we didn't finish til 7:30 pm. We had a surprise guest, Dave McMeans, announcer for nearly 20 years at Numidia Dragway, sharing the mike a couple of different times during the day, he did an outstanding job as always. We have worked together many times at different tracks over the years, it was good to see Dave today.

Sun. -- Nov. 1st
Now we had a total of 64 Stock and Super Stock entries with everything from the new COPO, Drag Pak and Cobra Jet cars, Older stockers, Pure Stock, Super Stock and the Super Stock GT and Nostalgia Super Stockers. Some were real fast, A. H. Adkins AMX, SS/B car ran 8.83 @ 149 mph. In the final, Keith Bowman's NS/S Dodge beat Kyle Huntzberry's Camaro, [last years winner], took the win. Roger Reese and Danny Henderson were the semi racers. Sat. best appearing car was Larry Mohar's 69 Camaro, and Sun. best appearing car was Danny Henderson's 63 Dodge. Now for our class cars, Super had Harry Troxler over barely redlighting Todd Welzel in the 6th round final, Scott Miller was third. Pro had first time winner John Tregoning over Kate Roth. Garrett Suders took third. Junior dragster had Dylan Moore over Eric Bowles, Jordan Sigioun took third. Trophy was won by the Acura, [I'll need to get the drivers name and will post it next week] over Harley Bergau in her IROC Camaro. We also had a number of US 13 Dragway cars stop and race with us on their way back from Pittsburg's IHRA Bracket Finals, thanks for running with us! Jim Scott had his 32 Ford Altered making some test passes, best one, 8.40 @ 162 mph. There is still more in this car! We finished up at 5:45 pm.

A big thanks goes out to Mike Carr his dad Gary and mom Wendy for once again organizing this Stock/Super Stock event for the twenty first time! Great job to all the Stock/Super Stock racers, we hope they all enjoyed running with us on the last race in the northeast for the these cars. Great show! It was also great to talk to Mashie Mihalko, writer/photographer for the online ECDN magaziner, Lee Valentine, Allen George, Michael Beard and many others this weekend.

Sat Nov 7th a Test & Tune day and Sun. Nov. 8th a King of the Track Wally race. See you this week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Wed. -- Oct 21st
Day one, we started time runs at 3pm and started eliminations for the first gamblers race at 5pm. About 135 cars participated, in Bike Dale Hamilton won over his brother Kevin Hamilton. Footbrake Chris "Pork Chop" Sauliner over Bob Giles. Super had dual winners, the "Malibu Mafia" gang of Mark Gray and Charles Copeland in the final right at 10pm. They split the money and didn't make the run. The weather was great, warm and sunny temps. in the mid 70's.

Thur. -- Oct 22nd
Day two, we started racing at noon, more cars and bikes today and we did a Junior Dragster gamblers race also. Footbrake had Mark Harbaugh over Travis Hill. Super had Scott Tate over Ronnie Ruff. Bike again was won by Dale Hamilton over Billy Bair. The Junior Dragster class was won by Harley Lotts over Lane Kahley. Really warm today, 78 deg. real sunny, we finished up at 7pm.

Fri. -- Oct. 23rd
Bigger car count, we ran a High Roller, $100 entry fee for Super and Footbrake,$5000 to the winner in each class, started about noon. Footbrake had Nick Bowman winning over Ralph Martin. Super was won by Tim Armstrong over Megan Lotts. The Gamblers races were also run. Footbrake had Steve Lenig over Jim Berry. Super had Bobby Blevins over Al Crawford. Bike was again won by Dale Hamilton over Rick Bunting, now Dale is three for three! Junior Dragster had Brooke Harper over Peyton Bunch. We finished up at just after 10pm. It was much cooler today, temps in the 60's.

Sat. -- Oct 24th
Now more cars on the grounds. Race of Champions contested. Super, Mike Daymude over Billy Blevins, Footbrake J. C. Moon over Kevin Pollard, Bike had Rick Bunting over Billy Bair and Junior dragster had David Hoffman winning the class. In the Gamblers classes Joey Krushinskie over Paul Burruss in the Super class, Footbrake had Jeff Krushinskie over Nick Bowman and in Bike it was Sam Ficarra over Billy Matura. Cooler, cloudy and windy conditions with temps in the high 50's were the order of the day. We finished up just after 10pm.

Sunday -- Oct 25th
Last Day....We had some rain showers overnight, it put us back about 45 minutes, racing underway at 10:30am. temps around 60 degrees. Junior Dragster Race of Champions was first. Kaitlyn Krause took the win over Evan Lind, real good racing 25 cars entered, nice job by all the Juniors for this race! At 11:30am the big cars took the track. Footbrake was a 9 round race just like Fri and Sat, 157 cars, in the end, Nick Bowman won over Cathy Root. Super had Tim Armstrong over Jeff Flick, over 100 cars in the class. Bike was won by Kevin Hamilton over Dylan Wood with 42 Bikes racing. We finished at 6:45 pm, amazing for the car count and the many buybacks. Great event, start to finish!

Final negatives here.....disclaimer..... I know I'll miss some stuff but here it goes....This was a great race from start to finish, great job by everyone involved, Mason Dixon owners, Elmer and Cathy Wachter, all of the track staff, racers, their family and crew members, Hayne Dominick and Gary Gore, other track operators and our sponsor / partners. A big thanks to Krissi Feuerstein for her excellent announcing work, she was a big help giving me some breaks during the event, she knows racing and is really up on the Bike class. Great job. Terrific track prep/maintenance, hard launches all 5 days, Jake Landes and Bubby Casto were at the track way early each day getting the track surface in A-1 shape. We had minimal breakage or clean up, very little down time, tip of the hat to the racers for having cars that mostly stayed together. Mother Nature, thanks for the nearly perfect weather all 5 days. Trish raised $533.00 for the track points fund with her 50 / 50 ticket sales, thanks Trish. Great job by all our track staff, everyone was on time, getting races underway as scheduled and resolving any issues during the event. I'm lucky to work with such an excellent staff every weekend. Maybe the best part, it was a safe race, approximately 5,800 runs went down the track over the five days, great job everybody. Now about some great performances. Paul Burruss on Wed. was late, got no time run, dialed a 4.78 in round one, 4.780 and a perfect light....perfect run! Dale Hamilton, 3 Gamblers Bike wins. Footbrake had Nick Bowman with 2 wins and a runner up, Tim Armstrong in Super getting 2 wins and Bobby Blevins with a win and runner up in Super. Congrats to these excellent racers. The dragster killer award has to be Brandon Lowe driving his 6.50's Mustang taking out many fast 4 second dragsters during the event, nice driving. In the end the team honors went like this, Mason Dixon 79 points, Beaver Spring 77, Colonial Beach 67, Eastside 61, Ghost team, 56, Natural Bridge, 47 and Pittsburg 29. Lastly, there were so many great looking, well engineered, unique and really fast cars in the event, fun to talk about these cars during the event! Again, another great SBRA Bracket Finals in the books.

We are here on Sat. Oct. 31st. Test & Tune AND Md Performance Center Real Street and Stock / Super Stock time runs and gambler race. On Sunday, all classes, Stock and Super / Stock, usually 70 cars, great show, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- Oct. 17th
Today was a Test & Tune day primarily for the diesel trucks but all other cars and bikes were welcome also. Though it was cloudy, breezy and temps only reaching 50 degrees, we had a great turn out with 147 trucks, cars and bikes and plenty of race fans too. We ran from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm with everybody getting plenty of runs. Two of regular racers each ran their first ever 10 second 1/4 mile passes, John Blakenship in his 64 Fairlane Thunderbolt ran a best 10.87 @ 125 mph, then Bob Badger in his gasser tribute 50 Ford ran a couple of 10.90 @ 124 mph passes. Congrats to them, beautiful, well built, unique cars that now can run tens! Very good day overall, though we did have several clean ups to handle during the racing action. The track worked very well as usual too.

Sunday -- Oct. 18th
The 12th annual Diesel Truck event was good one. About 80 trucks competed in an even colder day than yesterday, temps reached 48 degrees, partly cloudy, windy and we even had snow/ rain squall that stopped the racing for about 10 minutes. Before we talk about the racing action we want to thank the sponsor / partners of the event....Richard Price's Antrim Diesel Service of Greencastle, Pa....David Blankenship Trucking....R & R Commercial Trucking....Performance Fuel Injection of Coopersburg Pa....Mason Dixon Dragway / Myersville Exxon, all these companies added money to the purse to make the event a well paying one for the winners and runner-ups. We had help with the food end of the day, Mt. Aenta Fire Co served their great breakfast sandwiches and burgers and fries and Feed Bag group for their Pork barbeque and fries and our food stands, all were really busy on Sat. and Sun. keeping everybody well fed. Now for the racing, Diesel Pickup bracket class was won by Pete Church over Logan Willard, Big Rig bracket was won by Jim Peddicord over Justin Butler. Quick 8 Pickup had Evan Moser winning the final with a 10.73 @ 134 mph over Brandon Shank running a game 11.99 @ 113 mph. Quick 8 Big Rig had Craig Morris running his best of the day 13.39 @ 112 mph over Justin Butler. Lastly we ran the two bracket class winners in a "Winner Take All" race, $500.00 to the winner put up by Mason Dixon Dragway/Myersville Exxon. Jim Peddicord took the win over Pete Church. All winners got plaques and the "big" checks along with the cash payouts. Very nice race, no breakage or oil downs, good racing and a good turn out of race fans. Thanks to all that participated! A little side note... Kevin Hamilton made his first passes since his accident several weeks ago, his runs all about 9.90 @ 134 mph. Welcome back Kevin!

This Wednesday is day 1 of the 5 day SBRA Bracket finals. Check the schedule / start times of all 5 days of the event on the event flyer page. See you this week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- Oct. 10th

This was our last Street Nite for 2015 and it was the biggest one of the year, 192 cars competed with 19 entries in the Md. Performance Real Street class alone. They put on a show too! Dave Guy ran a 5.178 coupled with a 1.14 60 ft. time and right behind him, Justin Bowmaker made the run of the year, 5.172 @ 137 mph. We broke the field into 2 classes, the fastest 8 and then the others each ran for class honors. In the semis of the fast group, Jack Williamson won over Dave Guy as he had mechanical issues at the start, Justin Bowmaker beat Rob Falcone in the other semi. The final was a great one, Jack Williamson left hard and was ahead for awhile but the big top end power of Justin Bowmaker's turbo Mustang drove around with a 5.18 @ 137 mph to 5.28 @ 129 mph. Great final. In the consolation portion of Real Street, former Junior Dragster racer Dalyn Palmer won over Tommy Bauerlein in a dead close final, 5.57 to a slower but better reacting 5.64, margin of victory about 3 feet. Md Performance Center Real Street comes back one more time on Sat. Oct. 31st. The Quick 16 was real good, a 5.79 bump, the semis had Jeremy Hammond over Mitch Willingham and Jerry Williams over Bobby Dunn. In the final, Jerry Williams ran a 4.88 to a redlighting 5.83 for Jermey Hammond. Jerry ran a 4.89, 4.90, 4.88 and a 4.88 in his four passes, the "Monte" works. The 6.50 class had 11 cars entered, in the final Howard Lawson won over Matt Bowie with a 6.51 to a breakout 6.46. Howard hit the tree well on all four races, excellent effort. Matt is due to win one of these, he's had several runner ups this year. The Slant Six Mopar group was here this weekend and brought 9 cars, good racing. Pro had Brian Boyd over Charlie Testerman Sr. Limited Street was won by Dahrl Clark over Bruce Garber. Drive In Street has Darius Wenger over Terry Mentzer. George Stanley was the Bike winner over Paul James Jr. Though we did have a couple clean ups to do we did get done at 9:50 pm. Again, super track prep/maintenance had everyone launching hard and running fast. Great race!

Sunday -- Oct. 11th
This was a SBRA points race, pretty well attended too, 165 cars entered. We started with the Junior Dragsters at 9:30 am with Alyssa McFadden winning over Abagail Herald in the final. Dylan Moore and Lacey Dustin were the semi racers. The Slant Six racers ran two seperate races, Rodney Hargis won them both with his low 13 sec. Dodge Lancer. He beat Ron Hamby and Lou Madsen in the two finals. Footbrake was won by Ed Talbert over Andy Dolan, Garrett Suders was third. 56 cars were in Footbrake, Super had 35 cars and in the end Colby Imes won over Chuck Wishard, Mike Daymude was third. Dale Hamilton won another Bike class with a win over Brian Canoles, Paul James Sr. was third. Of note, Dale did have to "buyback" in round one as daughter Gina Hamilton ran a dead on 5.79 to Dale's one over 6.06 to take the win, nice job Gina! Lastly, Keith Elledge of "Keiths Pit Stop" Gettysburg Pa. licensed his 07 Shelby with a wheel spinning 8.84 @ 159 mph. This is the first runs on the new chassis work recently completed, this car has low 8's, maybe 7,s? in the future. Street legal car too. We wrapped up the day at 6:00 pm. Again, great track prep, excellent racing also.

Next weekend it's all about the Diesels! Sat. Test & Tune 1 pm to 6 pm, Gamblers race also. Sunday we start at 11:30 am. $1,000 to win the big rig class! Check the flyer for all the details, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway this coming weekend!  

Saturday -- Sept. 26th
This was day one of the "Megan Daymude Fueling Her Dream" event and a SBRA points race. The Junior Dragsters kicked off the racing with Ryan Ely over Charlotte Mallow who's engine let go right about the 60 ft. mark. Jo Jo Mallow and Evan Lind were the semi racers. We had 7 cars making 2 qualifier shots in Top Sportsman / Top Dragster. The fast and consistent car was Ronnie Proctor's Mustang running a 4.48 and 4.49 at 155 mph. The rest of the field was made up of Jerry Williams, Paul Burruss, Mike Gerber, Jason Hoff, Marty Jones Jr. and Greg Daymude. Footbrake was won by Mike Rudacille over Ronnie Proctor Jr., Keith Hankinson was the third place driver. Josh Johnson had his first big Super Pro win over Andy Dolan, Brett Martin was third. Bike was again won by John Eaton over Dave Clinedinst. John has been a terror winning several times the last 2 months. We had several oil downs and it took us longer than usual to get done but did finish about 8:50 pm. Still great racing.

Sunday -- Sept. 27th
Now let's talk a little about the "Megan Daymude Fueling Her Dream" event. First off we got to see Abagail Harold who is sponsored by the Daymude family and friends, do really well in front of a good group of race fans in the Junior Dragster class. Abagail, of Smithsburg, Md, 8 years old, won round one and round two before bowing out in round three. She won a nice trophy and right at intermission got to make a solo pass in front of everyone to kick off eliminations. By the way, $870.00 was raised from 50 / 50 ticket sales and loads of shirts, hats, wristbands etc. were sold to raise more money to support more young Junior Dragster racers in 2016. Not sure of the total money raised but a big thanks goes out to all that supported this event! Now for the Juniors, Jo Jo Mallow won over Kaitlyn Krause, who made the 3 hr. trip from Orefield, Pa. with her dad Randy Krause. Great race, Alyssa McFadden was third. It is now girls 12 wins, boys 9 wins. Jess Goodman in his Valiant over Jim Berry in the Pro final. Great performance from both of these racers, good to see Jim Berry back and driving real well too! Bike had dad Boyd Mathias over son Logan Mathias, a good close race. Now to the big money race, Super had Jody Sneckenberger going .006 to Mike Daymude who was .034 at the start to take the $5,000.00 first place money. This was an 8 round race, 77 cars entered. Top Dragster / Top Sportsman had one more qualifier with Ronnie Proctor's Mustang going 4.39 @ 160 mph, 1.00 60 ft. Greg Daymude's blown Dragster running a terrific 4.11 @ 174 mph, .96 60 ft. time. In the final, Marty Jones Jr won over Jason Hoff, Ronnie Proctor and Greg Daymude were the semi racers. Great show by this group. Lastly the Outlaw Pontiac group had 21 cars, Steve Dress won over Greg Orris, Jason Rogers took third. We finished up about 7:40 pm. Top shelf racing all weekend long.

Some thoughts about this weekends race. First off we had a great turn out of racers, just under 400 competitors and a good group of race fans. Once again, great track prep/maintenance for both days, we had several small rain / sprinkle delays but the track stayed excellent anyway. Also everyone's patience was appreciated as we had several clean ups on Sat. that slowed us down a good bit. Speaking for the Daymude's, I'm sure they were happy for the support given of this 2nd annual event. The Daymude family were here early and stayed late both days, also they put up $100.00 to the winner of the Junior Dragsters on Sat. Ryan Ely taking that cash and $25.00 to the first double .00 light in the Juniors on Sunday, Sammie Miller's .003 got her the money. The Outlaw Pontiacs are done for this year, they are a GREAT group to work with, they take care of their own race, are ready to run when called and put a great show with fast and good looking cars. We hope they will race with us the rest of this year and we look forward to working with them in 2016. I'm sure everyone noticed the new painted lines on the track, staging lanes, return roads and the yellow out on the starting line, nice work Bubby Casto and Elmer, looks great. We are off this Saturday but run a Test & Tune on Sunday Oct. 4th. Keep checking this website for other upcoming events, Oct. is going to be busy! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday  --  Sept. 12th
A steady and persistent rain rolled in early and our Street Nite event was cancelled at about 10 am. We did move the Md. Performance Center Real Street race over to Sunday.

Sunday --  Sept. 13th
We combined our SBRA points race with the Md Performance Center Real Street class. The Junior Dragster class kicked off the day at 9:30 am, In the final Sammie Miller took the win over Dylan Moore, semi racers were Eric Bowles and Brandi Connor. By the way, the girls have 11 wins to the boys who are trailing with 8 so far this year, the boys are running out of races, they need to step it up. Now about Maryland Performance Real Street. With temps in the high 60's and partly cloudy skies we all felt that along with our excellent track prep, we might see some high 5.20's, wrong! Dave Guy was the pole sitter with a 5.22 and Russ Martin right there with a 5.25, these two did this on a side by side run. Everyone was real fast with numerous 5.20 and 5.30 passes, speeds as high as 136 mph. John Staats is getting faster each event, a 5.37 @ 136 mph. In the final it was Russ Martin with a 5.25 to take win over John Staats, Justin Bowmaker took third and was fast today also. Great show! Super had a big turnout and in the final it was Mike McCraken's wheel standing 63 Chevy truck winning over  Ronnie Horwath. Bike had John Eaton, third straight for him, over Kermit Garnett III. Wayne Donoho won Trophy. Michael Rudacille took Footbrake over Andy Dolan, great racing by both of these drivers. Michael was on the tree and ran the dial through out the 7 round race, Andy had just won 14 rounds on Labor Day, won Pro and Super and won 6 more rounds til the final today. Bob Bair took third place and drove well too. These people are tough competitors, over 50 cars in the class today. How about Samantha Dubs, a registered nurse from Altoona, Pa. driving her 4.80's dragster had a .001 on the first time run, then a .000 light in the qualifier, then on her bye another .000 light followed by at a pair of .008 lite before bowing out in round 4. Great performance! Today was a really good race/ show from start to finish, 175 racers and a good number of race fans all enjoyed the day, we finished up at 6:40 pm.

We are closed this coming weekend but will be back for the Megan Daymude "Fueling Her Dream" $5,000 to Win Super Pro event on Sunday Sept. 27th. This is a two day SBRA race also, with racing on Sat. Sept 26 and Sun. Sept. 27th. Good luck to all our Summit ET Series racers this weekend at Atco in NJ. see you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday  --  Sept. 4th
This was a well attended Test & Tune event, started at 6pm and went on til the rains came at about 8:45 pm. 113 cars made many runs.

Saturday  --  Sept. 5th
What a race! 286 cars entered, big fields in all the classes, starting off with the 30 Junior Dragsters it was Landon Palmer over Ryan McFadden in the final, Ryan Ely took third. The feature class of the weekend was Eric Kitchen's Pro Stick group, 53 strong running the quarter mile, Jay Zelko's low 8 second Mustang won over Andy Charcalla's Mustang. These racers put on an exciting, fast paced wheel standing show from start to finish...Both Days! Savanah Peck took Junior Street over Sammie Miller. Trophy had Rodney Eichelberger over Sam Boyd Jr. Street had Tammy Gray getting the big win in a large field of Street class cars over greg Orris in the final. Dickie Bodmer won over Michael Rudacille in Pro. Dale Hamilton won over Kermit Garnett III in the Bike Class. Super Pro had Al Crawford going the 7 rounds to win over Walt Bowie. The Dakota R/T group performed well, the 20 trucks, many were 12, 11 and 10 second trucks, put on a good show. We finished up at 10:40 pm.

Sunday  --  Sept 6th
Pro Stick, day 2, Andy Charcalla over Chris Shaffer, again 53 cars entered. Great show by Pro Stick again! Another big field of Junior Dragsters and in the end the girls prevailed, Sammie Miller won over Noah Lind. Savanah Peck won Junior Street again, over Ben Solis, Sammie Miller was third. Trophy was won by Ginger Deavers over Wayne Donoho. Street was won by Ryan Peters over Garrett Suders, Pro had Mark Harbaugh over Bob Bowers. Bike was won by John Eaton over Dale Hamilton. Super had Colby Imes over Alan Hess. Another great day, fast paced with good close racing. We finished at 8:45 pm.

Monday  --  Sept 7th
Last day! Another big turnout of Junior Dragsters, this time Charlotte Mallow won over Landon Palmer. Third win for Savanah Peck over Sammie Miller in Junior Street. Trophy had Wayne Donoho taking first place. Street was won by Dan Roberts over Lukas Birks. Pro had Andy Dolan over Dahryl Clark. Super had Andy Dolan winning over Lance Kreiger, by the way, Andy was 14-0 today in his Pro / Super Pro wins, great driving and the car does its part too. John Eaton won Bike when his competitor, Dale Hamilton's bike had mechanical issues. High School was won by Sarah Stone over Brandi Conner. We finished up at 5:45 pm.

I know I'll miss some stuff here but some observations of the weekend...#1 Chrissy and Trish, sold raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets and took donations for Kevin Hamilton and raised over $3,500  -- thanks to all that supported Kevin -- he is up on his feet and getting around, but I'll bet still real sore. Oh by the way, Dale Hamilton gave his $300 purse to Kevin, then Elmer Wachter/Mason Dixon Dragway matched the $300 also!  #2 there were 811 cars and bikes racing in the four day event, includes 90 Junior Dragsters, Lots of race fans too! #3 Chris Lil of "Diabetic Delites" put up $100 to the semi final racers in Junior Dragster both Sun. and Mon. and will do this til the end of the racing this season. #4 Congrats to many fine performances, John Eaton, 2 Bike wins, Dale Hamilton, 1 Bike win, 2 runnerups. Savanah Peck, 3 Jr. Street wins, Andy Dolan, 2 wins on Mon., Pro and Super Pro, Andy Charcalla with a win and runner-up in Pro Stick. Landon Palmer in Jr. Dragster had a win, runner-up and semi finish. #5 Great racing with no big clean ups or spills and very little breakage or down time. #6 Terrific track prep/maintenance all weekend long by Jake, Bub and all the staff. First class event!

Saturday, Sept 12th is Street Nite race, MD Performance Center "Real Street", Quick 16, 6.50 Index, Pro Street, Limited Street, Drive In Street, Street Bike, Test & Tune all contested, Sunday Sept 13th SBRA race. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- August 29th
Today we ran a SBRA points race and the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Race series event. This was a well attended race, with great racing all evening long. On a tougher note though, during Bike qualifying, Kevin Hamilton on his 5.09 @ 136 mph run had a mechanical issue just past the finish line and came off the bike. After a few minutes, Kevin was able to stand up and walk to the ambulance. He suffered several broken ribs and numerous bumps and bruises but is expected to make a full recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kevin and all his family as he recovers and gets back to racing! Junior dragsters.... It's back to the girls again, a Mallow final, JoJo winning over Charlotte, Dylan Moore and Brandi Conner were the semi finalists. The Pontiac gang had 20 cars, with Greg Orris winning over Christine Woods in the final, Rick Garden was third. Kelli Fleming again won Trophy over Sam Boyd Jr. Kelli has won several Trophy eliminators and getting really tough of late. Footbrake was a big group today, Nathan Englar won over Bob Bair, Kalvin Kline took third. Super had the deadly consistent Mike Daymude in his Demon winning over Michael Shoop's Chevy II, both drivers ran their dials, Mike with a better light. Five out of the six rounds run, Mike Daymude was dead on his 5.38 dial and just one off in round two, a deadly car with a fine driver behind the wheel, great job again by the Daymude team! And finally in Bike, Brian Canoles won over Kermit Garnett III while Boyd Mathias was third. We finished out the racing at 10:00 pm.

Sunday -- August 30th
This was a different event, a very well attended all Chevy car show hosted by Tom Minnich. Some really great cars displayed and some went racing too. 100 cars entered the Test & Tune portion of day plus we ran a 6.50 Index Class. There were 8 racers in the 6.50 group. Nathan Englar, Les Tobery, Joey Harrison, Howard Lawson, Matt Bowie, Al Hite, Darrell Law, and Ronnie Proctor Jr. In the final, it was Ronnie Proctor Jr. over Darrell Law, Matt Bowie and Nathan Englar took the semi spots. Also the "List" for the Bikes was contested, the Bikes got two runs and we then ran eliminations. Brian Canoles is number 1 over Dave Clinedinst, Tom Eaton number 3 over John Price and Richard Diggs number 5 over John Eaton. This race is an instant green light start, no amber lights, eighth mile, no times announced or time slips given. Only track tower staff see the times, we will say the Bikes are all fast and no one has a big performance edge here, very fun stuff. Also the Gulledge family put on the The Street Warz part of the event today, this was well attended too, a lot of great cars in this part of the show today. A big thanks to all that came out today and participated. We are going look into doing more of this type of show again for 2016.

Labor Day weekend coming fast! -- Test & Tune Fri, 6pm to 10pm, Pro Stick cars on Sat AND Sun! SBRA and Summit Points Sat, Sun and Mon, this will be 1/8 mile racing. See you Labor Day weekend!
Saturday -- Aug. 22nd

This was a Test & Tune event, near perfect weather, low 80's and low humidity greeted the racers that got to make many runs down the quarter mile. Not a huge turn out but fun for all that attended. Of note, Kristin Suders had her new race car out for the first time. A great car too, a '63 Falcon Futura fastback powered by a 351 Windsor, almost no new car issues, Kristin ran many 11.80 @ 111 mph runs. Also the Whitman family of York Pa. brought out the LT1 Camaro with son AJ behind the wheel and Jayne and Steve looking on, many 12.40 @ 111 mph passes were made during the day. We had the usual race cars, street cars and bikes and trucks making plenty of runs, we wrapped up the day at 4:30 pm.

Sunday -- Aug. 23rd
Mid Maryland Ford Meet was the event for the day, 365 participants entered the show and racing. We had a great turnout for the car show part of the program, 200 strong. Great variety of all things Ford. Many swap meet vendors were with us today as well. The good people from the Mt. Lena Pool club served up great sandwiches and fries throughout the day. Our food stand was busy from 9 am til the end of the event which concluded around 6 pm, they were real busy all day long. Now for the racing. Power Stroke trucks had Nick Rosa over Aaron Atwood in the final. Cougar class was won by Doug Wilby, Sharon Osborne was runner up. Trophy winner was Justin Stone over Frank Herbert. Street was won by Scott See over our Street regular Faith Warner. Dan Roberts was the big winner in Pro in a double break out race against RFC rep. Bill Smith, Troy Gerhart was third. Finally in Super, Joey Harrison was the big winner over Mike Hoff. Both these drivers were sharp all day long. What a great event from start to finish, a great turn out of show cars, race cars and especially all the great Ford fans that attended. A big thanks to all that made this happen today, Racers, show car people, Mid Maryland Ford Club staff, Mt. Lena staff, sponsors, Mason Dixon Staff and especially all the Ford fans!

This coming weekend, Sat. Aug 29th is a SBRA points race, Sun. Aug. 30th is a Test & Tune day PLUS an all Chevrolet car show! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday  --  August 15th
Another edition of our Street Nite series was well attended with over 130 cars in competition and a large group of race fans who mostly all stayed til the very end of the race. How about the record setting Quick 16 field with the quickest ever bump, a real fast 5.68. Jerry Williams was the pole sitter with a pair of 4.88's, but the class of field was Mike Daymude in his Dodge Demon, his lights were .012, .020, .010 and in the final against Steve Morgret a .014 against Steve's game .022. The semi racers were Bill Nunumaker and Harry Troxler. Great, close racing in this class in every round. Justin Reggio's Md Performance Center Real Street was a terrific show with a new winner for this year. Dave Guy was the low qualifier at 5.33. In the semis, Dave Guy ran a 5.33 over Eric Bricker's 5.44 while Russ Martin was running at 5.35 against Rob Falcone who went a quicker and low ET of eliminations 5.32. In the final, Russ Martin had the better light but did not have the good run he'd hoped for losing to Dave Guy, 5.34 @ 131 mph to a 5.66 @ 129 mph. Congrats to Dave Guy and DGR Performance for the big win. The 6.50 Index cars had nine racers in the class. Ronnie Proctor Jr. took the win over Nathan Englar in a double breakout affair, 6.47 to a 6.45. Les Tobery took third. This was Ronnie's first time in the 6.50 Index class and he'll probably do this again soon! In Pro Gary Kelican took the win in his mid 9.50's at 140 mph Maverick to a six round final against Justin Crider. In Limited Street, Chester Shoemaker won over Jay Crawford. Drive In  Street was won by Bob Bowers over Gary Breeden. Mike Keeler had his 69 Camaro making a great test pass, 7.68 @ 178 mph, Fred House ran his turbo 4 cyl. T'bird to an amazing 7.80 @ 175 mph. What a great show from start to finish, the open time runs started at 3:00 pm and we wrapped it up at 10:40 pm. Though it was over 90 degrees in the late afternoon it cooled off later and was really a nice night for racing. Again A-1 track preparation/maintenance was evident as traction was terrific and cars were deadly consistent all day and evening. Jake Landes and Bub Casto worked Thurs and Fri night on the racing surface to get it in great shape for this event. A big thanks to all that participated, racers, crew and family members, sponsors, track staff and management and especially all our race fans!
Sunday  --  August 16th
Today a Volkswagen event, Joe Cooper won over Jim Shank in the final. We also had a Test & Tune event. Everyone got plenty of runs, Mike Bowles had his turbo Mustang making test passes, John and Jackie Serra had their Vette and Nova getting some test passes and running well. Bob Nowaks 69 Chevy wagon going several 12.70 runs, a stunning car that runs well too. Bill Belden brought out his I/S Nova going 11.40's, he's getting ready for Pro Stick on Labor day weekend.
Next weekend, Test & Tune on Saturday and the Mid Atlantic Ford Meet on Sunday -- show cars, swap meet, vendors and especially drag racing in an all Ford meet. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!
Saturday  --  August 8th
Today was a private track rental by the "Gumball Rally" group. They brought about 50 cars, all types of high end import and U.S. made cars, all made plenty of runs, many real fast too. Nice event.
Sunday  --  August 9th
This was a Test & Tune event along with the 6.50 index cars. Jim Shank ran a close to the index 6.51 to win over Joe Wagaman who ran a 6.69 in the final. There was a good turn out of full on race cars,  Pro Stick cars, street cars and drag and street bikes. Also Scarlett Shaffer, 6 yr. old Junior Dragster racer, made several runs and drove well. Cory Carper had his very low eight second Beretta making license runs, the car is really strong, several 1.11 sixty foot times, great looking car too. Gary Kelican ran the Maverick again running a 9.59 @ 141 mph on his best pass, son Chris helping out.  Marion Ford of FBR, [Ford Brothers Racing] was at the track today helping the bike racers on their test passes. Overall a real good day!
Saturday, Aug 15th is another Street Nite race, open time runs at 3:00 pm, class time runs at 4:30 pm, classes contested are, MD Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index cars, Street Bike, Drive in Street, Modified Street and Pro Street, as always Test and Tune racers welcome also. Sunday, Aug 16th is the Volkswagen Race, two classes, air cooled and water cooled, also Test and Tune racers  are welcome also. Time runs start at 11:30 am. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!
Saturday  --  August 1st
Pretty typical August weather, temps in the upper 80's and a bit humid, greeted racers and race fans this weekend. We started off the Summit Points race with the Junior Dragsters at 1:00 pm. 21 racers made round one with Ryan Mcfadden in the finals taking the win against Mary Elizabeth Bannister. Sammie Miller took third. Next week our Junior Dragster racers head to Numidia Raceway for the NHRA Division One bracket finals, best to all our Junior Dragster racers! Going to the big cars, in Super, Mark Coover took the win over Al Crawford who broke out by .03 in the final. Steve Heffner and Joey Harrison took semi spots. Bike had Kermit Garnett III over Jacob Hamilton in a well run race. Kermit was .014 and Jacob .012 at the start, close race. Gene Belt was third. Pro had Craig Miller over Troy Gerhart, with semis going to Chris Crawford and Brian Lind. Street was won by Courtney Suders over Rick Wenger, Garrett Suders was third. Trophy was a repeat of last week, Kelli Fleming winning over Wayne Donoho in the final. Junior Street was won by Ben Solis. Of note, Kevin Hamilton ran a lifting 8.00 @ a slowing 150 mph in round 2, 1/8 time 5.04 @ 140 mph. Good racing today as always. Track staff did their usual great track prep/maintenance work, Bubby Casto did the spraying / dragging work as Jake and Cheryl were on vacation this week, Tammy ran the Goody Booth/Cheryl's Shirt Shack and Kristen took over the timing specialist spot for the weekend and did an A-1 job.
Sunday  --  August 2nd
This was a Test & Tune day, we had a pretty good turnout with a great variety of fast street cars and full on drag cars and bikes. Colan Smith ran several mid 8 second runs on his Hyabusa, the last runs were on nitrous, 8.06 and 8.12 @ 164 mph, sevens are coming. A big thanks to all that came out for this event, a very good number of race fans were with us today. A fun day with everyone getting plenty of runs.
Next weekend, Saturday, Aug 8th, Gumball Rally cars coming to Mason Dixon, Sunday August 9th is a Test & Tune Event. Keep checking our website schedule for all upcoming events, we have a really busy stretch ahead of us in the coming weeks! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday  --  July 25th
Yes it was hot and humid but no rain. This event was another SBRA points race plus Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Assoc. event was contested also. Let's start with the Pontiacs, 20 entered and in the final, last events winner, Steve Dress squared off with Rick Garten, Rick's Judge took the win light, the third place driver was Andy Nutt. As usual, the Pontiac gang puts on a good show. Trophy had Tammy Gray over Roy Vincent. In Footbrake we had Mark Harbaugh winning over Troy Gerhart in the final, both these racers are really on their game so far this year. Bobby Smith took third. Super Pro  was won by Mike Daymude over Jeremy Hammond, Marcus Henry was third.  Mike's Demon ran on or one off the dial on all six rounds of eliminations, the car works and the man can drive it. Jim Ashbaugh took Bike eliminator over Paul James Sr. while Paul James Jr. was the third place rider. Junior Street had Savannah Peck winning over Steve Dustin in the finals. Once again, great racing even on a very hot day, lots of close racing, many races won or lost by just a few inches, cars were consistent run to run and again great track prep/maintenance was evident. Our races are great shows week in and week out, let's try to introduce new people to our race programs, try to bring someone new to the next event that hasn't been to Mason Dixon before. Some new race fans would be great for all of us.

Sunday  --  July 26th
This was a Test & Tune event plus the 6.50 Index cars took the track. In the 6.50 Index class, Les Tobery won over Nathan Englar, Howard Lawson and Ron Gaucker were the semi racers. We had the usual mix of street cars and full on drag cars in the test & tune portion of the day. Considering the heat and humidity we had a good turnout. Gary Kelican had the Maverick out for th first time this year and made 6 or 7 runs, all in high 9.60 range @ 138 mph. Good first outing! First time ever drag racer Stuart Hirsch from NY, drove the 68 Firebird to a moderate first pass of 13.01 @ 108 and stepped up the next pass to a 12.46 @ 111 mph. He's hooked! I did make the first pass, my first this year, 11.95 @ 112 mph. My daughter Brooke was also with us today, we all had fun but did get a bit "cooked" by days end, great day anyway. Next weekend, Summit ET race Aug 1st, Jr. Dragsters start at 1pm, big cars at 3pm. Test and Tune on Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday  --  July 18th
Finally full on summer, temp. hit 90 deg. and really humid too. This was a Summit ET Series race along with Junior Street. Trophy had Kelli Flemming over Wayne Donoho in the final. Street was won by Dave Toms over Kristen Suders in a double breakout final, real close. Andy Stief and Garrett Suders were the semi racers. Pro had Mark Harbaugh winning over Jim Berry. Good to have Jim racing, his first outing of the year was fine effort. Mark Decker and Dicky Bodmer were the semifinalists. The Super final had two drivers that are having excellent seasons, points leader Ronnie Horwath over Joe Henry, Michael Shoop took third place. Kermit Garnett III over Tom Eaton in the Bike final, Paul James Jr. took third spot. Junior Street was won by Savannah Peck over Jadalynn Andrews, Jill Park and Steve Dustin were the semifinalists.

How about the Park family making a 450 mile trip from Detroit Michigan to Mason Dixon to race with us today. The local track in their area doesn't offer the Junior Street class and doing some research they found we run the class on most race events. Jill Park, 14 years old, got to drive her dad's Dodge Charger and license and compete in Junior Street. She drove well, many mid to high nine second passes at 78 mph. Also Jill's sister Katie Park, 19 years old, drove in Street and won her first round but lost in a double breakout in round two. Katie ran as quick as 14.50 @ 98 mph. Good effort. Also dad, Rob Park, got in on the action and ran in Test & Tune and made several passes. All three spent some time in the tower with us, a really fine family. We hope they visit us again soon! Buck Chapman brought his new car, Chevy Monza out for license runs, none were fast enough, but on Sunday he finished the process with at 9.86 and a 9.70 at 140 mph, well done.

Sunday -- July 19th
A Test & Tune event and the MANDRA cars took the track at 11:30 til 4:30 pm. It got hot today, 93 deg at days end, still the track worked well for everyone. MANDRA had 17 cars. In the final, Randy Campbell's 67 Impala won over CR McKee's 67 Chevelle. Don Wood and Tim Hansberry were the semi racers. Six year old Scarlet Shaffer made her successful Junior Dragster license runs with no problems, well done Scarlet. All the Test & Tune racers got to make plenty of passes today.

Saturday, July 25th is a SBRA race, no Junior Dragsters, they are in Bristol for their big race, Sunday, July 26th is a Test & Tune and Index Class event. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- July 11th
This was the fifth Street Nite race of the year and it was a good one. The weather was not a factor though it was warm and humid. Let's start with the Md Performance Center Real Street class. Russ Martin held the number one qualifying run of 5.34 @ 133 mph. In round one Russ also had low ET of the session with a 5.32 to win over John Turner. Jamie Lindsey also won with a strong 5.35 over Justin Bowmaker. In round two Russ won with a 5.31, low ET of the race while Jamie was good with a 5.34. Then in the semis Russ had breakage at the line while Eric Bricker ran a good 5.43, Jamie beat Jack Williamson 5.36 to a 5.55. In the final Jamie Lindsey took the win with a 5.34 to Eric Bricker's 5.44. This was close for a while as Eric was better on the tree, .040 to a .092, making this a very good final. Jamie was steady with four good clean runs, 5.35, 5.34, 5.36 and 5.34, one run as quick as 1.17 in sixty feet. Great job by the Falcone / Lindsey team again, four wins in five races and one runner up.  Now for the Quick 16, how about a 5.78 bump with 20 cars in the fives, low ET was Mitch Willingham with a 5.03. In the semis Mitch Willingham beat first timer in our Quick 16 class, Jason Staub, in the other semi match Frank and Mike Howell squared off with Mike getting the win, in the final Mike Howell took the win over Mitch Wllingham. The 6.50 Index Class there were eight cars, Nathan Englar took the win over Keith Testerman in the final. Going over to Bracket Classes, Drive In Street had Chris Waters over Greg Faircloth, Limited Street Darius Wenger getting the win and in Pro Street Chris Kelican over Joe Wagaman. Colin Smith won Street Bike. We also had several Test & Tune cars making time runs. We had 115 cars entered, a real good turn out of race fans and a great hard hooking track, exceptional track prep from start to finish. A big thanks to all that participated, Justin Reggio and the Md Performance Center gang, all our racers, their family and crew members, track management and staff members, track sponsors and especially our race fans. A real good event from start to finish, we completed the show at 10:15 pm.

Sunday -- July 12th
Today was a well attended Test & Tune event, 60 cars and bikes and Junior Dragsters raced from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm. Greg Daymude brought the Daymude family Top Dragster out for shake down runs, the last one was an easy 1/8 mile run, 4.73 @ 146 mph. Everyone made plenty of passes, one car made 24 runs, that's just a bit over a dollar per run, pretty good deal! Overall a very good weekend!

Summit ET series race on Saturday July 18th, big cars at 3 pm, Junior Street is also contested, Test & Tune with MANDRA cars on Sunday July 19th, 11:30 am to about 4 pm, See you at Mason Dixon Dragway next week!

Friday -- July 3rd
A very well attended Test & Tune event drawing 136 cars and many race fans started off the 4th of July race weekend. Everyone got plenty of runs, the racing went from 5:30 pm til 10:00 pm.

Saturday -- July 4th -- SBRA event
Though it rained overnite and in the early morning hours we were able to get the track ready for racing by 1:30 pm, only a 1/2 hour later than advertised. The Junior Dragsters kicked it off with 28 cars/drivers in round one. Charlotte Mallow won another one with a win over Logan Simpkins in the final. Brandi Connor took third. Junior Street was contested with Bailee Zepp winning over Savannah Peck, semi racers were Steve Dustin and Logan Simpkins. Foot Brake had 65 cars entered and it was David Toms over last weeks winner Troy Gerhart in a close final, Ronnie Proctor Jr. was third. Super had Colby Imes over Frank Spidel in a real close final, Ronnie Horwath was third, 45 cars contested the Super class, great racing all day long. Of note, Eric Swiger had a perfect .000 light to get the bye run in qualifying and then did it again, .000 light on his bye run pass. He wasn't done yet as he once again was perfect on a run on Sunday, impressive! The Bikes had 13 entries with Tom Eaton winning over Jason Smith, Dale Hamilton was third. We had 165 cars in competition and we finished up at 9:15 pm, a real good day.

Sunday -- July 5th -- SBRA event
The Junior Dragsters kicked off the day right at 9:30 am with 30 cars/drivers in round one. It was the boys turn today as Ronnie Webb Jr. won over Alyssa McFadden in the final, Dylan Moore was third. We also ran the rained out Jr Dragster "Wally" 330 race from four weeks ago, Jo Jo Mallow won over Kaylee Henry. Jr Street was won by Savannah Peck. High School had Sarah Stone over Brandi Connor. The Trophy winner today was Wayne Donoho on his first trip to Mason Dixon this year, welcome back Wayne! Steve Dustin was the big winner in Foot Brake over Nicole Talbert, both these drivers were on their game all day in this 7 round race with 69 cars entered. Nicole who lives in North Carolina was just visiting mom and dad and she made her trip count with her runner up finish. Lukas Birks and Ronnie Proctor Jr. were the semi racers. Super had 50 entries and in the end Alan Hess won over Joe Henry. David Wastler was third. Now for the Bikes, we had a big field of 18 Bikes and in the final it was second year rider Gina Hamilton with a dead-on 5.75 to take a close win over Paul James Jr. Gina ran the dial on three of her five runs, one was just one over and another she was able to lift a bit, great lights also, a .003 in round two. Congrats on Gina's first win! Dad might be a bit proud too! We had 183 competitors today, great racing all weekend. A big thanks to everyone -- racers, crew members, family members, all the Mason Dixon staff/ management, sponsor/partners and especially our race fans! Also a big thanks to Chris Lil, the owner of the soon to be opening "Diabetic Delights" store in the West Ridge Shopping Center, Frederick, Md. for putting up an extra $100.00 to the winner of the Junior Dragster class on Saturday.

Saturday, July 11th we run our Street Nite race, MD Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index Class and Drive-in Street, Modified Street, Pro Street and Street Bike will be contested, open time run session kicks off at 3:00 pm. Test and Tune on Sunday, July 12th. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- June 27th
With an impending heavy rain event predicted for Saturday, we moved the Rocking Chair Nationals to Sunday. It was a good call too as about two inches rain fell in the area.

Sunday -- June 28th
Though cloudy and cool with temps in the low 70's, we had a good turnout of show cars, race cars and race fans. The day started early with the show cars arriving in the show field and our celebrity guests getting ready to be interviewed at the winners circle. We talked to many guests including the S & S team members, Sam Auxier, Jr., Mousie and Jeanne Brown, the Mori Brothers, Dave Bishop, Eric Kitchen and many others over the PA from 10:30 am til the start of time trials which kicked off promptly at 11:30 am. New this year was the 409 Chevy group that had 20 cars ranging from a blown 409 front engine dragster, a 409 gasser and some great Impala, Bel Air and Biscayne race cars. These cars were displayed in the staging lanes while the interviews were underway.

With 230 racers, we started right on time and everyone made two time runs before eliminations got underway. Here are the results. We'll start with Pro Stick, we had 45 cars, many were in the 8 second zone with Fred House's 4 cyl, turbo T'Bird running as fast as 8.03 @ 177 mph. The car is a rocket! In the final Dan Hoyler won over Chris Shaffer in a close one, both racers have been series champions in the past, all the Pro Stick group put on a great show as always. They will be back for two shows Labor day weekend. Top Sportsman was an excellent race and Chuck Wishard won over the red lighting Troy Flesher in the final. In round three, Chuck dialed a 5.94 against Mike Howell's Falcon who dialed a 5.08, Chuck left with a .000 perfect light and ran dead on 5.940, a perfect run! To Mike's credit he was 5.085 on the 5.08 dial and .017 at the tree, an excellent package also. Great racing in Top Sportsman by all! The 409 racers put on a great show with most running in the 6 and 7 second range, in the final, Bob Conway's 63 Impala took the win over Lonnie Hill. Bob's lights were solid all five rounds, great driving. The Nostalgia Eliminator was a seven round race with Carlos DeJesus winning over Denny Cooper, Mike Rudacille was third. Carlos was killer on the starting line all day long, not a big surprise from him. And lastly in Footbrake two top shelf racers made the finals. Troy Gerhart lined up against George Hoff. It was pretty much settled at the start, Troy .012, George .046, this forced a break out run for George who ran 8.118 on a 8.12 while Troy ran a 6.39 on his 6.36 dial. This was a close one. Both racers cut good lights and their cars ran the numbers all day long, nice racing. Kal Kline had a good third place finish in Eric Lawson's AMX.

Anybody that missed this event should make sure to make the Rocking Chair Nationals III next year. Great event from start to finish. A big thanks to many-- Gary Gore for once again partnering with us at Mason Dixon Dragway with this event. Once again, great track prep, all these high powered Pro Stick cars launched hard and handled well down track, Jake Landes, Bubby Casto and the rest of our staff work hard to make our track "work", and it did. How about all the great food by our two food stands and the Mt. Aetna Fire Company food stand, if you left here hungry it was your fault. The big thank you goes to all our racer "legends", racers and their crew and family members, track staff and management and especially all of our race fans!

We will run a Test & Tune on Fri. July 3rd, 5:30 pm til 10:00 pm. Sat and Sun we feature the SBRA racers with all classes contested. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

June 19th -- Friday
46 cars and a good number of race fans turned out for our test & tune event, also a number of the SR20 Nissan racers brought their cars in and made many passes down the quarter mile. Several ran 11's and 12's at over 120 mph. We ran til 9:30 pm.

June 20th – Saturday
This was another Summit ET Race that was dramatically effected by the 80 percent chance of heavy rains and thunderstorms as part of the remnants of tropical storm "Bill". Almost no one's race program in Maryland, Virginia or Pennsylvania were able to start or finish a race but we did! The Junior Dragsters kicked it off with another win by Charlotte Mallow over Christopher Burch in the finals, Joshua Sisk took third. This was a good 23 car field, excellent racing by all that participated. Junior Street was won by Ryan Ely over Steven Dustin with Savannah Peck taking third place. Dale Fridley won Street over points leader David Toms, Rick Wenger and Ryan Gray were the semi racers. Eric Lawson with his first ever Pro win, he saved his best to the final when he had an .017 light to take the win over Andy Dolan. Eric was solid all day long as he defeated Jeff Heilman, Corey Thompson and Mark Harbaugh and earned one bye run to get to the final, nice job Eric! Super had Gary Athey making it two in a row over the always solid Joe Henry, Charles Copeland and Ronnie Horwath took the semi spots. Gary's lights were .018, .015, .003 and .015, good work. Bike was won by Brian Canoles over Tom Eaton, Dale Hamilton and Jacob Hamilton made the semifinals. We also now have an new Junior Street racer, Ben Solis, a 13 yr old from Gaithersburg Md. and his dad Steve, made the appropriate license runs in the family Kia with runs in the low 11's @ 64 mph. Welcome Ben and Steve to our world of drag racing at Mason Dixon, come back and race with us soon! About a half an hour after the race was completed the heavy rains rolled in. Got lucky on this one.

June 21st – Sunday
The National Dragster Challenge, a run for the Wallys was contested in very warm muggy conditions, but no rain! First Junior Street was won by Savannah Peck over Dylan Dietrck, Ryan Ely was third. Trophy had Rodney Eichelberger over Larry Price's 79 Malibu Chevy wagon. Joe Wetzel over Ryan Gray, Faith Warner and Lukas Birks were the semi drivers. Pro had Chris Crawford over Andy Dolan, Kal Kline and Troy Gerhart were the semi racers. Super was won by Jason Murray over Andy Dolan, Jason Day was third. Lastly in the Bike class, Dale Hamilton went .014 with a .02 over 9.72 while brother Kevin Hamilton also left with a .014 light but was out by .01 with an 8.77 on his 8.78 dial, close one here. Tom Eaton took third.

Now about the Wally winners, great job by first year Junior Street racer Savannah Peck, who learned well from aunt and uncle Tammy and Mark Gray. They are both regular week in and week out racers in Pro and Super Pro. Savannah, who is 15 yrs. old, is driving Tammy's excellent Chevy Malibu to low nine second passes and gets tougher each week. Dylan Dietrick was the runner-up in his Olds Cutlass. The Dietricks are building a new motor for next year and expect to be much faster in the future. Trophy had Rodney Eichelberger's hard charging low 10 second Olds 442 winning over Larry Price in his beautiful 79 Malibu wagon that runs high 11's. Joe Wetzel, long time Ford racer, ran his Fox body Mustang to the winners circle over Ryan Gray behind the wheel of his 67 Camaro. Second generation racer Chris Crawford in his steady mid 10 second 78 Camaro won in a double breakout race over Andy Dolan's high 9 second Malibu. This was a great race, Chris .010 under, Andy .012 under his dial, real close. Finally in Super, you would have probably not put your money on Jason and Amy Murray's Malibu today. The car had a stumble on the launch on every run and Jason just had to do his best with what he had today. In the final it was Jason Murray taking the win over Andy Dolan. It was just Jason's day today. Andy Dolan reached two finals today and came away empty, he has won Wally's in the past and is a top notch racer year after year. Congrats to all our Wally winners today.

The Rocking Chair Nationals—Sunday, June 28th -- don't miss this one, see the flyer on the website for all the details! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- June 13th
Our fourth Street Nite was contested with temps in the mid 80's and lots of humidity. It didn't effect the racing though. Track staff members Bubby Casto and Jake Landes did great track prep/maintenance throughout the day for all our racers. We kicked off the day with our AMC day. They brought many nice show cars and a small, but good, field of really nice race cars. Dan Wellever took the win when Tom Fiddler's car broke at the front of the staging lanes. Justin Reggio's Md Performance Real Street racers put on a great show. Jamie Lindsey driving Rob Falcones car has won the three previous events and had a $200 bounty on him thanks to Md Performance Center and Holler Construction. To start, Russ Martin was the low qualifier at 5.39 while Jamie Lindsey was number two. At the semi finals it was Jack Williamson against Jamie Lindsey, Jack was .012 at the tree and ran 5.51 with Jamie just getting around with a 5.44. Russ Martin drew the bye and made an easy pass. In the final we had a GREAT run! Russ Martin .047 light, Jamie Lindsey a better .037, at the halfway mark [330 ft] Jamie ran a 3.48 to Russ's 3.50. Then the turbo Mustang took over with Russ running a low ET of 5.34 and big mph of 136 mph to a game 5.40 for Jamie. Russ Martin got the first place money and the $200 bounty cash also. Jumping over to the Quick 16, Chuck Wishard who was runner-up in the last event flat out won it this go around against Robert Brooks in the final. Chuck's lights in the four round race were .009, .025, .013 and in the final a.031. All four runs were close to his 5.97 dial. Great driving by Chuck Wishard. Dennis Hammond and Mike Daymude were the semi final drivers. Bike was won by Kevin Hamilton over Colan Smith, Pro winner was Cris Kelican over Mike Rodgers, Modified Street had Rick Wenger winning over Rick Goad. Drive In Street was won by Brad Ely over Chris Waters. We had a great turnout of race fans, a really good night of racing. We finished up about 9:40 pm, rain followed about an hour later.

Sunday -- June 14th
More heat and humidity were evident today. We had 34 Junior Dragsters, 22 in the 13 year old and up group and 12 in the 12 and under group. Noah Lind won over Brandi Connor in the older bracket, Joshua Sisk won over Alden Cisney in the younger bracket. Rains got us before we could complete the 330' race at around 3:15 pm. We did also run a Test & Tune event. Carrie Whitman ran mid 10's in her Vega and Eric Swiger’s fast dragster ran 7.80s. Both drove well. We congratulate all of our Junior Dragster racers on their efforts, this is a great group, all were capable of winning today.

Next weekend we run a Test & Tune on Friday nite June19th, 5:30 pm to 10 pm, Saturday, June 20th is a Summit ET Series race and on Sunday, June 21st we have a National Dragster Challenge, check our schedule for all the details. Looking forward to racing next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday -- June 5th
We ran a Test & Tune session from 6pm to 10pm, though not a big turn out, everyone got plenty of runs.

Saturday -- June 6th
This was a Summit ET Series points race. We kicked off the program with the Junior Dragsters. First off, Shelby Nick made her needed runs to now be a licensed Junior Dragster driver, nice job Shelby! Once again current points leader Charlotte Mallow ran and defeated Tristan Simpkins in the final. Jo Jo Mallow was the third place driver. The ladies are again leading the boys with five wins to three.

Junior Street was won by Jo Jo Mallow over Ryan Ely, Savannah Peck was third. Trophy was won by Tristan Simpkins over Chase Campbell. We had a repeat final in Street as husband/wife team of Garrett Suders and Kristen Suders squared off for the second time in the last two weeks. Both had good lights but both broke out, Garrett by the least amount and took the win. They are now one and one in finals this year. My bet is we'll see this again this year. Pro was won by Andy Dolan over Mark Harbaugh in the final. Andy ran dead on his 9.30 dial and Mark was .04 under his 10.17 dial. Super had Gary Athey over, always tough, Joe Henry in the final.  Semi racers were Mike Daymude and Marcus Henry. Good seeing Gary in the winners circle! Jacob Hamilton had a huge first win over Tom Eaton in the Bike final. Jacob was .006 at the start while Tom went red. We had 130 competitors today and we finished up at 7:40 pm.

Sunday -- June 7th
This was a very well attended Test & Tune event running from 11:30 am to 4 pm. We had a great mix of street cars and bikes, full on drag cars and bikes, Junior dragsters and license run cars. Though cloudy and real windy, no rain, and we got through the day without weather issues.

Next weekend, Saturday, June 13th we are running another Street Nite race, Jamie Lindsey, in Md Performance Real Street, has a $200.00 bounty on him, beat him and get the money. If Jamie wins again, he claims the money. We also are running the Quick 16 event for $1,000.00 cash to first place. Also we have the AMC cars racing in their own class. The other Street Nite classes contested are Drive-In Street, Modified Street, Pro, Super Pro and Bike. Want to do just time runs, we have that covered also, let our tech staff know and we will get you as many runs as possible. Nice job to all, see you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- May 30th
This was our third Street Nite event of year and though we had an hour and half rain delay, we were able to get it in. As soon as the showers began, the track staff immediately got out and started the track drying process and once done the racing was excellent. Let's start with Md. Performance Real Street. Again, the Rob Falcone's big block Chevy powered Mustang driven by Jamie Lindsey made it three for three. Russ Martin was low qualifier and Jamie was number two. Jamie beat Josh Wheeler in round one with a 5.46, won over Frank Peacock in round two with a 5.40, round three had a closer race with Dave Guy, 5.38 to a 5.48, with Dave having a better light. In the final Jamie beat Eic Bricker, 5.36 to a game 5.49. Good racing by all in Real Street. Don't miss the next Street Nite coming on June 13th!! Now, for the popular Quick 16, the low qualifier was Jerry Williams with a 4.90 and the bump spot had Greg Daymude at 6.14. Three other cars ran 5.0s with Tom Morgan, Mitch Willingham and Mike Howell all running strong. In the final it was Ronnie Horwath with the big win in a double breakout battle with Chuck Wishard. Ronnie ran a 5.719 on a 5.72 to Chuck's 5.951 on a 5.97 dial. Mitch Willingham and Mark Decker took the semi spots. The 6.50 Index class was won by Les Tobery over Darrell Law. Matt Bowie was third. Pro was won by Paul Roderick with a dead on 5.60 to Mike Younker's one over 5.97, close race! Modified Street was won by Randall McNamee over Eddie Payne. Drive In Street had Bill Johnson getting the win. Bike was won by Colan Smith. We finished out the night at about 10:45 pm. A big thanks to all that participated, most of our race fans sat through the long rain delay to see some real good racing action in our third Street Nite race.

Sunday -- May 31st 
This was to be a SBRA points race but a power outage caused the race to be cancelled, About 8:15 am the power substation across the road from the track had some transformer failures and with no power at 11 a.m. we cancelled out the race. Note, power wasn't restored til after 1:30 pm, then showers arrived also after 3 pm. It wasn't to be today.

FRIDAY NITE June 5th , under the LIGHTS Test & Tune Gates open 5 PM T&T 6-10 PM OPEN TO ALL

Saturday, June 6th we have a Summit ET series points race, Junior Dragsters start a 1 pm, big cars at 3 pm. On Sunday a Test & Tune gets underway at 11:30 am. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday -- May 22nd
Ninety cars and bikes took the the track for time runs from 5:30 to 10:00 pm. There was also a Gamblers race with Mark Decker winning over Roger Lewis.

Saturday -- May 23rd 
The weather was perfect, temps in the mid 70's and sunny. We started with a field of 35 Junior Dragsters. Jace Gantt and Abagail Herald made their license runs, both drove very well. In the final Dylan Moore, who has several semi finishes, lined up against Landon Palmer in the final and took the win. Dylan had to go seven tough rounds, congrats to the entire Moore team. Kaylee Henry and Jo Jo Mallow were the semi racers. Junior Street had eight racers, Madelin Culbert won over Ryan Ely. The Trophy winner was Charlie Testerman, Jr. over his dad Charlie Testerman, Sr. Street was special, 35 cars and in the finals it was Garrett Suders against his wife Kristin Suders. Kristen with a slightly better light and in a close one, got around Garrett for the win. Pro had Dicky Bodmer winning over Joe Wetzel. In a dragster vs. door car Super final Alan Hess in the dragster won out over Mitch Willingham's Monte Carlo. In Bikes George Stanley won over the super tough Dale Hamilton. Dale's daughter Gina Hamilton took third, she rode well and the bike ran a steady 9.12 @ 144 three times in a row, a win is coming real soon! A pit vehicle 330' race was contested at the end of the day with Ryan McFadden over Jason Smith in the final. There were 235 contestants racing today, we finished about 8:15 pm or so. Good racing all day.

Sunday -- May 24th
Again, 35 Junior Dragsters made round one, this time it was the girls turn, Charlotte Mallow won over Landon Palmer in the final, Kaylee Henry was third. Junior Street was won by Madelin Culbert over Ryan Ely. Another big field of Street cars had David Toms over Rob Roberts, Jr. in the final. Rob had the better light but his car slowed down track and wasn't able to run the number. Pro had Dicky Bodmer making it two in row winning over Brian Lind. Super had Ronnie Horwath winning over Chuck Wishard. Bike was won by Kermit Garnett III over Dale Hamilton. We finished up about 7:30 pm.

Monday -- Memorial Day -- May 25th
Once again a big field of Junior Dragsters took the track with Charlotte Mallow against; you guessed it, Landon Palmer. Charlotte did it again, her second win of the weekend and Landon's third runner up, congrats to both of these fine racers. Scotty Morgan and Brandi Connor made the semis. We were over 100 Juniors for the three days, two new racers made their license runs and we had a visit from Brady Kile who went rounds on Monday racing with us for the first time this year, would like to see Brady and his dad Ken back again soon. High School had Scotty Morgan over Tristan Simpkins in the final. Junior Street had Mark and Tammy Gray's niece Savannah Peck winning over Ryan Ely. Savannah was definitely having a great time racing this weekend! In Street Garrett Suders was a winner in a close one over Lukas Birks. By the way, in two weeks at Raceway Park's national event, Lukas will represent Mason Dixon Dragway in a race against other NHRA tracks real street legal cars. Good luck to Lukas and Seth, they will represent us well! Pro had a new winner today as Jack Zies in his Cuda won over the always tough Andy Dolan. Super had Michael Shoop over Mike Daymude. Note, with a real strong cross/head wind in the late afternoon, after round one we shortened up Super to an 1/8 mile race, it was a good move for all. Bike was won by Jacob Hamilton over Dale Hamilton in a close one. Dale ended up with 3 runner ups this weekend.

A few notes about the weekend racing. I know I'll miss a bunch of stuff but here goes -- 3 runner ups for Landon Palmer in Junior Dragster, no wins but 18 round wins in 3 days is hard to beat. Charlotte Mallow, 2 wins, great job. And then Dylan Moore winning his first race in such a big field of cars, it won't be his last win either! The Juniors also did a great job of keeping the program moving at a good pace all three days. The Suders going to finals with Kristen winning. Dicky Bodmer, 2 wins. Gina Hamilton and cousin Jacob Hamilton in round 2 on Monday, Jacob .000 light Gina right there .001, Jacob did win it in a real close win. Great weekend everyone!

Saturday May 30th, is Street Nite featuring, Md Performance Center Real Street heads-up racing, Quick 16, $1000.00 to win, 6.50 and 7.50 Index classes, Drive-In Street, Modified Street, Pro Street and Street Bike. Sunday May 31st is SBRA Points racing. A big thanks to all of our racers, their family and crew members, race fans, sponsors and the Mason Dixon Staff and the Wachter family for a great four days of racing, see you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- May 16th

Today’s racing featured a test & tune event, day one racing for the Mopar Slant Six group and the East Coast Impala Racing group. Thirteen Slant Six cars made round one and in the final Brian Droschak's low 13 second Dart won over Ryan Covalt's Ram truck. The Impala gang had 18 cars competing, all ran strong, in the final Dan Fahey from Germantown Md. laid down a bunch of 13.40 runs to win over Barry Gaudette. There were a number of Mopars testing for Sunday’s Mopar Meet. Just as the day ended heavy rains rolled in, the timing for this was pretty good!

Sunday -- May 17th -- 32nd Annual Mopar Meet
(A note from the track answering the early morning telephone calls) "Hello this is Mason Dixon Dragway, if you are calling you must have a ford or chevy cuz if you had a MOPAR you would already be here.”

The weather forecast was terrible, 60 percent chance of showers all day could have dramatically cut down on the 32nd Annual Mopar Meet but it didn't. We had some light sprinkles early but track staff prepped the track like always and we were ready to race at 11:30 am as scheduled. Before we talk about anything else, let's give a lot of credit to all our racers, show car owners, vendors and flea market people and especially all the fans that showed up despite such a gloomy weather forecast. All of you made this a successful day! Now to the racing! In Mopar Slant Six class it was Ron Hamby's early Dart running 12.30s to win over Charles Shmid in the final, Brian Mimken took third. Trophy was won by Kevin Calimer over Tommy Fogle. Street had David Toms over Randall McNamee. Pro class had Callie Kline in his Dodge Demon over Brian Henry's Demon. Second generation racer Michael Bauman lined up his S & W dragster against last weeks Quick 16 winner Mike Daymude in his fast Dodge Demon in the final, the win went to the Bauman team. Both these drivers/cars ran well all day, Bauman 8.20s, Daymude 8.40s. Tim Peters didn't win on the track but he did have a winner type day, Tim and his wife Cris celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary, they are from Carlisle, Pa. How about Patti Riggleman in her 70 Challenger, making many time runs both days, all low 14 second passes. But right at the end of the day on her last chance to break into the 13's her last pass netted a 13.95 at 98 mph, husband Tim loved it! We also need to give a big thanks to the Mt. Aetna Fire Co. for running their food stand serving great sandwiches and fries all day long.

This coming weekend is our Summit ET Series Memorial Day race, a Test & Tune on May 22nd a Fri night, 5 pm to 10 pm. then the points races Sat., Sun., and Mon. We start with Junior Dragster a 9:30 am each day. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday -- May 9th
This was our second Street Nite race, the weather was great, temps. near 80 and partly cloudy skies. Before we talk about the results we will welcome back Ginger Deavers who has been battling health issues. She made several passes in her Malibu, best run 12.00 @ 111 mph. Good to have you back! In Pro Street long time racer/engine builder Jeff McMillen beat Josh Campbell in Pro. Modified Street had George Windon winning over Larry Price. Drive in Street had Kenny Owens over Chris Waters. George Stanley was the Bike winner over Brian Canoles. Now for the feature classes, the Quick 16 had 24 entries, Jerry Williams was on the pole with a 4.87 while the number 16 driver was Andy Dolan at a 5.92. In the semis, Mike Daymude beat Andy Dolan in a close, double breakout. Andy was out by .009 while Mike was just .001 under, really close run. Jerry Williams' .010 light was enough to take out Ronnie Horwath who was out by .004 in the other semi. The final was very close and well run by both drivers, Jerry’s .012 to Mike’s .013 but down at the stripe Mike ran a 5.373 on his 5.37 dial while Jerry was just a bit quick, 4.841 on his 4.85 dial, again real close. In Justin Reggios Md. Performance Center Real Street we had another excellent show. Jamie Lindsey driving Rob Falcone's big block Chevy Mustang was number one with a 5.423 run while Russ Martin was just .002 back with a 5.425, Erick Bricker was 5.47, Dave Guy 5.48 and several other cars in the 5.50 zone. In the semis Jamie Lindsey laid down the run of the event, a 5.31 to a better reacting but slower 5.42 from Eric Bricker. This race was closer than it looks. Russ Martin laid down a smooth 5.42 to Chris Steele's 5.97. Now the final, Jamie Lindsey out ran Russ Martin with a 5.33 @ 129 to a game 5.41 @ 133. Jamie was THE MAN today, number one qualifier, low ET in all four rounds, 5.38, 5.35, 5.31 and 5.33. Also, he had one sixty foot time of 1.16. A pretty fair day for the Falcone/Lindsey team!

Sunday -- May 10th
Today was the Cruise for the Cure show and race event. Sara Mulkey and the Stablemates Car club put on a fine car show with vendors, flea market stands and great food and we also ran open time runs for 4 hours and we had a race with Bobby Smith winning over Cody Custer while Jason Murray took third. How about Amy Murray, after the years at the track she made an easy pass in their 12 second Malibu. We don't know the dollar totals for the event but should have the numbers early in the week, the money will go to the Relay for Life organization. Thanks to all that participated!

Next weekend, Sat. May 16th is a Test & Tune, 11 am to 4 pm. Sunday is our huge MOPAR event, car show, vendors, food, flea market AND lots of drag race action, come early, the drag racing gets underway at 11:30 am. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- May 2nd
Weather's good now! Temps in the low 70's greeted the Test & Tune and Index racers. The 6.50 Index is getting good, 10 entries, all could and did run close to the index.  We had a close, well run final. Nathan Englar in his 68 Road Runner ran a 6.506 to win over Matt Bowie in his 70 Camaro who was right there with a 6.524, both racers had identical .034 lights. Tom Bard in his 70 Nova was third. The others in the class were Charles Testerman Sr and Jr., cousin Keith Testerman Les Tobery, Bruce Greene, Darren "Tater" Kuhn and Kelly Lloyd. Robert Brooks ran a 5.84 to Pat Hahn’s 5.88 in the 5.80 class to take the win. Don Thomas was third. The 7.50 class was won by Kenny Moser in his 69 Camaro over Marc Given, Larry Price and Tim Bard were the semi racers. Everyone got plenty of runs, a fun day!

Sunday -- May 3rd
Today we ran our SBRA race and this was a good one, 205 cars raced, all the classes had good turnouts 37 in Super and 70 in Footbrake. We'll start with the Junior Dragsters, well the boys won this one. In the semis, Charlotte Mallow drew the bye, Jo Jo Mallow lost to Ryan Ely, then in the final it was Ryan defeating Charlotte Mallow in another good race. 23 cars were entered.

Outlaw Pontiacs had a big group of racers as 27 made round one. It was Steve Dress's day as he went six rounds in his low 10 second 68 Firebird to take the win over Johnny James in his 73 Ventura.  Anne Beard had a real good third place finish. Her 69 Bonneville convertible ran mid 13's all day and she was sharp on the tree in all rounds.

Super Pro had Harry Troxler in his real nice mid 5 second 69 Camaro winning over Bob McDonaugh's powerful 4.80s dragster in the final, Chuck Wishard and Kevin Moore were the semi racers. Harry, Tommy and the rest of the Troxler gang were real happy to win this one. The car worked all day long and Harry drove well too. Great job!

Now to Footbrake, Dahrl Clark was in championship form as he beat Corey Thompson in the 7 round race. Lukas Birks and Mark Harbaugh were the semi racers. This class had some real good races in every round.

Bikes had John Eaton over the always tough Dale Hamilton, Gene Belt was third.
We have as good a group of Bike racers as there is anywhere in the country, everybody can ride and just about all the bikes are real fast. Win here and you've done something.

Trophy had Bob Nowak beating Bob Sidow in the final, how about a 502 powered 69 Impala wagon and a 64 Dodge, both run high 12's great cars.

Don't forget another Street Nite race on Saturday, May 9th, Quick 16 $1000 to Win and the Md Performance Real Street heads up cars along with Drive-In Street, Limited Street and Pro Street and Street Bike. Sunday is the Cruise for the Cure event hosted by Stablemates car club. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway next week!

Saturday -- April 25th
About 8am a snow shower/squall rolled through the area surprising everyone, the rest of the day was cold and dreary, temps in the mid 40's most of the day. We ran a test & tune event but also did our first qualifying event to make the “LIST". Antrim Diesel RV and Antrim Diesel Service had 11 trucks making 3 passes each, Phil Price in "Bad Medicine" being low qualifier. With cars we had Larry Palmer leading the way. We would love to see a bigger turnout of cars at the next qualifier "LIST" event.

Sunday -- April 26th
A much nicer day, it was sunny and temps reached 60 later in the day. This was a Summit ET Series race. In the morning the Junior Dragsters kicked it off with Sammie Miller taking the win over Joey Maggetti, Noah Lind was third.

Trophy had Darius Wenger over Bob Stagerwalt. In Street it was the always tough Carlos DeJesus over Rick Wenger. Pro had Jason Stern in has 67 Camaro over Ronnie Proctor Jr. in the final. Third place was Colby Imes who was unable to run the semi final round due a transmission fluid leak. Bike class had George Stanley over Tom Eaton. Super was an all dragster final. Marcus Henry's big block Chevy powered car against Bob Jansen's small block Chevy racer. Marcus went .005 against Bob's red light start, Both cars ran sevens all day, Bob was as quick as 7.78 in round two. Good racing all day long, nice track conditions too!

Next weekend, Saturday, May 2nd, we will have a test & tune and the three eighth mile index classes, a 7.50 plus a 6.50 and a 5.80 class. The event runs from 11 am to 4 pm. On Sunday, May 3rd we run a SBRA race with the Junior Dragsters running at 9:30 am, big cars at 11:30 am. Test & Tune is available this day also. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- April 18th
The warmest day of the year, near 80 degrees greeted racers and race fans on our first Street Nite event. The co-main events were the Quick 16 and Maryland Performance Center Real Street classes. In Real Street we had 15 cars, the winner was Jamie Lindsey driving Rob Falcone's 582 ci. Big Block Chevy powered Fox body Mustang running low ET in all four rounds and winning over Dave Guy's 572 ci. Big Block Ford powered Fox body Mustang in the final, a 5.39 to a 5.58. The semi racers were Jack Williamson and Josh Wheeler. Great racing by all the Real Street drivers. These guys look like they are having a great time putting on their show. Extra cash was put up by these sponsors -- Custom Towing and Auto Repair, Right A Way Powder Coating and DGR Performance. The Quick 16 had Mike Howell with low ET of 5.10 @ 137 mph. Dennis Hammond was "The Man" as he had a .004 package in round two, a perfect light in the semis and took the win over Robert Brooks in his Nova in the final, a 5.64 to 5.88. The semi racers were Ronnie Horwath and Jim Shank. In Pro Street, Sam Boyd won over Paul Roderick with Charlie Testerman Sr and Dave Toms the semifinalists. Limited Street had Kenny Moser over Randall McNamee, Terry Mentzer was third. Drive In Street had Larry Price winning over Bruce Garber, John Eaton and Greg Orris were the semi racers. Street Bike was won by Kevin Hamilton over Brian Canoles, Paul James Sr. was third place rider. We also had a good turn out of test and tune cars and bikes. By the way, again great track prep from Bubby Casto and Jake Landes, these guys do an excellent job week in and week out! We really do have a fine staff at Mason Dixon, a pleasure to work with these people every week.

Sunday -- April 19th
Over 100 cars, bikes, junior dragsters and trucks competed in a Test & Tune event. We had a nice group of race fans with us also. Everybody got many runs and many ran big numbers today. Don't forget next Sat., a Test & Tune event PLUS qualifying runs for the LIST-- will you be on it?  Sunday is a Summit ET series points race all classes contested, Junior Dragsters kick it off at 9:30 am. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- April 11th
Though a bit breezy, we had clear skies and temps that reached 60 degrees by late afternoon. At 8 am, the Northern Virginia Mustang Club brought 44 members and guests, mostly in later model Mustangs and all made numerous runs. Most all the cars are real fast and many ran 12's and 11's with big mile an hour passes. The fastest car in the house was Keith Elledge's late model blower assisted Mustang running as quick as 8.81 at 156 mph. These were the car"s first runs and there is still more in this car! All the club members had fun and we will have them back later in the year. Now, moving over to the Test & Tune part of the day we started at noon and ran to 5 pm. Plenty of cars, trucks and bikes made a lot of runs and we also had 9 year old Eric Bowles make his license runs in his Junior Dragster. All his runs were good and he is now licensed, good job Eric! Chase Fahnestock drove his Super Comp dragster for some test passes before heading to the LODRS race at Atco. First run a pretty good 8.94 on the 8.90 index, next pass just a bit quick, 8.88 then the last one netted a .007 light with a 8.902 et, a .009 package, with that, Crystal, Joel and Chase loaded up and went home. Great runs!  We also ran our first Index Class cars. The biggest class was the 6.50 group with 7 cars racing, Tom Fidler took the win when Matt Bowie broke out by .02. The semi racers were Nathan Englar and Tom Bard. Larry Price won the 7.50 group and Pat Hahn won the 5.80 class.

Sunday -- April 12th
Less windy and temps that reached nearly 70 degrees made for nearly perfect racing conditions on the first SBRA points race. In the morning it started with 21 Junior Dragsters and unlike last week it was all about the girls. In the final Bailie Zepp squared off with Sammie Miller. Sammie had the better light and took the win, Brandi Conner was third. Excellent racing by all those in the Junior Dragster group. The big cars took the track at 11:30 am. There was a good field of Super cars with Danny Brown in his Mustang winning over Al Crawford. Bernie Staub took third. It took 7 rounds to win Footbrake and veteran driver Ed Talbert won over Andy Dolan. George Hoff was third. Ed's lights were from .009 to .025, real sharp driving! We had 16 Bikes with Dalton Dickerson from N.J. winning over Boyd Mathias in the final. Kevin Hamilton and Kermit Garnett were semi racers. By the way, Kevin nearly got dropped in round one when niece Gina Hamilton had the starting line advantage but broke out in a close race. Trophy was won by Bruce Foltz over Darius Wenger. We also had a great group of Test & Tune cars and bikes. A big thanks to all that participated, racers, crew members, family members, race fans, sponsors, staff and management!

Next Saturday, Street Nite with Quick 16 paying $1000 to win, runner up $300, semis $100, real good money for a $35 entry fee and Maryland Performance Centers Real Street heads up cars are the featured classes. Check our schedule for all the details! We will run a Test & Tune on Sunday. Are you on the List??? See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- April 4th (Keep Checking BACK "The List" Rules and Dates Soon to be posted)
The first Summit ET Series points race is in the books. A fast moving shower rolled through the area about 8am and forced a delayed start time. First, the Junior dragsters took the track at 11 am with a good field of 23 cars entered. We have a new racer, Daylin Hoyler who made all her license runs with no problems, great job! In the semis, Thomas Oates beat Dylan Moore while Chesney Gosnell drew the bye, in the final it was Thomas Oates winning over Chesney Gosnell in a close final. Chalk one up for the boys! Junior Street had Dylan Detrick winning over red lighting Sammie Miller. Street Eliminator had a real good turnout with Greg Orris the winner over Doug Wetzel, Steve Gosnell and Tammy Gray were the semi finalists. Pro class had some great racing with two excellent racers going into the finals. Mark Harbaugh left first with a .034 light and Troy Gerhart with a.035 light. Mark was dead on, 10.18 while Troy ran out by .003, 10.047 on his 10.05 dial, a great close race. Steve McCully and Greg Orris were the semi racers. In Super Mark Gray won over last year's Super champ Ronnie Horwath, this race also was close, Ronnie breaking out by .004, both drivers with good lights. The semi racers were Joe Henry and Andy Dolan. The Bike class had all the good riders with Brian Canoles leaving with a .008 light to defeat Dave Clinedinst. These two were the fastest bikes on the property, Brian ran as fast as 8.06 at 164 mph and Dave with a 8.21 at 160 mph. Semi racers were Kevin Hamilton and Boyd Mathias. Trophy had Bruce Foltz's 68 Camaro running mid tens winning over Jeff Hielman in the finals. Tommy McCully driving dad's street legal AMC Spirit took third. Tommy ran both Street and Trophy and made plenty of low 14 second and had a great day racing with his dad. How about Steve McCully's fast red Spirit, now running consistent 10.80 @122 mph passes. The little car works. Test & Tune had over 20 cars entered, all made plenty of runs, 11 second 130 mph Hondas, late model Mustangs, Corvettes, trucks etc. Overall, a very good day of racing at Mason Dixon!

Next weekend on Saturday, April 11th, the Northern Virginia Mustang Club has the track from 8am til noon. Then we have a Test & Tune from noon to 5pm but also we will run three eighth mile index classes, 5.80, 6.50, 7.50. On Sunday April 12th we run our first SBRA points race with all classes contested, Jr. Dragsters at 9:30 am and big cars at 11:30 am. Keep checking this website and our new facebook page for all pertaining to Mason Dixon Dragway, see you next weekend!

Sunday -- March 22nd  (1st Post of the 2015 Season)
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We finally got an opening day in the books. After either cold, snow/rain or wet grounds we got bright sunshine and temps that reached the high 40's today. A nice turn out of over 60 cars and bikes made numerous time runs. We also ran our "First to the Finish Line" race. Eddie Payne's excellent mid 10 second Dodge Dart won over Larry Price's Malibu wagon, semi racers were Darius Wenger and Rick Wenger.  Two Jr. Dragsters made runs, Dalyn Palmer made several passes and Jaiman Dietz made several check out runs and on his last couple passes ran low 12's at 54 mph. This was Jaiman's first race and he did an excellent job driving all day long. We had a nice mix of cars, bikes and trucks on the track, several diesel trucks, bikes, full on drag cars, street/strip cars, and sport compacts. The track itself worked well from the start, nice track prep from Jake and Bubby. Next weekend we have a test and tune on Sat. March 28th starting at 11 am with an added gamblers race at 3pm, $20 entry fee for the gamblers race. Sun. March 29th we will run all classes, Jr. Dragsters 9:30 am, Big cars and bikes at 11:30 am. The first Summit Points race is set for Sat. April 4th, Easter Sunday, April 5th we will be closed. A big thanks to all who participated today, see you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway! By the way, check this website for any updates in anything pertaining to our race program.

Saturday -- Nov. 22nd
Though very cold early in the day, bright sunshine and temps in the low 40's were still good for racing. We started with the Junior Dragsters at 10 am. Dalyn Palmer was the winner over Sammie Miller in the final, Seth Reed was third. Dalyn was on the tree on all his runs, mostly .020 to .030 lights, great job. In Super Mark Coover won over Jim Day. In Pro Joe Zeoli won in his Fairlane over Chris Kelican, Boyd Mathias was third. Geg Orris won in Street over Tim Hope, David Toms was third. All class winners got a Cornish Hen along with their winnings, a fun day.

Sunday -- Nov. 23rd  (Season ending annual Turkey Race)
Warmer temps for Sunday, low 50's with light winds. We had a good Junior Dragster turnout for so late in the year with 17 cars entered. In the end Mary Elizabeth Bannister won over Seth Reed, the semi racers were Alyssa McFadden and Dalyn Palmer. Bubby Casto took many winners circle photos of all our Junior dragster racers and their family members. This year’s Junior Dragster program was fun and well supported by all. Super was won by Troy Cooper over Brian Millison, both in fast dragsters, Mark Coover took third. In the first time run session, Tom Chamberlin and Bill Wilkinson lined up together and both cut .000 perfect lights, very unusual. In Pro with over 60 cars Glen Isom won over Dale Jackson with Ed Talbert taking third. In Street it was Carlos DeJesus over Dave Raser. During the first time run Steve "Turtle" Dickey said to both Dave and Carlos that he'd see them in the final, it happened though he didn't pick the winner, these two race with us several times a year a, two good guys that always go rounds or win, very tough racers for certain. In Bike it was Dale Hamilton over Joe Lyons, once again Dale Hamilton racked up another track championship, great racing Dale. Trophy had the Wenger brothers squaring off in the final, Rick won over Darius, these two race with us nearly every time we are open, their support is highly appreciated by all at Mason Dixon! We had 170 cars today, we still got done by 5:30 pm. Class winners and runner-ups and staff members received turkeys, a real good ending to the year. Thanks everyone for your support of our races and race programs at Mason Dixon Dragway, racers, family members, crew members, sponsor/partners, Mason Dixon staff and especially track owners Elmer and Cathy Wachter. By the way, many race dates are already posted.  In the next month almost all the schedule should be on this website, keep checking in with us regularly. We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, also be safe over the winter, let's hope for a milder one this year. See you soon!

Looking into the 2015 season to lend an ear the track would like to form a racers forum representative to its racer base.  Would like to have 2 Super, 3 Pro, 2 Street and 1 Bike Racer to represent all the racers for the 2015 Season. If interested in joining this forum please email me:  Want to meet prior to the new year and then at least once per month during the racing season.

Saturday -- Nov. 15th
Racing was cancelled due to very cold and windy conditions

Sunday -- Nov. 16th
Though temps stayed in the high 30's we had 79 cars take the track for a test & tune and gamblers race. The track prep held up well, many of our test & tune racers ran the quickest runs of the year. We had a variety of fast street cars and full on race cars. Larry Price won the small gamblers race. Overall a good day, we finished up at about 4 pm.

This coming weekend we finish out the 2014 racing season. Sat. Nov. 22nd is the Cornish Game Hen race. We start at 9 am with the Junior Dragsters, at 11:30 we run the big cars -- Super, Bike, Pro, Street and Trophy, all are 1/8 mile racing. On Sun. Nov. 23rd we run the Annual Turkey race, Jr. Dragsters start at 9:30 am, big cars at 11:30 am -- Super, Bike, Pro, Street, Trophy and Jr. Street all running 1/8 mile. Test & Tune is offered both days. We'll hope for a bit warmer weather for both days. Also think about your Christmas gift list, our Goodie Booth has many reasonably priced Mason Dixon shirts, hats sweatshirts and jackets for sale, see Cheryl this coming weekend. See you this coming weekend!

Saturday -- November 8th
Weather was a bit cool and windy but ok for our Drive-in Drags and test & tune event. In the 11.50 and slower group we had 30 cars. In the final three, Annie Waters beat her husband Chris to then face off with Greg Orris in his 05 GTO. Greg had the better light to take the win. In the fast 11.49 and quicker bracket Justin Crider in his 71 Nova won over Rick Wenger in his 66 Chevelle. We ran each class winner for an overall Drive-in Drags champ. Justin dialed a 10.00 while Greg dialed a 12.00, both were two over with Greg taking the very close win. Cameron Stouffer made her Junior Street licenses runs in a late model Honda Accord with high 10 second at 65 mph runs. Well done. We also ran a test & tune class with many making numerous passes.

Sunday -- November 9th
Temps hit the low 50's with light breezes making it a good day for racing. In the Footbrake class 28 cars entered. In the semis Joe Wetzel beat third place driver Troy Gerhart. In the final Mike Rodgers broke out by one while Joe Wetzel who was good by one. We had a number of test & tune cars and bikes. Of note, Harley Ely made her license runs in the Junior Dragster class, the last one with a 13.50 et. This was her first runs ever, Harley handled the car very well, nice job! Jim Scott's big block Ford powered Bantam altered made 3 fast passes, best one being a 8.36 at 164 mph. Overall a good day.

Next weekend, Sat. Nov. 15 is a test & tune event, 11 am to 4 pm. Sunday Nov. 16 is a test & tune event and a Gambler race will be contested, 11:30 am to 4 pm.

See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday -- Nov. 1st
This was day one for the MD Performance Center Real Street Race and the annual Tri-State Stock/Super Stock Race. About 20 cars battled it in Stock/Super Stock on this cool damp day. Kevin Clark was the winner over John Frech while Larry Jewell took third place. In Real Street we had 14 cars with Ken Tingle running 5.38 At 132 mph in final against Harold Horton. We also ran a Test & Tune event. We finished up the day about 5:30 pm.

Sunday -- Nov. 2nd
Though a bit cool, there was plenty of sunshine as we went into day two. Now we had 48 Stock/Super Stock cars making round one, in the end it was Kyle Huntzberry in his SS/JA 69 Camaro over red lighting Paul Roderick in his AAA/SA Cobra Jet Mustang. Former world champ Tex Miller was third in his F/SA Mustang. Footbrake was won by Eric Campolito in his 94 Chevy Caprice Stocker over Troy Gerhart, Dave Toms was third. Super was won by Bob Jansen in his four second small block dragster. Real Street had 13 cars, low qualifier and now the record holder in the class was Dave Guy of Dillsburg, Pa. in his turbo Mustang, ran a 5.21 at 141 mph. Dave made the finals against Sat. winner Ken Tingle. Dave had the better light was unable to make a clean launch and Ken took the win with a solid 5.36 at 134 mph. Of note, Jack Williamson's Nova ran a personal best of 5.37 at 127 mph. Over in Stock/Super Stock, Paul Roderick's Cobra Jet ran several low 8.80 runs at 154 mph. Many of the Stock/Super Stockers ran hard with wheel standing launches, great show by all. Jordan Miller drove her Dodge Dakota truck to many Jr. Street passes with her dad "Bunk" Miller. We also ran a well attended Test & Tune event. Once again, Jake and Bubby gave a great track both days for our racers to run the big numbers they posted both days. A big thanks to Mike Carr, his mom and dad from the Tri-State Stock/Super Stock Association for their efforts putting this race together. Thanks also goes out to Justin Reggio of MD Performance Center for his work running the Real Street part of the event and lastly to all that participated today as racers, sponsors, crew and family members and track staff.

This Saturday we run our Drive-in Drag race event, tagged, titled and driven in the gate cars, 2 classes, 11.49 and faster, 11.50 and slower. Sunday a Test & Tune race. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Wednesday -- Oct. 22nd
Light rain and damp conditions caused the cancellation of the late afternoon/evening gamblers race on day one of the 2014 SBRA event.

Thursday -- Oct. 23rd
Day 2 -- Weather was great and remained excellent for the rest of the weekend. The feature for the day was a Gamblers race with three classes contested. In Super, Kelly Taylor in her dragster won over Earl Coffee driving a 68 Camaro. Footbrake had Mason Dixon's heavy hitter Chris Crawford over RJ Fitzgerald. Gene Belt won the Bike class over Taylor Dunham. We finished up about 7 pm. Good racing by all and the track was excellent all day long.

Friday -- Oct. 24th
Day 3 -- Now we had nearly a full house as many more racers made the show today. We ran two $5,000 Hi-Roller races. In Super no one had anything for Paul Burruss in his small block Chevy dragster as he won over Ray Ralston in the final. Paul went six rounds to win this one and went four more rounds in the Gamblers for ten straight round wins in one day, that's an accomplishment in this house this weekend! In Footbrake Hi-Roller it was a brothers final, Chris Giles won over Wade Giles. Wonder if they split the money? Another great final. In both Hi-Roller races were there many near perfect packages, run after run, this was the best racing I've seen all year! Jumping over to the Gamblers races in Super it was Delbert Baldwin ($2000) over Jesse Alberts ($1000), Footbrake had Jason Weaver ($2000) over Rufus Hill ($1000), Bike had Joe Devola over our Tom Eaton and the Junior Dragsters had Bobby Minter over Lane Kahley. We finished out the night about 10:40 pm. The track stayed great even as the temps got into the forties.

Saturday -- Oct. 25th
Day 4 -- Saturday kicked off with the Race of Champions-- Super had Jeremy Curry in his high four second Olds over John Rietscha's dragster, Footbrake had Rufus Hill over Mark Romeo, Bike had our own Dale Hamilton taking the win. In the Gambler races in Junior Dragster it was Noah Pollard over Sarah Danner, Super had Randy Krause over Jeremy Price, Footbrake was won by Harley Keys over Billy Stotler and in Bike Dale Hamilton won over Joey Devola. Dale won both the Gamblers and ROC, twelve straight rounds, no losses, great riding! The racing ran til a bit after 11 pm.

Sunday -- Oct.26th
Now for the last day, it's all about the big purse of a total just for today of over $24,000 and the team championships. First we ran the Junior Dragsters, Noah Pollard won over Hayle Lotts, Noah also won on Saturday. Super had a red hot Delante Green in his Arrow winning over Kelly Taylor who was Thurday’s Gamblers winner. Footbrake had Jason Weaver in a dead close race defeating Dickie Bodmer. In the Bike final it was Joey Devola over Nick Hamlet. We finished the racing at about 7 pm.

Here is a general overview of the 2014 SBRA Bracket Finals. I know I'm going to miss a lot of stuff but here it goes.

Number one -- A GIANT thank you to all that participated, racers and their families and crew members, all the track owners and their people from the participating tracks, Gary Gore and Hayne Dominck, the Mason Dixon staff and owners for all their work leading up to and during the event, the sponsors and the race fans that attended the race. This race was a first class event from start to finish.

Number two -- Multiple winners over the weekend were Kelly Taylor in Super with a win and runner-up, Dale Hamilton in Bike with two wins in one day, Noah Pollard in his Junior Dragster with two wins, Joey Devola in Bike with a win and runner-up, Jason Weaver in Footbrake with two wins and Rufus Hill with a win and runner-up. Great racing by these outstanding racers!

Number three -- Now the points, Congrats to team Colonial Beach with 100 points then Mason Dixon 82, Eastside 68, Beaver Spring 63, Old Dominion 52, Natural Bridge 49 and Pittsburg 41. It was close for a while and then Colonial Beach pulled away to take the win. By the way the SBRA 2015 race will again be hosted by Mason Dixon Dragway!

Number Four -- Best appearing cars were picked by Matt Facteau our timing system specialist and myself, this was hard, loads of great cars to choose from but here are the winners, Super, Rick Clay Jr, Footbrake, Jesse Beherton, Bike, Brian Canoles, Junior Dragster, Sammie Miller.

Number five -- Fastest car was Jason Derr's dragster, ran as quick as 4.46 @ 156 mph and 1.00 sixty foot times. Big wheel standers were Kevin Little's 40 Willys with giant long wheelies with sub 1.20 sixty foot times. Gary Simpers Comet wagon is another big wheelstander. By the way the track prep was first class and was performed by Bubby Casto who is also our track photographer and Jake Landes who also handles many duties during race day.

Number six -- I'm sure I've missed stuff here but in the end this was a great race, all that were part of it made it a huge success. Thanks for being a part of the 2014 SBRA Bracket Finals.

We have 8 more races, this weekend Nov. 1st and 2nd the Stock/Super Stock race will be contested both days, also the MD Performance Center Real Street cars run both days. On Sunday we do run the bracket classes also. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday -- Oct. 17th
We ran a Test & Tune starting at 4:30 pm til a bit after 9:00 pm that had 108 racers, mostly the diesel trucks making many runs. A nice turn out of racers and race fans.

Saturday -- Oct 18th
The Truck pull was a rousing success! A huge turn out of contestants and spectators! A BIG thanks to all that participated. We can't thank Antrim Diesel RV Sales/Sam Foley and family enough for their hard work putting this part of the weekend together. Great show! The pulls ran from 2:00 pm til after 10:00 pm. Also many vendors participated along with over 50 trucks joining in on the dyno pulls. Great job everyone!

Sunday -- Oct. 19th
About 166 trucks and big rigs participated in the drag racing part of the Diesel Event. We ran four classes. In the Big Rig Quick 8 the number one qualifier Craig Morris won with runs in the 12.90s with a final 12.87 at 112 mph over runner up Shane Pollock. The Big Rig Bracket class had Andrew Coblentz over Justin Butler in the final. The Quick 8 Pickup class had the number one qualifier Mark House winning over Craig Briggs. Mark ran his fastest pass of the event with a 9.74 at 143 mph. It took a 11.19 et to qualify to get in the field, two other trucks just missed with 11.20 and 11.21 ets. There were many high eleven and twelve second trucks in the house, amazing performances considering the weight of these machines. Susan Stump had one of the most unusual trucks, a rat rod truck powered by a 5.9 Cummins running a personal best 10.87 at 124 mph, She also made numerous 10.90 runs during the weekend. Finally in the Pickup Bracket class Andy Dolan took the win. He had also double entered and went undefeated in both entries and took the runner up spot also. Nearly flawless driving Andy! Again a big thanks to all our sponsors, racers, vendors and race fans for participating, even with a couple of oil downs and a big number of racers we still completed the event by 7:00 pm. Well done! About our scoreboard/lane sponsors -- left lane, Sam Foley and family Antrim Diesel RV Sales -- right lane -- Richard Price and family Antrim Diesel Service, we appreciate all their support of racing at Mason Dixon Dragway.

See you this week at the SBRA Bracket Finals -- Oct 22 thru Oct 26

Saturday -- Oct 11th
All night and morning rains forced a cancellation of the MD Performance Real Street, Slant Six and Test & Tune event.

Sunday -- Oct 12th
Much better weather greeted the 190 race cars and drivers and the big spectator turn out with partly cloudy skies and temps in the high fifties. The Slant Six Mopar Class ran two races in one day, race one had Derrick Sword over Phil Stanback in the final. Race two had last years series champ Ron Hamby over Derrick Sword. Ron was on the tree all day long and Derrick nearly pulled off a double with a win and runner-up finish. Twelve cars ran the Slant Six race. Super Pro had Colby Imes go .000 against Ronnie Horwath in final as he went slightly red. Dennis Hammond and Al Crawford took semi honors. In Footbrake Tim Bard's Nova ran the number round after round taking the win over Mike Rodgers, Joe Wetzel was third. Darius Wenger won Trophy with high 11 sec. runs. We also had a new Jr. Street racer license today, Jordan Miller, daughter of Larry "Bunk" Miller qualified in her Dodge Dakota truck with low 11 second eighth mile passes. Eric Kitchen, the head man in the Pro Stick Class, thought we might have 50 cars, he underestimated a bit as 53 cars made round one. In the end it was Dan Hoyler in his Fox body Mustang over Joe White's 65 Pontiac GTO. The semi racers were Robert Cook and Mike Strickler. Speaking of Mike, he has built a great tribute "Old Reliable" car that is flat fast, the 67 Camaro ran a string of low 9.60 runs at 139 mph. We finished up about 6:15 pm just as the sprinkles began. Overall, a real good day.

It’s all about the Diesels next week. On Friday Oct 17th we have a Test & Tune, open to all, from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm. The Truck Pull @ 2PM and Dyno testing start at 10 AM. on Saturday Oct. 18th. On Sunday, Oct 19th the Diesel trucks take the track at 11:30 am --Four Classes Quick 8 Big Rigs and Quick 8 Pickup plus big rigs and pick ups bracket racing.

See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- Oct. 4th
Though we had early morning rain showers, we were able to start on time anyway. In the 6.50 Index class it was Nathan Englar over Pat Gordon in the final, Tom Bard took third place. Dennis Hammond won the 5.90 Index class. We also ran our Outlaw 4.40 cars. Number one qualifier was the Corvette of Rich Stine with a quick 4.45 pass at 165 mph. In the final it was Rich Stine over John Moton with Jeremy Curry and Chris Sellers as the semi finalists, there was a full field of eight cars, all were well into the four second zone. We did have several test & tune cars. Jeff Brady had his dragster running as quick as 7.26 @ 183 mph with Nathan Etzler driving, a great looking very fast dragster!

Sunday -- Oct. 5th
The Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series cars put on a good show, 22 cars made round one, in the finals Wayne Garrison's 69 Judge won over Andy Nutt's 67 Lemans. The 1K All-Run class had Mark Gray with the better light winning over Andy Dolan, the semi racers were Jason Deavers and Dahrl Clark. Test & Tune cars ran also, a great mix of cars made many runs in this class.  Next week, on Sat. Oct. 11th, Md Performance Center Real Street heads up cars take the track. These are low and mid 5 second eighth mile cars that put on a great show with field of about 20 cars, also the Drive-In drag cars run, two classes, 11.49 or faster and 11.50 and slower cars run. These cars must be street legal, tagged and insured and driven in the gate cars. On Sunday, Oct. 12th Eric Kitchen's Pro Stick cars, usually over 50 strong, will race their hard launching wheel standing machines. This is always a fan favorite race. Also we'll run Super, Footbrake, Trophy along with Test & Tune. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- Sept 27th
This was a big day, we opened at 8 am for the Northern Virginia Mustang Club private rental. The dense fog, you couldn't see the scoreboards til after 9 am, held up the racing for another 1/2 hour. There were about 50 cars and all made plenty of passes til about 1:30 pm or so. Next up were the test and tune cars along with the East Coast Impala Race series cars, a Gamblers race and two qualifying shots for both Top Sportsman and Top Dragster classes. Mike Daymude ran several 5.44 passes to win over the Luken Racers Cars Malibu in the Gamblers Race final. Top Sportsman had four cars with Ronnie Proctor leading the way with a 4.40 @ 161 mph pass. Jeremy Curry, John Moton and Jerry Williams were all fast also. In Top Dragster Carlisle, Pa racer Chris Powers laid down a 4.26 @ 165 mph. Bill Russell ran 4.33 twice @ 161 mph.  The Daymude family and friends set up two tents at the end of the bleachers and sold baked goods and wearing apparel to benefit the Megan Daymude Fueling Her Dream Foundation, they also sold 50/50 tickets. Jason and Stacey Staub were at the track running the 66 Mustang which ran a strong 9.59 @ 139 mph, good having them with us for this event.

Sunday -- Sept 28
The big day!! The Megan Daymude $5,000 to win Super ET race. Great racing all day long. First off let's go to the Top Sportsman Cars, in the final Jerry Williams won over Ronnie Proctor. Jerry's Monte Carlo is deadly consistent and Jerry can drive it too! Jumping over to the Top Dragster group it was Brian Niedomanski over the Massachusetts racer Bill Russell. Earlier in the day Chris Powers put away his slower dragster brought out the "big hammer", in the semis Chris ran a 4.14 @ 175 mph breakout pass. The car is a rocket! Now for the $5,000 race. Chris Lil put up a $100 for the first .000 light in qualifying, hard to believe but no one got it, four .001s but no perfect light, the money went to the Megan Daymude Fueling Her Dream Foundation, thanks Chris!  In round seven it was Jeremy Curry over Nathan Jacobson while Joey Harrison who earned the bye sat out his run. In the final Joey went one over with a .015 light to Jeremy Curry's slightly off .031 light. Great racing all day long by all that participated. I got some help today as Courtney Suders announced some time runs and round two of the Super ET cars, she did an outstanding job too.. The track staff did a great job running the event and track prep was excellent as usual, how about Ronnie Proctor 1.00 sixty, Bill Russell with a .99 and Chris Powers going 1.00. Also, big thanks to all the Daymude family and their friends for all the hard work they did both days, we look forward to this event in 2015! Again a big thanks to all that participated! See you next week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- Sept 13th

Morning rain showers persisted through the afternoon canceling racing today, everything moved forward to Sunday.

Sunday -- Sept 14th
Great weather, clear skies and temps in the low 60's were about perfect for racing. A huge turnout of 115 test and tune cars plus 20 cars were entered in the Maryland Performance Center Real Street class. We also ran three index 1/8 mile classes, 5.90, 6.50 and 7.90 and we ran the Drive In Drags class.

Real Street had Kevin Tingle with a record run of 5.25 @ 138 mph on the pole, Russ Martin was fast also with a 5.31 @137 mph blast. In the finals of the Quick 8, Jack Williamson won out over the faster but redlighting Chad Helman. In the slower bracket sponsor Terry Holler got the win when Frank Peacock broke.. Great show, Real Street racers!

In the 5.90 Index, Frank Howell ran a 5.92 with a great .009 light to win over Chuck Wishard's 5.91 with a good .043 light, excellent race. Matt Bowie beat Nathan Englar in the 6.50 final, both had good lights but Nathan broke down track, this would no doubt have been a good race. The 7.90 class had Nancy Kovach over Larry Price.

Drive In Drag class had Glen Estelle over Larry Price in the finals. Overall all a very good day at Mason Dixon, plenty of great cars and lots of race fans were in attendance. A big thanks to all that participated today. Thanks also going to Justin Reggio of Maryland Performance Center along with Terry Holler and Custom Towing for their support of the Real Street racers. Don't forget our team is in Delaware at the Bracket Finals this coming weekend. We are closed on Sept 20th and 21st. See you on the following weekend for the Meagan Daymude Super ET. Top Sportsman Top Dragster Race, Sept 27th and 28th.

Saturday -- September 6th

This was to be a Outlaw Cars race with three 1/8 mile index classes, 5.90, 6.50 and 7.90 and a test & tune race. Times runs started at noon and about 2 pm Richie Stine's Outlaw Corvette laid down a 4.46 @ 165 mph and an easy 1.12 60 ft. A very fast shakedown run. About 2:30 pm the rains came and just dumped on us, the race was called off at just after 3 pm.

Sunday -- September 7th
This was the final SBRA points race with a big turnout of all the classes. The Junior Dragsters took the track at 9:30 am. In the end Charlotte Mallow took the win over Eric Swiger, Seth Reed and Dalyn Palmer were the semi racers. There were 27 cars in round one, nice turnout.

The big cars had Wayne Donoho winning Trophy when Rick Wenger's Chevelle broke the rear on the burnout.

Footbrake had the biggest car count, 64 cars, in the end it was Troy Gerhart with .017 light over Mike Hufnagle, Norm Spielman was third.

Super had Mike Hoff over Marcus Henry in the finals, Michael Shoop was third. Mike Hoff was on the tree all day long, nice win for the Hoff's!

Bike had Tom Eaton over Kermit Garnett III in the final, Tom ran as quick as 5.22 @ 129 mph during eliminations.

Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series cars were with us, 17 cars, Greg Orris won out over Mike Clay.

We had a number of Maryland Performance Center Real Street cars testing today. Jack Wlliamson's Nova did a giant bumber dragging wheel stand and came down hard causing some under carriage damage, hope Jack can make next weeks event. We thank all that participated today, racers and their crew and family members, race fans, staff and sponsors. Great weather and a great day all-around.

Next Saturday, September 13th--- Md Performance Center Real Street, three 1/8 mile index classes, 5.90, 6.50 and 7.90 and the Drive-In Drags. Three classes, 11.50 and slower, 11.49 and faster and a Quick Eight. On Sunday we run a Test & Tune 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. See you next week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday -- August 29th
100 cars made passes in the test & tune event that went from 4:30pm to 9:30pm. A nice turn out!

Saturday -- August 30th
Day one of the Labor Day Weekend Event:  It was Jason Deavers over Dan Roberts in Street, both have been very strong in the last several weeks. Pro was won by Andy Dolan over Greg Ecker, Randy Hess was third. Gene Belt won Bike over Dave Clinedinst. Super Pro was won by Mike Daymude over Mark Gray while Marcus Henry took third spot. There were 24 Junior Dragsters, Joey Maggetti took his first win over Jo Jo Mallow while Mary Elizabeth Bannister was the third place racer.

Sunday -- August 31st
In Street, Dan Roberts won over Garrett Suders. Pro had Kalvin Kline with a big win over Randy Hess. Brian Canoles won over second day in a row runner-up Dave Clinedinst. Super Pro winner was Joey Harrison over Ronnie Horwath, Alan Hess took third. Happy 2nd anniversary to Brittany and Joey Harrison! 27 Junior Dragsters made round one and it was Stevie Dustin getting the big win over Alyssa McFadden in the final, Brandi Connor and Jo Jo Mallow were the semi finishers. Stevie drove nearly flawless all five rounds, great driving!

Monday -- September 1st
Junior Street was won by Tristin Simpkins over Sammie Miller. We now have 13 licensed Junior Street Racers at our track, let's spread the word on this class! High School was won by Steve Gosnell over Sarah Stone. Trophy had Wes Zepp over Ryan Gray. Street winner was Carlos DeJesus over Ryan Gray. In Pro Chris Crawford won out over Mark Harbaugh. Super had Ronnie Horwath over Mike Daymude in a close race. And finally Dave Clinedinst had enough of his two runner-up finishes in Bike and went to the finals and won over Dale Hamilton. 30 Junior Dragsters ran today, Landon Palmer was the big winner over Charlotte Mallow while Brandi Connor and Jo Jo Mallow were semi racers. Landon Palmer and his dad Brian enjoyed their first weekend of racing with us and plan to return soon! A big thanks to all that participated in this weekend's racing, the weather just barely cooperated as rain and downpours went all around us but mostly left us alone. Racers kept the pace moving and the track staff did their usual excellent work, track surface prep was top shelf all four days.

Next Sat. Sept 6th the Outlaw heads up cars will be with us along with three 1/8 mile index classes, 5.90, 6.50 and 7.50 along with test and tune. Sun. Sept 7th we run another 1/8 mile SBRA race. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Saturday  --  Aug. 23rd

All day rains caused the cancellation of our SBRA points race. The weatherman didn't cooperate on this one!

Sunday  --  Aug. 24th
Our 18th annual Mid Maryland Ford meet was a big success! Over 150 show cars and 104 race cars along with many vendors and plenty of Ford Fans made this event a good one. The show car field had all types of Fords, from early trucks to late model cars and everything between. All the show car entries were exceptionally nice this year, we did allow our show cars to make a "cruise" down track just before the drag race eliminations were to get underway.

Now to the racing, in Trophy, Jim Achen won over Jerald Shields, the Mustang class had Darren Kuhn over Devin Holder, Street was won by Annie Waters over Pat Cunningham. Pro had long time racer Jeff McMillen over Tim Hawks and finally in Super Pro Tim Hawks did win this class over Courtney Upole. Of note, Tim Hawks had a win and runner-up in Pro and Super Pro, that's a pretty good day! Courtney Upole had one really impressive car, she ran two classes, made about a dozen passes, all from 12.40 to 12.44. The Maverick works great. Courtney also did all the bodywork and paint work. Just a really nice ride.

This was a fun event from start to finish, a big thanks to everyone in attendance today!!

Can you believe next week is Labor Day Weekend already. Friday nite is a test & tune, 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm. We race for real, Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday, All three days are 1/4 mile Summit ET Racing Series points races. See you Labor Day weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Saturday -- Aug 16th

Nice weather, no rain greeted racers and race fans for this Summit ET Racing series event. Junior Dragsters kicked it off with 24 cars in round one. In the final it was the girls again, Chesney Gosnell winning over Ryan McFadden. Chris Lil of Burdette Bros. added $100.00 to the Juniors today, thanks Chris! By the way, Charlotte Mallow won her class at the Div. One Junior Dragster Championship at Numidia Dragway last weekend, great job Charlotte. In Street it was Dan Roberts over the very tough Lisa Dustin in the final. Trophy had Rodney Eichelberger over Steve McCully for the win. Troy Gerhart won Pro over Dahrl Clark, Mark Harbaugh was third. Troy drove real well at the tree and at the stripe on each run all day long, a real good win today. Super had Mike Daymude over the fast dragster of Alan Hess, both drivers had .035 lights. Mike a bit closer to the dial. Mark Gray was third. Dave Clinedinst was the winner in Bike over Tom Eaton in the final, two Saturdays in row, Dave has taken first place. Lastly in the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series, Michael Koser won over John Gunter while Ronnie Jerrew was third. Michael made two time and five rounds of racing and his worst light was a .039, most were in the teens or better, great driving.

Sunday -- Aug 17th
Today was a Test & Tune day with 100 entries and a good group of race fans spent the day with us. A good mix of fast bracket cars, numerous sport compacts, heads up cars and some real fast street cars and street bikes plus several Junior Dragsters made many runs. A supercharged Cadillac ran as quick as 10.60 @ 137 mph. Ken Mallow tested out a possible new ride running many 8.80 @ 150 mph runs in a Big Block Chevy dragster. A little of everything went down the Mason Dixon quarter mile.

Next Saturday, SBRA points race and on Sunday the big Mid Maryland Ford event, a race, car show, venders and more. See you this weekend!

Saturday -- August 9th
Today we ran a SBRA points race. The weather was humid with temps in the low 80's but not bad for August for sure. Trophy had Wayne Donoho winning out over the break out run of Jeff Heilman. Footbrake had Mark Harbaugh winning over Andy Dolan, Ryan Gray and Chris Crawford were the semi racers. The Bike class had Dave Clinedinst getting the win over Gene Belt who has just starting racing with us this season. Super had Joe Harrison over Ronnie Horwath in the final. Joe and Brittany Harrison's Mustang ran on the number on nearly every run, the car works and Joe was great today also. Junior Street has a new racer, Seth Reed licensed today and ran Sammie Miller in the final, Sammie getting the win. Seth is the ninth racer to join the Junior Street class.

Sunday -- August 10th
Today was a King of the Track race and we had the Race Wars cars on hand also. 40 cars were in this class, a mix of Sport Compacts and V8 cars, newer and older stuff all participated, many were real fast also. 38 cars ran in the Test & Tune class, a nice turn out. Trophy was won by Wes Zepp over Kevin Lusby. Street had Dan Roberts over Kristen Suders. Charles Copeland won over Mark Gray in the finals, Joe Harrison took third. Bike had Brian Canoles over Gene Belt. Kevin Hamilton was third. Gene Belt had a real good weekend, two runner-ups, not bad! Now for King of the Track. Wes Zepp beat Charles Copeland, Brain Canoles took out Dickie Bodmer, Dan Roberts with the bye run. Next round, Dan Roberts beat Wes Zepp, Brain Canoles with the Bye. In the finals Dan Roberts had a .013 light against Brian Canoles .020 light. Brian was only one off the dial and took the "Wally" back to West Virginia, great day for Brain and all the Bike racers too. Thanks to all that participated, we had a very big spectator turn out and lots of race cars, looked like everyone had a fun day!

Next weekend on Sat. Aug. 16th we will run a Summit Points race and also the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series cars will be in the house, on Sun. August 17th we will conduct a Test & Tune event noon to 5 pm. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday  --  Aug 2nd

Saturday featured three classes, Md. Performance Center Real Street, 4.40 Outlaw cars, and Junior Street. We also had a Test & Tune session from noon to 5 pm. First off the Junior Street class had Sammie Miller winning over first time racer Cameron Stauffer in the final, Logan Mathias and Tristan Simpkins were the semi finishers. Now for the Md. Performance center Real Street class. There were 15 entries everyone hooking hard and running strong. In the final the low qualifier, 5.40, Kevin Tingle took the win over Justin Bowmaker with low ET of the event with a 5.32 @ 134 mph, Justin ran a game 5.45. Russ Martin and Rob Falcone were the semi racers, all four cars that made the semis were Mustangs though Rob Facone's car is Big Block Chevy powered. Good, close racing all night in this class! The 4.40 Outlaw Cars were fast tonight, Low qualifier was Ronnie Proctor with a 4.44 @ 160 mph. Eight cars were in the class, all ran hard. In the final it was Ronnie Proctor taking the win over Jeremy Curry who went red. Semi racers were Lin Bowie and Henry Butler. Ronnie made six passes, the first five had 1.00 sixty ft. times, in the final a 1.01, two runs were 4.43 and one a 4.44, both the car AND the track prep was spot on. A big thanks to all that participated, racers, race fans and Mason Dixon for putting on a great show. We were able to complete the race by 9 pm. 

Sunday  --  Aug 3rd
Just as we were ready to run our Test and Tune event we sat through a half hour deluge, once the rain stopped we were able to get underway at 1:00 pm, we finished up at 5:00 pm. Many Pro Stick cars were testing with other race cars and street cars and some street bikes making many runs also. Overall a good day.

Next Saturday, Aug 9th we will run a SBRA race, no Jr. Dragsters and then on Sunday, Aug 10th a King of the Track race for a "Wally". No Juniors but all other classes contested. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday --  July 26th
Decent weather greeted our racers and race fans for the Summit Racing ET Series race. Trophy had veterans Wayne Donoho winning over Bob Sidow in the final. Street had Garret Suders over Jason Deavers with Doug Wetzel as the third place racer. Andy Dolan won Pro over the tough Rodney Eichelberger while Rick Quesenberry took third. A father/son final in Bike, Tom Eaton over his son, John Eaton. Super had Michael Shoop making it two in a row in Super with a win over Mike Daymude, close race, Michael .013 light to Mike's .021. Al Hite and Marcus Henry were the semi-finalists. Charlie Booze made some time runs in his Mustang, a best of 8.26 @ 167 mph.

Sunday  --  July 27th
A test & tune day with a good mix of cars and bikes. Keith and Tim Dietz of Hanover, Pa brought their front engine nostalgia dragster. They made several runs, a best of 8.27 @ 160 mph. Some Md Performance Center Real Street cars took the track. Jack Williamson's Nova ran several 5.70 runs @ 125 mph, An overall good day, light rain started right as we were ready to quit for the day, good timing for sure.

Saturday, August 2nd we will run the Md Performance Real Street cars and the 4.40 Outlaw cars, both classes heads up racing at its best, start time noon, qualifing at 4 pm. Test & Tune on Sunday noon to 5 pm. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- July 19th
Saturday the weather nearly got us as we had sprinkles and light showers after round one, they continued on and off til the end but the race was totally completed. This was a Summit points race. Starting with Trophy Kevin Lusby won out over Russell Jenkins. In Street both Jason Deavers and Carlos Dejesus were sharp all day with these two squaring off in the final. Carlos got the win. The third place racer was Garrett Suders. Pro had Mark Harbaugh taking a close win over Troy Gehrhart in the final. Dale Hamilton squared off against his brother Kevin Hamilton in the Bike final. Dale went .012 at the start to take the win, John Eaton was third. Super had a great final, Michael Shoop had a .008 light with a 9.644 on a 9.64 dial to shut out the always tough Andy Dolan who made it close with his .019 light, Paul Burruss was third. Good, close racing by everyone was the order of the day for this event.

Sunday -- July 20th
Much better weather today, a bit muggy but no rain! MANDRA was in the house today. Not a big MANDRA turnout but excellent cars and drivers participated. Long time high level bracket racer Andy Wildasin has joined this group and made it to the final in his 65 Ford Galaxie to pair up with Brian Friels in his Jungle Jim 66 Nova. Andy had the better light and took the win. Bud Paust in his Vega wagon was third. We also ran Junior Street. Taylor Foley against Tristan Simpkins in the final. Close race, Tristan took the win, Taylor was runnerup. Steven Dustin celebrated his 13th birthday today took third spot. Justin Reggio of Maryland Performance Center had some of his Real Street cars making runs. Russ Martin's turbo Mustang made several runs, the last two were a 5.44 and a 5.40 both @ 135 mph. Allen George of 409 fame ran his new COPO Camaro B/SA entry running 10.40s @ 128 mph. Bob Bransford in his early Chevy coupe ran a best of 4.82 @152 in the 1/8 and a 7.55 @ 183 mph. Michael Boyd is still making test passes in his new Street Roadster, 8.40s @ 152 mph. Jason Staub brought out his 65 Mustang to make several 9.70 passes, George Seeger was helping Jason today also, good guys, glad to have them at Mason Dixon. We had a good mix of all kinds of cars and bikes today. Street and Drag Bikes, Street Cars, Bracket Cars, Md Performance Center Real Street Cars, you name it was here. Nearly 100 cars total, a fun day!

Next weekend, Saturday July 26th is a Summit Points Race, no Jr Dragsters [they are in Bristol for the Eastern Regional event] start time 2:30 pm for the time runs to start. On Sunday July 27th is a Test & Tune day stating at Noon til 5:00pm.

July 12th -- Saturday
The Street Nite race featured the Quick 16 door car race, eighth mile, $1,000.00 to the winner, $300.00 to the runner up for a mere $35.00 entry. First off we welcomed the employees and the family members of the Volvo Power Train group as they were our guests for the racing action. We got underway at 1:00 pm with open time runs for all racers, at 1:30 and 3:30 pm we ran the two qualifier runs for the Quick 16 group. Jerry Williams was number one with a 4.93 @ 141 mph while Mike Howell and Tom Morgan were second and third with a 5.14 and 5.16. The bump was a 6.17, only two racers were in the sixes, thirteen in the fives and just Jerry Williams with a four second pass. In the semis, Tom Morgan's big 65 Ply Belvedere ran a one off 5.16 to beat the breaking out by two 4.90 run of Jerry Williams. Mike Daymude got by the tough Chris Shives to make it to the final. It was Mike Daymude's day as he ran a dead on 5.43 to take the win over Tom Morgan. Congrats to the Daymude Family race team!

The Bikes had a father, son final, Paul James, Sr. against Paul James, Jr. Dad won it, good job to the James’ team. Pure Street had Tim Hope in his late model Camaro over Annie Waters in her excellent Mustang. Sportsman Street was won by Scott Thomas in his 70 Chevelle, ran low 11.90's all day long, over Gary Staubs stunning 66 Chevelle. Sportsman Pro had Troy Gerhart over Doug Hammill. Troy was great on the tree each round. The day went well, we did have about a 20 minute rain/sprinkle delay but got through that ok, track prep was excellent even with 140 degree track temps most of the day. Good racing!

July 13 -- Sunday
Today was a Test & Tune day, everyone got plenty of runs, the Branford 37 Chevy made license runs, best of 7.90 at 178 mph. Don't forget on Sat. July 19th we have a Summit Points Race, time runs start at 1 pm. On Sunday we will run the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Drag Racing Association, MANDRA, cars, Junior Street and a Test & Tune, starts at Noon. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday -- July 4th
The weather for all three days was nearly perfect, temps in 70's on Fri. and Sat. and Sunday it did warm up to the low 80's. Time runs and a Gamblers race was contested on Fri. starting at 4 pm and the action carried to about 8 pm, about 85 cars participated.

Saturday -- July 5th
This was a trying day for sure. We ran a SBRA points race with a big field of cars and the Maryland Performance Real Street class and the Outlaw 4.40 Door Car class. We got underway at 2 pm with time runs and we ran our first qualifier runs at 4 pm. Real Street had 19 cars and the Outlaw cars were 9 strong. We were tested today as we had a major clean up to deal with just off the starting line.  The Bittner 57 Chevy lost an engine on the burnout taking nearly an hour to clean up properly. A bit later Eric Vandrew hit the left wall just past the 330' ft. mark which also took time to get racing back underway. We did complete the race but it took til 11:45 pm to finish. A tip of the hat to the Mason Dixon staff for a lot of extra work to get us up and running but even more credit goes to our racers and race fans for their patience throughout all the down time. Also our racers picked up the pace to be ready quickly after their runs so we could finish the show! Now the results, in Junior Dragster class Tristan Simpkins won over Brandi Connor, Chesney Gosnell was third. Rick Wenger was the Trophy class winner. Footbrake had a big field of cars and in the end it was Rodney Eichelberger in his '70 442 Olds winning over Norm Spielman in the final, Rodney had a slightly better light and out nearly at the '330 ft mark, Norm lost his hood. The lights were close, but Norm had to lift, this might have been a real close race. Congrats Rodney! Over in Super, the three drivers in the end decided to split the purse. Laura Foreman, Al Crawford and Ronnie Horwath were still in at the time, all were driving well. The Bikes had Kevin Hamilton over Tom Eaton with Dale Hamilton taking third spot.

Md Performance Real Street, Justin Reggio's group got faster all day as these cars usually do. Kevin Tingle took the win over Justin Bowmaker and set low et and speed for the event and the year with a 5.31 @ 135.80 mph. Frank Peacock took third. The Outlaw cars had Eric Champ in his blower Camaro over Bill Smith's nitrous Camaro while Henry Butler was third. Several runs were in the 4.50's and speeds in the high 150's.

Sunday -- July 6th
The Juniors started at 9:00 am with 22 cars in attendance. The top three spots were taken by the girls, Chesney Gosnell defeated Brandi Connor in the final while Sammie Miller was third. High School had Steve Gosnell beating the red lighting Sarah Stone in the final. Steve dialed a 12.72 and ran it with a zero and had a .000 light, a perfect run for Steve! Trophy had Wayne Donoho over a first time ever racer Heather Bloomfield. Both of these racers had fun today! Nice job by both. The Footbrakers had Mark Harbaugh defeating Newman Sisk in the final while Corey Thompson took third. Bike was won by Dale Hamilton over Dave Clinedinst. Super was won by Mike Daymude in his Demon over Jeremy Price in his Mustang in the final. This one was close and well run by both drivers.

Next week features our "Street Race" on Sat. July 12th with time runs starting at 1 pm. This race has the Quick 16 door car class with the racers gunning for the the first place $1,000 payout. On Sunday July 13th we have a Test & Tune, noon to 5 pm.
See you at Mason Dixon next weekend!

Saturday -- June 28th
Today we ran another SBRA 1/8 mile points race. We started off with our Junior Dragsters with once again the ladies picking up the win. Madeline Culbert won out over Eric Swiger in the final. Madeline drove well all day; she had good lights and ran the number every round, nice job!

Going to the big cars, in Super Chuck Wishard took the win over Laura Foreman's dragster. Joe Wetzel had a big day in Foot Brake defeating Mark Harbaugh in the final; Chris Crawford was the third place racer. John Eaton won over Paul James, Sr. in the Bike class.

Sunday -- June 29th --The Gold Dust Memories / Rocking Chair Nationals
Really not sure where to start here. Let's thank all that participated, the MANY race fans, racers, show car owners, sponsors, Mt. Aetna Fire Company and the entire Mason Dixon staff and owners. Also a big thanks to the Gore's, Gary and Dick and Hane Dominick as well. This event took a lot of planning and work to pull off and it was a rousing success. We opened the gates at 8 am and a steady stream of show cars and race cars arrived in big numbers, over 420 cars participated in the event. At 10 am out at the winner circle we had numerous veteran racers, many in the Eastern Drag Racing Hall of Fame were interviewed over the PA by Gary Gore or myself. The Mori brothers, Roy Chambers and the English brothers, Jim and Allison Lee, all the S & S racing gang, Mousie and Jean Brown, Sam Auxier, Jr. and many more shared stories and memories from back in the early days of drag racing. Many had their restored or "tribute" cars on display. What a great start to the day. Now to the racing, we got underway at 11:30 am. We had so many cars we went with just one time run and right to eliminations. The exhibition cars got two runs, there were several front engine dragsters, blown gassers and a great group of '62 Chevy 409 cars and others that were very entertaining and fast too.

Now for the class results, Top Sportsman, 5.99 et and quicker cars had Mike Howell's 62 Falcon running consistent 5.14 ets winning over George Forster in the final. The Nostalgia class had Larry Miller in his street driven Nova winning over Mike Rudisill in his Corvette. Eric Kitchen's Pro Stick gang put on a great show with 56 entries in round one. In the final, Steve Long's mid 8 second Mustang won over the low 8 second  Olds driven by Bill Marks. What a show put on by the Pro Stick racers! And finally in the $2,000 to win Foot Brake class it was Lukas Birks over Greg Ecker in the final. Lukas went seven rounds with all of his lights were either double 00's or teens with a .007 in the final, a well deserved win for the Birks gang.

Again a big thanks to all that participated! Now about this coming 4th of July weekend. On Friday, July 4th we will have open time runs from 4 pm to 6 pm then a two class race, Electronics and Non Electronics will be contested. On Saturday, July 5th, Md. Performance Center Real Street and the Outlaw 4.40 cars along with a SBRA Points Race will be contested. On Sunday, July 6th we again run a SBRA race. See you this coming weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway! 

Saturday -- June 21st
Sadly with rain all around the area many would be racers weren't in attendance for the morning AMC race and the afternoon Street driven car race. At Mason Dixon we only had one rain delay and the race was completed.  The fast bracket of street cars had Doug Whipkey over Rick Wenger with Bruce Wilson taking third. The slower bracket had Darius Wenger over Jeremiah Soga with Norman Johnson and Richie Burns taking the semi spots.

Sunday -- June 22nd
We had six Wallys to give away in this Summit Points National Dragster Challenge race. In the Youth Drag Racing League Young Guns class it Samatha "Sammie" Miller over Dylan Dietrick in the final. This was the first EVER Wally to be given to a Youth Drag Racing League driver in the USA. Congrats Sammie! Logan Mathias and Tristan Simpkins were the semi finalists. The Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series racers were with us today bringing 23 cars. Cliff Mays won out over Bill Sheffer. In Sportsman Jeff Hielman won over Larry Price. Street had the always tough Carlos Dejesus over John Moser. The biggest class was Pro, Tony Bonanno winning over Terry Erickson, Troy Gerhart and Ronnie Proctor Jr. were the semi racers. Al Crawford took the Wally over Andy Dolan in Super as Archie Davis took third. And finally in Bike, Dale Hamilton won over Kermit Garnett III. A big thanks to all that participated today, on a personal note I'd like to thank the Skelly family, Wayne, Tammy and Brandon and also Bob Carlson who brought my car down from East Berlin, Pa. so I could make a few passes, was definitely fun.

Saturday June 28th we will be running another SBRA event, Jrs. Start at 1 pm, big cars go at 3 pm. Now for the big one, Sunday June 29th we will run our first Gold Dust Memories / Rocking Chair Nationals. We start with a car show that starts when we open at 8 am Celebrity interviews at 10:30 am, then time runs at 11:30 am. Several classes will be contested, Eric Kitchen's Pro Stick gang will probably be 50 strong, a $2000.00 to win Footbrake race, a Top Sportsman 5.99 and quicker class and a Nostalgia class '85 and older cars. There will be some front engine dragsters, gassers 409 Chevys and more.  Don't miss this one!

See you next week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- June 14th
Once again the weather just fine for drag racing, breezy, partly cloudy and temps in the low 70's. Starting the day 25 Junior Dragsters made round one and in the end Alyssa McFadden and Eric Swiger squared off in final, both dialed 7.90. Alyssa caught the better light, .032 to Eric's .053 with Alyssa taking the big win.

Trophy had Russell Jenkins in his 10 flat Capri winning over Darius Wenger in the final. Street was a good one, Lukas Birks squaring off with Richie Burns in his stick Nova. Lukas had the better light but was off his dial a bit giving Rich the win. The Pro class was the biggest with the always tough Andy Dolan winning over Greg Ecker. Of special note though, one of the best races I can recall announcing had to be the round one match-up of Chris Crawford and Bobby Smith. Bobby dialed 11.10 to Chris' 10.42, watching the Compulink screen we could see Bobby's .000 perfect light while Chris was right in the game with a .005 light. At the stripe both ran on the number to the thousandth, 11.100 to a 10.420. Bobby running a perfect run, [ last one was performed by Steven Dustin in 2012], and Chris with a .005 package. What a great race, hard to remember a better one! Moving over to Super we had a father and son final, Joe Henry against his son Marcus Henry. Now what SHOULD have happened would be dad beating son in a great close final, didn't work that way though, Marcus got the win and Joe the runner-up spot, still a nice finish for the father son team. Brian Canoles ran a 8.06 in the final over Kevin Hamilton in the Bike final, as usual the Bikes were fast, three running very low eights at over 165 mph. We also had a number of good running test & tune cars making many runs. We finished up at about 8:45 pm.

Sunday -- June 15th
Today's event was all about our young racers in the Junior Dragsters and the Youth Drag Racing League Young Guns cars. For all those that weren't in attendance you missed a very well run and fun event. The total race purse was $1,900.00. Mason Dixon Dragway / the Wachter Family put up a good cash purse for all the classes and Chris Lil put up an extra $250.00 for the Junior Dragster drivers also. The weather was perfect as we started open time runs at 9:30 am. The first thing we ran was the regular eliminations, in the final, all girls again, Charlotte Mallow beat yesterday's winner Alyssa McFadden in a close race. Of note, Alyssa over the two days won ten straight rounds before losing out in the final. Nice driving Alyssa! We also ran the Youth Drag Racing Young Guns class with Tristan Simpkins winning over Dalyn Palmer in the final. For fun we also ran two extra classes after the regular race run, a 7.90 5 tenths pro tree class and 8.90 5 tenths pro tree class. In the 8.90 class, Jo Jo Mallow won over Mason Golden and in the 7.90 class Jake Bevard won over Stephanie Morgan. This event for our young racers was fun from start to finish, from staff, to racers and their family members and crew members, we all enjoyed the event! Thanks again to all that participated!

All right, next week, Saturday June 21st at 8am to 1pm we will run our annual AMC event, early Jeeps included, then at noon we start with our Street Legal Drags, a quick 16 and two bracket classes for street legal and driven in the gates cars, need registration and proof of insurance. In other words real street cars. On Sunday we run our National Dragster Challenge race for Super, Pro, Street, Bike and we have a Trophy class also. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway.

Saturday -- June 7th
Temps in the low 80's greeted racers and race fans for our second Maryland Performance Center Real Street and 4.40 Index Outlaw Door Cars race. After two qualifier passes we had several Real Street cars running mid fives at over 130 mph. The cars got faster as the track and air temp cooled a bit. In the finals Russ Martin in his Mustang saved his best pass for the finals against Rob Falcone's Fox body Mustang. They left together, Russ ran the best ET of the show, 5.34 at 134 mph against Rob's game 5.44 at 128 mph. Great race! Chad Helman was third. The field had 19 cars to start creating a five round race. A big thanks to Justin and the gang at Maryland Performance Center for helping coordinate the class.

Jumping over to the 4.40 Outlaw Cars we had ten entries, eight ran fours and five of those were in the low 4.50's to as quick as Ronnie Proctor's 4.40 at 160 mph number one qualifying pass. The final round was as good as it gets, long time racer, Ronnie Proctor in his nitrous assisted Mustang squared off with Lin Bowie behind the wheel of his '68 Camaro big block blower car. On the launch Ronnie Proctor cut a .082 light with a hard 1.00 sixty foot time while Lin Bowie had a better .024 light and a 1.06 sixty foot time. At the stripe, Lin turned on the win light with a 4.43 at 164 mph to a quicker 4.40 at 160 mph for Ronnie. Margin of victory about seven feet at the stripe. The semi racers were Bill Smith and Henry Butler. Congrats to Lin Bowie for the big win, nice racing by all in this class!

Our Youth Drag Racing League Young Guns had Dalyn Palmer over Taylor Foley in the final. The semi racers were Dylan Dieterich and Tristan Simpkins. Chris Lil of Burdette Brothers put up $25.00 for each semifinalists. Thanks Chris! We finished this excellent event about 9.45 pm.

We also had a special guest for our racing activities today. Garrett Shover from Greencastle, Pa who is being treated for Lymphoblastic Leukemia was with his mom and and dad and brothers to hang out with us for the day. Garrett got to activate the tree on a couple of runs from inside the tower as he was our "guest starter". Garrett seemed to have a great time. The fifty - fifty drawing raised $292.00 for the Shover family, a big thanks to all that purchased tickets or bought t-shirts. Garrett will turn 4 yrs. old on July 7th. We welcome Garrett and his family to be with us anytime!

Sunday -- June 8th
We were attempting to run two Bike classes today, Street Bike and Pro Bike and a test & tune event for cars and bikes. We were able to get in one round before the earlier than predicted rain showers halted the event. The money was split between all the first round winners.

Just a quick note on track conditions, though track temperatures were a bit over 130 degrees both Real Street and 4.40 Outlaw Cars were able make strong passes especially as the day / evening progressed, again nice work Jake and all the Mason Dixon staff for great track prep!

Next week, on Saturday we have a Summit ET Series race and on Sunday Md. State Junior Dragster race and the Youth Drag Racing League Young Guns class also. See you at Mason Dixon this week!

Saturday -- May 31st
A very nice turnout of test and tune cars and bikes made many runs til 5:00 pm on Saturday. We also ran our Youth Drag Racing cars with "Sammie" Miller winning in the final over Dylan Detrick, Tristin Simpkins took third pace. The track was excellent all day and weather was nearly perfect, breezy and temps. in the low 70's.

Sunday -- June 1st
The feature of our Street Nite race is our $1,000.00 to win Quick 16 door car class, Jerry Williams' Monte Carlo led the field with a 4.86 at 150 mph. Two other cars ran fours, Dan Shaffer in Larry Reeder's Opel GT ran a 4.93 and Jeremy Curry's Olds ran 4.95. In the Semis Mike Daymude held off Jerry Williams and Mike Howell stayed ahead of Dan Shaffer. In the final, Mike Daymude cut a .010 light and ran a 5.43 on a 5.41 dial while Mike Howell went .034 on the tree and ran a 5.12 on his 5.09 dial-in, a good well run race, Mike Daymude the winner. Great show by all the Quick 16 racers. In Pro Gary Kelican won over Terry Putt Jr., Mike Rodgers was third. Sportsman was won by Rick Wenger over Rich Goad while Greg Orris was third. Street Bike was a father son battle, father Joe Stanley beat son George Stanley.  

Next week on Saturday June 7th we will run a test and tune event and we have the Maryland Performance Center heads up cars racing, most of these cars will run low 5 second 1/8 mile passes and the racing is usually closely contested. We also are running our 4.40 index cars. On Sunday June 8th we are running an all Bike race, two classes, drag bikes and street bikes. We look forward to seeing everyone next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday -- May 23rd

Friday was an evening test & tune drawing about 110 cars, many racers were arriving for our annual Memorial Day race.

Saturday -- May 24th
Day one -- Just over 200 cars were entered in our first day of 1/8 mile SBRA points racing. The Junior Dragster racers kicked off the racing with 31 cars in round one. It was Tristan Simpkins winning over Tre Brown while the semi racers were points leader Eric Swiger and Charlotte Mallow. The Bikes had Kevin Hamilton over Dave Klinedinst, Kermit Garnett III was third. The huge Footbrake class had Dickie Bodmer winning over Ronnie Proctor Jr. while Chris Crawford was third. Super was won by Brandon Lowe over the hard charging 4.70 et.dragster of Michael Shoop Jr. Scott Bodmer was third. Brandon was sharp all day taking out a couple of dragsters before the final that had 57 cars in the class. The 330' pit vehicle race had Bruce Suders over Jacob Hamilton. With the big car count we still got done just after 7 pm.

Sunday -- May 25th
Day two -- Charlotte Mallow with .002 light won over Eric Swiger in the Junior Dragster final, Chesney Gosnell and Kaylee Henry took the semi spots, Chris Lil of Burdette Brothers kicked in $50.00 for the two semi finalists, thanks Chris! Trophy was won by Wayne Donoho over Darius Wenger. The Bike finals had Dale Hamilton over Brian Canoles Kermit Garnett III was third. We again had a huge field of Footbrake racers while all but one were automatic transmission cars, the one stick car, Richie Burns squared off against Brad Doss, Brad took the win while Dickie Bodmer had another strong outing and made the semis with Michael Boyd. Dickie went 14 rounds in two days before bowing out, think of that one, 14 rounds in our tough house, great driving! In Super, Keith Foreman wheeled his altered to 4.90 runs and defeated Darryl Johnson Jr's dragster for the big win, Ronnie Horwath in Gary Athey's car was a semi finalist with Scott Bodmer. In the second 330' Pit Bike race Kevin Hamilton beat Bruce Suders in the finals.

Monday -- May 26th
Day three -- Austin Hughes won his first Junior Dragster final in a close race over Lacey Dustin, Chesney Gosnell and Kaylee Henry took semi spots and the Burdette Brothers bonus money. High School was won by Eric Swiger of Ryan Gosling. Trophy had David Kline over Wayne Donoho. Bike had the all Hamilton final, Dale won, Kevin runnerup. Paul James was third. Another big field of Footbrake cars took the track, at the end, it was the soon to be wed, Garrett Suders against Nicole Talbert. Nicole was the winner with the better light, Nick Bowman and Ronnie Proctor Jr took the semi positions. Lastly in Super it was Alan Glatt driving his big block Chevy blower motor powered dragster taking out Danny Mattera in a close final, Mike Daymude was third. Alan's car ran deadly consistent run after run with great lights also.

A HUGE thanks to all that participated this weekend, racers, family and team members, race fans, sponsors, track staff and management. A great race from start to finish. 50/50 tickets sold by Trish all three days raised over $1,100 for the racers points fund. The track prep was top notch, all the days the track was "there". We had racers from other tracks such as Cecil Co. MIR and Pittsburgh, many of these racers went into the later rounds, come back and visit often. Congrats also to Garrett Suders and Kristen Warner who will be married on Saturday!

Next week, Sat. May 31st is a test & tune day noon to 5 pm. Sunday June 1st is a Street Nite Event, 16 fastest door cars run for $1,000 with only a $30 entry, check our schedule part of our website for all details of all our upcoming races. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- May 17th
On Saturday we ran a test & tune event along with the Slant Six cars and the East Coast Impala Racing Series cars. The test & tune portion had many cars with a good group of Mopar machines getting ready for Sunday's racing. We also had some of the Pittsburg Harley bikes making passes and several Stock / Super Stock cars getting some runs before next week's LODRS race in Pennsylvania. Michael Strickler brought his "Old Reliable" stick Camaro from York, Pa to do some testing, he got just one run after a huge wheel stand causes clutch linkage damage when the car landed, yeah there's hook at Mason Dixon. Bill Belden ran his 76 Nova H/Stocker to several mid 11.20 runs at 118 mph. Dan Henderson 63 Max Wedge B/Stock automatic car to several runs at 10.48 at 126 mph. Brad Huntzberry's stunning 69 Camaro SS/J automatic car ran some 10.30 runs. Harry Golliday and Pete Lloyd had their S/SF stick Camaro running 10.20s on a couple of passes. We also ran the Youth Drag Racing class with Dylan Detrick with a .002 light winning over Sammie Miller in the final. The Slant Six cars had Adam Droschak winning over Seymour Pederson in the final. Sadly Will Burns again brought his 68 turbo Cuda to the line, the car left well was going 120 mph at the 1/8 mile then knocked out the head gasket coasting to a 9.50 at 118 mph. An eight second run is in this car, hopefully it'll be at our track in fall. In the final of the gamblers race Tim Vislosky won over Dahryl Clark in the final. All and all, a good warm up day for the Mopar race on Sunday.

Sunday -- May 18th
The 31st Mid-Atlantic Mopar Event at Mason Dixon was a huge success! The weather was like yesterday, low 60's and mostly sunny, great racing conditions. The show car field had many nice cars and trucks along with a lot vendors / flea market spaces filled with all sorts of Mopar parts and related items. Time runs started at 11:30 am, everyone got two time runs. The Slant Six racers ran their second race of the weekend with Justin Ledder winning over Dan Gravatt in the final. In Super Marvin Bauman's son Michael won a close one driving his dragster over the 69 Charger of Tim Vislosky. A close, well run drag race. Pro had Lester Holtzapple of Wellsville Pa taking out the redlighting Andy Watkins in his Valiant, This was a six round race, 46 cars in round one. Trophy had Lance Whitacre over Harry Strack in the final. This was a fun and well attended race, a big thanks to all who took part in this weekends event!

This coming holiday weekend race gets underway with a test & tune from 6pm to 10pm on Friday, then three days of SBRA racing on Sat. Sun and Mon. The Junior Dragsters run all three days also. See you all this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- May 10th -- Sunday -- May 11th
Right away the weather turned uncooperative with rain and thunderstorms in the area by early afternoon, rain showers caused a delay about 2:30 pm then heavier rain caused the Street Nite event to be cancelled by about 4:30 pm.

On Sunday, Mother's Day the Stablemates Mustang Club took over the track for the 2nd annual Cruise for the Cure event. A cruise-in started the day in the morning while many car show entries and a variety of vendors got set up for the day. Drag cars took the track at 11:30 am with about sixty cars grudge racing and getting ready for the one class of drag racing. In the semis, Scott Thomas broke out against the hard charging supercharged Cobra jet of Paul Roderick. In the finals Chris Kellican ran his small block Ford Ranger to the win over Paul Roderick. All three cars ran well, Paul, 9.0's at 151 mph, Chris 9.8's at 135 mph and Scott with 11.7's at 114 mph passes through out the day. Several Pro-Stick cars ran with us, Cody Clites' Olds now has gone to a stick trans. and cracked into the 9.90 range and John Whorton made some 8.60 at 156 mph passes in his Pro-Stick Nova. Again Gina Hamilton ran her bike to her best run so far, 10.19 at 130 mph, there is way more still in this bike, nice riding Gina. Overall a very nice event and well managed by the Stablemates Mustang Club.

Next week, on Sat. May 17th we run a test & tune and the ECIR Impala group will be at the track, racing goes from noon to 5pm. Sunday, May 18th, the big one, our Mopar drag race, big car show and vendors will be at Mason Dixon with racing getting underway at 11:30 am. Get here early for a great day MOPAR action. See you next week!

Saturday --  April 26th -- Sunday -- April 27th
First we contested the Summit Racing ET Series event on Saturday with great weather, temps in the low 70's. We started at 9:30 am with the Junior Dragster class that had 19 racers. Charlotte Mallow beat Thomas Oates in the semis with a one over 7.94 and a .026 light. Charlotte then took on Jo Jo Mallow in the final. Jo Jo went slightly red and Charlotte got the big win. A real good day for the Mallow family!

Trophy had Teresa Stone getting the win in her Mustang over Darius Wenger. Teresa says she'll try her skills in our Street Class next. Talking about Street, David Toms won over Rick Shindel of Mechanicsburg, Pa. while Steve McCulley took third place. In Pro, Dicky Bodmer beat Jeremy Shoemaker while Troy Gerhart took third. Tom Eaton beat his son John Eaton in the Bike final while Brian Fandel was third. The SuperPro winner was Al Crawford over Al Hite, Mark Gray and Mark Bender were the semi finalists. 

Moving over to Sunday, we ran our SBRA race which started at 9:00 am with 20 Junior Dragsters taking the track. In the final three it was all about the guys. Eric Swiger beat Dylan Moore and then took on Ryan Ely in the final. Eric had the better light won out over Ryan, congrats to the Swiger family. By the way, Dylan Moore has gotten to the semis twice already this season, he is driving well and the car is consistent, a win is a real possibility in near future. Nice driving by everyone in the Junior Dragster class both days!

Foot Brake was the big class today with 54 cars in round one. Ryan Gray beat Bob Weller in semis while Joe Wetzel had the bye. In the final Ryan dialed a 7.53 and ran a 7.532 coupled with a .006 light to lock out Joe Wetzel in the final. Ryan was on all day in his excellent '67 Camaro. Super had 43 cars, in the final it was Mike Daymude in his Dodge powered dragster winning over a tough Josh Johnson in his Camaro. George Milstred in his Nova was third. Again in the Bike Class it was Tom Eaton over son John Eaton while Paul James was third. We also had a number of test & tune cars with Scott Kline in his blower Nova making some partial passes, a pair of 1.11 sixty foot times and just over 3 seconds out at the 330 ft. mark. Once dialed in, this car will be fast. By the way, the track worked great both days, everyone was fast, nice track prep as always.

Next weekend Street Legal Drags, Quick Eight street cars, 4.40 index cars Maryland Performance Heads-up cars and Beat the Heat racers sponsored by Antrim Diesel Service and Antrim RV Sales will run on Saturday. On Sunday we will run another Summit ET Series race. See everyone next week!

Saturday -- April 19th

Very nice weather greeted racers and race fans on our first Street Race event of the 2014 race season. Before we get into the actual class results, le't talk about some individual performances of our racers. Ronnie Proctor Sr. brought out his Top Sportsman Mustang for a pair of test runs. The first run was partial pass, the car left hard, 1.01 sixty ft., 4.57 @ 150mph in the eighth mile. The next pass was an eye opener, 1.00 flat in sixty ft. 4.39 @ 167.05 in the eighth mile and a 6.84 @ 199.94 mph in the quarter. Two nice, straight and fast passes. Well done! Gina Hamilton made her first runs on her bike. After a couple of easy passes, Gina ran several 11.40 passes at 115 mph. hitting the shifts well and cutting good lights also, one run netted a perfect .000 reaction time. For now the bike is de-tuned a good bit, Gina will be another tough racer in our very competitive Bike class. Nice job, Gina! Ronnie Proctor Jr., last weeks Pro winner, made some license runs and drug the rear bumper a couple times with monster wheelstands while running 9.90 passes. Bill Nunemaker's Mustang also went sky high on one of his passes also. The track was excellent today, every one was fast, cars hooked hard, nice job Jake, Bubby and the the rest of the Mason Dixon staff for the great track prep.

On Street Nite, the feature is the Quick 16 class $1,000 to win, $300 runner-up and $100 to the semi racers. The number one qualifier was John Moton in his stunning '63 Vette who ran a 4.76 @ 147, his other run was a 4.78 @ 147. The bump was held by Gary Kellican in his '72 Maverick at 6.39. In the final, Bobby Spielman ran a dead on 5.730 @122 on his 5.73 dial in with his T'bird over George Milstred's stunning '66 Nova who was a mere one off 5.18 on the 5.17 dial, solid lights by both, margin of victory ..0022, as usual, another close well run drag race by both drivers! Gary Kellican and Mike Daymude were the semi finalists. Good show!

Pro class was won by Daryl Clark  2013 track champ, R/U Brian Lind . In Sportsman, Scott Thomas won over Kyle Garber, Scott's first Street Nite win. The Pure Class had Brian Lesher over Time Hope. Jeff Huber was the winner in Street Bike over George Stanley.

Our NHRA Youth drag racers had the first real race with six racers competing and in the final it was Dylan Detrick winning over Samantha "Sammie" Miller in the final. Kyle Sidow was third. You can't help but notice the smiles on the faces of all involved in this class! Come on out and join in with us in our NHRA Youth drag racing class.

Next week on Sat. April 26th, we will run a Summit ET points race and on Sun. April 27th we will run a SBRA points event.

Saturday -- April 12th -- Sunday -- April 13th
Let's start with our Sat. test & tune event. The weather was great, temps. in the 70's a very good turnout. We again had some NHRA Youth Racing program drivers making runs and an excellent mix of street cars and bikes and many full-on drag cars and bikes going down the track. Lin Bowie brought his blown '98 Camaro making three check out passes. The final pass did net a 1.04 sixty foot time but he clicked it early before the 330 ft. mark.

On Sunday we ran our first SBRA points race and a Mazda event that drew a big field of fast and overall very reliable cars. In the morning the Junior Dragsters took the track with Sammie Miller winning over Eric Swiger. Ronnie Webb and Dylan Moore were the semi finalists. It is now two to nothing, girls over the guys in the first two Junior Dragster races. 2013 all over again?

Super Pro had Steve Morgret Jr over a redlighting Dennis Hammond. Bobby Dunn took third place. A side note, all the dragsters were eliminated after round four. Probably won't happen in two weeks when we run points races on Sat and Sun, the last weekend in April.

Foot Brake was won by Ronnie Proctor Jr. who used a .005 light in final against Dover, Pa racer Brad Shipley. Mark Harbaugh was third.

Dale Hamilton won Bike over John Eaton. Tom Eaton was the third place rider.

Finally the Trophy final had Darius Wenger driving his 'Nova winning over Tim Elliot.

Next week we run just one day, Sat. April 19th. This will be our first Street Nite race featuring a Quick 16 for door cars, $1,000.00 to win. Also we run a Pro, Street, Stock and a Street Bike Class. NEW will be our Youth Program also featured on each street race... Gates open Noon, first time runs at 1:00 pm. Many times our Quick 16 will take ET's of 5.80 [ eighth mile ] or faster to qualify. Easter Sunday we are closed. We look forward to this Saturday for our first Street Nite race, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- March 22nd -- Sunday -- March 23rd
Saturdays weather was great! Temps hit low 60's with just a moderate breeze. Lots of street cars, bikes, jr. dragsters and race cars made many runs throughout the day. Patrick Nuzzo brought his Fox bodied Mustang and made his necessary license runs with 9.40 ets on many runs. Both Jerry Williams in his Monte Carlo and Jeremy Curry in his Olds ran several runs each. Both cars ran hard and straight with mid 4.60 runs at about 148 to 150 mph in the eighth mile. Jerry ran three straight 1.06 sixty foot times.

Sunday turned way cold, high temp reached just 42 degrees but there was no wind. The track was great and fast. Super had Mark Gray over a redlighting Fred Johns. Footbrake had the father son deal in the final. Bruce Suders couldn't hold off son Garrett who had a .014 light and a two off the dial 11.66. Mike Daymude brought out the Dodge powered Super Pro / Super Comp dragster. Mike ran a 8.16 and then Chuck Wishard climbed in the car and made his first ride in a dragster running, you guessed it, 8.16. Chuck made more runs and completed his license passes, he also had his stunning yellow 69 Camaro and made several 9.20 runs at 145 mph. We had a lot of sport compact racers running a variety of brands, many were fast, lots of 12 and 13 second runs. An excellent turbo Toyota Supra ran several low 9 second passes in the low 140 mile an hour range. It was nice to get in two days of racing! We are back for a test & tune event, 12 to 5 on Sat. and then on Sun. the Junior Dragsters go at 9:30 am while the big cars go at noon. We will again run the Juniors, and a Footbrake and Electronics class on Sunday. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday -- March 15th
Once again we ran another test & tune event, this time the weather was much better, temps. reached 60 degrees by mid afternoon but the whole day was very windy. We started on time at noon and ran the first half hour with all runs to the eighth mile. Everyone got down the track ok and we then went to the quarter mile the rest of the day. Jo Jo Mallow and Dalyn Palmer had their Jr. Dragsters out, both ran consistent runs all day long. Chase Fahnestock had his Super Comp dragster running two excellent runs, 8.91 and 8.93 @ 168 mph with teen lights. Jeff Heilman and Corey Thompson had their cars out, they ran each other a couple times and ran 9.90's at 138 mph. Michael Boyd's Camaro made everal low 9.50 passes at 141 mph. Overall a good day, there was a good mix of race cars, diesel trucks, street cars and bikes and all made plenty of runs. On Sunday, with temps only to reach 40 degrees and being windy we decided to cancel the racing activities. We will be open with test & tune event on both Sat. and Sun. March 22nd and March 23rd. Also there is NHRA chassis certification for our racers by appointment both days, starting times are noon and we run til 5:00 pm both days. Keep checking our website for news and updates. See you next Sat. and Sun. at Mason Dixon Dragway!

014 SEASON Begins with a Cool but Fast Track
Sunday -- March 9th

The 2014 racing season is under way! Day one is in the books, a fair number of cars, trucks and bikes took the track for a test and tune event. The weather wasn't a problem as skies were clear and temps hit the low 40's, not bad considering what we all went through this winter. All the track equipment and electronics worked as it should and the track itself was very good. Melvin Armel's new bike ran 8.40s and low 8.50s @ 155 mph while Brian Canoles made a few passes with an 8.12 @ 168 mph best. Everyone got plenty of shots at the Mason Dixon quarter mile and we finally finished up at 5:00 pm. We will be open both Saturday and Sunday, March 15th and 16th, both days starting at noon and running to 5:00 pm. Check our website for any updates in our schedule of our upcoming events. We have a great season planned, come on out and visit us regularly at Mason Dixon Dragway, see you next weekend!

Nov 16th & 17th
The weather cooperated with us on Saturday with temps in the high 50's as we had a great turnout for our Test & Tune / Gamblers Race show. One hundred fifty three cars, bikes and junior dragsters rolled in the gates to participate. What a mix of cars we had from a large group sport compacts, many late model Camaros, Challengers and Mustangs, drag radial cars, full on bracket cars and street bikes. The track was excellent as many cars ran big numbers, one Eagle Talon ran a 9.12 @ 160 mph. We did run a Gamblers Race that had Troy Gehrart winning running his Mustang powered by Joe Wetzel's motor.This race was also well attended by our race fans.

On Sunday the weather nearly got us, rain, fog and drizzle was pretty much everywhere but at the track and it did affect the car count of Footbrake, Super and Test & Tune cars and bikes. To reward those that attended Elmer and Cathy Wachter kept the purse high giving $1,000 to win and $400.00 runnnerup in Footbrake though we had just 29 cars in the class. The same was done in Super, 9 cars entered, $500.00 to win, $250.00 for the runnerup. The racing was close, great lights and near dead on runs. In the end in Footbrake Dave Clinedinst on his bike running Rob Roberts Jr, with dead on his 5.58 dial with a zero and a .017 light while Rob was .029 at the start but went 7.77 on his 7.79 dial. Dave was on the tree and close to the dial on all six rounds of racing. Rob had a solid day also with his worst light all day was a .033. In Super Jerry Williams went .007 with a right on 4.79 to Rusty Blsckford's .014 light and a one off 6.11, great, close well run race. Mark Gray was third. Like many races, most racers ran two time runs with the same e.t. or one off, run to run. Most ran their dials with great lights. Again this takes a good, well set up car, good drivng skills and lastly very good track prep.

Remember, this coming Sat. and Sun.Nov. 23rd and 24th are the final events of the year. Both have the Junior Dragsters running at 9:30 am each day, then the big cars go at noon. All classes are contested with racing being eighth mile racing. On Sunday, winners and runnerups of all classes get turkeys AND Contingency Connection packages and purse money. Come on out and race or hangout with us on the final weekend of the 2013 racing season at Mason Dixon Dragway!

November 10th 20th Anniversary SBRA Finals

Day three -- SBRA Bracket Finals -- We started the day at a bit after 9:00 am with Bill Smith hosting a RFC chapel service. The Juniors then took the track and ran til done. At the end, Sarah Danner beat Kevin Kohr with a slight starting line advantage. Brandi Connor was third. In Footbrake, after 153 cars and nine rounds later it was Eric Day going .007 against Garret Suders to win the huge class. Steve Watts was third. Super had Jeff Krushinskie winning over the -.001 redlighting Joe Mayne III. Al Crawford took third place. After placing second at the NHRA Summit Bracket Finals, Brian Canoles won this big event over Mike Rankin who went red, Brian ran his fastest run of the event with a 5.02 in the final. Clay Davies was the third place rider.

Now for track points, it went like this -- Natural Bridge 73, Mason Dixon 72, Eastside 64, Beaver Springs 62, Colonial Beach 59, Old Dominion 46, Elk Creek 42, nice job all racers especially Natural Bridge. Beaver Springs got the Team Spirit award. This race was completed in a timely manor, the final pair ended the day at 6:50 pm, not bad for a 300 car race!

A big thanks to all that participated, racers and their crew and family members, sponsors, track staff and management. We look forward to this event in 2014.

We are racing next weekend, Sat. a test & tune and maybe a gamblers race and class racing on Sun.
See you at the track! BITS FROM OUR PITS  by: Mike Bassin

November 9th 309 Cars in Competition

Day Two -- SBRA Bracket Finals -- On day two we had a lot more cars on the property with Race of Champions and  a Gambler Race being contested. The weather was slightly warmer than yesterday, temps in the low 50's but breezy, the track also stayed excellent all the way to 10:30 pm when we finished the day. Let's go with Race of Champions -- Junior Dragsters, Kevin Kohr won over Sarah Danner, Super had Jamie Niedomanski over Ronnie Horwath, Footbrake winner Darhl Clark, over Ralph Martin Bike Tom Dunham over Mike Charcalla. The Gamblers races were big, over 150 cars ran in Footbrake alone, in the final Marty Fleagle Jr. had a .011 light to defeat the breaking out Tom Harhart, Kevin Pollard was third. In Super Mason Dixon's own Al Crawford held off Randy Krause's dragster with a slight .008 to .011 starting line advantage and ran deadon 6.19 to Randy's one off 4.87, great, well run race by both drivers. Taylor Dunham had the better light in the Bike final to win over Brian Canoles as both riders were two over their dials. Finally in the Junior Dragster class, Megan Lotts beat Dylan Wood, Brandi Conner took third. On Sunday it is track against track and racers running for the big money! Let's do it! 

Nov 8th, 2013 Day One of a 3 Day Race

Day One -- SBRA Bracket Finals -- Yes, it was a bit cold, temps never got over 45 degrees but racing was excellent. Track prep was top shelf and with good air everybody was real fast. Hi-roller Super was won by Archie Davis who also had two perfect .000 lights back to back. Wayne Rogers was the runner-up, Mike Daymude took third. In Hi-roller Footbrake it was Scott Vaughn over Joe Mayne with Ryan Mayne taking third spot. Gamblers Super was won by Mike Daymude over Kelly Taylor. Gamblers Footbrake had Greg Cash over Brad Doss. Gamblers Bike had father Tom Dunham over son Taylor Dunham. Junior Dragster was won by Sarah Danner over Kevin Kohr. We had great racing today, over 180 cars and more to arrive on Saturday, we started on time at 10:00 am and finished up about 6:30 pm. running six different classes before it got real cold. We look forward to day number two! Time Trials 10 AM Sharp

November 2nd and 3rd
Two days of the Lee Sherman Memorial Stock / Super Stock race is in the books. This was the second biggest turnout of Mike Carr's and family Tri-State Stock / Super Stock race cars at Mason Dixon. Fifty four cars on Sat. and sixty four cars on Sun. On Sat. Bob Fazio in his wheelstanding SS/L Mustang beat Dan Fahey in his G/PS Impala, Bryan Worner took third. Electronics bracket racing cars had Steve Morgret the winner in Electronics and in Footbrake Mike Boyd took the win. The track was fast all day long and everyone got plenty of runs.

On Sunday local Dan Henderson wheeled his B/SA Max-Wedge 63 Dodge to several mid 10.50 passes to face off with Chris Kilraine in his 67 Fairlane 390 powered wagon in the final. Chris won it with a better light, 11.94 to a 10.52. Brad Huntzberry and Tom Losket were the semi racers. In Footbrake Gene Belt in his Suzuki beat Andy Dolan's Malibu in the final. Randy Hess took third place. Electronics class was won by Dennis Hammond over Andy Dolan. Chuck Wishard was third. In the "Wally" race, Gene Belt won over Dennis Hammond. Of note Andy Dolan ran two classes, lost both finals but did win 11 rounds in a row before the final round exits, still a good racing and payday for our 2013 track champ. A very big thanks to all who attended and participated this weekend. Also track prep was again top notch, Stock and Super Stock cars can be tough to hook on a less than perfect track, almost everyone launched hard and ran good numbers both days. Nice job Mason Dixon track staff.

Don't forget, just three more weekends of racing, SBRA event starting Fri. Nov 8th at 10:00 am running all three days, Fri., Sat., and Sun. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway.

SAT  Oct 26 & Sun Oct 27th
The Big Rigs invade Mason Dixon


The Diesel Truck event is in the books. A big thanks to our sponsors, Rich Price's Antrim Diesel Service of Greencastle, Pa, Antrim RV Sales and Bully Dog Performance Technology. Day one featured a test and tune that kicked off at 10:00 am and ran til about 2:30 pm, 120 trucks made numerous runs throughout the test session and at about 5:00 pm the truck pull part of the showed got underway. A big crowd attended the test and tune and the truck pulls with the day finally ending a bit past midnite. Great show!
Day two was all about drag racing and over 110 trucks competed in the four classes. We ran a pair of Quick 8 races, one for the Big Rigs and one for the Pickups. In the Truck class it took a 12.44 to get in, of note, there were 18 trucks that ran 12.99 or faster. In the finals Sean Kurz, number one qualifer won over the number two truck of Jonathan Price, 11.00 to 11.95. In the Big Rig Quick 8 it was Craig Morris over Quebec's Vince Couture 13.17 to a quicker 13.15. Craig was low quilifier with a 12.65 @ 116 mph pass. Good racing in both Quick 8 races.
In the Pickup Class there were 76 entries, in the end it was Jonathan Neiderer winning over  the red lighting Joshua Higman, 13.02 to a 12.51.  
In the Big Rig final it was Rich Riddick over Leon Smith, 13.80 to a 14.22. This class had over 20 trucks entered, all ran well and looked great too! This whole event, both days was very well attended, we thank all that participated, racers, race fans and sponsor / partners. We look forward to doing this race again in 2014.
We race four weekends in November. Sat. and Sun. Nov. 2nd and 3rd we run the NHRA Stock and Super Stock cars. We expect to see 60 or more cars entered. Also we will run two bracket classes, electronics and foot brake cars on both days. Nov. 8, 9 and 10 we will run our SBRA race that got rained out two weeks ago. For those not quilified to race you may still enter the gamblers races on Fri. and Sat. The points race on Sun. is for the qualified racers only. See you this weekend!

Sunday Oct 20th
Perfect weather and a great, fast race track greeted racers and race fans for our Pro Stick race. All these cars were fast and big wheel stands from many were the norm. A field of fifty five cars made round one. In the final Shannon Wisecarver won out over red lighting Lynn Umberger, 9.97 to a 10.92.

The Footbrake racing was excellent and in the final Richard Parsons drove his Vega to a deadon 6.28 coupled with a .027 light to defeat the one off 6.36 of Mark Harbaugh. This was a close well run final, Michael Boyd was third.

In Super it was Jim Day in his Comet running a one over 6.46 to win over Steve Morgret's breakout run of 5.49.

The Slant Six Mopar racers ran their second race of the weekend with Ron Hamby winning over Phil Stoneback. It was again fun to have this group with us and look forward to the Slant Six racers coming back in 2014. We also ran nearly forty cars and bikes in the test & tune class. Big thanks to Eric Kitchen and all his Pro Stick racers for putting a great show today. Next week, the Diesel Truck racers will be in the house. Test & Tune on Sat., Truck pull on Sat. night and the racing on Sunday, starts at noon, Pickups and Big Rigs have a Quick 8 and bracket classes. See you next week.

Let's start with a big thanks to all that participated in our Street Legal Quick 8 race today. We also had Justin Reggio from Maryland Performance Center with eight of his Real Street racers competing in a heads up eighth mile race. The presenting sponsor was Chris Kane's Custom Towing of Silver Spring Md. Most of the cars ran mid fives with Charlie Booze Jr. winning over Russ Martin with a great .019 light and a 5.59 @ 123 mph pass. Russ did have low et. and top speed with a 5.49 @ 128 mph run in the semis.

In the Real Street (Street Driven) quick eight it took a 6.63 to get in the field. In the final Donny Nesselrode beat Bryan Anders with a 5.95 against a too quick 6.11 on the 6.17 dial.

The biggest class was the 13.99 and quicker group with Charles Copeland over John Moser. The 14.00 and up class had Kevin Lusby winning over the red lighting Steve McCulley. Ths Slant Six cars were with us today, fourteen cars ran with Ron Hamby winning over Rodney Hargis. Many test & tune cars were on the grounds with many Pro Stick racers getting ready for Sunday Oct. 20th race. We open at 10 am, racing starting with time runs get underway at 12 noon.

A final couple of subjects, the track staff did a GREAT job on track prep, huge wheel stands were the norm and the cars went straight and fast. Sadly Steve Dickey our lead tech man and head of staging lanes hurt his knee a week ago and will be on crutches for a while. Get well quick Steve. Also one of our great racers, Scott Bodmer was injured in a fall, he will face a long recover period. Best wishes to Scotty also.

See you tomorrow for the Pro Stick Race, eighth mile Electronics and Footbrake and test & tune will also be run.

Day one of the 2013 SBRA Bracket Finals is in the books. Time runs started at 1 pm for the two gambler race classes contested, one for electronics cars and one for footbrake / bikes. The track was great and a corrected altitude of around 300 ft had everyone running fast. In footbrake semis Tinka Newton ran Mike Schultz on his bike, Tinka broke out by one giving the win to Mike. In the final it was two bikes, Mike Schultz drawing Mason Dixon's Gene Belt. Mike went red and Gene ran a dead on 5.30 @ 126 mph for the win.

In electronics it was Brian Niedomanski winning over Ronnie Horwath in the semis with a one over 4.75 to Ronnie's 5.90, both drivers with teen lights. In final Brian beat Mike Daymude with a .002 light and a one over 4.76 while Mike was two over at 5.40. Good close runs with most cars running the number or a mere one over. Great track prep and well sorted out race cars make this happen. Good racing everyone. See you tomorrow, time runs for gamblers race start at 1:00 pm!

October 6th
The last weekend of September we had two very well attended test & tune events. Over 130 cars on Saturday and a good group showed up on Sunday. Max Naylor brought his Top Sportsman Dodge Avenger down from New Buffalo, Pa. to make some test passes, Ray Thurston drove while his wife Sandy was part of the crew. An easy pass first 7.98 @ 172 mph then a harder 330 ft pass of 2.80 and lifting, probably a 6.80 pass full out. On Saturday Oct. 5th we had an excellent turn out of cars and today, Sunday Oct. 6th we ran the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series cars with Bill Sheffer winning with his low ten second Trans Am over Cliff Mayes Firebird 10.12 to a 11.14. Jeff Raff and Andy Nutt were the semifinalists.

In the all-run gamblers race Dahryl Clark ran Mark Coover in the final, both drivers ran dead on the dials with Dahryl cutting a slightly better light. Lee Chronister in his Comet took third spot. Mark Coover did something extraordinary today, his two time runs were 6.096 and then in round one another 6.096. Three runs all the same to the thousandth of a second. Also Jeff Brady had Nathan Etzler driving his dragster to several high 7.60 runs @ 173 mph. Every run 1.10 sixty foot times too.

This week we host the biggest SBRA bracket finals ever with seven tracks and their racers competing for a $65,000 purse for five days of racing starting with a gamblers race on Wed. Oct. 9th, time trials start a 1:00 pm

Good luck to all participants this week at Mason Dixon! See you at the track.

I will try to post what happens daily in this column!

September 15th

A big thanks to Bill Smith for covering for me in the announcers booth today. I attended my stepdaughters 50th birthday bash. Bill did fill me in on the racing though. How about Stevie Dustin winning in Junior Dragster, way to go Stevie!

In Footbrake Chris Crawford won out over Paul Roderick.
Gene Belt beat Boyd Mathias in a fast field of bikes.
Track champ Ronnie Horwath beat Mark Decker in the Super class.

Just as a side note, Mike Daymude took his '71 Demon to Numidia Dragway and ran in the Nitroplate.90 Nationals in Super Gas. On Friday he ran in the gamblers race and reached the finals where he barely went red. On Saturday Mike didn't go as far. The car ran great in Super Gas trim, 8.90 @ 155 mph into a very stiff headwind. Nice work Mike and the rest of the Daymude gang.
Good luck and safe racing to all that are heading to the Bracket Finals this week. Let's also hope for a strong effort from our excellent team of racers. See you back at Mason Dixon Dragway soon!

September 7th and 8th

What a great Street Nite we had on Saturday. We had over 150 cars entered with great racing all evening. The bump spot for our Quick 16 was a record 5.84 with Jerry Williams in his Monte Carlo as the low qualifier at 4.83 @ 144 mph. In the semis Kevin Moore had the better light to win over Jerry Williams while Jeremy Curry won out over Mike Daymude. In the final it was Jeremy Curry with .011 light taking the double break out win over Kevin Moore, 5.09 to a 5.73. In Pro Troy Gerhart won over Gary Kellican. Lisa Dustin picked up a win over Gary Staubs in Street. The Bike class was won by Leslie Thomas over Kermit Garnett III. To give you an idea of the track and the cars racing, John Moton asked for a time run after he lost in round one. He decided to put the "spray" to his '63 Vette and the car handled well and flew, here's the incrementals, 1.06, then 2.99 and then an excellent 4.59 @ 154.50. It takes great track prep and good working cars to have these fast and close runs.

Day Two, SBRA Points Race. The Junior Dragsters took the track first, Madelin Culbert beat Brandi Connor in the final. Of note, Lacey Dustin is now running in the high tens and her lights were excellent, she went all the way to round four before going out, great effort! The Outlaw Pontiacs were in the house, Cliff Mayes beat Billy Farrell while Anne Beard took third. There were 20 entries which was a good turnout for the Pontiacs. Marcus Henry took out Al Hite in the Super final. In Foot Brake, Michael Boyd won over Jody Sneckenberger. Michael was sharp all day long. Dave Clinedinst won over John Eaton in the Bike final.

Bill Smith of Fairfield Pa. performed a church service and the invocation on Sunday, a big thanks to Bill, he will race with us a good bit til the season ends. A big thanks to all who raced or were spectators this weekend, both events were well attended. Next week we have a private track rental on Sat. but on Sunday we run another SBRA Points race [1/8 mile]. See you at Mason Dixon this weekend!

Labor Day Weekend Classic
Labor Day weekend racing started on Friday night with a well attended test & tune event from 6pm to 10pm. On Saturday we attempted to run a 1/4 mile Summit ET Series race. Well, the weather messed with us again, at around 4:30pm rain hit and poured for about a half hour causing a more than two hour rain delay. We cut the race down to a one qualifying run and go and make it an 1/8 mile race. We got it all in but the Super Pro final in by midnight. Here's how it went. Trophy went to Rich Eichelberger. Chris Crawford beat Stephen Dustin in Pro in a close one. In Street Dale Fridley beat Andy Dolan who went red in the finals. In a tough bike field John Eaton beat Boyd Mathias. John was .014 on the tree and dead on his 5.53 dial. In Super the two remaing drivers were Michael Shoop and Ronnie Horwath.

On Sunday, though it was hot and real humid, we got the race in uninterupted by rain. Eric Swiger took the Junior Dragster class winning over Chesney Gosnell. The semi racers were Charlotte Mallow and Steven Henry. Ryan Gray took the Trophy class. In Street Andy Dolan won over red lighting Joe Wetzel. The Pro the winner was Robert Pare with a .001 light over Clayton Garber who went red. Jamie Niedomanski laid down a .009 package to defeat Mike Daymude who barely broke out.

Now Labor Day. In High School Faith Warner was a winner over Sarah Stone. The Trophy final had Gary McDonald over Greg Orris. Street had yesterdays winner Andy Dolan doing it again winning over Scott Thomas. Again a repeat winner in Pro as Jack Pare beat George Hoff. Motorcycle class was tough again today as Kermit Garnett III won over Brian Canoles. Super Pro had a dragster final as Marcus Henry winning over Joe Mayne who went a mere -.002 red.

In conclusion, what a weekend. Some good things, Eric Swiger's grandad added $50.00 cash to the Junior Dragster winner. Eric won it, Chris Lil, Burdette Brothers, put up a $100.00 to the first perfect light and Doug Whipkey claimed it. We did NOT give up on Saturday with the heavy rain, many tracks might have called it a day but with all the staff and equipment out on the track to clean it up, we got the race completed. Andy Dolan and Robert Pare were exceptional in wining twice each in the three day event. The Daymude family raised money for the Megan Daymude Foundation. The goal is to help out a new Junior Dragster racer with some sponsor help in 2014. Also we will put together a Top Dragster race at Mason Dixon in Megan's name in 2014. We also had a very good race surface all four days despite the heat and high humidity. Cars again were mostly running the same each time run to maybe .01 run to run.

Don't forget we have another Street Nite, Sat. Sept 8th and a SBRA 1/8th mile race on Sunday. See you next week!

August 25th, 2013
Great weather this weekend greeted racers and race fans for the Street Nite race on Sat. and the Ford's at Mason Dixon race on Sunday.

A big spectator crowd and lots of race cars were the order of the day on Sat. The quick sixteen was quick alright, the bump was a 5.88 and the pole was a 4.69 @ at 149 mph by Steve Carper. The number two spot, 4.70 run was by John Mohton, third spot was Jerry Williams at 4.82 and Dan Shaffer at 4.90. Twenty six cars tried to qualify and three other 5 second cars didn't make the show. This was the quickest field this year. In the semis John Mohton had to run dead on 4.69 to beat the one off 5.73 of Colton Kerchner. both lights were in the low twenties. The other semi run had Jeremy Curry going .008 at the start to win over Ronnie Horwath. In the final Jeremy Curry had the better light, .019 and ran a one over 5.09 to win out over John Mohton's dead on 4.69.

The other classes had a good turnout also, in Pro Gary Keller took the win, Street had Richie Burns as a winner, in Bike George Stanley took first place and in Trophy Kevin Buhrman took the honors. The next Street Nite is Sat. Sept 7th. I bet the Quick Sixteen bump will be lower yet than the 5.88!

The Ford event also was very well attended, over a hundred twenty cars went racing and over a hundred fifty show cars were on the grounds.

In Diesel Truck Dwayne Davis beat Dwayne Feigley. In Mustang it was Doug Whipkey over Bill Stone, Trophy was won by Sharon Osborne over Richie Perry, the Street winner was Annie Waters beating Frank Gallianardo.

We had a big field of Pro cars and in the final, Ronnie Proctor drew Bill Smith. Bill dialed a 10.37 while Ronnie dialed a 10.20 but ran a one under 10.19. Bill Smith the winner! Great job by both racers in a tough field of racers.

Over in Super Pro, Chris Shives dialed a 8.96 and was .025 at the tree. Jim Day went just barely red to give Chris the win.

A big thanks to all who supported Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend, from racers, spectators, sponsors, vendors and track staff. This weekend was well attended and both races were excellent.

Labor Day weekend is coming fast. On Friday, 6pm to 10pm for test and tune, Sat. and Sun. a Summit Points Race and on Labor Day Mon. a National Dragster Challenge, this is a 1/8 mile race and is a no points race.

See you at Mason Dixon this coming Labor Day Weekend!

Excellent weather greeted racers and race fans on this Summit Racing ET event. Temps in the high seventies and light breezes had cars running strong all evening long. We kicked it off at 3:30 pm with the Junior Dragsters taking the track. In the semis it was Charlotte Mallow beating the red lighting Ryan Ely. Danielle Manilli was also a winner when Steve Gosnell went red. In the all girls final [again!] Charlotte Mallow was slightly closer to her dial to win over Danielle Manilli, both dialed 7.90, Charlotte ran 7.91, Danielle 7.93, the lights were close also. Of note Dylan Moore had a perfect .000 light in qualifying while three other racers had double "0". lights, nice driving.

The big cars hit the track at 5:00 pm and after two time runs we were underway. The Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series cars had a good turnout with fifteen cars Steve Dress took the win in his '68 Firebird over Cliff Mayes in his '82 Firebird with a better light and a two over the dial 10.47. Bill Scheffer and Randy Peer were the semi racers. Steve Dress was dead on in the first two matchups and was two off lifting a bit in the semis and in the final. The Bird was working!

In Street, Andy Dolan and Jason Deavers squared off in the final. Jason had a bit better light, .030 to a .042 and ran closer to his dial for the win. Andy would pay Jason back later.

Pro had a nice turnout and in the semis Andy Dolan got Jason Deavers with Andy winning out with a dead on 11.04 run while Greg Ecker cut a .008 light to defeat Dahrl Clark in a close one. In the final, Andy Dolan had a .016 light to beat Greg Ecker who broke out by .05. Andy a runnerup in Street and a win in Pro, a good nights work for sure.

The bikes were real fast tonite and put on a show, in the final Dave Clinedinst got by John Eaton in a very close race. Dave was .029 while John was better with a .023 light, the difference was Dave running a 8.91 on a 8.90 dial to John's 8.83 on his 8.80 dial. On a test run later, Brian Canoles ran a 8.05 @ 165 with boost on the turbo cranked up a bit, sevens are next.

Super Pro final had Steve Morgret getting the win over Jason Derr in has low seven second dragster. with a 8.69 to a 7.29. Gary Athey and Mitch Willingham were the semi racers.

Everyone was real fast and consistent from start to finish, excellent track prep by the Mason Dixon staff members contributed to the good performances by all of our racers. Also the corrected altitude was at 1088 ft. at 11:00 pm as racing was winding down, very good air for August.

A big thanks to Joe Hutzler, sports anchor for HMTV channel 6 TV in Hagerstown, for fliming alot of racing action, this footage will be aired on Monday at 8am, 9am and noon on Monday. If you don't live in Washington County you can catch this programming on their website. Joe also did some announcing and he will be back regularly to cover more upcoming events. Having Joe here is another nice addition to racing at Mason Dixon.

On Saturday, Aug 24th we will have another Street Nite Event with the Quck 16. Can Jerry Williams win again? On Sunday Aug. 25th it is Fords at Mason Dixon, gates open at 8am and racing starting at noon.

Sadly we were rained out today but will run the National Dragster Challenge Sept. 2nd. See you next weekenf at Mason Dixon!


Here's what has happened the first two days of the Division One Junior Dragster Event at Mason Dixon Dragway. On Wednesday racers arrived and were teched in during the afternoon. We had times runs and then round one of the scheduled Gamblers Race. Sixty eight entries made round one. In the semis Megan Culbert beat Kyle Tavares in a double break out affair, Kyle out by .05 and Megan out by .02. Steven Knight beat 2012 Eastern Regional champ Thomas Oates in the other semi in a really tight race, both broke out, Thomas out by .003, Steven out by just .002. In the final Megan Culbert had the better light but had engine trouble at about the 330' stripe while Steven Knight took the win. This was a seven round race. By the way there was a number of double "O" lights with Sydney Coleman having a perfect light in round one.

On Thursday we had open time runs at 3:30 pm and as we started qualifying we got light rain, after an hour of cleaning / drying the track sprinkles again wet the track. We then called it a day. We will attempt to run this gamblers race after the racers dinner tomorrow, we will start time runs tomorrow morning at 8:30.

Let's just say Friday was a real struggle, four seperate rain delays / cleanups caused pauses in the racing action. We did finally get the racers two time runs plus the running of the prestgious Race of Champions event. In the semi finals, Mason Dixon's Charlotte Mallow faced off with Brittany Eyers of team Raceway Park. Brittany caught the better light but Charlotte tightened it up at the top end, the result was a double breakout win for Brittany who was out by one, Charlotte out by two. Great race! In the final, Maple Grove's Vince Branca went red by mere -.004 to give Brittany Eyers the Race of Champions win. Nice job Brittany!

On Saturday we thought the weather would be no issue but again showers rolled in twice til it finally cleared for good about noon. Now we're rolling. Everyone got one time / qualifying run and eliminations were under way.

The 8 - 9 year old group had Robert Croce getting the win over Catilyn Hooper.

10 - 11 year old group had Mark Price Jr. barely winning out over Jesse Marshall.

12 - 13 year old group featured Holly Ray Bausher getting a close win over Deja Brown.

14 - 15 year old group had Mason Dixon's own Jake Bevard winning with a .002 light over Ron Klein in a close one. Jake was sharp on the tree all five rounds and was .002 in round one also.

16 - 17 year old group final was real close, Sean Serra went .002 to Vince Testa who went .036 at the
start, it turned out to be a double break out race, Sean out by two and Vince only out by one. Vince
getting the win. A close well run race by both drivers!

We also ran a first roud losers consolation race and in the end it was Julia Sparago over Collin Hoerr. Collin had a slightly better light but Julia drove around at the stripe for the win, there were 75 cars in this race. Around 6:20 pm the racing was completed.

A big thanks to all who participated, racers and their family members and crew members, the Divison One NHRA staff, all the Mason Dixon staff, management and especially track owners Elmer and Cathy Wachter. Lesser people could have given up on the less than ideal weather and the gloom and doom forecasts. About half the hours at the track involved the rain and the cleanup over four days but there was no give up in anyone this weekend. Also a HUGE thanks to our sponsors and vendors and racer family members for their support. All received something for their racing efforts from cases of soda to at all types of gift certificates to cash. Weather aside another excellent event at Mason Dixon Dragway!

This coming weekend features a Summit Points race on Saturday and a National Dragster Challenge 1/8 mile race on Sunday! See you at the track!

     Once again weather issues caused Saturday's Street Nite event to be cancelled. Light rain on  and off throughout the afternoon did us in again. The decision was made to move the Street Nite race, MANDRA cars and a test & tune to Sunday,  and for once the weather cooperated in a big way, clear skies, low humidity and temps in the high 70's greeted racers and race fans.
First off we had an excellent turn out of test & tune street cars, race cars and street bikes making many runs. Two NHRA stockers, Bill Belden and Dan Henderson and one Super Stocker, Harry Golliday making several runs each.
The big show was the Quick 16 shootout which had Rusty Blackford Jr. on the bump with a 6.04, the top spot was John Mohton in his Cavalier running at 4.71. We nearly had an all five second field for this show. Only Rusty's Charger ran in the sixes. In the semis Colton Kirchner dialed a 5.73 but broke out by seven thousandths against Steve Morgret who had dialed 5.58 and ran a safe 5.61. In the other semi, Frank Howell went red -.013 to Jerry Williams who a right on 5.32 with .006 light, this was a .012 package, very hard to beat that one. In the finals Jerry Williams ran a 5.33 on the 5.32 dial against Steve Morgret's 5.63 on a 5.60 dial. The margin a victory was .008 in favor of the winner, Jerry Williams. The Quick 16 was an excellent show today, great job to all that entered the class. Jerry' lights were in order, .004 .038 .006 .028.  
In Pro Jeremy Weaver in his 68 Camaro won out with .016 light coupled with a 9.72 to defeat Johnny Campbell who was close with an .021 light and 10.39 et. This was a good well run race, good job to both racers.
George Stanley won over Kermit Garnett III in the bike class, George cut a great .011 light for the win. This was a four round race for the bikes.
Street had Ken Mallow and Darius Winger in the finals. Ken had the better light.037 to Darius's .053 but the win went to Darius running a 12.24 to Ken's 17.34, a double breakout affair, Darius was out by the least amount and took the win.
Troy Gehart brought the Ford Explorer to play and won Pure Street over runner up Trevor Croker.
And finally in MANDRA Randy Campbell beat Bud Poust who broke out by one, Merritt Snyder was the third place racer. MANDRA had fourteen entries today, all good running and good looking cars.
A big thanks to all for supporting us today on what was really short notice. It turned out to be a good call moving the race to today.  Lots of spectators and a nice amount of race cars. Did everybody like the new Daktronics score boards? They are much easier to read, we had them at only 60% brightness.
This coming week it is the Division One Junior Dragster finals at Mason Dixon, racers and families from all over the northeast will be with us from Wed to Sat. Aug 7th to the 10th. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Once again a threatening weather forecast of showers and storms for our SBRA 1/8 mile points race Saturday July 27th didn't keep away most of our racers from what turned to be a real good event. We did have two brief rain delays, just sprinkles really, but we managed to keep going and finish the event by about 9:30 pm. The Foot Brake racers had sixty entries and the racing was excellent all day. In the semis, Paul Roderick Jr. in his blower Cobra Jet Mustang beat the barely breaking out Colby Imes with a dead on 5.94 to Colby's 6.14 on his 6.15 dial. In the final Paul went .048 at the tree to Daryl Clark's .025. Daryl got there first but ran out by one thousandth, 7.299 on the 7.30 dial, a heartbreaker for sure. By the way, Paul dialed 5.94 on all seven rounds of racing running either dead on or off by one.

Over in Super in the semis, Ronnie Horwath won out over the red lighting Marcus Henry [-.003] with a right on 5.91. Jody Sneckenberger beat Al Crawford in a double break out affair. Great lights by both drivers .006 for Jody and Al went .027. In the finals it was Ronnie Horwath running a 5.924 0n the 5.92 dial with an .011 light to Jody's two off the dial 6.38 0n the 6.36 dial and .008 at the tree, great race!

Dave Clinedinst ran John Price in the finals, it was a double break out affair, Dave went 5.60 on his 5.61 dial, John was out more, 6.48 on his 6.53. Dave dialed 5.61 on all four rounds, the bike just works!

Sundays racing never got under way, light rain and sprinkles wouldn't quit and we cancelled at about 11:45 am.

Now for other news, the new Dactronics score boards are here and installed on the poles, they weren't operational for for this race but will be next week. We were able to run a "test", they are just plain beautiful! What a great addition to Mason Dixon Dragway!


Don't forget next week on Sat. Aug. 3rd we run our Street Nite event. Quick sixteen is the feature, $30.00 entry fee, $1,000 to win, a Pro, Street, Pure Stock and Street Bike class are also being contested, then we run a Test & Tune on Sunday, Aug. 4th. noon to 5 pm. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Sunday was a Test & Tune / Gambler Race event. In the Foot Brake class, Steve Dustin cut an .032 light and ran dead on his 11.92 dial to defeat George Stanley who ran a 10.00 flat on the 9.95 dial, his light a decent .042.

In the Super final, Joyce Hoff in her high eleven second Camaro ran a best two out of three against track owner, Elmer Wachter in his wife Cathy's VW wagon. Round one, Elmer wins when Joyce had trouble at the starting line. Round two, Elmer goes red -.001, Joyce runs 11.74 on her 11.70 dial for the win. Money round, Elmer late, Joyce not late and flies by at the top end for the win, a dead on 11.70 run. Nice work Joyce and Mike Hoff.

A free lunch went to the best light by anyone from 1 pm to 2 pm, Brandon Taylor in his 11 second, 125 mph street legal and always driven to the track VW turbo hatchback. This car flies! Oh, the light was a .007. Others ran just did the test & tune thing, all types of cars, trucks and bikes participated. We did have a short rain delay for very light showers and then it did rain as we were concluding the racing for the day. Nice event, looking forward to the SBRA 1/8 mile racing this Saturday, July 27th! See you then!

Let us start with our Junior Dragster racing action. The class was smaller today as fourteen of our racers are in Bristol representing Mason Dixon Dragway in the Eastern Regional event. For three weeks now, the boys have been the class winner but not today. In the semis Brandi Connor won out over the breaking out Ryan McFadden while Stephanie Morgan beat Alyssa McFadden. In the final for the Maryland State Championship Plaque Brandie Connor beat the barely redlighting [-.003] Stephanie Morgan. This is Brandie's second win this year, nice work!

In Trophy, the big story is Dave Eriksen who has been fighting health issues taking the win on his first outing this year. Dave hit the tree well on all three rounds, his best light .018, the other two .022 in round one and a .042 in the final. Also in the second chance race Dave finished second to Kevin Hamilton. The lights were close but Dave broke out by .02 in the final. Welcome back Dave!

Andy Dolan was the big winner in Street and as usual was real sharp at the starting line. In the semis Andy went .002 against Dan Roberts while Lisa Dustin drew the bye to the finals. Andy had the better light, .019 against Lisa to take win and the Maryland State Championship plaque.

The last three in Pro were Troy Gehart, who drew the bye and Rocky Moore and Chris Crawford. The starting line advantage went to Chris .008 to an .024 for Rocky. This one was close, Chris getting the win light. In the final Chris again hit the tree well with an .018 light to Troy's .054, Chris taking the win.

Super had Rusty Blackford Jr. winning over Al Hite in a great final. Rusty went .013 to Al's .015. Rusty was dead on his 9.55 dial while Al was one off the 10.90 dial with a 10.91 et. Rusty had great lights on all but one round, this is Rusty's first win for 2013.

Dale Hamilton was the winner in our Bike class with a win over Tom Eaton in a close final. Both riders had close lights, Dale a bit closer to his dial.

The big story could have been the weather, It was real humid with temps in the mid eighties and storms all around us, just as the Pro final was run, it started raining, good job to all as we kept the event rolling which allowed us to finish the racing. See you on Sunday!

Lots of stuff to talk about with the SBRA racing action this past weekend. On Friday we ran a 6 pm to 10 pm test and tune event and it was well attended. Saturday was the big day. First off, the Daymude family with Greg driving the blown alcohol dragster made two passes. The first a check out run netting a 4.17 at 173 mph to the eight mile. The second run looked like this .98 in the 60 ft, 2.65 at 330, 4.04 at 177 mph to the eighth and lifting at 1100 ft. still ran a 6.32 at 191 mph, a nice straight clean pass, nice numbers! The Junior Dragster racing was excellent, Tristan Simpkins beat Chesney Gosnell in the final, Steve Gosnell was third. Also Chris Lill of Burdette Brothers Trailer Sales of Hyattstown Md. gave out $25.00 cash to the best losing package in round one through four, those racers were Niki Bennett, Charlotte and Jo Jo Mallow and Steve Gosnell. Twenty four racers made round one.

Eighty two entries lined up for round one in the Footbrake class, Paul Roderick in his '13 Ford Cobra Jet ran well round after round and in the final went .001 to take out Tim Cramer in his late model Camaro. Troy Gerhart and Ryan Mayne were the semi racers.

Super also had a good mix of racers, fifty two cars, with Pennsylvania's Dale Ressler in his Dodge powered dragster winning out of the red lighting [-.001] Al Crawford.

Seven Bikes competed and all but one ran well into the fives. Brian Canoles had the better light in final defeating Boyd Mathias 5.40 to a 5.59.

Second chance race was won by Todd Welzel in his fast dragster over Kal Kline, Archie Davis and Josh Cramer were the semi drivers.

Though the weather was hot and track temps ran over 140 degrees the track worked well all day and evening, we finished up at 11:20 pm. Yes there were some break out runs as it got cooler but still we had great close racing all day and evening.

Now for Sunday. We started at 9:30 am with the Junior Dragsters. When it was all done it was Eric Swiger beating runnerup [again?] Chesney Gosnell. Steve Gosnell took third spot. High School was won by Faith Warner over Sarah Storm. Trophy was won by Bruce Combs in his new Mustang.

Footbrake again had a big turnout with Dicky Bodmer winning over Mark Harbaugh. Dicky was .032 to Mark's .021, both were close to the dial, Dicky off by one 6.73 to Mark's 6.49 on the 6.47 dial, real close.

Super had three dragsters in the end, Marcus Henry beat Todd Welzel in the semis in close one. Marcus 5.07 on a 5.06 dial .003 light to Todd's dead on 4.74 and .015 light, one thousandth margin of victory!
In the final Mark Decker won with a better light .020, over Marcus Henry.

The Bikes had Dave Clinedinst over Tom Eaton, Brian Fandel took third. All the bikes today dialed 5.74 or quicker.

The second chance race had Chris Crawford over Boyd Mathias. No more than we finished up, a line of storms rolled through the area. With the racers and track staff keeping the action moving we avoided the rains. Good job to all making this a fun event. Next week we run a Test and Tune on Sunday and on Saturday July 20th we run a Summit Points race and the Maryland State Championship race with beautiful Wally / Plaques, this award will be something everyone would like to take home! See you next week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Starting off on Saturday morning we ran the AMC race / car show event. Not a lot of race cars but we certainly had some excellent entries. In the finals it was two Rambler Americans with Bill Ketchum in the sedan taking out the red lighting wagon of Gary Keller. Also in attendance was Aris Asdourian in his SS/C AMX running mid nine second passes and Dan Walleigh driving Aris's D/SA AMX to some good runs. Nice cars and a fun event.

At 3:30 pm we started our Summit ET Series Event with the Junior Dragsters , in the fianls, Jake Bevard squared off against Chesney Gosnell with Jake getting the big win. It seems like it has been a while since the boys made it to the winners circle. Twenty eight cars competed in the Junior division, nice tun out! The rest of the racing had the weather coming in first place. We did get two rounds of Trophy and Street in the books but Super, Bike and Pro just made round one. The light rain hit us about 8:00 pm and we gave it about an hour til had to call it quits. We gave it our best shot, but no luck with the rain.

On Sunday with a less than favorable forecast we had 104 entries and a lot of spectators for our noon to 5:00 pm test and tune event. There was everything running, full size gas and diesel trucks, fast sport compacts and late model muscle cars, Pro Stick racers, several running nines and eight second passes, bracket cars, one Super Stocker and one Comp Eliminator car and some quick street and drag bikes. Merv Moyer Jr driving his Comp Eliminator C/A stick Mustang made two clean runs, a 7.75 and a 7.73 @ 173 mph. Sixty foot times were 1.12 both runs. Overall a very good day with no rain!

Don't forget the 4th of July event actually kicks off on Friday, July 5th at 6:00 pm til 10:00 pm for a test and tune event. On Saturday, July 6th, SBRA 1/8 mile racing starts at 3:30 with the Juniors and 5:00 for the big cars and on Sunday, July 7th, Juniors go at 9:30, big cars at noon. Both days are SBRA points races and are Contingency Connection races also. Please be safe this week and we WILL see you this weekend!

Let's start with our Street Nite Race on Saturday. In the Street class Glen Holder driving his '88 Mustang won out over Kristina Murphy in her '71 Nova 11.00 to an 11.96 with Glenn having a better light .034 to a 0.54 for Kristina. Of note Kristina was on the tree and out reacted all of her five opponents til the final round. Nice driving by both racers. In the Pro category Dahrl Clark beat a red lighting Jeremy Manford in the final . We know how tough Darhl is but how about Jeremy going to a final in his first race for the 2013 season, he needs to race with us more. Also it was good to see Gary Kellican in action again as he has missed about four weeks of racing with health issues, he's good now, winning two rounds and beating his son Chris in round two with the better light. Welcome Back! Now for the Quick 16-- twenty three cars vied for the field, fourteen cars ran in the fives and the bump was a 6.04 [ 1/8 mile racing]. Low Qualifier was Jerry Williams 5.01 and Jon Mohton also ran a 5.01. In the semis Paul Roderick Jr., who wasn't even going to enter the class, beat the red lighting Bobby Spielman while Jerry Williams hammered a 4.98 on a 4.97 dial as Mike Daymude went red. In the final Jerry Williams ran a two off 5.00 to Paul Roderick Jr. Slowing 6.18 on his 5.99 dial.

Sunday was a test and tune day and we ran the Index classes also, in the 11.50 group Vince Fourcade beat John Moser 11.53 to a 11.64 and in the 10.50 group Kevin Scheer won over Jim Day 10.68 to a 10.60.
FBR racing, Marion Ford and some his bikes tested with one running a 7.92 and a 7.95 et.

This Saturday, June 29th, the AMC group will race in the morning and then we will run a Summit Points Race, Junior Dragsters kick it off at 3:30 PM, big cars take the track at 5:00 PM. This race is a Contingency Connection race and the winners in Super, Pro and Street will receive Contingency Connection Bonuses along with the normal purses. Check out the Contingency Connection website for more info. On Sunday June 30th is a test & tune day noon to 5:00 PM.

Lastly, I'll make this short, please respect our facility when visiting us on race days. Take care of the property and equipment, try to leave it at least as nice as you found it! Thanks!

See you this weekend!

Saturday's racing didn't start quite like we had hoped, the storms that rolled through on Thursday took out some of the Compulink timing system components. After a couple hours of hard work by track owner Elmer Wachter and staff we were back in business. We started with the Junior Dragsters and again like last week Charlotte Mallow reached the finals against the very tough Madeline Culbert. The lights were close, Madeline .022 and Charlotte .039, both were .03 off the dials, Madeline getting the win. Logan Simpkins took third place. Jumping over to Street Eliminator, long time racer Bruce Suders beat the barely red lighting Kal Kline in final. Andy Dolan took third spot. Now to Pro. In the final, both Jody Sneckenberger and Mark Harbaugh dialed identical 10.02s. Both ended up running 10.05 with Jody taking the starting line advantage, .020 to a .045. for the win. Kevin Moore was third. This week the Bikes showed up with fourteen riders making round one. In the semis, John Eaton won over Brian Canoles while Kermit Garnett III got by Kevin Hamilton. In the final it was John Eaton with .002 light forcing Kermit to break out by .04. Super Pro was full of excellent races. Ronnie Horwath won out over red lighting Mark Decker's dragster in the final, semi racers were Mark Gray and Mitch Willingham. Ronnie Horwath's lights for the five rounds TOTALED .044. The lights were in this order, .007 .007 .015 .011 .004, this averages to just under a .009 light. The car works well to and is very predictable. Lastly in Trophy Ginger Deavers won in her S-10 Chevy truck.

On Sunday we ran our Junior Dragster Challenge with two racers to receive a "Wally". In the eight to eleven year old group Christopher Burch won out over Lacey Dustin and Thomas Oates beat Dylan Moore in the semis. In the finals Thomas went .009 at the start and ran a 8.96 on the 8.93 dial, Christopher was .012 at the tree but broke out by .006, this was a well run race by both drivers! The older driver bracket, twelve to eighteen year olds Tristan Simpkins won over red lighting Noah Lind. Chesney Gosnell took third. We also ran a test & tune event in the afternoon, the rain showers finally arrived right at the end of the day.

This coming Saturday, June 22nd we will run our second Street Nite race featuring the Quick 16 class, On Sunday June 23rd we again run a test & tune with the Index classes, 8.50, 9.50, 10.50 and 11.50 index breaks. See you at Mason Dixon!

P.S. The Scoreboard rumor is TRUE due to be shipped to MD the 2nd Week of JulyPlans to install Prior to Jr Dragster Division One Championship Race.

Let's start with Saturday's SBRA 1/8 mile drag racing action. There were seventy six excellent Footbrake cars, thirty Super cars, Bikes, Junior Dragsters and the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series racers on the grounds. What stood out in this race is that nearly half the racers ran an identical e.t in their two time runs and most everyone else was only .01 from run to run. How did so many drivers accomplish this feat? Hers's my answer. First -- the car better be right, the tires need to be very good, worn tread and abused sidewalls won't cut it. The suspension / traction set up has to work well. The tune-up has to be spot on. Second -- the driver has to do the same burn out each time, line up right in the groove at the starting line, stage the same and hit the shift points right on each run, anything done differently will cause the e.t. to vary . Third and last is track prep. Our staff arrives early and most track prep has been performed before most racers arrive. Knowing the correct use of the track equipment and traction compound use must be right on for each event. By the way, both time runs were done between 5 PM and 7 PM, corrected altitude changed very little during that time. Now the racing, In Super Pro it took six rounds of racing, in the semis Michael Shoop went barely red, -.003 against Joey Harrison driving his wife Brittany's Mustang with 6.22 to Michaels 6.43. In the final 2012 track champ Ronnie Horwath ran a dead on 5.87 with an .028 light against Joe Harrison's dead on 6.24 with a slightly better .021 light. Margin of victory was .008, a real close well run drag race. The huge Footbrake class saw Ed Talbert running his daughter Nicole in the semis and barely winning when Nicole broke out be .002. In other semi, Ryan Mayne drove his Malibu wagon over Dahrl Clark with a killer .002 light and a .01 over 6.73 run. In the final, veteran Ed Talbert won as Ryan Mayne barely went red with a -.003 light. In Bike, talk about a heartbreaker, in the final John Eaton left first with .010 light while Canoles was .035 green. John broke out by .001 with 5.519 on the 5.52 dial. That was close! Dave Clinedinst was the semi finalist. Though a small Bike field, all but one ran in the fives. A real fast field! Once again, the girls rule in Junior Dragsters. The semis had Jo Jo Mallow over red lighting Kaylee Henry and Charlotte Mallow over Samantha "Sammy" Miller. Charlotte cut a great.018 light over Jo Jo's close red light effort in the final. The OPDS Pontiacs didn't have a big field as Steve Dress and Troy Tribby had issues with cars and left them at home. Hopefully a bigger event on their next event with us. Also of note, how about Andy Dolan, running two classes ran back to back perfect .000 lights then nearly ran a third one when he went .002. He also had a .004 light earlier in the day. The man can drive!

On Sunday, we ran a test and tune, many real nice race cars and street cars got to make laps down the track today, in the 11.50 Index Class had Richie Burns over Mark Myers 11.83 to 11.84, Richie with the better light. The 10.50 Index Class had Chuck Wishard in his gorgeous '69 Camaro winning over Pat Gordon's Mustang. Pat lost when he went barely red with a -002 foul start. Several othe drivers made license runs, of note, Bruce Coombs had his IROC Camaro running effortless low nine second passes. Top Sportman driver Ray Thurston ran his Max Naylor/George Cramer prepped 2005 Avenger run a short 330 ft run leaving with a 1.06 sixty foot blast.

Don't forget, next Saturday June 15th, Summit ET Series event, Juniors start at 3:30 PM, big cars at 5:00 PM, Sunday June 16th, Junior Dragster Challenge, a test & tune and an 1/8 mile gamblers race, $30.00 entry, starts noon goes til 5:00 PM. See you at Mason Dixon!

Let's talk about our just completed American Motorcycle Racing Association [AMRA] event. First off a big thanks to the promoters Marty and Jayne VandenHeuvel for bringing their event to Mason Dixon Dragway. This was a two day event with Saturday being the qualifying day with all fourteen classes making three runs. The feature class, Pro Fuel had N.C. rider Dale Nilles with the number one spot running a 7.55 at 169 mph. Nine bikes ran for the eight bike field. We had minimal down time considering everyone made three passes and about 175 bikes overall participated. And it was plenty hot, temps hit 90 degrees with high humidity.

Day two brought on some challenges, a fairly high likelyhood of showers / storms were predicted and we wanted to get the race in or at least go to the later rounds. We had some sprinkles around early and once they stopped we went right to eliminations at 11:30 am. Starting with Pro Fuel, low qualifyer Dale Nilles ran a 7.55 at 168 mph to take out Billy Jackson's 8.22 at 162 mph. Kenneth Little Jr. and Walter Halonski were the semi racers. Other class winners were Jeff Workman in Modified, Brian Macallister in V-Mod, Nick Contas Jr. in Outlaw Street, David Dennick in Dresser and Ron Willis in Top Eliminator. Some classes weren't completed as the rains and lightning rolled in about 3:30 pm. the Eliminator class, Street, Pro, Super Pro and Super Gas had four or less bikes in each that didn't get to finish. This was an overall good event as the riders and track staff did their best to run this race safely and quickly, had we had another half hour we'd finished. Again, a big thanks to all the racers, sponsors, track staff and the AMRA for making this race a good one!

This Saturday, June 8th we are running a SBRA 1/8 mile points race and on Sunday June 9th we are running an index class race [ 8.50, 9.50, 10.50 and 11.50 ] and test and tune open to all! See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

First off a big thanks to all who participated in our Memorial Day weekend of racing at Mason Dixon. Also a big thank you to all the genorous racers, race fans, sponsors, track staff and to the Wachter family for all the money raised to help Parker Scott Stephens. His parents Megan Daymude and Mark Stephens sadly died from injures in a May 4th traffic accident. Parker is part of our racing family and we will keep helping him along now and in the future. Again a big thank you!

Day three was also a good one as kicked off the day with the Junior Dragsters, Kaylee Henry was the big winner while Chesney Gosnell was the runnerup driver. Again we had twenty eight cars show for round one.

We had a nice turn out in both High School and Trophy today. Good driving was evident in both classes, several of the trophy cars ran 10's.

Moving over to Street, Jason Deavers was the big winner, his .33 light was enough to drive aroud Dave Toms' .042. Dale Fridley's twenty second AMC wagon took third.

Pro class was a good one, Brian Lind ran a dead on 10.03 with a zero and an .041 light to beat the breaking out Mark Harbaugh. His run dialed at 10.00 but ran a 9.98. Rocky Moore took third.

The bike guys had a big field and finally in the finals Dale Hamilton won over Tom Eaton, Dale's light was an .024 and one over the dial of 10.27. Brian Canoles took third. Seven of the sixteen bikes ran in the eights, that's some fast bikes.

Super racers Michael Shoop and Mark Bender opted to split the money and not run the final as sprinkles just started before the cars were to run. Rusty Blackford Jr. driving a loaner from Jerry Shewbridge made the semis as did Jerry Williams in his great looking Dragster.

Don't forget the Harley race this weekend, on Friday night a test & tune open to all cars and bikes with Saturday time runs and qualifying for the Harleys and the eliminations will run on Sunday. See you this weekend!

Looking for Nostalgia Cars that want to compete this coming weekend
$40 Entry Fee Covers both Sat Testing and Sunday Racing $$$

More cars and more race fans showed for day two of our Memorial Day event. Over eighty cars alone entered Pro and all the other classes had more entrants than Saturday, the racing was excellent also. Starting with the Junior Dragsters it was Charlotte Mallow over Meagan Culbert in the finals, twenty eight cars entered round one.

In Street Rick Shindel had an .015 light in final to beat the red lighting Rick Wenger. Jim Berry was third.

The Pro final pitted Dahrl Clark against Reading, Pa driver Marty Fleagal Jr. Both drivers were two off their dials, Dahrl's light was .025 while Marty went .028, Dahrl winning with .005 margin of victory, a very close and well run drag race. Andy Dolan took third place.

The Bike class was big today also. George Stanley was .018 at the start and won out over the very fast Kermit Garnett. Great job George!

In Super Rick Holden's seven second Prowler took out the SBRA champ Mark Decker's dragster who went red at the start.

We will be racing tomorrow, Memorial Day Monday, Juniors at 9:30 AM and big cars start at noon. We also are running the High School class. Another big thanks to our racers and race fans and all of our track staff members and sponsors for making day two a sucsess. See you at the track!

Day one of our three day Memorial Day race is in the books. First off a big thanks to all that participated today. Though real windy it did finally warm up a bit as the day progressed but the racing was red hot from start to finish. The Junior Dragsters kicked it off with twenty four cars making round one. In the semis Eric Swiger won out over Danielle Manilli in a close one and then in the final Eric ran right on his 7.90 dial to beat Charlotte Mallow who went .02 under her 7.90 dial.

Next in Street, Dave Toms ran dead on his dial while runnerup Andy Dolan broke out by .03, Kal Kline took third spot.

The Pro class was loaded with sixty excellent racers but at the end Ronnie Proctor Jr, who was sharp all day took out a breaking out Dahrl Clark. The lights were close .024 for Ronnie and .022 for Dahrl. Ronnie was good .02, Dahrl out by .008, a close well run race. Robert Pare took third.

The Bikes were also racing well, Boyd Mathias cut an .012 light against Brian Canoles who went barely red with an -.004 light. Joe Stanley was third.

The trophy class was won by Clifford Williams in his very nice 65 Nova.

Now for the Super Pro class. Bobby Spielman lined his Thunderbird up against Marcus Henry in his dragster. Bobby left with a perfect .000 light and ran a 9.01 on the 9 flat dial, Marcus left with an .025 light and broke out by a mere .005 of his 7.92 dial. Great race! Bobby earlier had a perfect light and was .003 over his 9.00 dial back in round one. I can't recall any driver with two perfect lights on the same day, that's some driving! Dennis Hammond and Michael Shoop made the semi finals.

We will be back tomorrow morning [Sunday] at 9:30 am with the juniors, then the big cars go at noon! Don't forget tech will open early, let's get teched and ready to race as early as possible, see you tomorrow!!

The 2013 Mopar Event at Mason Dixon Dragway is in the books. Even though the weather forecast was threatening for both days we completed the event with just a mere half hour rain delay just before round one of competition was to start on Sunday. Let's start with Saturdays activities. We ran our usual test and tune event plus the Slant Six Mopar race and the East Coast Impala Racers event. Thirteen cars in the Slant Six class made it to the lanes for round one. In the semis Ron Henby beat Micah Covalt and Brian Mimkin got by the breaking out Ryan Covalt who broke out by .01. In the finals Ron Henby's excellent early Dart ran a safe 12.36 to Brian Mimkin breakout 15.46 on the 15.50 dial. Sadly Will Burns turbo assisted Barracuda pushed out a head gasket and wasn't able to compete, this car is plenty powerful and appears to be capable of low ten second or quicker ETs once sorted out. Of note five Covalt family members participated this weekend! The ECIR group had eleven entries, these 4,200 lbs cars were plenty fast, several ran in the twelves with one car touching the high eleven second zone. In the end Bill DeBlasio won over Jason with a 12.61 over the breaking out 14.50 run.

Now to Sunday. No rain! Vendors set up early and the show cars were on the grounds early also. At noon we got time runs under way and just before round one we had a small shower, the drying process only took about a half hour and were ready to race. This was day two for the Slant Six cars, in the semis it was Lou Madsen over Romeo Furio who broke out and Denny Covalt over wife Wendy Covalt. In the finals Lou Madsen won over Denny Covalt who went red. Good job Slant Six racers, we'll have them back later in the season. Trophy was won by Amy Taylor in a late model Challenger over Leon Whitacre, Street had one of our regulars, Steve McCulley driving an AMC Spirit over Randall McNamee in his fastback 'Cuda. The lights were nearly identical but Steve was right on his 14.41 dial while Randall was five off his 11.29 with an 11.34. Pro was the biggest class and a pair of full size '65 Mopars were in the final. Larry Wachter in his Dodge beat David Wachter's Plymouth who had the better light but broke out by .008. Finally in Super Michael Bauman ran 7.69 on his 7.68 dial while Kevin Moore's 'Cuda ran a 9.00 but went red by -.007. Michael's winning light was .007, the big block Mopar dragster ran 1.08 sixty foot on every run, this car works!

A big thanks to all that participated -- race fans, show car entrants, vendors, racers and track staff, we hope everyone had a fun weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!
We'll be back for all three days of the Memorial Day weekend, Sat. Sun. and Mon. Also keep in mind the AMRA bike event, all Harleys, Sat. And Sun June 1st and 2nd! See you next week!

Sadly Saturday May 11th racing program was rained out. Showers hit early and we cancelled out early in the day. Sunday, Mothers Day May 12th the weather was much better. The Junior Dragsters kicked off the racing action with Lacy Dustin and Samantha Miller in the final, the lights were close with "Sammy" running closer to the dial to take the win. In the semis Samantha Miller beat Seth Reed with a perfect .000 light and Lacy Dustin won over last weeks winner Brandi Connor.

In SBRA footbrake class we had an excellent turn out. In round five, David Toms earned the bye. Jeff Meleo ran dead on over Jeff Heilman at 6.75. Gary Kelican beat a red lighting Jim Moran. Round six had Jeff Meleo beat a red lighting David Toms. Gary Kelican sat out his bye. Finally in the finals Jeff Meleo again ran the 6.75 dial while Gary Kelican drove around but broke out with a 6.31 on the 6.33 dial. How about eleven double O lights in footbrake alone, great driving job by many today in footbrake action.

Moving to Super Pro Al Crawford went .009 on the tree and a dead on 6.240 to beat Mike Shoop who cut an .013 light but broke out by two with a 6.319 on his 6.33 dial. The dragsters of Jerry Williams and Marcus Henry were the other semi racers, this one ended on the line with Jerry Williams going -.007 red against Marcus Henry who was .011 at the tree and one over his 5.02 dial. In the final both lights were excellent, Marcus Henry was .011 and Al Crawford was .004. Marcus ran closer to his dial to take the win. Barely .01 was margin of victory at the stripe. Of note, Al Crawford had a .008 and .009 package in round four and five, super driving by Al.

In Bike eliminator, Brian Canoles ran a on the dial 5.33 against Boyd Mathias and his breakout 5.55 on his 5.56 dial. Rick Tharp won over John Eaton with a slightly better light. In the final Brian Canoles again ran his 5.33 dial with an .036 light, Rick Tharp had a great .013 light but ran out by .09.

We also had a number of time run cars making many laps. Next weekend the Mopars invade Mason Dixon, test tune and vendor set up on Sat. May 18th and the race, car show and vendor displays are on Sunday May 19th. See you this weekend!.
On Saturday, May 4th we had a test and tune day, good weather greeted the racers and the turn out was pretty good. Sunday, May 5th the weather started a bit cool and breezy but as the day progressed it got much nicer with sunny skies and temps in the mid sixties. We ran test and tune cars with several of the Pro Stick cars making runs getting ready for next Saturday's Pro Stick race. Make sure to be with us next Saturday, along the Pro Stick race we will also run a Summit ET Race with all classes being contested. Junior Dragsters start at 9:30 AM then the big cars go at noon. The Outlaw Pontiac racers were with us and fifteen cars made the first round. The feature part of the day was an 1/8 mile footbrake $2,000 to win race. After six rounds it was Troy Gehrart in his Mustang and Roger Lewis in his '65 Chevy Nova in the final. Troy won out with a 6.51 at 105 mph and an .026 light. Both drivers were sharp all day, Troy's car ran the number everytime he needed to, congrats to both drivers.

Next weeked, Summit ET series race with Pro Stick cars on Saturday, May 11th and a SBRA 1/8 points race on Sunday May 12th. We hope see you this coming weekend!

For the NEXT 7 days Only Mason Dixon Dragway is Offering a SEASON PASS to all events $1000.00, a value of well over $1800 Minimum.
SEE KAREN AT TRACK for Details (Offer Ends MAY 6th, 2013)

his past Saturday April 27th we started the day with a private track rental in the morning for the Northern Virginia Mustang and Corvette club members. Over forty cars participated, most all were fast everyone got to run many passes down the quarter mile. At noon we started our time runs and qualifying runs for our first SBRA points event of the 2013 race season. The SBRA races are run on the 1/8 mile format and the racing from round one to the finals were nearly all very close races, many separated by less than a foot at the stripe. Many of the drivers ran both time runs with identical or .01 difference E.T.s, if you didn't run your number you were probably going to be beaten. In Super Pro division last years track champ Ronnie Horwath narrowly beat Mike Daymude in the final. Ronnie dialed a 5.83 and ran a 5.836 with an .024 light, Mike dialed his Dodge Demon at 5.40 and ran a 5.416 with a better .017 light, margin of victory was .003, about 8 inches, great race! Mark Decker, last years SBRA Super Pro champ was third. Moving over to Footbrake, Brad Doss in his street legal 64 Dodge Dart defeated an early leaving Scott Vaughn who went barely red, -.005 on the start. Brad was solid on the tree all day long though his winning light was just a .051. Jeff Meleo and Garrett Suders were the semi racers. The MANDRA group brought fourteen cars, all are nice and are pretty much period correct nostalgia cars, Jim Shearer won out over the redlighting Wise - Campell Studebaker entry.

Jumping over to Sunday April 28th racing we again attempted to run another SBRA 1/8 mile race. About 12:30 PM light sprinkles then light rain persisted and caused us to cancel the racing for the day. In the morning we were able to run the Junior Dragster portion of program and complete it. Remember last week when Brandi Connor broke by .001 in final against Samantha Miller? Well, Brandi made another final and cut an .026 light against Dalyn Palmer and made work to give her a win and also a first place spot in points after two events. Congrats to both racers!

Next week, Saturday May 4th is a test & tune, noon to 5 PM then on Sunday May 5th we will run a 1/8 mile 2k foot brake race, the Outlaw Pontiacs will compete and test & tune will also run, all this starts at noon. Eric Kitchen's Pro Stick circuit will race on Saturday May 11th along with a Summit points race. For race fans, the Pro Stick cars put on an excellent show, most of the cars run 9's and 10's with several 8 second cars as well, last year this event brought Sixty cars. Good close racing with hard launches and many big wheel stands by stick car drivers. Keep checking this website for upcoming events, come on out spend some time with us at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Let's take a quick look back at the last two weeks of racing at Mason Dixon, this past Sat. April 13th we ran a well attended test and tune and our second index class race. We had twenty seven this time, a big improvement from the first race with the 10.50 class with 13 cars, 11.50 with 11 and the 9.50 group had 4. Tom Fidler put up $50 for the low qualifier of the 10.50 class, he is still working on getting his car up and running for the next index race on June 9th.

Yesterday, Sat. April 20th we ran the first Street Nite race featuring the Quick 16 $1,000 to win with the fastest sixteen door cars on the property competing, quickest to slowest was a 5.21 to 5.91 field, all fast cars with Chris Shives and Ronnie Horwath making the final, Chris won. The racers split the purse. Pure Street, Sportsman, Pro and Bike were contested as well, a good show, good car count too. For as cool and breezy as it was, race fans in good numbers witnessed the good racing action.

Today, April 21st we ran our first Summit ET race series event. Junior Dragsters took the track first with 19 entries making round one. In the finals in a very close race, Samantha "Sammy" Miller won out over Brandi Conner. Brandi had the better lite and took the stripe but broke by one thousandth under her 7.99 dial. Samantha ran right on her 8.91 dial for the win. Eric Swiger took third place. Super Eliminator had Rick Waxter in his super clean S-10 Chevy truck winning over a barely red lighting Marcus Henry in his dragster. Ronnie Horwath took third. By the way Rick's worst lite was a .026, good solid driving job all day long. Pro was won by Ed Talbert leaving with a .001 lite against Andy Dolan who did make close running right on his 11.03 dial. Brad Doss took third spot. In Street, Andy Dolan won out over Greg Orris in an exceptionally close and well run race. The lites were .005 for Andy, Greg was .008. At the stripe Greg ran out by .02, 11.93 on his 11.95 dial while Andy was a one over 11.03 dial at 11.04. And finally the bike class had Dale Hamilton taking out Tom Eaton the final with a two over 9.92 run while Tom broke out by .07 running an 8.28 on his 8.35 dial in.

Now for next weekend, on Sat. April 27th we are running the first SBRA 1/8 mile points race along with the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Drag Racing Association "MANDRA" cars. On Sunday we will again run the SBRA 1/8 mile race for points. The Junior Dragsters start at 9:30 am, big cars go at noon. For our race fans, if you like the nostalgia cars, gassers, jr. Stock, nostalgia super stock etc. Be at Mason Dixon Dragway on Saturday.
Please check our website often for changes or additions to our race schedule.

See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!!

April 6 and 7 Recap
Finally warmer weather greeted racers and race fans this past weekend. On Saturday we had a good turn out of test and tune racers. The track was excellent as cars and bikes hooked hard and with good air ran big numbers. As an example Dennis Hammond's Super Pro Mustang laid down six runs in the 8.80 range, all the sixty foots were 1.21 but one, and that one was a 1.20.

Sunday was a regular race day but with no points. The first Summit ET series points race is Sunday, April 21st. Not a huge turnout but good racing was the norm. Two performances stood out. In Juniors, Caleb Holley of Carlise Pa. won over Brandi Conner in the final. Caleb was with us the day before making several runs and was sharp both days. Super Pro winner was Brittany Harrison driving her upgraded Mustang with solid lights and the car running the number. Now on alcohol and a new suspension set up the car now is running low 9.70s and a 9.69 @ 137 in the final. It was also Brittany's 24th birthday, what a way to celebrate by winning with a newly upgraded race car! Louie Romanell was runner up. In Pro, Dean Harmon took the win over Brad Doss, George Stanley won Bike over Kermit Garnett and Richie Burns beat Kenny Moser in the Street final.
This Saturday, April 13th, is a test and tune day and the second index class race with 8.50, 9.50, 10.50 and 11.50 index classes contested, lets get more cars out and support index class racing at Mason Dixon! Gates open 10:30 am and time runs start at noon. Also, Sat. April 20th is our first Street Nite race. Quick sixteen door cars run for a $1000 to win. See you at the track!

March 31st Recap
The 2013 racing season is finally under way at Mason Dixon Dragway.  We had scheduled nine days of test and tune races in March and did manage to get five in the books, some were run in very windy and cold conditions though.  This past Saturday we ran our first index class race in conjunction with our test and tune day. Not a big turnout of index racers but those that entered enjoyed the day.  This will take a couple of events to get it going well but should grow and is a neat alternative to handicap style racing.  A good number of our regular racers were getting ready for the first bracket race events, many cars are now faster than last year.

April is gonna be busy! This Sat. April 6th we have a test and tune and a 1/8 mile gamblers race and then on Sunday, April 7th we will run all classes with Jr. Dragsters at 10 am and the big cars at noon, all classes contested, 1/4 racing. Sat., April 13th is a test and tune day and the index classes going again, starting at noon, goes til 5 PM. Let's get some more cars out this time and support index racing at Mason Dixon. For the race fans, the index classes are very fun to watch, the cars leave side by side with races being close the whole quarter mile. On Sat., April 20th we will run our first Street Race program, this features a field of the fastest sixteen door cars on the property running the 1/8 mile. Those that don't qualify fold over into Pro class. Entry fee is only $30.00. This is a great event for our race fans, many times the cutoff to qualify is in the high five second elapsed time zone in the 1/8, the top qualifier is usually in the high four second zone. The pay out is $1000 for winning four rounds, do you have a fast door car? Do you like to watch fast door cars having at it? Be at Mason Dixon on Sat., April 20th. Time runs / qualifying starts at 2 PM. April 21st we run the first Summit ET Series points race running all classes. The Jr. Dragsters kick it off at 10 AM and the big cars at noon. The Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Drag Racing Association cars are coming on Sat. April 27th with a neat assortment of Gassers and Super Stock type cars along with our first Southern Bracket Racing Association 1/8 points race. Make sure you sign up for our points program to get a shot at not only going to the Bracket Finals at Numidia Dragway in Sept., but also being entered in the SBRA Bracket race at Mason Dixon in Oct. Details about these programs are on this website. Sunday April 28th we will run SBRA points race again, all classes are being contested.

Please check out our website regularly for any changes or additions to our schedule. We look forward to bringing you the best racing possible with a variety of different events that will be entertaining to both racers and race fans! See you at the track!

Mike Bassin, Track Announcer