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2013 Schedule

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Street Rules

  1. Drivers - NO Tank Tops
  2. Drivers - No Shorts
  3. All -  No Glass Bottles (None Permitted on Property)
  4. All - No Alcoholic Beverages allowed in Staging Lanes
  5. No Crew or Driver may have alcohol while driver is still in Competition
  6. No burn-outs allowed anywhere on property other than track burn-out area.
    (Disqualification from present and future events)
  7. While in staging lanes drivers must stay with vehicles and keep them pulled to the front.
  8. Tech Cards must be filled out completely, failure to do so will result in car not passing tech.
  9. Only driver teched with the car and signed in on the tech card may drive.
  10. All safety equipment for the ET and mph must be used for every runFailure to do so will result in either disqualification or dial up during eliminations.
  11. Driver is responsible for his crew members and their actions.
  12. Fighting will result in immediate removal from property by all involvedThis includes all involved, suspension for 1 year.
  13. Helmets required on all cars 13.99 and quicker (14.99 on convertibles)
  14. Full Leathers on Street Bikes faster than 120 mph

Spectators $10  ●  Crew $10  ●  Car & Driver $35

Classes Run During Street Races

Pro Street*  (Bracket 1/4 Mile)
$150 Win + Trophy; $75 R/U + Trophy
Street Appearing, Mufflers, Slicks any Motor Combo
NHRA Safety Rules

Sportsman Street* (Bracket 1/4 Mile)
$150 Win + Trophy; $75 R/U + Trophy
Street Appearing, DOT Tires, Mufflers
NHRA Safety Rules

Street Bike* (Bracket 1/4 Mile)
$100 Win + Trophy; $50 R/U + Trophy
DOT Tires
Tagged and Insured
NHRA Safety Rules

Pure Street  (Bracket 1/4 Mile)
Trophy to Winner and R/U
Beat Two Cars and Win a Trophy
No Modifications; Tagged and Insured
NHRA Safety RulesStreet Bike* (Bracket 1/4 Mile)
$100 Win + Trophy; $50 R/U + Trophy
Tagged & Insured
NHRA Safety Rules

Quick 16 Top Sportsman Format
2 Qualifying Sessions (1/8 Mile)
1/8 Mile Competition
Sportsman Ladder
$1000 Win
$300 R/U
$100 Semi
1st Rd Losers can fall into 1st Rd of Pro-Street
Mufflers or Turbo, Any Tire
NHRA Safety Rules

*10 Car Minimum for Money Classes


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