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2016 Schedule

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Hosted by Lebanon Valley Dragway
Can you Qualify? 32 Entries
What you get if you Qualify
Pre-Paid Entry to Event $100 Value, Top 32 Team Jacket,
& a Mason Dixon Finals Team T-Shirt
Chance to Win each day Gamblers Race

Do you have old car racing slicks sitting around in your garage that you no longer use?  If you want a place to get rid of them bring them with you to the track.  We will use them when we drag the track.

SBRA Bracket Finals a Huge Success
Over $68,000 Paid out to the racers.
2016 Dates Set Oct 19-23rd
Welcoming US 13 (Delmar, DE) For the 2016 Event

1st Annual SBRA - Eastside Dragway 1994
2nd Annual SBRA - Elk Creek Dragway 1995
3rd Annual SBRA - Eastside Dragway 1996
4th Annual SBRA - Natural Bridge Dragway 1997
5th Annual SBRA - Eastside Dragway 1998
6th Annual SBRA - Colonial Bridge Dragway 1999
7th Annual SBRA - New London Dragway 2000
8th Annual SBRA - New London Dragway 2001
9th Annual SBRA - Old Dominion Dragway 2002
10th Annual SBRA - Elk Creek Dragway 2003
11th Annual SBRA - Elk Creek Dragway 2004
12th Annual SBRA - Colonial Beach Dragway 2005
13th Annual SBRA - Eastside Dragway 2006
14th Annual SBRA - Old Dominion Dragway 2007
15th Annual SBRA - Elk Creek Dragway 2008
16th Annual SBRA - Elk Creek Dragway 2009
17th Annual SBRA - Old Dominion Dragway 2010
18th Annual SBRA - Rained Out 2011
19th Annual SBRA - Mason Dixon Dragway 2012
20th Annual SBRA - Natural Bridge Dragway 2013
21st Annual SBRA - Colonial Beach Dragway 2014
22nd Annual SBRA - Mason Dixon Dragway 2015
23rd Annual SBRA $68,000.00 Up For Grabs

We are now on Facebook.  Come like us and be in the know of the happenings at Mason Dixon Dragway.

Reminder - Sign up for text messages to your phone.  This will notify you of changes to the schedule, weather closures, time changes, and more.
Know before you go:
Text 21003 to 84483

Mason Dixon Dragway is proud to announce our partnership with Tracktivity.  Tractivity is an app available for ios and android that allows you to see all of the tracks schedule and any and all messages for changes and additions to the tracks schedule.  Also gives you a place to post pictures and comments.  Click on the Banner Above to be taken to Tracktivity Website for more information.

Thanks  to all the SBRA Tracks & SBRA Points Racers
for support this years event, over 377 different racers, including Jr Dragsters have made this year one of the biggest in the history of the Association. Racers are encouraged to give feedback to their track operators for the modifications to next years event. Event started at 11:30 AM for the class cars and was successfully completed at 7 PM. Racers that have constructive input contact your track operator.

2014 SBRA Standings
Colonial Beach - 100 points
Mason Dixon 82 points
Eastside- 68 points
Beaver Springs 63 points
Old Dominion - 52 points
Natural Bridge - 49 points
Pittsburgh 41 points

13-16 Year Olds
Youth Initiative Program
If you ever wanted to race and thought you
had to wait till age 16 Click  Here
For all the NEWS and applications to
begin you Drag Racing Career.

Beat the Heat, Inc. is a national non-profit organization comprised of Police Officers and Firefighters and their associates who conduct educational programs using marked emergency vehicle drag cars to gain the interest of the public.  Heat Members develop programs and activities to serve their individual communities using the Goals of Beat the Heat, Inc. as a guide.  For more information on this educational program visit www.btheast.com.

Questions  about this website? Email dragway1@aol.com