Chassis Certification
Order is first come first served, and because there are a limited number of cars that can be done per session, if you sign up please make sure you do show up for the event.

Saturday March 14 -  9:30 am
ALL CARS will be Inspected
No One Turned Away

Starts 9 AM Rain or Shine
1. Phil Morozewicz    77 Vega
2. Michael Shoop      12 Miller Dragster
3. Bruce Combs         Camaro
4. Mark Decker          Mustang
5. George Milstred     Dragster# 1
6. George Milstred     Dragster #2
7. Ronald Miller         72 Nova
8. Dave Martin          96 Racetech Dragster
9. Kenny Queen        Chevy Beretta
10.Bruce Combs         RED
11.Clarence Scheer    71 Camaro
12.Ron Beall             FE Dragster
13.Brent Beachley      71 Nova ( Moved to Sunday)
14.Brent Beachley      69 Camaro (Moved to Sunday)
15. Harold Horton          Nova  ( Moved to SUnday )
16.Jack Zies              70 Barracuda
17.Jamie Wine           64 Dodge Polara
18.Newman Sisk        66 Chevelle
19.Donne Hottinger    95 Spitzer RED
20.Brian Lesher          73 Nova
21.Ray Corbin            78 Mustang
22.Donald Jones         72 Vega
23.Ronnie Boyd          06 S&W Dragster
24.Doug Stark            69 Chevelle (Trailer Stuck In Yard)
25.Dwight Boteler        Ford Faimont
26.Wayne Hill             69 Camaro
27.Frank Provenza        Mustang
28.Cole Francis            87 Mustang
29.Travis Francis          93 Mustang
30.Joe Wagaman          66 Chevelle
31.Steve Evans            02 Dodge  (Cancelled)
32.Leroy Shook            91 Mustang
33.Dale McInturff         41 Willys
34.Dale McInturff         48 Austin
35.Wayne Wittington    81 Camaro (Cancelled)
36.Travis Sarno             95 M3
37.Travis Sarno             97 M3
38. Lenny Knott

Sunday March 15
9:30 am

I have room for 3 Racers that want to move to Saturday
1. Frank Howell         Mustang
2. Paul Roderick        Mustang
3. Mike Bowles          Mustang 
4. B.J. Boswell           68 Camaro
5. Sam Hoffman         97 Mustang
6. Jason Rudy            Camaro
7. Chris Hammond      78 Camaro
8. Charles Tobery       89 Mustang
9. David Stokes Jr       66 Mustang
10.David Stokes Sr      92 Daytona
11.Larry Reeder         Chevy Lumina
12.John Fairall           Pontiac
13.Dave Richardson    Undercover RED
14.Walter Cofiell        RED Dragster
15.Jason Smith          Street Roadster
16.Greg Gulledge        S10 Truck
17.Phillip Gulledge      S10 Truck
18.Michael Gadwaw     71 Datsun
19.Mark Gray              Malibu 1
20.Mark Gray              Malibu 2
21.Lance Kreiger         HFR RED
22.Travis Bechtel        Altered
23.Larry Holiday         69 AMX
24.Steve Sladek         73 Ply Duster
25.Bob Jansen            00 Quay Dragster
26.Johnny James        74 Ventura
27.Joe Kaiser             Dragster
28.John Cesca            Dragster
29.Ernie Haines          Falcon
30.Shawn McEntee      97 Mustang
31.Kyle Duprey           01 Camaro
32.Kevin Moore           68 Barracuda
33.David Manuel         70 Mustang
34.Mike Rollison          41 Willys
35.Jeremy Hammond    Camaro