Processing a Street Legal License

  • Car used for license passes must meet NHRA Street Legal trim rules *see rule book
  • Driver must complete two full passes in street legal vehicle meeting requirements of level applied
    • Level 6 requires < 10.00 in 1/4 mile or < 6.45 in 1/8mi
    • Level 7 has no minimum ET requirements
    • Passes DO NOT have to be singles, side-by-side runs are accepted for Street Legal applications.
  • Driver will complete license application with Track officials
    • Track Officials will witness and sign off on the two full license passes
  • Application, (2) time slips, & payment will be submitted to NHRA Headquarters in San Dimas for processing.
  • NHRA will issue official NHRA Competition License to all applicants displaying applicable license code, and ET Club & Vehicle qualified in with the passes.
  • Level 6 License Applicants will also receive an official congratulations letter and exclusive 9 or 5 second club decals depending on 1/4 or 1/8 mile runs made.

All NHRA Competition License Applications

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NHRA Street Legal License Flyer & Application

New Street Legal license application.  Always post or share links instead of attaching PDF files as we may need to revise this document the link will always lead to the most recent/current version.


NHRA Street Legal Release

Release published on 3/1 noting all the changes to the program for 2022


NHRA Rules

Street Legal Section link available on this page